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Dan Shay - How Not To

How Not To
: How Not To
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: 29-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Dan Shay - How Not To )
  1. Aa JV

    When I listen to this song song I don't think about my ex or alcohol. I think about my bad habit of being a "keyboard warrior" debating and trolling on YouTube or Sherdog forums

  2. Mara Darlin

    I miss you Robert Carol! I should've jumped when I had the chance. Sorry, I waited I regret it a lot! Hope your happy ♥️

  3. karmin humes

    The ending was so cute

  4. Jennifer Church

    I love all there songs

  5. Ted s


  6. Ferds

    0:57 me in every serious situation.

  7. eden privan

    What a powerful song

  8. Young Daddy Official

    Am glad I know English,i would miss out on good music

  9. Merriotte Dalton sweet..I pray one day I get the credit where its due

  10. BL4Z3 PH

    This does'nt deserves 12m views, an underrated song like this deserves more than just 12m and it should be 500m

  11. Destiny Spor

    This is me everyday

  12. Rina Agustina

    Am I too late to be a fan of Dan + Shay?

  13. Ann

    Who watching this after 10,000 hrs? Yes, is me! 👍 song! Thanks for bring me here and having the great morning with great song ever! ❤️

  14. Edwin Tejada

    Dan and Shay: How not toMe: How not to what

  15. Andy

    I really like this song, and I admire the video for where it goes. I struggle a little with the time jumps, trying to figure out which timeline is present, past, possible future/revised future. There's a lot happening very quickly and many of the visual cues are very similar to one another. Still, heartfelt and honest.

  16. Joe Mead

    lol way to go joe you got a promotion

  17. Vũ Thị Thùy Dương

    hay quá hihi

  18. Daniella Grace

    I love this music video. Someone special in my life has just had his third year sober!

  19. Nicko Pajarillo

    Awesome video ,Beautiful music direction .. Depicting Love complications in so many different forms of scenarios, Resulting addiction tsk Good one 😉👍 Loving Shay & Dan's music btw !

  20. Stacey Duncan

    What?!?! No new sexual relationships for 2 years. That's how that AA thing works. Noah, the Big Blue Book. 😁 💙

  21. Taka Y

    I can understand little why people gets alcoholics.

  22. SaleenE34

    She is laughing now. Wait till the withdrawal symptoms kick in. One of the worst things you’ll ever experience. I actually had to go to a detox because I was sweating and shaking so bad. Thought I was legit going to die.

  23. Savvy KroniK

    I have loved this song, I have never seen this video.. WOW!

  24. Kyra Croxford

    This legit sounds like rascal flatts.

  25. lori Chargualaf

    Im still...... here Amber. Wingin this life without u. I need u. I want u. I dont know how not to

  26. lori Chargualaf

    Amber ...

  27. Lashorna Washington


  28. Wolf Jahir

    My mom barely let's me eat candy's in the morning and this lady is drinks alcohol as her daily coffe

  29. Gabby Davis

    I like how in their videos there is always a story to tell unlike most artists videos

  30. Tyler Schoepf

    This song hits me on another level. How do I not think about you? It's been the only thing there for me when I'm in need. The only thing that dulls the pain. I'm sure everyone goes through hard times. Will power test us all. How strong are you? How beat down are you? How weak are you? Who's there for you? No matter what you control the out come. Just remember someone loves you matter what. Strive to be the person you want to be. Love yourself. Always remember the choices is yours. Love is a powerful tool.

  31. NoahC

    My favorite song of theirs. ❤️

  32. Macy Ball

    This song HIT me

  33. Jennifer Yu

    Man this is my first time seeing the mv of this song like I have listened to this song for a while before actually seeing its mv which was like 5 min ago but lol I would never thought that it’s a song about alcoholics and other types of addictions and things like that I honestly just thought it’s a song about two ppl who can’t get over each other

  34. sage wimsett

    I played this song when I was on my way to my first AA meeting. Alcoholism is my biggest enemy and hope to come out sober.

