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Dan Shay - Obsessed

: Obsessed
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: 29-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Dan Shay - Obsessed )
  1. venus pepito

    cuuuutee kaayoooo mooo ayyy

  2. venus pepito

    kanus a man ko mapul an ani oyyy??

  3. Tracy Chargualaf

    Love!! Dan & Shay make this song sound so Sexy!! Love the video!

  4. robbiez420

    This is my boyfriend's phone

  5. robbiez420

    This is Merriotte

  6. robbiez420

    I just pray it's soon

  7. robbiez420

    I am so in love with this song

  8. Athena Mantias

    I love this song . This is now my favorite 😍

  9. sierraforever29

    I love shays vocals💗

  10. Kristina Shaw

    I have never heard this song by them before but OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! I am definitely obsessed with this song <3

  11. Enriquetta E

    GIVE IT UP FOR THE BAND 👏👏👏👏(HARD SLOW CLAPS) LOL I lnw I'm trippin...this what happens on my off day,on a good day, beautiful weather, good beer, counting blessings and FAN-DAMN-TABULOUS MUSIC. I'm feel good. Thank ya!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌

  12. Enriquetta E

    Makin me feel some kinda way... like puttin on some lingerie and be sexy wit it LMBO

  13. Enriquetta E

    I'm so OBSESSED with dis song...omgod! hhh... 6 times reply, no lie...I am feelin this on my core with a Modelo (Mexican beer) lol while cookin dinner. Yes indeedy😉😍😉😍😉👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Enriquetta E

    OMG lookin at the comments...I'm 3 years late. Wow!! I've been livin under a rock. Well, this is one of those that when you hear it will be new every time and make you feel the same wau

    Darrie A

    Enriquetta E exactly what I said to myself. 3 years?! I thought it was a new song because Danny +Shay are my favorite. This song is everything ♥️♥️

  15. Enriquetta E

    Oh and the video...hhhh...hello!! Sex...yyy babyyy!! LolI love Dan & Shay! This's a game changer. LOL smilin from ear to ear the whole while....3 times reply. God bless!

  16. Enriquetta E

    Ohh weeee!!! OMG first time I'm hearing this...on reply...ole skool sexy and!!! LUV IT

  17. Rubina Pradhan


  18. Lyn Medina

    I love you guys so much and i haven`t been a fan for long but there`s not one song you guys have made that i don`t love☺

  19. Theresa Namonje

    Wow I love this song

  20. Haruyu私は春です


  21. Jessica Upega

    Im obsessed with this song.

  22. Patricia Lopes de Andrade

    Como pode dois meninos tão talentosos, ainda não terem o reconhecimento devido? Fico louca com tanta injustiça, essas vozes precisam atravessar fronteiras!

  23. Mondesta Moracha

    Sing for me❤️

  24. Izzy S

    this song just makes my heart melt 🥰💞

  25. agami ka

    sexiest voice ever..

  26. Future EMT

    Can you make a video with just instrument because I wanted to suggest the instrument music in my jazz band but I need just instruments

  27. Box of chocolates

    Omg...I’m obsessed with this song!

  28. Julie A

    Beautiful ❤️ Beautiful ❤️!Love this song! U guys nailed the sexiness. Thanks Dan and Shay. 🙌🌹☺️☺️I want more....

  29. John Miguel

    its the guitarist and drummer of the band A ROCKET TO THE MOON... lol, so nice to see them again play, miss them alot too

  30. marcelo vieira

    man, I've been listening to this song for over 4 hours and counting!! cheers from Brazil!!!

  31. Sam Arpino

    where was this filmed?

  32. Sam Steen

    That horn section is exceptional

  33. Jake P

    Yeah im so obsessed with you baby

  34. Nora Weeman

    Omg i love this song

  35. Snježana Matokanović Sambrailo

    Grrrrrreat song !!

  36. Billy Smith

    Awesome song

  37. Mel Rivera

    I love you guys 😁 marry me 🤔😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  38. pelaki lokotui

    Can't tell how many times i've hit the replay button

  39. Belle Beglinger

    This is me and my boy friends song

  40. Jennifer Vargas

    This song is 😍😍😍😍😍

  41. Annmarie Rudolph

    An excellent song OMG! Perfect harmony! I am obsessed

  42. Carleen Dantes

    Oh ma gadddd🤩🤩

  43. George Correa

    Amazing indeed. Pure talent and class.

  44. balboy muñez

    Ma fav😍

  45. Iv G

    Was listening in a list - after a few seconds thought it was Spandau Ballet - True ))

  46. Den Rich

    I am very busy and stressed working today then suddenly this song... I am all fine now..... Just like that.

  47. Keone Daog


  48. Amy Amy

    I close my eyes and hear Brian white

  49. Gillian Rhode

    Im so obsessed with this song

  50. blessing's new toy review lets play

    look at deez dislikes

  51. blessing's new toy review lets play

    I'm falling in love with this song

  52. Mimi Lamm

    Every single time I watch this video I feel like I just watched the sexiest 5 min whiskey commercial EVER 🥰...YES...The thirst is real!!!

