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Dan Shay - All To Myself

All To Myself
: All To Myself
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: 29-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Dan Shay - All To Myself )
  1. Spider woman

    My boyfriend told me to listen to this

  2. Collzo 2

    When I listen this song I cry

  3. Special_ _popcorn

    Gf just dumped me...Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a beautiful song

  4. Ronald West

    Fire 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  5. ITS belly

    im i the only one who came here from pogba's story?

  6. Tomy Nasution

    I'm from Pogba's Instastory😂

  7. Kara Foree

    I love this song if you do to like this comment

  8. Nick Chapman

    I’m still listening to this lol

  9. adog williams

    Shut it lax god

  10. adog williams

    That was an awesome song I like speechless to

  11. Hyfaa26ً Tv

    أغنيه جميله ولطيفة من الكويت 😇❤️🇰🇼

  12. vkarr154

    you are not country...gtf off the charts!!!!

  13. Denise Jones

    i love this song😘🤞🏻😍

  14. melanie's 3 wishes

    my girlfriend just sent me a link to this song and i absolutely love it!

  15. Mr. Stallion

    Country danced with a girl I had taken out on a date to this song. It played its role in locking down the sexual tension between her and I. We didn’t take our eyes off each other and kept sending each other body language of desire (Lip biting, winks, mischievous smiles) that made it obvious it was time to take her back home and surely enough it was some of the best intercourse I’ve had. The song set a mood that followed after the song. It’s as if the sexual tension reached its peaked and didn’t go away until her and I got what we wanted, which was each other for the night.

  16. Kaitlin Mathis

    I love them so much .

  17. vegascaryn

    This song always makes meHappy and sad like and commentIf you feel the same way.

  18. Bear Girl

    I'd change that to- lock the door and let's keep the night going!🎶💘

  19. Mr Golden

    TikTok brings me here .thank you TikTok fir this lovely song

  20. Jay Bonn


  21. Bella Hamilton

    this song puts me in feels that cant even be explained

  22. Bear Girl

    STOP asking who is watching in 2019 or anytime! Omgosh- you guys are killing me with that! 🎶🎶

    Ryan Meyers

    Bear Girl eat my ass its 2019

    Cynthia Johnston


  23. SAM IAM

    please like this comment otherwise I would feel depressed

  24. Alexcia Clark

    This came out in 2018 and yet still this day I listen to it like if u still do!👇💖

  25. wow 45

    I love that song:)

  26. Gemma Erickson

    I am jelis of you

  27. TheRoneZone

    I've been to Paris....made my way down to.... Oh wait, wrong song.

  28. Bob Ross

    This song is just 😍😤

  29. Princess Art

    Me: You: Them: Absolutely no one: People in the YouTube comments: LiKe If ItS OctOBer 2O19 ANd YoU'rE sTiLL HeRe

  30. Hayden Spencer

    Me, this song is the best

  31. Meya Cooper

    god song like it very much good job on the song let it be famous and im probaly going to your contest.

  32. Devine Pennington

    Who is still listing in October 2019 comment and like if you are

    Cynthia Johnston

    um its november get it right bro

  33. Brett Clayton


  34. Jeremy Diesel

    Beautiful Song

  35. Oliver Mason

    Dan and shay always make good music anyone remember tequila

  36. Lax God

    Who’s still listening in November 2019?

    Landyn Wiggins

    Me... not sadly 😂

    Aaron Miller

    I listen to kinfolks

    Nicolai Bacchus

    Yeah! Why? Peace this is on my playlist!

  37. Nickey Marie


  38. Nickey Marie

    kiss you

  39. zoey lewis

    october 2k19??? i know im not the only one

    Midnight Mustang

    Hell yeah!

  40. Brock Davis

    Jsbxbsjajja hi kkkxjjzhsjakjBskajvaksksjnsnsnannajsjsjsjjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjidbaiudjzjshisdndjxkanbzjndbsksnxndbdbndndbdbdbbdbdbdbdbdhhdhdjsoqkjdnsnwnkodkdjwkkqkdjdhbsio

  41. Brock Davis

    This is how many times you are going to listen to this song👇


    I'm speechless wait, wrong song watch my new video on Dan and Shay

  43. aircon not a fan


  44. New Holland Fan

    I like the song but uuuuhhhh why is it playing on a country music radio station?

  45. Rachel Duchesne

    I love you soooo much i sing to it


    I always tell me boyfriend that i want him All To Myself

    Ryan Ronaldino

    Chances are He doesn't want you

  47. Mrs. Eador

    Awsome song!!!!!!!

