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Klasik Müzik - Barber-Agnus Dei

Barber-Agnus Dei
: Barber-Agnus Dei
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: 17-12-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Klasik Müzik - Barber-Agnus Dei )
  1. Ângela Cardoso

    This is in phrygian mode


    What does that mean? I'm from Holland; translation according "goolgle translate"doesn't bring me any further. Is it an expression, a phrase within the music world? I'm curious!

  2. Claire Evans

    Played this song for my uncle for coming in song

  3. Anna Richardson

    This is incredibly beautiful

  4. Adam K.

    anyone else just has the urge to go out into the rain late at night while listening to this and scream NOOOOOOOOOOO OR WHYYYYYYYYY OR AHHHHHHHHH


    It did rain heavenly out here but no, didn't had those urges you had as described above. No screaming, but a feeling of great untold great loss. Hartbreaking. I think it's similar to your feelings.

  5. Morrigan Ravenchild

    This piece must have been written with divine inspiration. It is an outstanding work that moves me very deeply and brings me to tears because of its beauty and peace.


    I think you're quite right! So moving and heartbreaking. And so much more feelings of hardly to describe great losses.

  6. Dr Hospsa

    Who else is here because of platoon

  7. Peterson CobraGT350

    Chicken Nugger(6)French FriedSweer Potato

  8. TheDavidmhaywood117

    For super fans of this song, there is an all vocals version that was in the soundtrack to an old video game. (Homeworld OST - Adagio for Strings) It may have originally come from elsewhere, but you'll also find it in that search.

  9. anthony kirsch

    you be cool and maybe later ill take ya down and introduce ya to some of the heads

  10. Fatmanur Tanrıkulu

    Fi kitabından gelenler😂

  11. Helder Sans

    Amélie Poulain


    I came to this masterpiece thanx to Dj Tiesto who made an incredible trance song For adaigo for strings !!! Love both the tracks both are no 1 and classics

  13. D. P

    So spiritual....

  14. Michel van Briemen

    Kharak... is burning.

  15. Ian Cooper

    Many versions but this is a classic

  16. Mirko Schneider

    When i was going down, i wish to hear this. My Favorite


    I understand!

  17. The Kraemer

    Platoon when Willem Dafoe intentionally leaves Tom Berringer behind when they evac. What a B***tard.


    DJ tiesto

  19. Logan Dial

    Chicken Nugger stares at you from the page...

  20. Bill Tetley

    I shidded and farded and camed my pants

  21. Pogona Niko

    Je pense à mon père, qui m as tout appris sur la musique...

  22. Sameoldfitup

    "You can only avoid regret by switching off your imagination."

  23. I am No body

    When you win a gunfight but your comrade got killed

  24. IComplainAboutEverything 65

    Veitnam flashbacks

  25. stephen mcdonnell

    If you don’t feel this I’m so so sorry you are missing out on something just beautiful

  26. Pear

    This is supposed to calm my cat down 😂

  27. Елена Негина

    Это так божественно прекрасно!

  28. Josiah :D

    Chicken Nugger...

  29. kosmas chrisos

    When your Minecraft girlfriend dies and respawns at your friends house:

    Michael Albanil

    I believe the song you are looking for is Marvin's room

  30. Giovanni Panzera


  31. four cats

    So beautiful. It's featured in the film "Platoon," but it's timeless.

  32. Kevin O'Reilly

    This piece is about slowing down for godsakes. Stop rushing everybody. Its not about the notes its about when the notes come to you and with so many versions of this available ive heard maybe two that took advantage of the when, not the what. Its not free time but at certain exceptionally beautiful parts it must be. Dynamics and time equals................

  33. Aviva

    One of the greatest sad songs ever.

  34. darthslather 89

    It is one of those music piesces you just can't skip, no matter how hard you try

  35. Fooch Official

    Goggins brought me here.. Always listened to the tiesto remix, first time listening to the original

  36. Michael Paget

    When your dying for a shit, but theres only 1 stall free, you get in there and the bogs blocked up with human excretement, with no toilet roll, but you can feel the shit coming and you just have to go through with it.

  37. Muhammet Güzel

    cs den gelenler sa bok gibi parça

  38. MrtheNoronha

    This is a template of an adagio!

  39. Sudhanshu Kukreja

    Came from death note soundtrack dirge comment section

  40. dNI dNI

    Cat vietnam flashback

  41. Artur Woźniak

    Głęboka i subtelna muza. Żadnej szarpaniny, ni zbędnych zachowań. Kwintesencja refleksji nad utworem pełnym pasji...

  42. Just gaming

    "Kharak... is burning...""There is nothing left for us here, let's go."( if you get the reference you are awesome )

  43. john dave dacalos

    why is the volume so low

  44. Satansalad 666

    AAAAAAAAAAH every time I hear this song I get chills up my spine

  45. mark hartshorn

    I listened this on my way home from work and it's one of the most haunting emotional pieces of music i heard and I admit listening to it made me sad yet at peace

  46. Amphy Boi

    Y'all are talking about emotional things and I'm just here from a stupid meme about chicken nuggets

  47. Phil H

    Beautiful track, I still get visuals from Platoon in my mind whenever I hear it

  48. Barbara Collier

    Sometimes one has to cry & smile at the same time...

  49. Joseph Saetveit

    Not sure why this piece was suggested for me but I love it and jumped at the chance. One of the most intensely emotional works in all of music!

    Crusty ???

    Incredible piece of music. The soul.....

  50. Alex B. McMurtrie III

    When I hear this song I remember who and what I am. A child of God.

  51. Isaac Root

    I just cant help crying

  52. JacketOL

    "Chicken nugger stares at you from the page, *you dont understand* your palms get sweaty and your son complains. He says he is hungry. Your mind strains, searching for an answer in a *world of sweer potato and french fried.* "

  53. george brown

    A beautiful song to get over grief. It gives you hope there is a beyond.

