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Jennifer Lopez - If You Had My Love

If You Had My Love
: If You Had My Love
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: 14-11-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Jennifer Lopez - If You Had My Love )
  1. rodry 2019

    Me fapie con este video una vez

  2. Odelia Lynn Thornhill

    Love this Song

  3. Michael Grant


  4. Zbigniew Bilicki

    I hope You have a man who deserve.

  5. Aditi Kamble

    Poor Ben affleck , left the most sexiest women for a skeleton face .

  6. Jack Daniels


  7. Christopher S.

    Love lost, Love found. Break GLASS and CELEBRATE... The END! 3/21

  8. echidnum monotremata

    i was waiting for the guy to jack off.charaught!

  9. Zayn Zayn

    even britney looks older than her

  10. Taylor Hathcoat

    I was like maybe in Kindergarten when this song came out and I still remember when it played on the radio! Love it! 💕

  11. Shmuel Yosef

    j.ellooo j lo

  12. EasedTrack616

    God I miss the 90’s

  13. Prashant Shirsat

    How the F*** can 13k people not like this song? Damn! JLo was my fantasy during my teens, and this song killed it, i am talking about the era when we didnt have YouTube and cellphones and all that which is easily avaliable readily now!

  14. C.E. Green

    J.Lo was streaming before it was cool 😂💖

  15. Eduardo Romano Perez

    I was 14 in 1999. Sometimes i think we were so lucky to lived in the best music era. #The90'sForever.

  16. David Resnick

    Jlo 20 yrs ago over every Kardashian!

  17. Dahlia Maynard

    1985 2019 i am tired working on half ass equipment and my back is killing me. Blank decided not to blank right now everyone needs breaks but so do I its thanksgiving this week and none of mine can take off so not even sure right now but I need the world not to shut down weeks at a time especially #alabama i mean damn. Also have so much to do i know i keep saying that everyone but I'm exhausted. #jump in #anytime. #brown #eyes need #break #50 jobs #don't #get #tired #facebook


    Una de mis artistas preferidas desde mi adolescencia


    Best day of my life finally found this song.... I heard this song in 2011 but I didn't knew name of the song....

  20. Ramadhan Masiku

    Today 18 November still its sweet

  21. Raine Gebre

    Forever love you JLO!😍❤️❤️❤️

  22. Luciano Carranza

    Latinos presente en 2019

    Eduardo Romano Perez



    "If you had my butt and you ate all my crust …" I HATE JO HO … she sux and always will.

  24. Chanel Sahyoun

    I miss the 90's

  25. kewlade719

    How do we know he's not jerking off to this cyber celebrity 🤪

  26. kewlade719

    This young guy is one horny fan LMAO 🤣

  27. Adnan Crypto

    November 2019 hit the like !!!

  28. Tom Schreiner

    She's acting like a Youtuber in this clip 6 years before Youtube existed.

    Abdou Michael

    acting like a youtuber? just like everyone else acted before youtube that had webcams and websites in 1999


    Buona domenica Fabio l'insegnante

  30. Da Who

    i was in grade 7th when this song kept being played to where we used to have lunch with my classmates. time flies

  31. nico masciarelli

    Avevo dimenticato la sensualità di questo video... Che bella che era

  32. madina kabamba

    Just thought of Jennifer Lopez in 2019

  33. Young Klipz

    Back in 1990 lol

  34. Abudullah Dean

    She is Queen the world 2020

  35. devilpupbear09

    My god it's been 20 yrs?!

  36. Larissa Borges

    2019 brazuca


    She was 29 when the song came outNow she is 25

  38. Jace King

    Thank you for making this song J Lo so that Teenage Fever could be made


    JLo first cam girl

  40. Aderi Billen

    Anyone here November?2019

  41. Nigel De Conceicao

    Back then before social media Livestream, webcam streaming was a big thing back in the 90s.

  42. Edwin Yeong

    This song was the jlo greatest hit.. I love for...

  43. Jitka Forejtová

    adam rodriguez ❤️❤️

  44. Irish Kabyle


  45. Manoj Kumar Barnawal

    Your vocals and dance is so best.

  46. Sam SADAR

    you have given love to many people with your uplifting awesome music

  47. Michael Pfitzner

    I first listened to this song when i was 13 on MTV and stopped eating my big mac in mc donalds .....

  48. Jussara Honorato

    Alguém em Novembro 2019

  49. TheMohamedHenni 78

    Teenage fever drake more life

  50. Samuel Ngumii

    If we still had music like this in 2019!!! 20 years later, still a jam!!

    Richard Perez

    Samuel Ngumii I agree. What a timeless bop.

