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Jennifer Lopez - So Good

So Good
: So Good
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: 14-11-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Jennifer Lopez - So Good )

    Negra linda, Boricua Mamacita y ahora Está más rica 😈😎

  2. Ms.Kandyce

    This song helped me to lose weight. I play it during workouts and it encourages me to keep pushing

  3. Sandra Mendoza

    Jlo still got that booty

  4. Jameel Rashid

    Boricua all day

  5. Julio Guerra

    He was so fat and he had so many blood clots , his skin was turning black n purple.Rip Big Punisher . 1st Puerto Rican rapper -artist to go platinum.

  6. Adrea Rae

    Memories ♥️✨

  7. David j Marrin.


  8. B. Kelly


  9. Süleymann Sülo

    Jlo best ass Ever baby

  10. Kelsie Lauronal

    Hi Wow that's believing! Can I send you some money to buy KFC for you and big pun okay I'll wait💖💞💗❤️💖💕🤣😍💖💖💖💖💗🤙🏼🙏💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🙏

  11. DaNiel bustamante

    puerto rico!!! boricuas

  12. shadia Rasheed

    😍 Any👨 disarecepect, they gone 😍

  13. Sara Gonzalez

    wow idk where I have been bc I never got to hear this song until now and I love it.. I just purchased it on iTunes for my ipod

  14. Eric Valitutto

    I love Jennifer she’s my inspiration

  15. Harrid Perez

    I can't believe its been 20 years thank you lord

  16. duducar

    Best jay Lo song ever...

  17. Eli Skywalker

    Back when J Lo was a woman of color lol

  18. Ayanna B

    Omg i love this song. I can hear it over and over and over

  19. Ian Tucker

    Rip pun

  20. Letty D

    Never realized that was her mom when she yelled Jen and her manager Benny when he let her in the club.

  21. Khaleaf Smith

    She could've been the biggest latino star ever

    Angela Bower

    she literally is

    Richard Perez

    Angela Bower Natasha Ramos deserves the fame not Jlo.

  22. Khaleaf Smith

    J lo lookn like one them Rican chicks frm dwn badlands a part of philly

  23. The Shaolin Six

    christina milian vocals

  24. Nina Catherine Willmon

    My favorite part was the dance break sequence.

  25. Music 4TheReal

    Why she seem like a nice as Female I know this just a music video act but females really was like this in NY back in the 90s-2000s

  26. Ray Hernandez

    Boricua posse

  27. cindy allen

    I miss the early 2000s. I wish I could go back

    Richard Perez

    cindy allen Just astral project to that period, it’s possible.

  28. Valson Pereira

    It's so sad. Pun couldn't even stand up anymore!

  29. Janeth Jakqueline Aranda Mejia


  30. gargoyles protector's outlaws

    What a waste of trip and money held by other bonjour

  31. psyNadya psyNadya

    So did Manu Dibango got paid for that soul Makossa break?

  32. John Despo

    This song is retarded

  33. Jose Hernandez

    Oh Jennifer! 😍💖😘

  34. StayC Wolf


  35. Ron Latronica

    Ay, Jeny. Qué bella. Casi me olvidé de cómo era en esos años.

  36. Ravi Sharma

    So so much hot gorgeous girl jlo no. 1 love uuuuu jlo

  37. Daniel Z

    Demonic dans on the last

  38. genute vadeikyte

    Ner ligiu atitinka viskas wau jega !!!

  39. genute vadeikyte


  40. genute vadeikyte

    As isjungiau telefona!!! Noriu paklausyti gero gabalo o jie! ❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌Aciu!!!

  41. Missy Brown

    Completely forgot about this awesome song and video

  42. Doug Stewart

    Likecm bookbag back the green one with NY brown purse

  43. Doug Stewart

    Like pacco and kyle baker u forgot llc worked with Kathy baker

  44. Doug Stewart

    Guess who home fukers westside llc

  45. Doug Stewart

    Thank her for paying for outlaws bringing it all back to unity and stopping the violence and od and Bullying's your tryely Brooklyn lld who of two days ago

  46. Sandy Naylor

    Love JENNIFER GREAT Artist,Actress,DANCER and PRODUCER.Good Collaboration.Love the ARTS..............BRAVO

