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Future - feat Drake-Where Ya At

feat Drake-Where Ya At
: feat Drake-Where Ya At
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: 27-08-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Future - feat Drake-Where Ya At )
  1. Ûnruly Tæ

    The best beat in mankind

  2. amine dz

    2015 was the best year of future, he was a beast

  3. ug.u.r

    Zion, Where Ya At?


    He was listening to this on his story 😂😂🔥

  4. Hope Dartis

    No disrespect but y'all notice after Drake did his verse 😭🤣 you understand Future alot more clearly 🤷‍♀️

  5. Ptewptew Debedew

    Ya i felt better when I listen that “ horihonihorinaronida tenehan”

  6. ๖ۣۜᑎᗩ丅ᗩᔕᎥᗝ AgarPro

    Aye dawg this song still slaps mad hard no cap

  7. Jauregui Morg

    Who's before the year ends?


    That's fuckin lit

  9. Stephen Slade

    2019 and still nobody knows wtf future was sayin'


    that's tuff

  10. vags in the bags

    0:30 preview of how it be in the boys locker room

  11. Chris McNally


  12. Minna L.

    I want whatever they gave esco to get him geeked

  13. Kwabena Sarpong

    It's on the hood where y'all was at ?

  14. Ruben Rocha

    nice cant wait for the english virsion to come out

  15. Someone Else


  16. Brandon Byng

    Some of his best music... shit still 👽🤙🏼goes

  17. Micah autoserv.

    Came here for 2:35

  18. xotwod

    Future real asf for wearing that jacket

  19. Suri Ynfante

    NOSOTROS los humanos estamos supuesto a vivir 600 años y mas y el EL DIABLO creo la muerte y si duramos 100 años es mucho 600 sin ponernos viejo y que nuestra piel se aruge

  20. Yvng_ sav13

    Director: how small do you want your jacketFuture: yes

  21. Lil Nigga

    0:04 ok what the actual fuck 🤣🤣

  22. Oscar Morales

    Wear you at when i need you felt that

  23. Alex Dong

    Great song! I can't wait for the English version!

  24. Ellen Bohn

    This beat still fuckin crazy hard in 2019

  25. Ahmari Bowie

    It sounds like he said where's your apples at?

  26. Shanperiou Sangareski

    Fantastic bro

  27. _latto_

    Future speakin latin

  28. Gabriel deHoyos

    its 2019 and this song still slapp

  29. Bulvay66

    Wft is this!!?? A song??!!

  30. Nobody

    Nobody:Metro Boomin: 🤛🏿🤘🏿👇🏿🖖🏿🤲🏿👍🏿🤜🏿👌🏿☝🏿👋🏿👐🏿👎🏿🤞🏿👈🏿✋🏿🤙🏿🦶🏿🙌🏿👊🏿✌🏿👉🏿🤚🏿💪🏿🦵🏿👏🏿✊🏿🤟🏿👆🏿🖐🏿🖕🏿

  31. Terrence Themillion

    104K fools pressed dislike thinking its the download option

  32. Alta Ice

    Am I the only one who can understand future?

  33. LaTinoHustLa91

    This beat sounds like an Italian mob based beat who else can hear it 🤔

  34. Ke’ Tuch

    This X’O jacks is 🔥 DAMN

  35. jud Gonchi

    Drake has a knack for causing goosebumps

  36. Jan Kijewski

    4 years later and it willl never get old

  37. Desiigner

    Future sure does like brand new clothes......

  38. Gurveer Singh

    When you have a panic attack

  39. Who Dis???

    Drake came on this bih smooth as a mf..

  40. Hayden83629 Mathews937194

    Fye song fr

  41. nintyoneys

    this song defines the struggle for the years before 2015

  42. Kea makesbeatz

    self employed? maybe

  43. Andrea Baldridge


  44. UseCodeTfueBuddy -YT

    “Where yo apples at dog”Future 2015

  45. Chris McNally

    Extortion is blood money it sells by the weight..No loans no phones..Magic calls planes like fish scale..Hollow points or jail..I sell the scale..The shot clock is counting..Apple picking..Mean mugging..Plug thuging..Thug running..Money blowing..Ball..One god one love..Bear hugs..Magic nugs..Extortion blows smoke..Ground zero..Back to the drawing board..My sickle my sword..

