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Dan Shay - Make or Break

Make or Break
: Make or Break
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: 29-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Dan Shay - Make or Break )
  1. Ivy Noble


  2. Ivy Noble

    Anyone from Philippines?

  3. DBZFan2

    I heard this on The Five July 9th, 2019!!

  4. Wyoming Wyoming

    Whooo! 2019

  5. LLave Oceans

    genial xd

  6. Induhpendant Records

    finally!!! some actual legitimately talented musicians, been waiting for this for years! Great job guys

  7. Victoria Cameron

    Dan and Shay got me into country music cause their music is sooooo good😍

  8. Elizabeth Farmer

    Make or break ❤️Dan + shay

  9. Larissa Luna

    I'm here bcs Shawn Mendes was listening this song on a live he made, and I was in love with the song, and OMG I FOUND IT 😱😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  10. Jessica Dijkhuizen

    This is PERFECTION!

  11. Max Ferreira

    Já quero o clipe ❤️🤘🏻

  12. Connie Williams

    This reminds me of Rascal Flatts

  13. Natalie Curran

    the people that don't like this song is crazy

  14. Princess Kelly

    One of my favorite songs on the album. I also really like Island Time.

  15. 이성진

    super amazing song,  Luv it!

  16. Christine Cunningham

    Such a great a album! This one is my favorite, but it's so tough to pick just one!

  17. InForm Ant

    awesome song to begin summer with

  18. Briseyda Ruiz

    Have this song on R E P E A T 💖

  19. Bonnie McManus


  20. Nathaly Nayely

    Amazing ❤️🔥

  21. Rhonda Dixon

    They sound amazing on each song!!

  22. Brandon Paluses

    This song is SO good, but 2:35 seriously? I know the attention span of my generation is that of a fish, can we at least make it to 3 minutes?

  23. JCLynniee

    Been Really liking this NEW album of Dan+Shay. I doubt they read YouTube comments. But, if just so happen they do. Keep up the good work guys! Music and lyrics are amazing! My favorite song so far from this Album is Speechless!

  24. Tarin Irene

    LOVE THIS SONG!! Of course I love every song on the new album lol but 😍😁

  25. jinnyizzy

    Loving this new album all thrillers no fillers.this time defiantly one of my favourites ❤❤❤❤❤

  26. Markie Stedman


  27. Anderson Andre Ferreira

    Brasil 💗

  28. Ashley Chibalani

    These guys can do no wrong! 😍

  29. Monica Salvas


  30. bill weisband

    Yes!! Love this song!

  31. Adysen Parris

    I love this song I can’t stop screaming so excited for they’re tour I’m so coming can’t WAIT 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  32. Destiny Johnson

    So amazing ❤❤❤

  33. Jordana Blancaflor


  34. Neal Raudabaugh

    What is the title of the new album?

  35. equineguru08

    This should be the next single! Sooooo good.

    nikki scissorhands

    equineguru08 YES

  36. Kat TheFanEnthusiast

    OH MY GOD THIS SONG IS SUCH A HEAD BANGER! Love that strong four-on-the-floor beat!

  37. Beats_City 09'

    Beautiful song! <3

  38. Hallie Smith

    Great song ❤️

  39. Ashley Putman


  40. Zahra Essa

    YES I'm commenting on every video but idc you guys are amazing and I'm obsessed and have too! YESSSS I AM LOVING ALL THESE NEW SONGS! DAN AND SHAY YOU ARE FRIGGING AMAZING YOUR VOICES ARE AMAZING AND YOUR MUSIC IS BEAUTIFUL! You guys are truly amazing and thanks for gifting us with this amazing music! I can't wait for you guys to blow up! Your music is so relatable and you guys are true gems so never give up you'll be huge so soon ❤️ I'm obsessed wth this new album❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. Amanda Miele

    They can’t make a bad song

  42. Savanah Kaylee

    I love DAN AND SHAY

  43. lawmawmi tochhawng

    As if this song was about me 😂...❤

  44. Michael Thomsen

    What a blessing to wake up to

  45. Jubilant

    Not sleeping until I listen to all of these new songs. 💗

  46. Chucky Jacob

    My phone lead up when this amazing album dropped

  47. mojo

    literally me in a song...

  48. Jessemae D

    this is so good 😩😍😍😍

  49. Jessica Mitchem


  50. Evelyn


  51. Sofia Lopez

    Love it❤❤❤

  52. Cody Lewis

    <3 this album

  53. Jasmine Kalani

    Who ever went through and disliked these vids. 👿💢😡😠😤👺😠😡😤😤😠👿👿😡👺😤😡👿😠😤😤💢😠💢😡👿😤💢😡😤😤😾😾😾😡😡😤😾😠👿😡👿😤😠😡😡😡😠😠😠👿👿💢

  54. Monica Nava

    I keep refreshing my feed because I’m so excited about their new music!!

  55. Ratna Cempaka Yelestine

    Phones lighting up, grab my favorite shirt and my keys on the counter'Cause you said you wanna danceHalfway down the drive must of changed your mindIt ain't even been an hour, tell me you've got other plansI wouldn't be surprised if later or tonightYou're calling, begging me to come over'Cause baby, I'm caught in the back and forthI'm somewhere in the middle of youAnd I don't know what I do it forYou love me, you hate meYou make me, you break meOoh, yeahOoh, when you do what you do, it's like you do it on purposeGot me spinning in circlesFirst you say you're mad, then you take it back like you've forgotten all about itI don't even understandWhy baby, I'm caught in the back and forthI'm somewhere in the middle of youAnd I don't know what I do it forYou love me, you hate meYou make me, you break meYou love me, you hate meYou make me, you break meOoh, it's like you do it on purposeAnd baby, I'm caught in the back and forthI'm somewhere in the middle of youAnd I don't know what I do it forYou love me, you hate meYou make me, you break meI'm somewhere in the middle of you (somewhere in the middle of you)And I don't know what I do it forYou love me, you hate meYou make me, you break meOooh, you break meYou love me, you hate meOh, you break me

    Olivia Baer

    omg thank youuuu

  56. Chris Goettsch

    Cant get this song out of my head

  57. DanielSeavey FOR LIFE

    Why is there songs so good its killing me!!! 💖💖💖

  58. Callie Andlar

    Cant wait to see the new album performed live! Coming for you guys!!!!!

  59. Marissa Wooten

    Ahhh yay another great song I love y’all so much and talks music

  60. Komic gg


  61. Megan Kaczmarek

    I feel like I have waited forever for this! It was so worth the wait.

  62. Michael Hollon

    I can't stop putting the song on repeat!!!!!!!

    nikki scissorhands

    Michael Hollon same

  63. Amy Kredo

    Here at 49 views

  64. samantha macinnis

    Double releaseee ahhh so excited right now ❤️❤️❤️ best Friday morning ❤️❤️❤️ love this song can’t wait to listen to it 1001 more times ❤️

  65. xo_JackieSmile_xo

    Dan & Shay 😍 you guys are truly amazing! 💜

  66. Annie 3

    Thank you!!!

  67. Katy Berrie

    Yes yes yes!!! Love this so much!!!

  68. Isabel Abuhamameh

    Their songs need to be recognized more often ❤️😍

    ImGoated 2k

    Isabel Abuhamameh fr

    Kipruto Christopher

    The best things in life are diligently sought after.

  69. Lara Laube

    I love your songs

  70. Graceツ


  71. Haylie Mauk

    3 viewer amazing song

  72. Jessica Smith


  73. Hailee Vanhorn

    In love already 😍❤️

  74. Kaedyn Griffin

    Love it!!! 🖤

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