  53. Rachel Prabhu

    can we please talk about how great the bassist (and the rest of the band) is??? OMG

  54. sweet zu

    Now, I'm so obsessed 😍🎤🎶❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. Gayle Melvin

    I can't srop listening to this song.This is music. It's supposed to take you someplace and this sure does. ❤

  56. Lynn Mendoza

    My love sent me this song and fell in love with him even deeper. Never stop listening to this song. What a perfect set up.... Shay is sooo great and flirty. By watching him I just want to cuddle with my baby love...oh I’m so in love❤️❤️❤️

  57. sione vi

    “Obsessed “ with the song

  58. Sai Timoteo

    Wow so smooth. Love it

  59. N G

    Mariah brought me here

  60. Pricella Elvy

    This is the song that got me obsessed. I love you guys

  61. i robbed a taco shop and asked for a refill

    I listen to screamo and this is my favorite song -.- EXPLAIN

  62. Amile Away

    Omo i love this song so much. Makes you fall in love ❤

  63. Tuaineiti Jnr

    Love this song, Beautiful singing..... nicely! well done, video's awesome too...

  64. Fabian Reese

    2k19 still listening to this good track, LESSSSGOOOOO

  65. René Sejr Nielsen

    Great song: love it

  66. colleen Hu

    I love these two!

  67. Yo_Gyrl_86

    Currently dancing with my imaginary husband to this song 🥰🥰

  68. Roland Willis

    Wife here! Best music I have heard in years!

  69. ceceaa79

    How is this country music? Awesome song no less!

  70. Bache Enriquez

    perfect music. slow dance with the one you love. 😉

  71. Mathew Bautista

    made me wonder where mindsets sets! lean...

  72. Anya Brooks

    Love anything y’all sing!! ❤️ I’m obsessed 😁😌

  73. bethany walberg

    Candles burning, ruby redSheets are falling off the bedRun your fingers through my hairI know what you're thinkin'Take me thereYou hypnotize me with your touchAnd I can never get enough of youIt's trueAnd anywhere you wanna go My hand is only yours to holdOh, you knowI'm so obsessedWith the way that your lipsKiss me like crazyOh, you amaze meWhen you walk in the roomYou got me losing itYeah, I'm a messGirl, I confessI'm so obsessedOh, yeahEvery time you walk awayI guess your perfume likes to stayOn my pillow, on my shirtListen, baby For what it's worthI'm so obsessedWith the way that your lipsKiss me like crazyOh, you amaze meWhen you walk in the roomYou got me losing itYeah, I'm a messGirl, I confessI'm so obsessedYeah, yeah, yesSo, give it to meGive it to meGive it to me nowI'm so obsessedWith the way that your lipsKiss me like crazyOh, you amaze meWhen you walk in the roomYou got me losing it, babeYeah, I'm a messGirl, I confessI'm so obsessedOh, babeYeahWhen your friends are aroundAnd you kiss me in front of everybodyYou know it drives me crazy, girlSo, come and lay one on my lips, girlJust do it to meYou know itI'm so obsessedYou're never gettin' rid of me babyNever gettin' rid of me babyYou know itYou knowYou're never gettin' rid of me babyNever gettin' rid of me babyBreak it down for me babyGirl, you know you're driving me crazyI can't get enoughI think you're feeling me too, babySo lay me down, show me rightDo me goodLet's turn out these lights babyI'm so obsessedWith the way that you walk into the room, babyI can't even take itYou know, you know you doI guess what I'm trying to say isI'm so obsessed

  74. Ken Leslie

    I love this song not as much as I love you be here if you get your shit together I got a toy hauler that needs to be remodeled with interior stuff get off your ass and hurry up in that help me do it

  75. Haryanto Thanos

    beautiful song.....

  76. Nico Jay Acson

    Cool 😎

  77. nayomi Rodriguez

    ♥️♥️♥️ waaaahhhh what a nice song😘 i love it♥️

  78. sione vi


  79. Gerri Brown

    I'm on my way to the Florida Georgia it !!!!!

  80. Sayrwsamara World

    😍😍😍😍 one of my favorite songs!

  81. Kathy Bowman

    love you Dan an Shay !!!!! you give Arkansas a good name !!!!! ❤😁❤😁❤😁💝

  82. MAL Paterson

    Alofaatu 🌺❤️

  83. David B

    I'm a huge pop fan, but I have been listening to their three albums for days now. Love their sound. And, Shay's voice is a gift from God!!

  84. Acam Barbara Patience

    Woah this is my favorite Dan shay song....listening in from Africa

  85. Jonn Mendoza

    It goin to be my wedding song

  86. Judy Sewell

    A little late to this party. Just found this song I love it so much. It makes me happy to play it over and over again. That boy can sing🎶🎶

  87. Caitlyn Williams

    Ugh I can not get enough of these guys!! Ill be seeing them Aug. 1 with Florida Georgia Line. I like Florida Georgia Line but I'm going for Dan and Shay ;)

  88. Shanen Jimenez

    sounds like missing you crazy by moffats

  89. Aimer Virgo

    Im so obsessed.🎶 😍

  90. Kate Wells

    Oh my lanta... this sooonnnggg!!!! ♡♡♡ Please don't ever stop making music like this Dan & Shay!!!!! #thissongisgold

  91. Cooper Harris


  92. Tammy Justice

    I would love to see them in AL.. to bad men suck! I will find a way to go. I have until March!!!

  93. Maria Lee

    obsessed with Obsessed

  94. jay gifted

    Ole school feel love it

  95. Lee Jay

    Ohhh my first time Iv heard this.beautiful!

  96. Andrew Carvalho

    Would be awesome to do a Remix: Dan + Shay - Obsessed Featuring Mariah Carey.

  97. Julie lz

    I kind of like it

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