  46. dansterstuff

    Future best song dont @

  47. Jah

    foreign kid = FutureDrake = Google Translation

  48. Kamil Glądała

    Wher wer u bitchhh wen I I wuz der

  49. Amiibo Farmer

    I still remember the day when future said headlakrkxwbichmutawheusswhensaisdidenaeedmwaj and it changed my life 😫🔥

  50. Amiibo Farmer

    This man mumble so much 😂

  51. Daquan From Staples

    I had been paralyzed from the neck down until I heard future say "OnhearUttaonuttadat nunnada taboutaboutuwhat you neeeed" Today I am a professional nascar driver

  52. Brandon Bedell

    When was he young his first words was dis song

  53. Roland Mitchell

    Stuck in Columbus ga...(The land of Oz)!😒😒

  54. Ernst Reese

    He said when the 6 was on my should..uhh like his voice cracked

  55. Anthony S

    I cant do any coke my blood pressures up , sativa though

  56. Anthony S

    Brownsville texas , l need 5-70k l serve food and do pretty well usually

  57. yo angel7

    *everybody gangsta until future starts speaking cursive*

  58. SKETCH 3909

    2019 f* Narcissists riding Dolo

  59. Laith Zureigat

    who is listening to this and it's 2019

  60. BIG PUMP 18


  61. Jay FTW

    So this is how you talk in cursive?

  62. Shai Otaku

    drake part hit different 😤

  63. So cool King

    Drake came in translating what future said like a damn English teacher

  64. Melina Bourne

    Man fuck those people be like I DONT UNDEDSTAND WHAT HE sure if yuh hear this song more than once your head gon be bouncing.

  65. Brandon Bedell

    80 ela teachers hate dis

  66. BANKINA97 bankina

    this is the top player FUTURE

  67. Ditech Cup Series

    I read a comment on the audio video saying that Future probably sometimes mumble raps deliberately. I forgot exactly his reasoning but it wouldn't be surprising honestly. When you have vocals that are hard to understand the song then solely relies on its production, and that's really why people like me come back to listening it every once in a while. It just flows really well. I've been listening to Future and his music since this song was released and I honestly haven't heard anything like it since then, so this is really a unique product made by him and his team. And to that, I say props 👏


    Love that he dance I like to dance myself

  69. Ken Jones

    Salute shout out to s.fresh


    More love for u boss

  71. General Land

    This song is the definition of slapping

  72. frankyLupin17

    What he said at the beginning of the track🤔🤔🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣

  73. Furnau

    where is the lyrics guy i can't understand shit

  74. Carla Bento

    You are so DARLING curses sll over... They are betrhying friendship means... Frewurnciay police run

  75. Marinis Lmk

    Blueface v Future

  76. RyLuckyOfficial

    If this song plays at my funeral, I may just come back from the dead.

  77. vitor Souza

    Sempre acabo voltando aq 🦹

  78. Mark Viteaz

    Soy milk sucks

  79. SHAhar GRAY

    The reason I'm here today because I never gave up! Best line of the song

  80. Cynthia Williams

    Where was they at when they wouldn't feed me. When they ran off. Telling lies. Where were you when people didn't need me... so much truth to this song.

  81. anurag bista

    Man Future was born with glass and auto tune I swear

  82. Pikix


  83. ThePhantomVirus '_'.

    Banjo)whecgftzidjtfxjfyfucugugjghghcfufgngfyfhfhtdgde2fdsjfuggunfgzhdhdvgtccjfhhfggbgghnfhjhjhjjFuture's Parents DuFuk

  84. RyLuckyOfficial

    If this song plays at my funeral, I may just come back from the dead. I’m here at this video because my fans keep telling me my new song on my channel sounds like this. All these thumbs up below will have good luck for a whole year, trust me, it works. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  85. Samra Skrijelj

    You all sound the same.... blah, blah, bla

  86. Marielos Martinez

    Todo bien gracias

  87. NickThaNoodle

    He has Such a Way with Words.

  88. Meek F

    Where was you!!

  89. Ford dude

    If I ever understand a word from this song😂

  90. Willie Causey

    "H€R£ 👀 GO"💰,🏁,💰,🏁...1K82-0K00.

  91. Malinda Hewlett


  92. Meg bomb Axx

    💯 2k19

  93. Hamad ALotaibi


  94. Kimbi_O

    I thought that the fire was supposed to come from the artist but the comments are where the real burns are.

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