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Future - Crushed Up

Crushed Up
: Crushed Up
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: 11-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Future - Crushed Up )
  1. paul Anthony

    I always loved future's music

  2. mack mcentire

    I’m here cause watchmen who else?

  3. Gabriel P

    Watchmen just keeps getting weirder and weirder

  4. Gumbie007

    WTF happened to Hip Hop!???.....Can’t understand a single phrase In this song. 🤬☹️🤨😒

  5. Xiaomixoxoxoxo

    Who hasn't seen Watchmen and is just here cuz they like Future?

  6. mubashar kokhar

    thats a truth for life

  7. RO18S

    Yooo this shit sound like Wifisfuneral IMVU

  8. Worn out Testicles

    Wow. Great to see mainstream Hip Pop is just as fucking horrendous in 2019 as it was 10 years ago. Can't wait for all these talentless cunts to die.

  9. m0uNcH

  10. Taylor

    Good shit

  11. VnMusic


  12. Daniel Rai

    King of mumble rapper 😂❤️

  13. Cody Pulley

    I just realized the Trap started in the late 1970s . It sure has come a long way since then . Things sure are changing . Yeah one thing that's the same is my generation love to do drugs. I got to talkin to one of my friends at a family event a while back and we came up with over 30 names of people we went to Junior High with that overdosed and died. Now there's a rap song for you. You know what they say when you live by the sword you die by the sword. Some of them were my closest friends and we all used to be teenagers with needles in our arms. But the Euphoria from the meth and the cocaine was so Superior to being straight. You might say one would die for it! DAMN!!! Anyways I know I'm just an old fart at this point 60 years old. but the main reason I came to this song was because of the amount of Views its had. I guess I was hoping some kid that was fixing to shoot up for the first time might just go ahead and change their mind. Trust me it's not what it's all cracked up to be no pun intended and I don't even know if the song has anything to do about drugs? I'll give it a listen here in a minute. However kids and young people always remember for every action is a reaction. Hard drugs are a losing bet nobody wins and eventually everybody cries. Make fun of me if you want but this is some real s*** man. One of the most devastating ones was my very best friend that I had all the way through Elementary School junior high and High School "my other good friend found him dead in his bathtub. He did so much meth it caused him to have a seizure while taking a bath and he drowned. Can you imagine waking up from a 4-day benj going to the bathroom to take a leak and seeing your Padre dead in the bathtub. Then sadly enough my friend that found him dead in the bathtub 20 years later was murdered by two 20-something year-old tweakers. Those two tweakers are in prison for his murder. Trust me that sword eventually has its perfect way and the payoff isn't pretty. Damn if you managed to not overdose or get to prison or get shot or get murdered you might just live long enough for your vital organs to finally shut down. I hope all you young people don't have to deal with this s***. Make different choices sure you will be thankful

  14. Chase Naran

    Funny that the racist dude in Watchmen was blastin this in the car

  15. Raque-Pierga Max-Emile

    Not nut novembre died

  16. Jhordan Sanchez mena

    No te entendi ni verga, no se ingles

  17. Kenny Singh

    Beast Mode

  18. Savion Richardson

    This video reminds me of group home - future young thug

  19. cawe vector

    Alguien habla español dejen like si sí lo hablan perros

  20. Danny B

    Tick Tock Tick Tock

  21. timerobotsss

    this sounds so much like IMVU by wifisfuneral

  22. music dz

    Nice from Algeria 🇩🇿💪😍

  23. Metkel Beiene

    Spoiler Alert!!! Just saw the first two episodes of Watchmen. I bet the Kavalry ends up being the good guys and they're not actually white supremacists. Why else would they have him drinking lean and listening to Future? Plus, the black soldiers were getting recruited by Nazis. Plot twist?

  24. mike vic

    Low life nigga

  25. mike vic

    Or cracked up either or.

  26. GTpereira17

    Music is trash

  27. Mikasa Ackerman

    Watchmen baby

  28. Magic_YT

    Finally I found it

  29. Lady Elle from 12’s Don


  30. Hasan Atwi

    Who is here from the watchmen

  31. la bagarre

    Im french and i love this song, the clip is amaaaaziiing

  32. BenBen FTW

    There is zero rap and creativity

  33. Etienne V. Cordova

    That one girl is all kinds of thicc.


    Br alguém ?

  35. Ali Jan


  36. Amanda Leachman

    Waiting for you

  37. mr. aaron

    i come from WATCHMEN!

  38. russell phil

    Shocked when I heard this on Watchmen!!!!!

  39. Rachel Gandhi

    whos here because of the watchmen pilot

  40. Dark Knight

    Anyone after Watchmen? 😎

  41. Chris V

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  42. Micah S. Johansson

    It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice

  43. Shelda Cavalcante

    Vim por causa do piloto de Watchmen.

  44. Dengbêj Medîa

    Very nice from kurdîstan

  45. Roronoa Zoro

    Watchmen actually put me on.

  46. Kafia Mudu


  47. Chosen1

    Watchmen brought me here 🔥 🔥

  48. Taboubi Mahmoud

    Watchmen, are you here ?

  49. TheBritAvenger

    Love the irony of having a white supremacist terrorist bopping to this

  50. Ulfric Stormcloak

    When this song started playing I knew watchmen was gonna be a great series

  51. Reality Check

    watchmen :)

  52. Shadow ToShadow

    This song is senceless but sounds well, lol.

  53. J Colin

    Who’s here after Watchmen ep.1??