    Mcc Nash

    sage wimsett I’m working on it as well. Drinking is a bitch.

  35. Oluwakemi Michaels

    There's always a great story to their songs and I always replay to get the story right xx

  36. Ally Red

    The scream the girl does is so sastifying

  37. Mike or patty Rhoades

    LOL! love it!

  38. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Love this song! understand and thanks!!

  39. Bernicee

    i love how the story ends ❤️

  40. Alexa Wall

    As an alcoholic and drug addict in AA, I find this video and song insulting as a representation of alcoholism or AA. Forget about working hard or every day being a struggle - just go to meetings to make serious eye contact, flirt, and fall in love! Love is the key to recovery! No. Relationships are not even supposed to happen in the first year of recovery. I wanted to like this, I really did, and the song sure is catchy ... but it's just awful. If the song itself and not just the video is specifically about alcoholism or addiction, some of the lyrics are pretty insulting. "I know that I ought to be the one who is strong and just moves on."

  41. Robert Johnson

    My sisters marriage ended because of her husbands addiction to alcohol. They’ve been together since I was in 4th grade and I’ve always known him to be a drunk. But as of 3 months ago he quit drinking. It’s sad that it cost him his family but at least he’s doing better.


    I honestly thought they were The Rascal.Flatts too! Great Song❤️along with manyyy more...Who's here with me June 5 2019?

  43. Kirsten Victoria Evans

    adam hambrick wrote this (: he’s the best

  44. Lukman Luku

    Vidiosex bokep

  45. Phillip Taylor

    who else thought this was rascall flats when they first heard it?

  46. Phillip Taylor

    skip to 1:25 for beginning of song!

    Samantha Harris


  47. Luis Alvarado

    I can honestly understand why it's overI can go through the motions of walking away I can give you the key and take my things back I can find plenty things to fill my daysBut I don't know how not to think about you When it's late at night and cryingAnd I know that I ought to be the one who is strong and just moves onBut I probably turn down your road, knock-knock on your doorFall back in your arms, wake up in the morningHating myself for the way that I can't help the way I still want youI just don't know how not to, how not to, how not to I just don't know how not to, how not to, how not toYou're like second nature, baby, you're just like breathin' A melody that you hear and you can't forget The time goes by and I still need youYeah, you were at the heartbreak of no regretBut I don't know how not to think about you When it's late at night and crying And I know that I ought to be the one who is strong and just moves onBut I probably turn down your road, knock-knock on your doorFall back in your arms, wake up in the morningHating myself for the way that I can't help the way I still want youI just don't know how not to, how not to, how not to I just don't know how not to, how not to, how not toI don't know how not to think about youWhen it's late at night and cryingBut I know that I ought to be the one who's strong and just moves onBut I probably turn down your road, knock-knock on your doorFall back in your arms, wake up in the morningHating myself for the way that I can't help the way I still want you I just don't know how not to, how not to, how not to I just don't know how not to, how not to, how not to

  48. agnelanna heavens


  49. Jordan Knox

    All I could think about was how this is Mrs. Chesterfields son from Jessie

  50. Brandon Berry

    I fell in love with this girl named jayne Miller now we're over

  51. Kailey Mcphee


  52. Paxton Gerhart

    The video is an awesome story of how things can change so much with just one person entering or leaving your life

  53. lovelynightskye sky

    Love it

  54. Glenn Thompson

    Great song. Brings back some good memories. It is ok if they do sound a little like Rascall Flatts.

  55. Mason Tharp

    I love this song

  56. Saumitra Gautam

    Love is a chain. Good is the only freedom. Nothing else is true ever. Love is neither a guy nor a girl. It is nothing. End it with love.

    prodip das

    sithima das

  57. Saumitra Gautam

    Have character.

  58. Saumitra Gautam

    Be good.

  59. Tina Tiller

    I fuckin love this song by them....!!!!


    two years ago i didn’t think i’d be listening to this song having feelings the lyrics are describing. now i have to drown my demons again. maybe one day i won’t need the alcohol like i do now and like i did before i met you.

