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Dan Shay - feat Kelly Clarkson-Keeping Score

feat Kelly Clarkson-Keeping Score
: feat Kelly Clarkson-Keeping Score
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: 29-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Dan Shay - feat Kelly Clarkson-Keeping Score )
  1. Megan Simpson

    I love their voices so much.

  2. Georgie Vang


  3. natu fuji

    I cannot understand what you sing, because l am Japanese.But l love your songs.They are soooo sweet 💛🧡❤️💖

  4. Kenneth Jackson


  5. Jessica Tavish

    Why isn't this on the radio though?hit song potential

  6. Farrah Bell

    This is a beautiful song!

  7. BETZ


  8. Keri DeMark-LaBoo

    You are all talking about Kelly, how about giving credit where it deserves and that's to Dan + Shay, Kelly didn't make the song they all did and was done beautifully......

  9. Landon Boehler

    Love it

  10. Amanda Kreider

    I hope this is the next song released on the radio id love to see a music video

  11. Jackie Russell

    Love All Your Guys Music You Have Beautiful Voice

  12. じゃあボス


  13. Alodi Farah Edurne

    Más de un año y sigue siendo mi canción favorita😍😍😍😍😍

  14. じゃあボス


  15. Peka Fanchun

    I love it💖

  16. Andrew Bender

    Never liked country. Just started getting into it. BRO DO THEY MAKE A BAD SONG?!

  17. new found life

    i just had to message you guys suck

  18. Jennifer Kellogg

    Love love love!

  19. Brannon Bot

    God! I know three songs from dan and shay but all of them are fantastic!

  20. Lil Peep

    can you make one without the girl?

  21. Sade Junne

    Outstanding song.

  22. K'Chelle

    Beautiful Song ❤

  23. MTheory

    this song fucking sucks

  24. Amanda Kreider

    Im seeing a music video idea it takes place during the beginning of WWII two people meet they fall in love then pearl harbor gets attacked and war gets declared on japan he gets drafted it shows him over in the war and he makes it back they get married something like that kinda like the notebook i worked in a nursing home i heard alot of stories from residents just like that this song reminds me of them

  25. Aubrey Sims

    I’m planning to go to Dan & Shay concert on the 22nd at wild adventures.....looking forward to taking my daughter Brianna who graduated high school.....very grateful to be there. God is awesome. Aubrey Sims

  26. Benjo Sandoval

    I’m teary-eyed rn. 😭

  27. Missy Powers

    Ugh. I just love it!!!!

  28. Laura Boone

    this song is so sad

  29. Jonathan Cagle

    “If you’re rich to somebody, you’re poor to someone else.” Bill Gates: “Hold my beer.”

  30. E Long

    Wow what not did she hit at 3:00?🤯

  31. Sarah Wilson

    This song just really gets me

  32. Anne Reyes

    My heart for this 😭💕

  33. Nicholas Johnson

    There really good

  34. Matt Robertson

    Great song!

  35. Ryan Bond

    I think the pollen count is a bit high in here, yeah that's what happened... ;-)

  36. Annie the BookTuber

    I can listen to this all day. 😍😍

  37. Rempuii Ralte


  38. Micah Gray

    I really like this song very calming vibes great job guys🤙

  39. Matt Shonibare

    Omg Dan + Stay at it again. Come on who wouldn't love this guys. Perhaps, with the addition of Kelly Clarkson.🙌🙌🙏🙌👍. This is a song for the book of History and Memory. Who is here that downloaded the song right away. Because, I did! 🙌

  40. Linda Harbison

    This song was sung yesterday, April 7th, at the ACMs. It was beautiful!

  41. Jasmine M

    Goosebumps all over my body. This is beautiful.

  42. Jennifer Moon Walls


  43. Shery Clark

    Omg I absolutely love you guys but adding the third part harmony of Kelly is beautiful😍😍😍 this feeds my singer's heart💖

  44. Donna Benson

    Don't waste momment.! we don't have tomorrow

  45. Kristen Sayeau

    Absolutely love this song and ur voices are amazing together would love to hear more songs with u guys and Kelly in the future 😍😍😍

  46. Etch Jonas

    Real music deserves more. I love your songs, you two.