  47. LucieC Cechurova


  48. mwajuma salum

    I like how Jlo smiles while Pan and Joe rap back and forth. That's cute 😘

  49. Jachimma

    Jennifer is doesn't have a great singing voice. Average, but one of the best entertainers of all time ❣️

  50. Jasmine B

    1:07 u can hear that accent

  51. Unstoppable 707

    I m feelling so Good 🍒🤗☄🌞⛅

  52. MeToo84

    Does JLo have TWO phone lines? She got moneeeeey


    Haha, nah!😁 But back then homelines were cheaper then having a cellphones; facts!✌

  53. Los Rasgos

    LOL is a very different in my town. I am getting the fuck out of here. AI you a witch N

  54. Chris Fentum

    Dope! Early J. Lo hot! Nice vibe!

  55. Amazighia : shawafa online

    Our gods , Caribbean, Latin amerika, asia and Afrika look alike and the same ....this is why we have similar faces and looks.

  56. kurt Bshoes

    Big Pun, Fat Joe and Jlo aka Latina connexion !!!!

  57. Sex Machine

    Great song. Period. 👍

  58. Amber Beagle

    When they actually danced in music videos!! Great era

  59. Heather Crews

    Yes jam.🙌🏾💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💯💋

  60. Ema Bozic

    attracting positive energy :D

  61. Badria

    I wanna go back to New York again so badly just so I can blast this song 😂🖤

  62. Joel Barker

    What guy wouldn't b happy with that..As long as she not nutz

  63. white onxyt

    Goodmorning boys

  64. white onxyt

    What a night that was

  65. white onxyt

    Miss that jacket the black one

  66. white onxyt

    Miss you papa

  67. Julia-Marie Barrieau

    , been there ;)

  68. Zorro II

    What's JLO secret? She's doesn't age!!!

    jelena damjanovic

    Money :D

  69. Mariana Da Silva

    Gold times 💖

  70. Bekezela Hadunka

    'Taking care of myself just like I should' love this line❤❤❤❤❤ I'm at a point in my life where I have finally started loving myself....

  71. Jai Aldrich

    I love JLO!!!!!!!!!!! Her spirit is bomb! And she's a ♌

  72. Rachel Hoang

    R.I.P. BIG PUN

    Rachel Hoang


  73. Ann Perez

    She was 31 when this video was made and released

  74. bossbawidamek hollywood69

    hej jlo papi coome fun on disco saturday night fever bonita fresch sexy energetic song una papi amore latino luuvv mujer queen wear sleep shorts and top mhmmm cake papi amore hope make good yourself hot sex bronx line here papi luuvv mujer dancer stripper coming me town know wait downstairs big pun love sheet gangsta bronx luuvv story julia come to romeofel so good look fine fuck dance all day fuck all night xoxoo

  75. Billy Barsaka

    very shitty song sorry i tell just the truth

  76. Movieee

    2019 !!! Made my day 🐞

  77. szvivi1

    This song gives me Janet Jackson vibes!

  78. chriscool86

    She looks older than now lol. How I love this singer, been her fan for years and still there

  79. Suzanne Swamn

    She should of married fat Joe

  80. Jo_CLuis

    Still bumping 💣🔥💥

  81. Dermot Moriarty

    Holy shit... it's just so bad. At least one of them is dead and doesn't have to live with the cringe.

  82. Awa Ndiaye

    MANU DIBANGO !!!!!

  83. DestinyMia Malave

    I miss these days RIP pun

  84. Dee Bo

    When music videos was still cool to watch

  85. Amelia Manoa

    Forever my slap.

  86. Carol Nash

    I like that song.

  87. OJI CHROM8

    Creo que esta en su album,de mixtos featurados con puros raperos.

  88. sparklysparks77

    J-Lo featuring boxer Andy Ruiz


    *2019 ...* ⚘*R.I.P. ...* 🖤

  90. Young crib don Young crib don

    Crib ft dj khalid and cristina augerlara

  91. MsPbass

    I really wish I did not look at that Jlo career documentary because it took away so many good memories of her. This woman can’t sing shit! All of her hit songs are simply vocals from others artists with her lip singing in the video!!! This woman has/have fooled her fans for years! Honestly, she’s just a well manufactured image. 😒

  92. Risa Laughter

    This will always, always be one of my favorite songs!!!!!!!

  93. Hussain Al masbhi

    Damn JLO 🔥🔥

  94. Remover of obstacles

    Purrrrr Fiyah! love this jam Jenny

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