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The Who - 5:15

: 5:15
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: 08-07-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (The Who - 5:15 )
  1. Dc Krow

    Matthew 5.15-1615No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. 16In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

  2. John Elie

    Outa my brain, on the train!

  3. JupiterHollow

    Damn, if only it were 14 seconds longer.

  4. David Hielckert

    Stationed at RAF Bentwaters England. While in the USAF. Song made sense to me after living in the UK.

  5. Sid Vicious

    Nowhere is home, out of my brain on the 5:15

  6. Ted Nugent

    The Horrible Who!!!!😈

  7. Robert Johnston

    Outta ma brain on the 5.15...........

    Ted Nugent

    I was fuckin seein things!!!

  8. SignifyinCracka

    Why should I care? Why should I care??

  9. freedomisnocrime

    The who never were a proper band. They were a natural disaster. A fascinating one, of course.

  10. silky johnson

    My favorite who song!

  11. Eric Lett

    Why should I care

    Danny Thomas

    Girls at 15 Sexually knowingThe ushers are sniffing Eau de cologning

  12. Charles Ware


    Ted Nugent

    Even Motorhead didnt cover The horrible Who!!!!!!

  13. Helen Kruse

    Sounds like 2019 doesn't it? Crystal Ball man, crystal ball. Listen to the confusion in the words and music. Confusion and the world and all the people who dwell in it are caught up in it all.

  14. David DeMaria

    Been watching the movie on a constant loop lately lol. Brilliant work of art

    Ted Nugent

    Well, there it is the on floor!!!!!

  15. Christopher Michael Fuller

    well, wouldn't sos pads work, too? --- nope. the industry buzzword s CHOREBOY!

  16. MrGb1965

    Listening on 5/15.

    Ted Nugent

    Are u out of ur brain on speed and gin? Bcuz, yeah.

  17. Peter Townsend

    Daltrey my god what a voice

  18. Matt Blumke

    I broke up with a girl after she refused to read the story of Quadrophenia on the album.

    Ted Nugent

    Goofy bitch.

    Sid Vicious

    Y'know who does that, A synth!

  19. NothingPosted905

    Keith Moon's drumming plus Roger Daltrey's powerhouse of a's better than sex

    Ted Nugent

    Idk. Fuckin is pretty good but I hear ya man.

  20. randall scott burress

    If the shoe still fits it's 2019?????????????????/is there any-body out there?

  21. Emm Enn

    Now there are 14 idiots who gave it "thumbs down"-WTF? "Outta my brain onna train!"

  22. Micah Ebion

    The photo from Quadrophenia makes me want to ball somehow. Current events. Tears for your lads England. Will honor ever be restored?

  23. RowanTree

    fantastic album, made me a Mod when I first heard it in the early 80's. Still a Mod, thanks Pete x

  24. Emily Wonnacott

    2019 still here

    Geo L

    Why should I care?

  25. Jared Sinkay

    Mr.Moon sends his love & greetings.

  26. Eric Beaulieu

    This song is really incredible.

  27. Crimson Kng

    This song should have a MILLION eighty-one thousand views.

  28. Mexican thunder

    "dreadfully sorry",,,

  29. WHEREtheFUNK


  30. Kenny Beattie

    Thunderfingers was the best Bass player ever!


    John Entwistle's actual nickname is The Ox.

  31. genwitz

    There is no such thing as "truth serum". What they do is put something in food to confuse then they beam something in and look for a response. Can I call you Jennifer? I like that name.

  32. The Raging Platypus

    My music tastes really haven't changed since i was six. This was the third album I bought. The first two were the beatles greatest hits red and blue album, then this, then the rolling stones hight tieds and green grass. I still have them.In high school it was all about the who and pink floyd.

  33. Yumpin Yimbo

    :) 5-15

  34. raywhittenjr


  35. Helen Kruse

    I used to play this on the jukebox at this one club I used to hit back in the 1970's. Rain On Me was another. It was a mix there,Bikers, and every day people like me. I met a dude one night we were going to head to Florida on the Bike. That was like I said,back in the 1970's. I lost touch with him after our trip. It was a trip too. haha In more ways than one. The Who was one of many groups that played a part in my life back then,and still today I hit the CD's. It's as far as I got. I was hard enough collecting the tunes first time around. Thanks for this man. I appreciate it and it brings back happy, party memories.

    Steven Champion

    Helen Kruse Jolly good anecdote.

  36. Pools Spas

    Quadrophenia - The whole album is Genius ,...2 great instrumentals and tons of the Who's best material and Great moon drumming on one Amazing Double Album !! Way ahead of it's time back in 1973 ,... Roger's singing all over this takes rock to w hole new level ,...

  37. Otto Greenleaf

    RIP Keith Moon(September 7).