  47. Devonte Montfort

    This song is sooooo good

  48. Cassie Love

    I love this song so much

  49. Zachary McKinney

    First time I heard this song was when the movie Wonder came out. I was bawling happy tears thinking about how I was bullied growing up and how now, I can do whatever I want despite what other people say or think. This song is a constant inspiration of confidence!! Love y'all Dan + Shay & Kelly Clarkson! 👏🏻🙌🏻🤘🏻😘😊

    Zachary McKinney

    Oops. What I meant to type was *when I saw the movie edited on YouTube with this song* sorry for the confusion people haha

  50. Jailie Bullock

    One of my all-time fav songs

  51. shoshiwas

    nominated for Music Event of the Year at the ACM!

  52. Bass Thumper

    I Cant.....

  53. Bree Garrett

    Absolutely can’t stop playing this song on repeat. 😍 This song is so good.

  54. SuperKnightFTW

    Kelly is wasm

  55. Kai Decker

    Every Dan + Shay song I've heard has been a straight banger holy cow

  56. Kalia chr.

    E. P. I. C ✨🙌

  57. Lisa Gregory

    These guys never put out a bad song. This is gold. I’m crying.

  58. holy water

    There hearts is showing when they sing oh how true love really is feeling touched and longing for that one real love to be passionately close

  59. David Pontes

    Amazing song and voices! Love Kelly! ❤❤💖💖💕💕

  60. Maryanne

    Am in love with this song!

  61. Alexis Powelson

    I LOVE THIS SONG! It helps me with the self-esteem issues I am having. I have lately been comparing my looks to other people’s and I need to stop but it is really hard. This song helps remind me that it doesn’t matter how you look or how many nice things you have. Not only does it help with that, but my family is going through some really hard things and this song reminds to find the good in all the bad things because you never no when you are going to leave this place. Music is a way that I cope with the mess in my life and I think is might be a new one of my favorite songs. I love Dan + Shay and they have influenced me in so many ways. It is amazing what a couple of songs can do to one persons life. They have helped me get through so much just by listening to their music. I first heard them at a free concert at a fair in St. Louis a few summers ago. Now, I can’t stop listening to them and and putting their songs on repeat. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Please don’t ever stop doing this! You rock at it!

    Shareena Borja

    There will be that one person for you just wait patiently and write down on a piece of paper what you want and dont want in a relationship. It works 👌

  62. Gabriel Waress

    didnt know i would ever become a country music lover

  63. Trent Coleman

    Kelly is queen I love her so much

  64. Teresa Troglin

    This song makes me cry. I lost a very important person in my life 1 year ago and wish to God I would have heard this song before he passed. It's so very true that we can't take it with us when we go and it's absolutely senseless to keep score. When it comes down to it keeping score is only going to cause pain. I miss my person so very much everyday and would love to have just 1 more time with him.

  65. Sarah Harding

    I hope they make a vison of just Dan and Shay singing it.

  66. Sarah Harding

    I love the song but I don't like that Kelly Clarkson is in it. She has her own style and her style definitely does not go with Dan and Shay's.

  67. Valentina Trapani

    sorry' I' m italian. I just want to ask what' s the meaning of "keeping score" in this song. someone could tell me ?

    Josell Co

    I think it's about focusing on living in the moment. Keeping score is like taking pictures/videos of fireworks instead of just enjoying the view. That's just what i think.

    Valentina Trapani

    +Josell Co thank you for the clarification


    Actually Keeping Score comes from an American idiom or expression. Basically if people (usually couples) have a fight, if you hold a grudge, you are keeping score. Like if you say, I know I hurt you today, but remember how you hurt me 3 times in the past, but hey, who's keeping score. You are keeping score on who hurts who more. So if you stop keeping score, you are living in the moment and forgiving those who has done you wrong. So the lyrics are all about living life to the fullest, just be in love, and remember that we are all slowly dying and running out of time.

  68. Karina Esquivel

    Love this song it’s my favorite 💕

  69. Stephanie Loving37kindness

    xox xoxoxox

  70. justice wright

    Your cute

  71. celeste millan

    Such a great song! Kelly needs to come to country and leave what she does now!

