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Jennifer Lopez - Acting Like That

Acting Like That
: Acting Like That
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: 14-11-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Jennifer Lopez - Acting Like That )
  1. Naz Khan

    She is just absolutely gorgeous... I just can't stop looking at her!

  2. Joseph Clark

    Your the most glamorous one out there Jenni!! No lie! BLAZE green MEDICINE YA'LL! !♧÷♧

  3. Tina Davies

    Wow Queen Naija inspired JLo!??? Ok.

  4. genute vadeikyte

    Labas,Matau Jennifer kiek daug idedat i kuryba esu dekingas uz grazius video irasus.Esi grazi moteris aciu patiko ❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Pratisha Dash

    I love the editting. I mean whoever's done it. Very engaging. I LOVED it. It's perfect. Clean. Thank you for your awesomeness

  6. Sandra Dubeau

    Medicine Video was inspired by the intro song to HBOs Westworld 💯no doubt because I ❤️the intro. She did a good job as an inspiration.

  7. Richard Eduardo

    Too much money on this dumb song

  8. Richard Eduardo

    The video alright look like it cost a lot. But that song I really don't want to hear anymore once is enough. Don't like it who want to hear about medication.please don't sing this any more. Make me sick not a hit

  9. blueflamingo1986

    and shes 50. Wow!!

  10. Veronika Szabó


  11. Miss Jewells

    That White Wig look had a gross Nikki Minage vibe. lol I’m glad you didn’t go that route! You looked AMAZING in that cowgirl-type outfit & the rest!!!!!

  12. 0351jappy

    You are so cool and beautiful lady . Love 💖 your dance and movie .Keep up excellent work of art .i am forever fan of you.

  13. Little Monkey

    I would love to work on a project with you. I am a writer. I have an album in mind... 9 songs with 9 true little stories behind it. I wish we could co-write these songs, do the casting for finding the best interpeter and why not making a video clip. Please have a look on my professional pages and let me know if a collaboration with me may interest you.

  14. Kitty Rodriguez

    One of my most favorite JLO videos of all time!! Loved the all white theme 🔥

  15. Little Monkey

    Nice to watch and listen to that Jennifer Lopez. Amazing career. Everything is inspiring, no matter how far from mine you're style could be, I always find something that I love. OK! Now let's discover the video clip! 😁

  16. sam

    She talks with so much passion and it's sparking the artistic part in me that's always wanted to create. I'm about ready to pack my bags, pursue the dreams that life and circumstance and doubt have kept me from chasing. Hearing her talk about the process and seeing the love she has for it is just confirming what I know, A) she's one of the best in the game not even a question and B) If I want to be fulfilled in this life I need to be apart of creating art.


    I love you Queen and definitely I want to have sex with you Queen❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑👑👑👑👑(@giannis_skordialos)

  18. เล็กๆ แต่เผ็ดมาก

    Look yummiii lady cake 👻👻👻

  19. Creation Anomaly

    She's perfection.

  20. Mark William

    j. lo I had a crush on you when I was 19. You are still fabulous.

  21. Cathy Middleton

    Jennifer you sum things up so perfectly. You in your world me in mine. Passion, love, hard work, our children, our ❤

  22. Phillip B

    Damn I just wanted to see some behind the scenes takes with Montana, but there was no Montana 😂

  23. Namination Self Love

    You and everyone involved work SO hard and your talent is beautiful! Ty for being a strong latina woman with determination to change the world with your art and heart!

  24. Princess Qistyna

    Hi jlo.. i really like you and your voice. And i like to see you and my malaysian artis duet together.. seriously i really want to see it. Check it out her video. Her name is Ziana Zain.

  25. madhabitz

    Love love love the messy bun you're wearing here while talking about the video..... which looks awesome, btw.

  26. Lochi

    very hot video

  27. SydneyPhotography2019

    “I love all the babies that I make” 😂👌🏾💙

  28. Nancy golf4life

    No one ever is born perfect but JLo is certainly so very close.❤❤❤

  29. Mia Aries

    Guapa mucher ..💃💖💞

  30. Melinda Mullins

    This video helps so many of us creative's✌💛🎵

  31. Joseph Clark

    HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!! I luuuuvvvv U Jenni!! I hope you know that. What r u doing right now? At a B-BQ? Hey... BLAZE GREEN MEDICINE YA'LL!!♧÷♧

  32. Anne

    What’s that mask with all the faces supposed to represent @ 13:20?

  33. jrbland18


  34. jrbland18


  35. Nicholas Higdon

    Do you see how pretty a picture looks when everyone is working together in love , ? Indeed it is beautiful

  36. Nicholas Higdon

    Love the carnival, GHE black and white is dope

  37. Lacy Powless

    I love how u point out all the hard this people really dont see. They think its so easy.

  38. Lacy Powless

    I liked how ur hair was spray painted w the pony. For some reason? But i think that was the best choice. But beautiful either way JayLo Love.

  39. edwin deleon

    would you work with snoop dog

  40. Joseph Clark

    MY second fave episode is this "MEDICINE" becuz it's da BOMBAY!! YOU have great TASTE Jenni!!

