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Future - Jumpin On a Jet

Jumpin On a Jet
: Jumpin On a Jet
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: 11-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Future - Jumpin On a Jet )
  1. Kenneth Clement SR

    Future haters on his beat though to dislike it though . lmao.. Thats loser-ish. Fbg.

  2. Wizard Promoting

    Trying my god-given talents to stay out the streets and do something positive im from Upstate South Carolina your support. would be appreciated doing this because I love it, trying to feed my 2 daughters

  3. Demeterous Jackson

    Shoutout to my mama, thats how i was born, & im racked up nigga.. i get coins, yo bitch she blow me like joe horn.. fuck all my ex's nigga I'ma storm, ima star without preforming, her pussy global & it's warming... these niggas soft as hell like charmin, I'll damage, i'll harm em... ain't stopping til he gone, ima nightmare for opponents... & especially cause I'm grown, jump right off da jet, yo bitch horny... i couldn't even make it home, i just wanna be alone.. but she ride me like a pony... it feel right but it's wrong

  4. Kamaron Charles

    (verse)She came outside,ready right now,black hair think that's #6,plush shit/only shorty that I Kno stacking bad,too poetic yes thats Gatsby/had some slow hos,ashaming/slowed my progress,no blaming/that's what I get for mixing that 90 ish with the 70s/she a professor like with a test her,she a real classic so slowly undressed her/ I bit it low and...

  5. Sensi

    Can i use this beat?


    @FridayPlaylist Nice broo!! Thank u

  6. MuzikBeatz

    Best instrumental i know so far

  7. Armin_ Arlert863

    Try it at 1.25 speed

  8. Matt Stygian

    can I use this as background music in a video?

  9. Timur Karimkulov

    Pure water money gold stoner left turn border call me Timmy turner Made from still iron all my look designer Gucci watch Prada icy bitch

  10. Marcel Davis

    That nigga thatcer Thinks he's ah rapper But oh like noDon't you knowThe white man can't ever jumpYou look like you came straight up out the dumpOk little bitch Let me throw you up on the same gameWe is not in the same frame I don't wanna hear your bitching So stay up out that kitchenCuz it's too hot for youNigga at least be on cueThat nigga looks like shaggy From Scooby Doo What it doAnd his clothes is always baggyYour bars too fucking lame At least be the same Like meYou not fucking black so you be so fucking wackYour race Can't keep up in this race thoughLike OooohhhhhCome on lil hoooeeeI threw around like a basketAfter you got thrown in a casketOk like keep up with me Like no he can't (x5)Hoe ass bitch I'm already to the topAnd you only half way to the topLike ah crop topAnd I'm too fucking cleverAnd you betterStop it cuz you not ever Worth my time It's a crime what I did Call that a homicide Nigga cant get up on my rideI just murked you lil bitchTake a hitch Or a hike On a bike You bitch made like a fucking dike I just had my fun So I'm done

  11. Breeezy Wit it

    She was on bull shit I swear nigga You didn’t know knowTold you she virgin but she was on my nigga Jd slurpin so hoeDon’t know the purpose I’m lovin bitches who don’t be loyalShe a thot she ran a train I lost my train of thought

  12. Tendai Simbanegavi

    If you can do going dummy or Krazy but true imma have a heart attack

  13. Tendai Simbanegavi

    Nah you are on your shit with this album

  14. Jaidyn

    I was so hoping that future saying "Jumping on and off a jet" was part of the actual instrumental


    Same makes the beat and song much more complete

  15. Jordan Knox

    what did you use for the second sound?

  16. Kee808

    What 808 is used in this ?? Spinz or what ?? Can someone send it ?? [email protected]

  17. Bnk Beats

    I Just dropped my remake on this song ur feedback would be great!! Fire remake btw

  18. Younes Noui

    Please do the light is coming by Ariana Grande! I will be very grateful if you do it because the instrumental is pretty nice and I think it will be good to see that on your channel!

  19. Jay King

    Hey bro can you please do trippie redd love scars 3 instrumental. I subscribed. Your instrumentals are always good

  20. 2TwinGlobal '

    How much

  21. Sir SwayZee

    I digg it for sure

  22. Daniel Otuyelu

    Can you please do temptation by future

  23. Chachaloco123

    Jumpin on another jet in the background is part of the beat imo

    yung noise

    Chacha Loco nah bro thats the chorus

    Jaya Beats

    @yung noise Nah he is right bro. A sample of Future's voice saying ''Jumpin on and off the jet'' goes through the whole song since the beat starts until it ends.

    yung noise

    Marin Dugandžić lol ur right i aint even noticed that hahahah

    JD The Rapper

    It’s just like an adlib track in the background but it like makes the beat

    Tendai Simbanegavi

    It’s so trippy I love it

  24. JohnnyToastOfficial

    hey go check out my jumpin on a jet remix!

  25. KUBBZMUZIK - Download Beats Instrumental

    Very nice beat, keep it up ! 👌

  26. 21 Records

    You winning in the future instrumentals lately 😬🤧

    Bnk Beats

    It would be great if u checked my remake on this song too🙏🙏💯

  27. DXKO

    best one so far

    Davion Givens

    Not so far, over all

  28. De'quan Rogers

    Is this Right??Sound 1: sample or made without sample n used vsts Sound 2: spinz 808Sounds 3: rack kickSound 4: hit hatz *don't Know which one *Sound 5: snareSound 6: snareSound 7: clap (low mix)

    Filip Capek

    Hit 1 Hi Hat and luger slap clap layered with luger snare

    Majd Fariat

    How would you make the spinz pop like this ? When i tried it comes out very muddy

    Filip Capek

    @Majd Fariat do you eq out the low end from ur melodies?

    Majd Fariat

    I eq low ends put a bit of distortion and make it mono while i stereo seperate the melodies, the thing is either i have to out a lower octave for it to be poping but then the tone is too low or i go one octave higher and thebtone is guccu but the is not much low end present like this one

    Filip Capek

    @Majd Fariat you know you can just change the semitone, not the whole octave. Also maybe you need to eq more low end

  29. Byrdee Blanco

    Filthy 🔥🔥🔥🤧

  30. Ice 888

    can you tell me presets used? thxa lot

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