  51. Jesse Lake

    The 90s when everything was clean and refreshing.

  52. Lex Love Fist Wwe

    kocokkkk kocoorrr,kk jerekk opp , onani, wuussssmutlak bikin pgn konak dan onani ini dr jaman gw sebelum puber , tak lekang oleh waktttuuu penyanyinya awet muda orientasi sekkkx appealnya juga sama haduuuhh@@!#!$$

  53. Richard Perez

    My song still in 2019.

  54. Henok Bekele

    Nov, 2019 anyone?

  55. Henok Bekele

    Nov, 2019 anyone?

  56. The softest part of a woman's breast is?

    *I don't care what anyone says she is singing that song to me l tell you!*

  57. Alcatraz Beats ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ

    Listening in november 2019 !!! Still a hit

  58. Happy Mussta

    😍😍😍 😢😢😢 les sevounir 2019

  59. david balderramo

    Gracias por subir este tema de verdad ... Me trae muchos recuerdos ....está si era la Jenifer López que todos conocimos ..está era su mejor música de ahora no me gusta ...TIENE QUE VOLVER A SUS ORIGINES ..ESA ERA EL VERDADERO POP LATINO

  60. david balderramo

    Gracias por subir este tema de verdad ... Me trae muchos recuerdos ....está si era la Jenifer López que todos conocimos ..está era su mejor música de ahora no me gusta ...TIENE QUE VOLVER A SUS ORIGINES ..ESA ERA EL VERDAD POP LATINO

  61. The truth

    Wonder who actually song lead and background vocals on this song

  62. Glu Ouzze

    Before YouTube, Spotify, Deezer... There was MTV ! 💥

  63. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspaniala jennifer lopez

  64. Dersim Milano

    Long long Time oh Lord

  65. Brittany Alexandria

    November 2019 what’s up

  66. Mickey Arora

    Legendary music...

  67. ervenia montecalvo

    Loving all songs of this beautiful lady😻😘

  68. Damien Kirksey

    I've been waiting for this song for years

  69. Alfredo Martinez

    Jlo la.mejor de la.mejor

  70. elena yablokova

    пожалуста сделай так чтобы она была жива

  71. xx xx

    la verdulera de j lo copiandose deL VIDEO mujer latina de Thalia.

  72. Joy


    Jerry devil dog666

    Back then it wouldn't have that but then again the people who give all those likes to music like today, there was no internet back then. And if there was, all this music rap R&B country so on and so forth would have had a hell of a lot more likes and that time. Then this crap we got listening to now


    @Jerry devil dog666 true but this is better than old town road so I am surprised

  73. showmen kanti das

    first time i listen this song in 2009 in a button mobile phone. Then there have no facebook, no internet or dont have anything. But i become fan of jlo. After many years when i grow up i bought a mobile phone. Then i wikipedia about jlo and listen many song of her. I am very big fan of jlo.

  74. cassio lima

    Lembranças de malhação 2003 😎

  75. Said Mbarak

    I like all your song,so sweet

  76. Intellectualmrjohns SurfinG

    Do Iiii??great not bad at All..Aajjaja😀

  77. Raisa Chowdhury

    I think JLo introduced the idea of vlogging!

  78. vivian cruz

    Her best song to date...

  79. Say10

    this video is todays internet

  80. betopadora

    Es raro ver al de CSI acariciándose el muñeco viendo a Jennifer Lopez en Gran Hermano online

  81. Matthew Flawless

    Why don't they make music like this anymore 🤯🥶😱😰😰

  82. kaitanu style

    Iconic song for me. I'm from 1998 and I remember being a kid listening to this while my uncle was bopping to this like 💃

  83. thatrunningirl

    the fat kid with the big fringe is actually me 20 years ago listening to this in my room aged 12 lol

  84. Martin Xavier

    isn't she ghost singing? what a fraud

  85. Serena Tiscareno

    listening and I'm loving it

  86. Mattdaddy matt

    Face first in that thing!😛😛

  87. Jessica Jes

    I love this song Soooooooo muchhhh ❤❤❤

  88. Cotioras Silviu

    Maybe her best song!☺️

  89. Fulvia Costantini

    Una splendida donna!!!

  90. gamer hood

    5 November anyone here

  91. Joumby

    Teenage fever type beat

  92. Demi Yaren

    For all the broken hearts out there.That it never happens again :'(

  93. Keep Calm Buddy

    When a grown woman wants to be sexy ..young girls just gota sit down and take that L..earn..

  94. Joe Martin

    How to forget when JLo worked on webcam!

  95. Angel R Bernal

    Noviember 3th

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