    Roronoa Zoro

    J Colin that racist had great taste taste in music

    J Colin

    I wonder if theres some deeper meaning why they had that guy bumping rap music

    Daniel Casttillo

    @J Colin racists are the ones who listen to black music the most

    Chase Carter

    @J Colin it shows they love black culture but not the Ppl. They'll eat your food consume your music and kill you right after.

  54. Justin Feliciano

    Watchmen brought me here

  55. Camaniyack

    Watchmen brought me here

  56. Pickle Rick

    here after the Watchmen pilot ayy


    Same here

  57. Mr Foxydoodles

    how many of us can relate to the way these rich dudes act and sing about? dont you all realize that they are the top 2 percent? dont you all realize that these people would die before they let anyone come on the same level as them, do you honestly think any of these artists care about any of us? or are we just going to continue to glorify their greed, lust for power and exploitation of this countries resources? when are we the people going to stand up against these tyrants who perpetuate everything we say we hate in todays media, we say we hate sexism, racism and classism yet these rappers are all about that.

  58. Tartar Sauce

    Who found this from the Watchmen show?

  59. Carlos Orea

    I came here for the watchmen! ou mama

  60. Buhe Billion

    Here from Watchmen.....who else?

  61. Seby Emanuele

    Who is here from the Watchmen pilot?

    Metkel Beiene

    I just saw the first 2 episodes. I bet the Kavalry ends up being the good guys and they're not actually white supremacists. Why else would he be drinking lean and listening to Future? Plus, the black soldiers were getting recruited by Nazis. Plot twist?

    Rami 444

    Seby Emanuele hey bitch

    Timmie Turnuh

    Seby Emanuele we been here way before you were born kid

  62. Trobinson97

    Sat down to watch Watchmen and this came on. Turned the show off and just listened to the song for a while.

  63. Dustin Hughes

    W A T C H M E N 🌚

  64. cmm21able

    Watchmen fans where u at

  65. Coffee Table

    Future fan here, happy to hear this played in the first episode of Watchmen!!

  66. Brendon Matthews

    Who's here after watching Watchmen?

    Kevin Martins

    Shit someone beat me 2 da 🤜


    @Fernando Gallegos these mfs mad late but it really hit well with the episode too when it started

    Fernando Gallegos

    @unclebadtouch lol I'ma watch the video then and see wass up


    ​ @unclebadtouch really? It took me out of the whole scene, it did not mesh well at all. I'm not a fan of this music, but i dont hate it either. It just didn't go together well at all. Its 1921 tulsa, a boy escapes death because of the love of his parents. He wakes up to find everyone around him is dead till he finds a little baby girl to take care of, instantly starting his journey to manhood, to become selfless. QUE MUSIC NOW!: "Diamonds in the face crushed up, I can see it, Diamonds in the face crushed up, I can see it, Diamonds in the face crushed up, I can see it" . Might be one of the worst music choices I've ever seen in my life. Its dumb and I hated it so much that I paused to see if anyone else thought the same. Guess not. Guess i'm too picky.


    MattyIce21 because it moved to the present. It's supposed to be like *wow* this is a different era

  67. igor

    here from watchmen🥶🥶

  68. Isaac Bobonis

    Who's here for Watchmen?

  69. Jean Perez

    I miss ya!!

  70. K C


  71. Jordão Fernando

    good song

  72. Jafet Hernandez

    Enjoy :)

  73. Smeargle Smoogal

    He shoulda pushed back the release to October, this is like the perfect nightime album for driving on halloween

  74. Oğuzhan Badaş

    Who's 1.07

  75. ManDogVlog

    Future my Spirit animal.

  76. stéphane REYRE


  77. JH Drummer

    What's the name of the busty model?

    Oğuzhan Badaş

    I'm searching too bro

    JH Drummer

    Let me know if you find out man ;-)

    Oğuzhan Badaş

    @JH Drummer promise u that bro. Be sure 😂😂

  78. Christ Junior Ngoka-Ayeba

    Jésus love you and he wants to give you eternal life but you need the guest sincerely in your heart so that he changes you life I know that this life is hard but I also know that you saras in paradise with me because may God love you.

  79. Omar Leslie Music


  80. way2gud4you _93r

    Am i a wiredo for listening to this and reading a book at the same time

  81. Clapzz- _

    Can I get 200 or 1000 subs pls

  82. ZinqAU.

    Future i thank you. 3 years ago i got in a car accident that left me paralysed. Yesterday i heard this song. I got up . Walked over and turned this off.

  83. mike_g429

  84. Daniel Perez

    The background dancers in yellow are dope

  85. Jxhnny Gxddamn

    This is inspired by WIFISFUNERALS Imvu

    BarsTheHippie TV

    I literally came here because of his story

    Jxhnny Gxddamn

    BarsTheHippie TV yeah same

  86. Fusiongfx

    Baller <3

  87. Destiny Byrd

    All I can say is people shouldn't hate be more trained to the side you'd appreciate at least things could be a bit more great

  88. QuataMillEnt Satisfied

    Worse song you've made wtf going on

  89. Michael Holleeder

    Always the Autotune 😂 fake boy.

  90. Môùkà VéPīRà

    Légende 💪🤙

  91. Caique Gondim

    Still waiting for the metro boomin tag

  92. SU N

    Sounds like crush drug and cash drop!

  93. Joel Dodenhoff

    What the fuck happened to rap? This is some straight up garbage. The flow is like some elementary school kid with an auto-tuner thrown in for effect.

  94. tori the cool producer

    when u drag all after effects presets

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