  48. Stevens Ranch

    If anyone thinks this is country I want have what there smokin


    this is country just like every other song they’ve song

    Stevens Ranch

    Emmy they are not country music


    Stevens Ranch yes they are look it up

    Stevens Ranch

    Emmy not true country

  49. 1Watchman Reign007

    I love you Jerusalem

  50. Ashley Garaguso

    Every time I listen to this song♥️ I love my fiancé so much that I miss him when he’s at work if he’s a pilot when he’s up in the sky I worry about him so much but I know God will keep😇 him safe with all the passengers

  51. Khloe Fincham

    Ok listen if you dont like the video just stop hating and hide under a rock because I love their songs so much I went to concert at wild adventures to see them that was a total of 7 hours to get their if you dont like it just go away and dont dislike it

    Khloe Fincham

    They should not have 1.19k dislikes

  52. Nicole Hammond

    i need yall to play to play at my moms wedding pllzzzzzz

  53. nichole rader

    I like your song is a B is the best

  54. nichole rader

    I love your song Dan shay

  55. Bear Girl

    If you're jealous of blue jeans and the moon- you got it baaaad! 🤣💘

  56. lizzy stiles

    I have this song in my head thxs for my best friend

  57. Hey its Hannah

    love it

  58. Mr. Napkin

    when I heard this on the radio, I thought it was Rascal Flatts 😎

    Jennifer Henley

    Brooooo same

  59. Puspa Dewi Aldiano

    OMG it's funny how I found the lyrics somehow so similar to Jealous by Labirinth

  60. ZLAE72

    Don’t know if i’ll ever stop listening to this song. A forever jam

  61. PsylientBeauty

    Natasha Bedingfield and Jesse McCartney blend !!!!!

  62. Annaleigh Hearndon

    He as a good voice like chase rice

  63. Savannah Salinas

    Oh my god.. my name is Shay and my boyfriends name is Dan when I saw this I flipped

  64. Maddix Mathers

    sounds like Niall Horan

  65. Calvin Allen

    Wonderful video awesome

  66. Kevon Phillips

    Metoo I love it



  68. Macy Shearer

    does anyone else still listen to this song because it is the best?😂💛

    Zach Scott

    Macy Shearer damn girl it’s only been a year, a year isn’t that long 😂😂

    Zach Scott

    Macy Shearer of course people still listen to it lmao

  69. Christina Milania

    I want you all to myself we dont need anyone else 🎶

  70. Jeonghoon Han

    Who is still listening in November 2019? like if u are! Omg thx for 350! (Pls hit 400) 😂

    Jeonghoon Han

    Aiden Grabowski yay! I hope it hits 350 any minute now 😬

    Jeonghoon Han

    RGB7005 almost there!

    Cynthia Johnston

    lets go jeonghoon han!

    Jeonghoon Han

    Cynthia Johnston thank you!!

  71. Macy Shearer

    this song is the best💛

  72. Heaven leigh grace



    This song is so gay

  74. shiela lacy

    Kenny Schreiber this for u❤❤❤

  75. Senga Locking

    Is the greatest song ever🤩😍👍🏻❤😎👍🏻😀

  76. Brandi Farris

    I love this song is for my baby.....he's my means alot to us....

  77. Jasmine Narro

    ugh im in love with my bestfriend 👀❤️ hes the greatest ever! And soooo cute and very sweet

    Justin Rodriguez

    Jasmine Narro that exactly how I feel of my best friend sh is cook nice pretty ❤️

  78. Michael Ward

    Me and my Fiancee broke up a few days ago and this was what I set for her ringtone. Sorry if this ruined the song a little bit for you guys.

  79. Ashley Garaguso

    My fiancé🦋 he sent me this song before he left for work he’s a pilot ♥️ I love him so much when he’s up in the air I worry about him so much that I pray that he’ll always safe 💋 I love him I can’t wait to marry him

  80. Chavez586

    Sounds just like Rascal Flatts

  81. Chris Howell

    Me and my woman love all your songs man I haven’t listened to much country since my mom passed 10years ago but between my woman and this fantastic music y’all been making I’m slowly coming back to it

  82. Chloé Elizabeth

    I want you all to myself. We don't need anyone else. Let our bodies do the talking. Let our shadows paint the wall. 💏💜😍

  83. Genesis Sofia DELAROSA

    Nice 💯🌞

  84. Adam Spurgeon

    Great song!😇

  85. Larry King

    Like this

  86. Brooklynn Latvala

    My new favorite ❤❤❤

  87. bella cooper

    love u aydan 😙.

  88. Christine Greene

    Yours all yours,mine and all MINE!

  89. ZLAE72

    Was so cool getting to meet these guys the other day!!

    Bear Girl

    Cool beans! 🎶🎤💜

  90. Yennaiv

    Dan + Shay might be my new fave country group / duo!!!

  91. Kiwi_sisterz

    This is my all time favorite song

  92. Holly Erin Williams

    Legit was singing this (screaming the chorus) in my car at a stop light the other day & this cuuuuuuttteee guy was staring at me laughing...that should have been the man I dedicated this to but I embarrassed myself 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😬

  93. BigBrainOnMusic

    #1 on Contry and #31 on U.S. Billboard top 100 this week. Will this become Dan + Shay's 3rd cross-over hit?

  94. Ms. B Karaoke B

    I like this song. It's the most country sounding song you guys have come out with.👍👍💚

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