  54. Ron Murphy

    There is a 9/11 video that uses this as it’s background that will bring you to tears


    Came here from a TwoSetViolin video to laugh the sh*t out of me with some shitposting comments (like this one), instead, i ended up with severe depression.And listening to an amazing piece btw.

  56. ayad taha

    For the love I get to share in my heart but never live.

  57. Francine Emma

    I’m here because of David Goggins book can’t hurt me

  58. Yaboibunsen


  59. Keawe Gamer

    I practicing viola and my teacher told me to play this

  60. Adrián Brčák

    Yes finally I found it at last

  61. Lauve vintage

    Tristeza, lamento y yogur del Lidl.

  62. Cyber Tech

    Pink Fields

  63. James Gutierrez

    “I sent 16 of my own men to the latrines that night “ -Frank Costanza

    Danny Santos

    Oh shit, I knew this song sounded familiar but I didn't know where I've heard it!

    eazy yee26

    Danny Santos nigga

    Sean norman

    Lol....I did not know anyone remember the ‏ Seinfeld segment...😁😁

  64. Paper

    You sit at the restaurant with your young son.He says he his hungry.

    alston bowman


    Fuu Houji

    Chicken nuggers. You don’t understand.

  65. Bikechanic


  66. Garry Barry

    the saddest thing, is that the severed head of Samulel Barber is placed atop George Costansas hand model hands. Classical world stand up with me!!!! Barber head with Barber hands!!!

  67. smgysrfckngstpd

    great music from dj tiesto (-:

  68. Partho Roy

    So moving. I heard Samuel Barber wrote this piece after a terrible haircutting accident

  69. Jeannie Harmon

    pure raw emotion

  70. kerzol

    i remember when my parents bring me to aphilharmonic , they loved classical music, i was young and i hated it.... now my father is dead and i cherish the moment when i was in there with them, and now i understand them (i tried my fathers beer once when i was kinda ~10 and i said i hate it, tastes awful and im never gonna drink beer ever! damn how they laughed that day... well i understand them the second time :) CHERISH YOUR PARENTS

  71. Fermin Cervantes

    When you drop your plate full of tacos

  72. kennith young

    Bowls of chickens Kenny Young.

  73. Galli Vanter

    I came here because this is one of the best pieces of music written in the 20th century by the most talented American composer ever. The fact that it has been the choice for movies, TV, funerals, and covers shows the long lasting acclaim and affect that Barber achieved by writing something as perfect in mass and detail as music craftsmanship permits.

  74. Arthur Lecomte

    I think I was five when I was aware of hearing this piece for the first time. It was my mom's favorite piece, so every time it was played on the radio, we would call her to come. I remember seeing her listening to this, with a face full of emotions I could not understand yet. She once told me that this piece made her think of what would come after this life here on earth. She imagined that the climax stood for leaving this earth and entering heaven. She always said that if she would ever die, we had to play this on her funeral. I was nine years old when I stood by her bed. There she lay with her white face. 41 years on this earth, until cancer suddenly finished the job. I remember sitting in the church, her coffin right in front of me, hearing this piece of music, feeling emotions I could not understand yet.


    You have made a grown man cry. I hope you write more than just YouTube comments. Keep the path.

    Taimoor Khan

    May she Rest In Peace. And God bless you.

    Honey Puffs

    Reading your comment, at age 41yrs, I just felt those emotions I still don't understand... Bless your soul. Thank you.

    Gry Sharp

    Right in the feels. At least the experienced music like this while she was still alive and able to feel all the emotions and visions it stirs up within. She sounds like she was a sensitive and imaginative soul. It's almost as if she somehow knew her time on this earth would be short.

  75. WitchVine

    I always think of stars and galaxies when listening to this.

  76. Mary Jj

    This you can feel in your soul

  77. Alex Stefanov

    St, Elias 👍😪

  78. Kacper Tyczyński

    Thank you maestro.

  79. BlueSpagoot


  80. Hell N Degenerates

    Sgt. Elias : I love this place at night, the stars. There's no right or wrong in them. They're just there

  81. Yann Lee

    Do you know?

  82. UltralightFlyer


  83. No dzień dobry całe te

    I write Vietnam Flashback Song and have this ❤

  84. Oscar Angel

    The Simpson bring me here

  85. Carrie Post

    I've always love this piece, and it will remain with me til the grave. What, though, is this business about "Spygate" that creeps on the banners? I must be in the wrong neighborhood...

  86. SunMoonLady80

    The pure love of god and goddess, while creating the worlds.....

  87. Jorge Melendez

    Armin van buuren

  88. Jeannie Harmon

    hauntingly painful. an absolutely pristine work of art.

  89. Norberto L.

    Sargento Elias

  90. Michał Wojteczek

    No one is left... Everything's gone... Kharak is burning.

  91. Guadalupe Zorola

    I remember yelling and weeping in agony to wait for Elias!! You ugly m/f's. Now I know it was only a movie but that's how it touched my soul. To this day I love Elias. Mr. William Dafoe. Thank you for such fine acting. I'm still crying just listening to Strings.

  92. Christian Ruffin

    God.......this is depression music...

  93. elia moine

    Émotion Intense ... magnifique ❤️🎶

  94. Emanuel Hernandez

    Hermoso definitivamente hermoso

  95. Jayson Figueroa

    1:29-1:49 amazing

  96. Kirk Mooneyham

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people have such small lives that they can make snarky comments about war, and it's effect on those who fight it, and live through it.


    Stfu boomer

  97. Bruno Alexandre


  98. Carolyn HOSTAGE2EVIL

    Thank you

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