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Jennifer Lopez - Papi

: Papi
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: 14-11-2017
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  2. Lilli Barkow

    November 2019??

  3. Kim Garcia

    This MV is tryly iconic 😂

  4. Victoria Isabel Dávila Chacón

    Creo que uno de los videos mas divertidos que tiene La Lopez, se lo tuvo que pasar bomba grabandolo

  5. Quando estiver lendo os comentários eu estarei lá

    Anyone here November 2019??

  6. kenzie tawili

    This is iconic let’s be honest here.

  7. Ðäłøłä Đãĺõłä


  8. Sophie Esilles

    I wonder where can I get the cookie?

  9. sara elharrak

    Porq cojones solo la persiguen hombres? Las mujeres también deberían de estar

  10. Lana Franklin

    Ou on peux trouver ce cookie ?

  11. Srinivas Punnam

    Super song

  12. Rajesh daru

    Supar songs nice pop

  13. gizemli star

    Perfect baby ı lowe you ı m😊

  14. Neston Thomas

    She literally turned around before the woman could say wait

  15. Манучехр Мирзомуродов

    Jennifer Lopez 😚😚😚

  16. fa meh

    I also wannna have a bit from those kakes....

  17. Krishna S Parker

    Because of that cookie, JLo experienced a zombie apocalypse.

  18. Esmeralda Hartog

    “No men were harmed in this video”

  19. שחר סו.

    האלה שחושבות שכל הבנים אחריהם

  20. billur kükrer

    Funny video

  21. MarigoldLuu Malesa

    The dancer in my head is killing it💃💃💃💃💃 but my body isn't cooperating 😭😭😭😭

  22. ines bugrin


  23. DetNick Jones

    for people who says can't believe she's 42 when song came out money makes you younger and some people get success at age 17 and some at age 40 nothing new


    yes please

  25. Aloha Aloha

    Zauvek kraljica 💃💃💃 👑

  26. Katherin López

    Para Ti, #PAPI💋...Mi Luis G. Mexicano💟

  27. Shrestha Roy

    Ok so where can I get that Cookie?

  28. Carli Duze

    thirst trap video

  29. Karima Cuthbert

    I want one of those cookies

  30. Karina B.

    1:31 destroying flowers for fckin video, nice.

  31. marvel forever

    2:28 she seems like lydia Martin in teen wolf😂😂😂

  32. tinkerbell

    What I imagine happening when I walk around in my new outfit and shoes

  33. R.nct. Nichita

    2:09 donald trump

  34. Augustina Detal

    All these men and your crush still won't like you

  35. Even a ghost need a friend You could be someone

    Her:dance with for your papiHer:running away from her papi

  36. Jibek Tologonova

    Гулназ эжеее

  37. veteran's chemdry puppy

    No auntie

  38. Xhovan Kola

    2019 October?

  39. برنسييسه زنوبه

    وين تنباع هذه بسكوته ياربي

  40. Aicha Aicha

    OooooooooooH papaI 😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😚😚😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄👒👗👖👔

  41. Zahed Khan

    My best songs jo

  42. Zahed Khan

    Awesome love this song jlo

  43. Nayan Mony


  44. Kateryna the Wolf

    beware of the cookies

  45. Javid Abdi

    Very good

  46. Javid Abdi

    Very goof

  47. Anyo Angelov

    29:10:2019 ❤️❤️

  48. Tanya Santillan

    2007 downtown los angeles California 90023 -33 no drama outsider crooks original los angeles

  49. Lua Minguante

    Alguém do Brasil? no one? l

  50. Athena Dixon

    Wow I never really seen the music vid befor but WOW this is GOLDEN! 😁

  51. Jenna Cowan

    When I have gum and the school runs after me

  52. Nadjim Bel

    Papi Yeah 😂😂❤♥

  53. Gina Pita M

    Yo tbm quiero un papi así Jajajaja 🤣

  54. Andreas Valentin


  55. Hayvan Severler

    She is beautiful

  56. Annabelle Fernandez

    When i secretly opened a Dorito's bag and took a bite that's so loud and everybody at School heard it .......

  57. Franco Luis Loo Zevallos

    Jlo es el ejemplo de cuando uno quiere mantener vigencia y en forma uno puede! todo son ganas! excelente actitud!

  58. Muhammad Solihin

    2019 anyone?

  59. good boy

    Jennifer Lopez so beautiful and cheerful

  60. oreochick24

    Things that happen to JLo on daily basis.... show off....

  61. Vanilla Pepsii

    *learns she can control guys with her movements* *first thing she does is make them dance*

  62. yayorodzu

    WTF is it?! ))))

  63. كاضم ميرزا

    اكو عرب بطياره♥

  64. callmemochi

    why the hell i am scared after watching this?

  65. Valeria Ayon

    When I open a bag of chips at school and they all see it


    That's good how man running I like it

  67. Rezwan Hossain

    Nice song wow and my favourite one.....

  68. hüseyin söylemez

    Good music

  69. Nasrudin Adam

    Attention, attention, attention. Ladies, attention. And drama are The triple twins. So don’t get surprise, it is all about attention. 2020 is close and they still want attention.

  70. Fergül Sali

    Amin Sehe, die Hand Gottes ist nicht zu kurz,um zu RETTEN,und sein Ohr nicht zu schwer,um zu HÖREN.🙏😎👶👦💃👀☺

  71. matias ffz

    What un Blackberry omg estoy en los 2000

  72. Matheo Beauvoit

    Who came here Cause of isabela merced

  73. Jolissa Christine

    When you open a pack of gum at work or school

  74. Bárbara Silva . Silva.


  75. Nneoma Godspower

    This is just like when someone has air clay in school

  76. leandro Borges

    Alguém aqui Véio ver o vídeo por causa de Cl? Ehehehehhe



  78. alphy abraham

    Only men in this city! Where is this place?? Haaha

  79. anita Komora


  80. Aboode Aboode

    ىاه ىاه

  81. V Anna

    Elle les attire comme les mouches 🤣

  82. Starlight K

    Airod is papi.....finally......yeeeeiii

  83. leo lukman

    Song start 3:50 Who's like this⤵

    شیته موراد


  84. Lil Annu

    Fiat 500


    Who is watching 2020

  86. gem musa

    الاضفر مايتبره من لحمه 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕☝LOVE

  87. PitZery SQ

    If you have chewing-gum gum and everyone at break see you

  88. Sabina bebo

    Zombie Boys Attack😂😂😂

  89. תהילה יצחקוב

    Tiki to k?

  90. Saa-limン

    Telling what year it is, who the F*** started that sh*t

  91. Eepop The Performer 7u7

    I need that cookie

  92. B B.f

    I love this she always has some sort of dance in her videos she goes to dance!

Papi Şarkı Sözü
Let all the heat pour down

I'm good as long as he's around

He let's me wear the crown

I do my best to make him proud

Now all my super ladies

I got my baby

If you got your baby, baby

Move your body, move your body

Dance for your papi

Rock your body, rock your body

Dance for your papi

Put your hands up in the air

Dance for your man if you care

Put your hands up in the air, air, air

Move your body, move your body

Dance for your papi

Rock your body, rock your body

Dance for your papi

My rock is shining bright

Even if he ain't by my side

He makes sure that I glow

I make sure everybody knows

Now all my super ladies

I got my baby

If you got your baby, baby

Move your body, move your body

Dance for your papi

Rock your body, rock your body

Dance for your papi

Put your hands up…

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