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Future - Blood On the Money

Blood On the Money
: Blood On the Money
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: 27-08-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Future - Blood On the Money )
  1. Hooga Lac

    It's not official, but it's still good

  2. muhire ivan

    This is legit

  3. chi jiggy

    Ndinogara nchtsvaga mari Ndinogara nchtsvaga

  4. Kyrel Fitz


  5. Skreez TM


  6. butter head

    All ya fuckin fake All ya really need God for heaven's SakeHonestly the more humble i get I forgive and forget This potion causing madness in my head

  7. kürtaj yapiyiz Burda

    Woow nice bro. From turkeyy

  8. AtlantaHawk23

    Hey bro can I use this instrumental in a YouTube Video? I’ll give you credit.

    Yes I Seen You Before Aswell

    Of course, bro you are welcome to use it in whenever.


    IFirez INC preciate it!

  9. Nazir Ortiz

    It’s pretty close but far off as well oh fucking well I’ll take it anyways idgaf

  10. Miguel Morazzi

    Yo what's that pad? Can u drop the FLP?


    Miguel Morazzi sy chillzone from nexus 2

    Miguel Morazzi

    Beatz by Kai bro u deserve a medal, appreciate that Thx u


    Miguel Morazzi there’s 2 ya chillzones though I think it’s 1

  11. Beats by MONTANA

    i was not sure if this was a good version but this is legit bro thanks +1

  12. Mofhmpc

    Bro what pad did you use.?? I been trying to reproduce this forever


    Mofhmpc it’s called sy chillzone in nexus 2

    Ryan Phillips

    Theres also one called sleepy in morpheine that sounds super similar

  13. Yes I Seen You Before Aswell

    Be Sure To Listen To The Entire Instrumental

    Dianna Grey

    hey babe lol been a long time

  14. Lynx HDToxic

    oh wtf this is the best one on youtube still

    Yes I Seen You Before Aswell

    Ya fam im doing yall a favor and btw It will be hard for ppl to find this can you share it with friends who are interested... later in the future ill upload official instrumentals from Futures songs

    Rasmus Dimberg

    @Yes I Seen You Before Aswell haha later in the furure hehe...... ya know beacuse hes called futu..nevermind bad joke

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