    Danny Thomas

    And John Entwhistle.

  38. sal economos

    Superb horn sections on this. A real surprise for me when first hearing it back in 73.Yet another classic from this iconic Rock band.

  39. Dean Miccoli

    Entwistle was just so ridiculously awesome. R.I.P. Ox!

  40. Richard Jacquez

    Radio blows these days. Never hear The Who. At least in SoCal


    That's cause So Cal is pushing all that soy boy alt/indie crap like Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco!, Paramore, Walk The Moon, Arcade Fire and Gorillaz. That entire state's turning into a third world hellhole.

    Danny Thomas

    @bucky468 Classics are all people like us need!

  41. Christopher Green

    " do not even have a girlfriend..." (LM105) @~05:15:33pm-EST @~05:15:33pm-EST @~05:15:33pm-EST THURSDAY FEBRUARY 09 2017AD

  42. Stephen George

    the who were incredible. 4 solo acts playing at the same time

  43. Amp A. Holic

    And yet there are 2 freaking idiots who give it a thumbs down. You just can't fix stupid.

  44. Roy Lay

    Awesome song, but the quality sucks. Would be great if someone put up an HQ version!

    Morgana Rose

    Roy Lay You should.

  45. Paolo Antonio

    The Ox is a fucking genius... well every member of this band is stupidly awesome

    whAckAttAck YYY

    Repent and turn to Jesus

  46. Don Rogers

    excuse me, but do you have any grey poupon ... shade 42?

  47. Don Rogers

    Keith ftw.

  48. Rp3Gaz

    love it

  49. Charley McLeod

    The next time someone asks me where I've been I'm gonna tell 'em!

    Wood Skier

    lol why should i care

  50. Jeff Baker

    Bass like a DC10!

    floydy opz

    +Snuffy Smith or even a VC10

    Jeff Baker

    @floydy opz Did I misquote? VC10 seems more appropriate

    floydy opz

    +Snuffy Smith Yeah man, it's in the jacket-notes to Quadrophenia - the VC10 was an old jet-plane when I was a kid - (I'm one of these 60s boomers) - Entwistle always had the treble turned up full on his bass, hence the VC10 noise.... In the Quad story, Jimmy has an out-of-body experience when speeding on the train. This happened to Townshend once when he was tripping on a plane. Scared the shit out of him. I used to obsess over Quadrophenia when I was 15 years old. Just recently I found out it's only available in stereo - you can't even get it in quadrophonic! Boy was I disillusioned! Hey-ho, I digress... :-)

    Jeff Baker

    @floydy opz story, nonetheless. Cheers!

  51. Curtis Lowe

    5:15 the new 4:20 for me...carpe diem!

  52. maddogwalt

    you must fackin love........ its a classic 

  53. Sam Black

    fucking killer track!so funny, every time I look at the clock and it reads 5:15 I immediately hear this horn riff in my head haha!!

    colin crothers

    why should i care?


    lol ! Yeah !

  54. simon davison

    listen to keith moons drumming here ,he really was at the top of his game

  55. vectorm4

    Baba O'Reilly is a fine song, but I am so sick of hearing it.  Can't the radio play anything from Quadrophenia?

    Jared Sinkay

    Great question! Sadly, I graduated from the CMS with flying colours. And let me put this in perspective....The Doors song break on through is still censored to this day. When James Douglas Morrison Sings the 2nd Verse She Gets HIGH!SHE GETS HIGH!SHE GETS HIGH!SHE GETS HIGH YEAAAAAAAAA!The fucking FCC & all song libraries have it edited...Which the edited version is....(She gets....She gets.... she gets....) are surprised why?

    Jacques Anquetil

    vectorm4 fuck right the fuck off.

    Anthony Jaxon

    Baba O riley is from Who's Next, not Quadrophrenia

    the nam Na

    Baba is from who's next

  56. Sam Armstrong

    classic song,fackn luv it!

  57. rick guy

    Bought this album in 73, seems as though it was a million years ago, many memories from that album playing, am I still the same man? Yes and better because of the genius of Pete.

  58. henkster1017

    This song ROCKS. The bass line is nuts. Nobody could write lyrics like Townshend. All of the contradictory feelings, and in the end he just asks "Why should I care?"


    Then that unoriginal Canuck chick Avril Lavigne had to rip off the "Why should I care?" lyric and use it for her faux hard rock hit "Losin' Grip" from her debut LP.

  59. theModster1000

    would you be able to compare the doors and the who?

  60. Lambieschmoo

    Yes, why? I'm out of my brain

  61. Mark Igo

    Great tune.

  62. Jim Gordon

    Great quality thanks

  63. Alex Scott

    you can tell exactly where meatloaf got his influence from by listening to this.

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