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Dan Shay - 19 You Me

19 You Me
: 19 You Me
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: 29-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Dan Shay - 19 You Me )
  1. Mango Gendy

    Myrtle beach gang... where ya at ?

  2. Jeanette Chipette

    Played In Blue Sky Studios The Unikitty Movie (2020) (20th Century Fox)

  3. Brooklynn Hazel

    I live for 19 you and me it is my favorite song ever since my friends introduced me to it

  4. editzz emily

    Can we just realize for a sec how it came out in 2013 and was talking abt his gf 5 years ltr❤😌 true man right here😍♥️

  5. Meaghan Maloney

    Lol am I the only one that has this song on repeat for 3 days only me ok that's cool 😂

    Hey its mel

    diamond diva Same 😂😂

    Meaghan Maloney

    @Hey its mel lollll

  6. Abby Cutler

    it’s the summer of 19 but it’s just me

  7. Hailey Strine


  8. beautiful payton

    How long ago was you in myrtle beach I'm there now I'm a fan

  9. cocobeens21

    Who can not like this song? I ❤ this song! #californiabeautiful! Waves crashing down... ❤ 😊 I'm thinking summer '19, you and me, like right now...

  10. Makayla Gifford

    Officially the first day of “summer of 19 you & me”👏👏

  11. Alice Mckalister

    I lived in Tennessee for a few years and whenever this song came on at a party. It always brought good times. I love those memories sm!❤️

  12. Alexis Stewart

    This song is me and my boyfriend 🥰

  13. Theresa Dunn


  14. Madison Maness

    I love my blonde hair. But. Shout out to the dark haird girls

  15. Amile Away

    Why did I just found out about this song now?! This is pretty good. 😣

  16. jessicalovesdancex

    I’m really going to be single forever 🙁

  17. Lucas Zielinsk


  18. Haley Willey

    Lovanna you and Austin will be together this year

  19. Haley Willey

    Lovanna this is so you and Austin

  20. Haley Willey

    Thank u lovanna for showing me this

  21. Allissa Garvin

    I love this song because it reminds me of when I was with my ex-fiance because it reminds me of all the good times we had together

  22. Kennedy Dockery


  23. Penolopy Bryant

    19 me. 23 you....TOGETHER 4 ETERNITY YOU & ME....2019...

  24. Mitchell Ries

    This song reminds me of 6 beautiful girls I went to high school with and they took a vacation to southern California, including Disneyland Resort in 12th grade spring break.  What's really unfortunate about that was that I too visited Disneyland 3 months later, and I couldn't help but think of all three of them when I was there, wishing that they were there with me.  To Ali May Kuebelbeck, Emily Gust, Hannah Hoody, Kate Roth, Mikayla Kaufenberg, and Tanya Finnes.  I miss you all very much.

  25. In This Decade

    First week at myrtle beach where it all began

  26. Kirsten Kennedy

    I really hope Summer '19 this year is good i have high hopes:))

  27. Emma Hardison

    When I first became good online friends with my boyfriend, I showed him this song, only because it sings about a vacation being taken at Myrtle Beach, and he lives in South Carolina. He gave up everything and risked himself to be my boyfriend, saved me from a borderline deadly relationship... He sacrificed and pushed his romantic feelings aside to help me in my shit relationship... Self sacrifice like that means so much to me, and his actions lead to me now having a much happier life. He finally took a summer trip out to Pennsylvania, the state where I live, and we met up at the park I live close to, and we had the best weekend we have had in a long time. Despite my family's overprotectiveness when he visited. We originally planned to meet at Myrtle Beach, but plans changed obviously. He told me that this song was the song that defined our relationship, and I was a bit surprised as I originally showed it to him like I said because he lives in South Carolina. No other reason. But listening it at a more deeper level, I understood why. Dan and Shay brought us together, and he wants to marry me later, after we get into our early 20s. (I am 17 years old and he is 19) and would want this to be the song for our first dance, and the wedding would be on the shore of Myrtle! I cant wait for that dream to come true!

  28. Molly Bauch

    I LOVE this song

  29. billy e morris

    I've listened to this song 102 times

  30. Tracy Spada

    this song made me cry like 3 times

  31. Melanie Bisaha

    Corey + Melanie <3

  32. Haylee Foley

    2019 better bring me a boyfriend because you don’t know how long i’ve been waiting to post a picture captioned “summer of 19 you + me”

    Kennedy Dockery

    Haylee Foley SAME GIRL SAME!

    Kelsey Bell

    I got my boyfriend summer of 19

    Tanner Ricker

    Good luck!

    Diana Rawls

    Haylee Foley frrr

    Jonathan Lee

    Any luck?

  33. Lillian Thorpe


  34. Raegan Ross

    I love going to myrtle beach lol

  35. Corey brooke moch

    Love this so much

  36. Ann Marie Motz

    We love your songs

  37. Tamara Schilling

    I listened to this song when I was talking to this guy and then he went behind my back and got back with his girlfriend and now it's hard to listen to

  38. Summer Kennedy

    I love my boyfriend to death and we listen to this song so much I'm always happy with him

  39. Heather Forman

    this song is great

  40. Mary Knight

    I like 19 you and me

  41. ten’s pretty

    this was such a bop omfg

  42. Donnie Gonzalez

    It was a good song

  43. MrAnd MrsSkye

    Evrytime they say "Say let's stay right here" I always here them saying "Celeste stay right here." And Celeste is my name XD.

