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Future - Mask Off

Mask Off
: Mask Off
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: 27-08-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Future - Mask Off )
  1. Confused Moon

    How many tries did this take?

  2. Anonymous Gamer

    Why did he disappear

  3. Calvin Nguyen

    c a r r o t

  4. Brownskikuca Garlic Bread

    In ancient times, if you could turn food into full instruments people would probably think you are a God

  5. Championshoot

    Man, I have like 40 carrots...So you’re telling me I can make music With carrotsIn my own Fridge

  6. Andre Swift

    Sub earned

  7. Red Xeno

    It hurts me so badly that this man took this long to find out how to BLOW INTO A CARROT TO PLAY MASK OFF

  8. Garrett Adams

    this would make a good meme

  9. 웨믹WHAMIC

    Carrot off

  10. Jacques Krause

    The world needs more of this.

  11. PROGEEE_


  12. love is love

    Reminds me of Animal Jam for some reason.

  13. Pokemon Master

    Harder than Walmart's bread

  14. Franklyn F

    How can 7K people dislike this video? But it does go to prove that 7K people have *NO* idea what music is ... let alone out their hand in a fridge veg compartment, pull out a carrot and then make (what is) an absolutely great musical instrument. Oh ... and I imagine you sat on a desert island, finding a way to open up and make holes in the shell so you can play your own music to occupy your mind till you got saved. I can even imagine the Press finding out when you get home, asking *"So. What did you to to occupy your time in the 380 days you were stranded?" as you reply " ... "Well, I hollowed out a coconut, made a wind instrument and wrote 100 songs"* ... LOL

  15. Gurjot Singh

    Vegi music

  16. Karina Petcu

    Oml-How *MAJIkALly* ! :()

  17. peatsa rolls

    nice potato in the background. :)

  18. TheFortnite Gamer

    Me: look in a rabbit hole Rabbits:

  19. 4d chess Moves

    Big whoop I can play mask off on molly and percocets...

  20. Aksel Djenad


  21. Sanjay S Nair

    Better than flute

  22. DokBadYT

    WHAT ?!

  23. Oscar D'Adamo

    Rip carrot 😂

  24. Neko

    Friend: So what Instruments do you play This guy: -yes-


    U genius

  26. Leevö69

    Where are you famous fromPupsi:playing song with vegetables

  27. Army Forever

    BTS boy with luv


    3:04 is jehdhdjeusghe😢👹👺😱

  29. Elijah Johnson

    The most headass shit ive ever seen

  30. James Zhou

    U should make more vids

  31. Кайена Арельяно

    Youtube is killing it lately with all this videos

  32. Jugger Nog

    Dude played panda with a carrot then dipped


    In this video, he mastered the carrot.In my life time, I say I can play bongo

  34. poptartkif

    when you insert a file into a carrot, do you ever wonder what life choices have led you to that moment?

  35. nickeponer2

    Se cuenta que era el músico más pobre del mundo D: ... Que acabo comiendose su instrumento al final del día

  36. Roger Houle

    This guy created Sueco lmfao

  37. Armelle Millert

    I enjoyed watching it. :)

  38. Spike HD

    I like that there s a potato in the background

  39. Amir Abeid

    Carrot off?

  40. Görkem Barışoğlu

    Flute left the chat.

  41. Ozansmh

    My most liked comment is on this video lmao

  42. It’s Billieboi

    I need more videosssss

  43. Dom Sherlock

    This beat lokey slaps

  44. Rachel Vella

    1. There's a potato in the background2. WHY DID HE DESTROY THE CARROT

  45. Lazer_ ToP

    Who Russian? Я :3

  46. Peachy Bleach

    Will this stay like a instrument or will it rot

  47. Avi-A

    carrot looks like a

  48. Aus 4

    It’s so funny this guy is just ripping on a carrot

  49. Fantom Vloger

    когда мама заставила чистить марковь

  50. William Gatzonis

    So accurate 👌👌👌

  51. slovan01

    Carrot man

  52. Miłosz Zieliński


  53. Beast And Samuel

    I don’t need sleep, I need answers

  54. Įvãñê Žïkæ

    What a legend...Cuz he’s Jesus with that lovely moustache and hair

  55. Blue Mask

    1:04 those 2 notes made me think I got rick rolled I’m to paranoid but these days you can’t be

  56. Nikko Sunshine

    I love how there is a strange potato 🥔 on the floor in the back

  57. Jake From State Farm

    0:24 calm down buddy

  58. Crabboy *rar

    *f u t u r e*

  59. Will Alexander

    fucking genius

  60. Tortol Memes

    2:59 you can tell the flute was faked the carrot wasnt playing the sounds he edited wrong there and his mouth opened before the words came out for a second.

  61. Anna

    Lmho he just tuned a carrot XD

  62. krypt0 Qc

    Mes quelle genie dla vie

  63. Nakki Keitto

    Thank god this is vegan

  64. Unique

    This man deserves more subs than he has times 12


    Just incredible

  66. Gacha- Cookie

    Is anybody gonna talk about HOW HE MADE A CARROT AN INSTRUMENT!

  67. Nirvana

    Когда руки растут из нужного места...

  68. Mr Jefferson

    Me at 3am: YouTube recomendations :

  69. Pew pew Pew

    The people who disliked can’t play vegetable instruments

  70. Epicdeliriosnous Disaster

    Fucking legend

  71. Derpie Derp

    Scientist in the past : in the future we will have flying carsFuture : makes a carrot recorder


    It's Healthy Music

  73. dolliemoggie

    For your own safety pls do not venture into the jalapeño zone.


    That’s even more gangsta than sellin bags❤️

  75. King Zino

    Upload more please

  76. Vanessa McCloud

    savage ;-;

  77. DinoSheen The cat

    *”This is the kind of instruments we use”* - Bunnies 2019

  78. Dark Invaders Production

    Oryginal first track is not Fiture - Musk of !!! At first this sample flute using Old band hip hop come from Sweden they Are name Looptroop - Top Dogz !!!!!! Goodbye 😉

  79. Andy Kim

    0:15 I always imagined that's what it would sound like


    0 sub gang

  81. colorful vlogs



    *Squidward has left the chat*

  83. Trex123 rex

    Hey bill what's your favorite instrument, bill:oh the flute, what's your favorite instrument me:a carrot

  84. Zombie Slayerr03


  85. Zippo404

    Now do the same with broccoli

  86. Nacho bro


  87. Hasan Gorgun

    Nice GG

  88. deadlift guy

    ayagiyla calmis pezevenk

  89. Noah Reacts

    I mean any thing is possible

  90. aj gonzales

    That's so insane how can you do that that's crazy I want to learn how to make a carrot flute just like you so I can play mask off that's awesome😜😜😜😜😜😜

  91. It's Luna

    Dude what a real genius. 😂

  92. Pupsi

    What song do you guys wanna see next time? :D EDIT: Toto - Africa is out :)

    MBF vlogs

    Play Saudi national song.

    Michael Pfligl

    Kendrick Lamar - DNA.

    Doruk Kılınç

    Queen don’t stop ne now


    Gangstas paradise

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