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Klasik Müzik - Mozart-The Marriage of Figaro

Mozart-The Marriage of Figaro
: Mozart-The Marriage of Figaro
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: 17-11-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Klasik Müzik - Mozart-The Marriage of Figaro )
  1. gaiter sports

    1:21:21 Shawshank Redemption

  2. cjmmjc

    waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy tooooo fast

  3. Minou134 Munou

    يتنحاو قاع يخسرو قاع

  4. vantanta silalahi

    my friends in BMS, kak Pepi, sounds like the Bass singer in this video :)

  5. Jim Startman

    Does anyone know the song at 32:30?

    Paul Kassianik

    Pretty sure it's Cherubino's famous aria "Voi che sapete che cosa è amor"

  6. C.Nightmare Franz

    This is good shit.

  7. David Chan

    the best of music ever created.

  8. Sean D

    Rock me Amadeus.

  9. carmen spates

    wow this is great

  10. tik took ironic

    this masterpiece should be download if youtube some day delete it

    Nathan Zaremskiy

    Well considering it's well over 100 year old pieces, no one really owns the copyright to it.

  11. Suzana Georgescu

    That is genius: it cannot be put in words, we feel the music, we dont't care about what are they singing, but it's divine. You can find freedom!

  12. AlinJohnX

    I love <1:21:15-1:24:00>,it's so sooooo beautiful!melancholy and so heartbroken. T.T

  13. kelvin evans

    very bad sound quality

    Anne Daly

    Cheers the soul Thank God for Mozart!

  14. Ferenz111

    Tempo is way to fast. it is super stressful. such a beautiful music played too fast.

    Just Beyond The Corner Productions

    And playing at 0.75x is too slow

  15. thekla giapappa

    Απλή τέχνη

  16. Jacob Seligman

    Beaumarchais ❤️ 👑

  17. slay art king claude


  18. queenfubi

    Not the best recording but thanks anyways.

  19. ballackmm087

    I don't listen opera, but a book about French revolution drove me here

  20. shelley isom

    Don Giovanni is the best opera ever! Although of course Mozart is tops in all depts.

    Ingrid Varnhorst Brown

    quite right

  21. Ishak Ourahmane

    أجمل موسيقية واوووو

  22. Ed S

    Does anyone know which version of 'Sagt, holde frauen' this is?Thank you

    Ingrid Varnhorst Brown

    Mozart, Figaro, sung in German

  23. Chichi Nams

    Too fast

  24. YAUTCH because Economics is fun and exciting!

    what act/song is starting at 32.33

  25. Cadnaancabdiaxmed Wadani

    انا احب الابروا

  26. Matey InUSA

    I love 32:30  <3 so beautiful....  reminds me of things too... ;-)

    Yanovitch Yang

    do you know the name of that part of the opera?

  27. Hymer300

    wish the uploader could specify at wich places each new musical piece starts

  28. KalahariKAri

    Is this speeded up perhaps? I don't recall this piece being so fast? Maybe I am just sloooow... :-D

  29. Yevgeniya Novak

    Really wonderful.

  30. Ericelda Covarrubias

    Never mind thos one does not help

  31. Raul Soriano

    I couldnt find the part where they sin Figaro! Figaro! Figaro!

    Robert R Beith

    you're thinking of the Barber of Seville


    Dude, that's completely another opera and composer

    Ingrid Varnhorst Brown


    Rebecca Bello

    @Robert R Beith Yes, The Barber of Seville which is a prequel to The Marriage of Figaro

    Raffy Legaspi

    That was sung in Tom and Jerry.

  32. Petya Haralanova

    I 💗 it!

  33. Alaa adel

    I love you obra

  34. Katerina Saratsi

    Μα καλά, είμαι η μόνη Ελληνίδα που έχει γράψει σχόλια;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    Fotis Tsikis

    Katerina Saratsi κοπελιά αυτές οι μελοδιεε ΕΙΝΑΙ για λόγους εκλεκτους

    Fotis Tsikis


  35. Katerina Saratsi

    Είναι φανταστικό κομμάτι!!!!!! Love it!!!! 😘😍👍💜💚❤💗💓💕💖💞

    Katerina Saratsi

    Ελπίζω κι εγώ να το παίζω κάποια μέρα!!!! 😀😃😄😊☺😉😛😙😗😚😘😳😁😂😋😆😏😸😻😽👌👍👍😀

    James Papageorgiou

    Katerina Saratsi Δεν νομίζω θα μπορείς κούκλα μου

    Fotis Tsikis


  36. MOHAMMAD Aziz


    Bika Nofale

    MOHAMMAD Aziz ôooo je suis très teium de opira

  37. سمو الاميرة

    love you opray

    Mohamad Ali

    عرب عرب😅😅

    Meret William


  38. Margo Silberstein

    It is Barbarina's cavatina in the final act of Marriage of Figaro. She has lost a broach and is berating her fate for being careless. How could I lose it? What will they say? L’ho Perduta, Me Meschina!L’ho perdura, me meschina!Ah! Chi sa dove sara?Non la trovoMeschmina, me meschima, l’ho perdutaE mio cugino?E il padron?Cosa dira?

    Mark Czarny

    I thought it was a needle all I know for sure is it melts my 💓

    Abel Hauri

    Mark Czarny nu

    Abel Hauri

    Margo Silberstein ll990

  39. Blair F

    The tempo is much quicker than the version I'm used to ^ ^

  40. Lama As

    Unable to put describe

  41. frances

    Could someone tell me what piece it is at 1:40:00? Would be much appreciated!


    Deh vieni non tardar

    Elizabeth Sherman

    it's the overture.

  42. frances

    Could someone tell me what piece it is at 1:40? Would be much appreciated!


    The first 4 minutes are the overture

  43. Bowden's Ghost

    Too much reverb

    Ingrid Varnhorst Brown

    exacte, probably an open performance

    Michael Gabriel

    Needs more cowbell.

  44. Esteban Perez

    Awesome composer

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