  44. Mary Knight

    Hey I have brases

  45. Mary Knight

    I love dan

  46. Mary Knight

    I like dan

  47. Mary Knight

    19 you and me

  48. Mary Knight

    I like this song 19 and me

  49. Sarah Kerns

    I was deadass on instagram and some girl posted a flipagram thing and I was like “OMG I KNOW THAT SONG” and now I’m here. 😂

  50. li li

    I came here because of august and I love ittt!!!

  51. Shawnmendesbabe 725

    This song reminds me so much of a summer love I had. It’s so relatable and reminds me so much of him. ❤️ but I’ll never see him again 😥

  52. Arrial Eddins

    🤞🏼😍 me n my gf song

  53. Jasmine Miller

    I love this song

  54. Sonora Nass

    mine and my boyfriends song

  55. Logan Jalbert

    patriots r winning the superbowl

  56. Noelle Mayer

    They are all mine

  57. Preston's GameRoom

    I am like so incredibly in love with this song it’s not funny!!! 😍😍😍 it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it!!!

  58. Lynsey Grace

    if only my man liked country this'd be our song. i love him so much

  59. kierra martin

    love is song i love somebody

  60. Kai Stirewalt

    My favorite song by Dan and Shay. Thanks for making a lyric video!!!

  61. Sushi_Puppi 10

    I wish I was lucky than your guys but I'm 9.

  62. Samantha Hamilton

    plese come to my house dan and shay

  63. Torry Player

    I just found this song and now its stuck in my head.

  64. Sushi_Puppi 10

    Person who created this why did you OWN NOTHING OF THIS?!?!!?!!?!??!?!?

  65. Natalie Camerano

    This song reminds me of my best friend I haven't seen my best friend in there years and we have been friends for ten years this year


    Me to it is really good if I got married I would play this

  67. Sushi_Puppi 10

    Can you give me 2 likes because it's was my birthday yesterday

    Jenny the Pang

    happy birthday


    love song

  69. Jillian Weitz

    I love this song ❤️

  70. Destiny Reed

    so in Love with this song

  71. sweetsmiles5

    Everyone thinking about human beings and here is me who thinks about food.

  72. Marissa Graham

    Does anyone know any good songs ? Other than this one ?

  73. Rain Recto

    Fav song

  74. Aislinn Dykes

    I love this song it makes me think of me and my cousin when we went to the lake together on his birthday.

  75. Marissa Wiegel

    I love this song

  76. Mary Joy Benitez

    i love this song 😍😍❤❤

  77. Hailey Sherfinski

    this song is amazing, you did a great job!!! PLEASE continue on making more vids!!!😉

  78. Arianna Macarido



    Oh girl yes but I have highlights (not natural)

    Jolene Lam

    Also girls with dark eyes?! We’re never the subject of songs. Im a girl who likes girls and I think both girls with dark hair and dark eyes are underrated af

    stephanie schexnayder

    got it to 100 likes right here 😂

    Jonathan Lee

    I don't even like blondes lmao dark haired girls are sexy asf

  79. Cheryl Edema

    I love this song!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  80. Callista Anderson

    this song is my favorite is think. it's been a while since I listened to this song. it brings me back to my past

  81. Aislinn Dykes

    i love this song y'all sing great I love all y'all s songs!!

  82. jayden._. roof

    I live in Myrtle Beach

    Bayley Myers

    Jayden Roof oh that's cool

    Bayley Myers

    Plus I love ur profile pic. I love that drawing

    Raegan Ross

    Jayden Roof cool

  83. Mr. Gamer

    I searched this song a lot. I mean I like it very much . Well, I've searched it a lot of times but I couldn't find it but now I found it

  84. Grace Ruelas

    I love this song so much it is so deep

  85. Crystal Jett

    awe baby ilysm please make another video 😍😘

  86. dark princess

    this song makes me cry

  87. Bears my life

    I love this song so much its my favorite country song😂❤

    Handang Vu

    russel hayes I know it's pass Christmas but can you do a lyrics for the Christmas song they just recently done

  88. Angel santangelo

    I'd want to dedicate this to my bf who I'm so inlove with he makes me the happiest damn girl in this world

  89. Drew Venne

    Omg best song ever <3

  90. Tëëñ Wølf

    I love this song

  91. Purple Guy

    sappy song sorry had to say it

  92. Tank Bomb

    I love when you here that song you haven't heard in forever and you come across it makes me feel good


    Same💖 i don't really like the new music like drake and Rihanna so I find old music that I like

    Sarah Kerns

    Tank Bomb FOREAL

  93. Rainbowunicat 2004

    i love this song

  94. Shylese Dunn

    i love this song

  95. Jared Richard

    This song reminds me of that special someone from my life, not my GF or anything, but someone who did a lot for me when I was at an all time low. Thanks for everything!

  96. sydni camp

    Wed, july 20, 2016

    Kylie Slone

    sydni camp thurs, July 20, 2017

  97. wyatt combs

    Can you please do. Woman like you by Lee Brice. Thanks

  98. Miranda 4328

    I can still remember the day me and my boyfriend was sitting on the beach together listening to this song and he was singing it to me💕

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