  72. J K

    Loveeee this!!!

  73. Jerome Andrews

    They are the new school rascal flatts

  74. SuperCaz68

    Great song always love KC and Dan and Shay are great. Their voices are fab and blend well loving it

  75. Shir Levy

    Dont know how many sunsets I get live .. nice tattoo ❤️ love you guys

  76. gigi

    My heartttt my soullll I didn't know Dan and Shay and Kelly Clarkson had a song together. I can die happy now. 😊😂

  77. Darryl Philbin

    Anyone here from the voice?

  78. nkaujhnub lis

    Freakin love there voice...

  79. Mat Clarke

    Absolutely love this song... Heard it for the first time at work yesterday. Haven't stopped listening to it since!

  80. Emma Kiral

    Another great song!

  81. Elizabeth Farmer

    Keeping score Dan+shay Feat.kelly Clarkson

  82. Amy Donbrosky

    and usually I hate country but I love this song

  83. Scott Sweeting

    Kelly is the America's representative for the voice. A power, arrange, falsetto, pocket, rifts... etc. Beauty and see remarkable personality. I am a true fan. Dan & Shay, fresh, strong, soothing, powerful ballad voice. This was a perfect collaboration. Deserves a "collaboration Grammy".

  84. bmay bb

    Who came here after Chevel's audition?

    Amadeo Story


    E Long

    bmay bb that girl is going to be a 🌟!


    N ...3.3 $mj

  85. m d

    Kelly definitely deserves all those country singers on her team ;)

  86. Azucena Treviño

    I fall in love every single time they drop a new single. Love love love y'all!! ❤️

  87. TinaKii LuEll

    Song that has a meaning behind it ❤❤❤❤

  88. Mindy Brown

    Perfection!   Will there be a video with Kelly???  <3

  89. Melissa A

    Our first dance at our wedding on September 1st 2018!! 💗💗

  90. Music Man

    Sooooo good

  91. Tyler Smart

    There definitely should be 0 dislikes because its a great song people disagree dont know music

  92. Jasmine Bennen

    I'm like in love with this song

  93. Syed Rahman

    557 dislikes? What's wrong with you people?

  94. Debbie Sturch

    I see all of you really like Dan and Shay and their one of my favs too but......Rascall Flatts still has em beat hands down. Just sayin yall

  95. Debbie Sturch

    If Kelly Clarkson is collaborating on your song, your guaranteed a HIT!!! LOVE HER VOCALS

  96. Cory Joseph

    Please be a single

  97. Mackenzie Tuck covers

    ×ALLVIDEOSIMAGESNEWSMAPSSHOPPINGBOOKSFLIGHTSPERSONALSEARCH TOOLSKeeping ScoreDan + ShaySomeday we're gonna look back On a night like tonightThe car I pulled up inThe necklace you're wearing Won't even cross our mindsSomeday we're gonna blink twiceSay it happens like thatHow much money we saved up For the time that we gave upWell, it'll all just be mathI know I'm only humanDon't know how many sunsets I got leftAnd I don't wanna ruinThis moment by wondering what comes nextI just want to love you Like it's all I'm living forHold you close, enjoy you moreAnd spend a little less time keeping scoreIf we're rich to somebodyWe're poor to somebody elseWe could be happy and namelessOr broken and famousBut, from what I can tellIs that it doesn't really matterYou can't take with you when you goLife is only getting faster (life is only getting faster)So, baby, I'd rather Take tonight nice and slow'Cause I know I'm only humanDon't know how many sunsets I got leftAnd I don't wanna ruinThis moment by wondering what comes nextI just want to love you Like it's all I'm living forHold you close, enjoy you moreAnd spend a little less time keeping scoreBe with me nowBe with me right nowBe with me right here, right nowBe with me nowBe with me right nowBe with me right here, right nowI know I'm only humanDon't know how many sunsets I got leftAnd I don't wanna ruinThis moment by wondering what comes nextI just want to love you Like it's all I'm living forHold you close, enjoy you moreAnd spend a little less time keeping scoreOh, yeahKeeping score

  98. Sophie Jennings

    hit me right in the heart lol

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