  61. Audra Muth

    Oh my Lord there isn’t one song of theirs that I just don’t fall in love with !! 😍😍

  62. Craig Trent

    This is the best song i heard all day yall are amazing!!!!!!!!

  63. Tha Gawd

    Alcohol addiction sucks

  64. Matt Anderson

    Support those afflicted the struggle. Admire their courage. Be patient. Celebrate their success, lend a hand when they fall. One day at a time...

  65. Supreme boy Beyblade

    l like it

  66. Heather Watkins

    I actually feel this song... To me it's not about the addiction to alcohol or drugs it about the addiction to someone and not being able to let go of them.. I am going through this at the moment... I am separated from my husband and I thought that my feelings for him were resolved but when I talked to him for the first time after he was released from prison after a year it brought up some of those feelings. Oh and when I saw him for the first time after that all these feelings and emotions came flooding back and where stronger than ever... See we didn't separate cause of problems between us it was cause I couldn't handle the drinking from Sun up to Sun down and he wasent ready to stop.. Before he went to prison we where gonna try to work things out... I want that chance especially now that we are sober.. I feel we deserve that chance... One last try before we just throw away 10yrs of our life together... I love him... I love you David Watkins... I could use some advice please... I'm really hurting from this...

  67. Noahide

    Becoming a fan of Dan & Shay gradually. Good music.

  68. Jen Stone

    Haven’t watched this one in a while but saw it again on Katie’s instastory and decided to come back to it. Man. Every time I see it, I forget there’s even a song playing bc I get so wrapped up in the story. Love this video.

  69. Rae The Bae

    Still working on getting sober and not drinking.

  70. Rae The Bae

    This made me cry.

  71. peace & love

    Please come to indiana pa

  72. Roah Yasmin

    ANYone here notice paul digiovanni, <3 miss him soo much

  73. Jasmine

    When they walked in the door together I lost it and started bawling my eyes out

  74. augrad1995

    katie stevens from american idol as sophie

  75. Black Wolf

    Awesome video and my Moon Panther is the reason I am here. I can't stop thinking about Her !!!👍🏼👍🏼😉💝💞💌💟💗💖💘❤💓💕💘💘💝🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠😘😘😘😘😘

  76. Hayley Wagner


  77. Mydaughter McCormick

    Apologies too, my reactions too!!! ALL GOES WELL , EASIER NOT GO BACK AND FORTH WITH MY EMOTION(S)¡

  78. Mydaughter McCormick


  79. Kyleigh Priest

    That one dude kinda looks like colby brock

  80. Michelle Roberts

    This pulled on some heart strings! It was a beautiful song but the music video was amazing!

  81. Toni Cobb

    I cant get over how much they sound like Rascal Flatts, Both amazing groups

  82. Abed

    Just drink and enjoy..don't too much,babe!Hello I'm from 2019 !

  83. Aga Wibowo

    Dan + Shay and P. Tracy . Love this for all aspects! Great Great Job!

  84. R kaY

    U both r a great combo , lv from ,INDIA💙🙏

  85. Anthony Nguyen

    Song starts at 1:24

  86. Olivia

    I just don’t know how not to........ let’s help each other baby .....

  87. rockybudgeboa

    AWESOME Video

  88. Madappattil Sekar


  89. Holly Bruce

    This video breaks my heart! My fiance is a recovery alcoholic and his drinking killed his Liver. It hits so close to home!

  90. Emylee Neisen

    I got the picture of my mom and dad doing this and now I am crying 😢.

  91. Emylee Neisen

    I don’t know how to not to move on

  92. R. Margarita

    Alcohol Addiction is one of the worst diseases to die from..lost my brother 2 years ago. It was painful watching him go in and out of coma in his last days of his life...prayers to all the people trying to quit drinking...🙏

  93. Virginia Pieters

    damn i got chills

  94. Kyle Cartieri

    Good song. Terrible video.

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