  41. Joseph Clark

    Dammit!! Every time you say that you look like Mod cracks me up! Super Hilarious!! It's great. BLAZE GREEN MEDICINE YA'LL!!

  42. rinat gabay

    היא מעצבנת אותי😡😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭

  43. Alex Espinosa

    It is Kylie Minogue ! Ummh.

  44. Marceious Gaming

    Jennifer Lopez is still making the best songs

  45. äil33n įb33

    Great video Jlo... Tip: might want to lower the background music when speaking its was a bit hard to hear you some cases your were low. Keep doing what you do love watching your new channel.

  46. Monica G

    You have the best skin😍

  47. Monica G

    I really like these finally sat on top of the cake😊😁

  48. Kriskis Vi

    имея большие деньги можно прицепить длинный хвост, облачиться в стразы с ног до головы ... но чувство вкуса не купить ..ковбойская шляпа уже тоже была замечена у кое кого ..пошлятиной отдает

  49. Mireya Delgado

    Porque siempre habla en inglés

  50. John D

    Her manager gay Benny medina has gayinized the culture through this bimbo.

  51. Moni

    You are such an inspiration!!

  52. Moni

    Much respect 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  53. Ms Twentythirteen

    Too bad for the white hair issue... She probably just needed some blingy glitter transitioning skin to hair to distract from the cool tones... #noashtones 🍷😹

  54. jessica Mendoza

    Jennifer lopez eres mi persona favorita eres la mejor

  55. Joseph Clark

    Nice BIG cake and sum light GREEN MEDICINE is an awesome combo!! Ain't nothing better than that Jenni.

  56. donny wowor

    Ugly song with tottaly video clip.. Its ridiculous.. :D :DIn every videoclip,she always show her sexy too much for lady almost 50 year..with many fat. Hahaha

  57. AsHLiegH-MaRie HoPe

    Asshole ... lolol

  58. Sihombing Lumbantoruan

    This is very magically freshing project, proud of you JLO and members.

  59. Lisa T-Wright

    I was thinking lately: Can't "the people" have and dominate anything ourselves?? Suddenly celebrities want Youtube channels, and enter the forum with an unfair (following) advantage. Let "Youtube celebs" and upstarts have their own space and platform. And a bunch of individual Hollywood stars started setting precedence sometime back--Will Smith, for instance. But you get the impression that TV shows and cast members just see it as another venue for a money-grab to add to their fortunes. This is thought; this isn't being bent outta shape because I have a channel, which I don't. And I'm not mad. it's just SM. Having said that, if more of the rich and famous Youtube hoarders would truly give us the the integrity, authenticity, and access that Jennifer apparently is (my first view)-- I would respect, appreciate, and enjoy the experience of watching, and feel less, idk, unappreciative. The again, JLO is one of those A-listers, like Rihanna, whose like "if I attach my name to ANYTHING, it's going to be well thought out, and bomb; it's gonna represent me, and be of the best quality and character out here." So I appreciate this.💙

  60. Karina Martinez

    Bella jlo i love

  61. Yolanda Lobela

    Jlo faz um canal tambem aqui no YouTube em espanhol porfavor

  62. AN. Chavez

    Sorry the video of this song is bad

  63. Emily lox

    Either every house in LA looks alike or that looks like one of the Kardahian houses.Someone else thinking it??

    Barbara Fischer

    The Kardashian series is allegedly not shot in their real home, but in a special film set.

  64. Ali Scone

    J Lo's eyes are hella red. She's making it look like it's 420 👀😜

  65. Joseph Clark

    Your pony tail makes you x-tra Hot Jenni!! Grow your hair x-tra long!! Do you wanna BLAZE IT wit me?

  66. crys shamika

    Such a shame You dnt really sing at your concerts👎

  67. Zlatka. M

    You're so down to earth & not to mention the most successful & beautiful woman in the world! Love you for that girl!💖💃💃

  68. AnyeBlue

    Love it

  69. Helen Desta

    I love you so much jlo 🇪🇹😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  70. Sally K

    Too much and still have no fucken voice lol 😂

  71. Sarah londonvlogs

    Enjoyed this video - hit the tumbs button:)

  72. margareth bagile

    Jlo why do you always look perfect. What are your secrets?

  73. Sparckman

    Jennifer Lopez this woman is beautiful, and not just looks, she's so goddamn smart.

  74. Organized Chaos - Rabiah Ahmed

    Please do a home tour!!!! Would LOVE to see your house!!!

  75. Natalie Rea

    ok JLo but when are you gonna start showing signs of aging? ✨

  76. Somebody Somewhere

    Very esthetically pleasing video, a make up tutorial for the light purple look would be really nice... also a work out video maybe? Skincare? Congrats on the video and the song of course...

  77. Sultana Salama

    I love u jlo

  78. Carly Potter

    You must have so much patience. With all that wig and hair problem - I’d be like for f**k sake. 😬Maybe it’s a Brit thing. 🇬🇧The end result of the vid I think looks amazing. 👌

  79. Iris Trevino

    Love j lo so much

  80. Ruth Ruiz-Morales

    This is one of the most beautiful aspects of technology in this huge world. I love how we can feel connected to and have a more personal understanding about the lives of celebrities and that their status requires so much dedication and hard-work as JLo explains throughout this video. This youtube channel thing is where it's at, no doubt. I love how she has decided to use youtube as another personalized platform to share with the world a glimpse of her life and career while celebrating all those who surround her and showing us, that to make it all's about team work and there's room for everybody to succeed. More and more, these types of info sharing is more credible and real than a gossip magazine that relies on "sources" and typically reports information that only tarnishes someone's reputation and character. This is beautiful...not just Jlo's channel but the way we can all share with others and also learn more about other's through vlogs. Thank you.

  81. Golden Girl#5

    Maude did not have white hair... i think she meant to say an older Bea. Bea’s look was classy for her age at the time just clearly not what jlo wanted to portray with her white wig. Jlo worked it better going with her Ariana-esque ponytail!

  82. Blanka Vrotsos

    bellaaaaaa como siempre Jennifer es la Mujer mas Bella del Mundo Olvidense todas esas Mis Universo Miss Mundo y demas Jennifer= The Beautifullll=The BESTTTTTT

  83. Sandra Coffie

    One of jlo finest video clip, 💗

  84. Chris Koronios

    Such great video I like watchin it over and over again. Extraordinary artistic work from everyone on the set. Magnificent!! Roaring Twenties!! World.

  85. Chris Koronios

    Love this behind the scenes video it's so good everything is so perfect amazing!! Beautiful cake just like the beautiful Golden Era!! Of The "Roaring Twenties"

  86. Chris Koronios

    Yes Jennifer!! You're so right."The Roaring Twenties" Were amazing!! Love them.

  87. Chris Koronios

    I'm ganna geyou asshole am ganna giyou what you givout. Love that line! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I'm gonna die laughing hahahahahahahahaha, That's an Awesome line! Jennifer!! You make me laugh so much. Thank you! Efcharisto polu! Muchas gracias! Merci beaucoup! Grazie! Mille! Danke! Shukraan!

  88. Mohamed Mkhichen

    She haven't talked about French montana!

  89. Maya Hill

    why she look like edna mode in those glasses tho lmao

  90. Alice Goldenvalley

    Thank you Jennifer for these amazing videos and I am so sorry for your loss. May Louigi Rest In Peace. You are so beautiful and he elevated your beauty. 💕✨🌸

  91. Verum Dicere

    Selling sex and unnecessary toxins, again. No surprise there!

  92. Waleska Torres

    Jlo you the best of the best ❤️

  93. Akhtar Ghumman

    You looking very good

  94. Rosie

    But JLo you had white hair in the Anillo vid

  95. Gloria Andrews

    Hi there, I have a list of "must see" videos for my daughters who are 11 and 13 and I just add this video to that list. Thank you for showing my daughters how much work, patience and collaboration it takes to be a strong woman.

  96. Gabriela Alexandra

    Tass Tabitha rock that Ivy Park

  97. Cartagena Mariel

    For some moments there you were competing with the background music. Just saying.

  98. Mrs J

    I love your music and the video's 😊. You are pretty Dame Cool 😀. Omgosh I love your hair and makeup

  99. calloway04

    Scott Barnes YASSS HUNTAAYY 🥰♥️😘😍💋

Acting Like That Şarkı Sözü
Jennifer Lopez Acting Like That Sözleri

I've been down since day 1 yeah
I'm the only one that been right here
Why you acting like you don't care?
I've been down since day 1
Don't let the tables turn
Don't let the bridges burn
Been down for you
Don't get it confused, boy
You could lose your turn
Don't let the tables turn
Don't let the bridges burn
Cause everything could change
In a matter of days
Depending if you've learned
Why you acting like that?
You gon' miss me when I'm gone
Why you acting like that?
(Why you acting like that?)
Why you acting like that?
You gon' miss me when I'm gone
Why you acting like that?
When I leave I'm taking all

Baddest bitch in the world right here
You ain't even gotta go nowhere
Boy you better watch the way you walk
Cause if you trip, you're gonna fall, oh
Don't let the tables turn
Don't let the bridges burn
Been down for you
Don't get it confused, boy
You could lose your turn
Don't let the tables turn Don't let the bridges burn
Cause everything could change
In a matter of days
Depending if you've learned
Why you acting like that?
You gon' miss me when I'm gone
Why you acting like that?
(Why you acting like that?)
Why you acting like that?
You gon' miss me when I'm gone
Why you acting like that?
When I leave I'm taking all

[Iggy Azalea]

Don't let the tables turn
Don't let the bridges burn
Been down for you
Don't get it confused, boy
You could lose your turn
Don't let the tables turn
Don't let the bridges burn
Cause everything could change
In a matter of days
Depending if you've learned
Why you acting like that?
You gon' miss me when I'm gone
Why you acting like that?
(Why you acting like that?)
Why you acting like that?
You gon' miss me when I'm gone
Why you acting like that?
When I leave I'm taking all

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