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Future - Honest

: Honest
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: 27-08-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Future - Honest )
  1. J. P.

    What about a Breakfast Club honest trailer?

  2. Alessio Merchan

    MIIIIIIIIILF 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. PurplePandaGuy 88

    Actually all the movies take place over a couple of days

  4. Jason Kane

    The Rick and Morty was the best comment

  5. Christoph Schneeweiß

    Say: When this week is over Back to the future will play entirely in the Past!

  6. Freedom Fighter

    The continuity of time travel (for the most part) in these movies proves that no one at Marvel ever watched them.

  7. frumT18

    Donald trump 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Yes '

    Hot take here. I think 3 was better than 2.

  9. john christina

    What happened to the second Marty when the first Marty got back from 1955, from the first movie?

  10. Max Goldstein

    He didn't steal nuclear weapons, just plutonium. And not one remark about the incredible coincidence of: 1.Doc Brown first thinking of time travel.2. Marty's parents first meeting. 3. Lightning striking the clock tower.All happening in the same week?

  11. MRPJ1! has been just as long between the release of the first movie and now as it was between Marty's present of 1985 and 1955. Wow...... time flies.......kinda like the Delorean and that train in the 3rd movie.

  12. Keithustus

    Musician cameos? Who the heck are they?


    Huey Lewis


    markmac Thanks, just googled him. May even have heard a song or two outside of the film.

  13. Anderson Dawn

    They literally are Rick and Morty my god

  14. Shoto Todoroki


  15. Dylan Stone

    Maybe he just went 2 one of the multiverses ..... Presence or futures... Or maybe he went to a different Universe's past and change its present...

  16. meh!

    Donald Trump :)

  17. Devon Duran

    Say "Epstein didn't kill himself"

  18. Freddy Thornton

    the visual transition at 2:15 is like.. legit beautiful lol

  19. 51585Pmcc

    Was that kid telling Michael J Fox to suck his...Never noticed it lol

  20. Grand Guru

    My rankings Bttf 9/10 Bttfp2 8/10Bttfp3 7/10 Overall ranking of trilogy 8/10

  21. Calum Reid

    Do an honest trailer for spaceballs!!!

  22. Parrot027 J

    Missed a Elijah Wood-comment in this video, but still fun😉

  23. TWSTF 8

    Haha I still want a hoverboard!! 👍😂🤙Crispin Glover is awesome 😂

  24. Joe Brian1

    the kid was trying to say he needed to pee

  25. Joan Ruiz Jacob

    3:42 JHC

  26. Fauler Perfektionist

    "Stop trolling, Zemeckis."Yeah. He got me with that.

  27. Brain Cube

    The trilogy is great but you shouldn't think about the timelines and the logic too'll drive you insane, trust me, I've been there :)

  28. Harry Sangdern


  29. John RL Martinote

    “Damn it Morty!” Oh! Wrong show.

  30. Pedro Lago

    Twin Peaks

  31. Peek

    Great Scot! They need to be more specific there were quite a few.

  32. MrMekmek29

    This movie inspired End Game

  33. Fawzi Gramajo

    Back to the future II gave me headaches

  34. Fawzi Gramajo

    Say, “Fawzi’s cool”

  35. Furyan Auror

    The repetition was intentional.You people just really don't understand balance and the entire point of the movies

  36. Ricardo Santos

    There is a back to the future 4. But the story is in a game not a movie.

  37. PatheticSubset

    Do Gremlins!

  38. NastyKhan

    2:47 Never seen that before...

  39. RainbowSongbird

    Please do "True Lies" and Spaceballs"!

  40. Christian Alfred Garcia

    0:57 that's actually the formula, and it worked. And it was fun OKAY?

  41. tyr odr

    Do tanya harding Olympics.

  42. MR Esotericana

    WTF is the deal with that kid? What sick director was like "OK kid in this scene we're going to do a take that isn't on the "script", where you slightly summon Marty to you're crotch, in a suggestive undertone!, And ACTION! " 😨

    Jason Wrenn

    he had to use the bathroom. its been discussed in other videos

    MR Esotericana

    @Jason Wrenn Oh Kay. ...Why wouldn't they do tge take again? After all the money spent doesn't sound like much of an ask!

  43. Tommy von Muttonfudge

    I want those power laces Nikes.Also a hoverboard.

  44. keyman 66

    I was waiting for you to say, "Isn't he a dreamboat?", in your announcer voice, haha! Missed opportunity!

  45. Shaun R

    I never noticed that kid in the third one before lol 😂 what’s he doing hahahaha

  46. Toni Pajamas

    How rick and Marty was made

  47. Vamsi krishna Bodaballa

    Memento pls ....

  48. Dominic Sabol

    Say it's time to kick ass a d chew bubblegum and I'm all out of gum.

  49. Leonard Green Jr.

    "So Back to the Future is a bunch of bullshit?"-Scott Lang

  50. The History Critic Guy

    Back the Future: I loved it great film and that’s the power of love Back to the Future Part II: Eh liked the first 15 mins and the rest is ok that he power of like?Back to the Future: watched like 10 mins of it and got bored that’s the power of sleep

  51. John Ktejik

    Lol clockblocked

  52. Fluxmux

    I saw a documentary about a good guy, getting bullied, growing up, becoming friends with the bully.. avoiding war because of reasons the bully didn't get and died, the good guy grew old and even suffered a stroke going there, AND waaay out into the future... What didn't I learn, winners cost losers wasen't one of them!

  53. Sharal 3D

    rick and morty :D lmfao :D

  54. hussain ali

    Rick and morty origins XD

  55. OKHomoRose

    I detest and loathe the "Back to the Future" films.

  56. The Hooligans

    Do the moon landing!

  57. The Great Hambino

    You know, the eighties nostalgia is a bit of chicken and egg thing. One could argue that BTTF is responsible for the trend.

  58. Rose Crow

    I must not be the only one who thinks we are in the dystopian future where biff wins it all by cheating and being a bully!!!$ alternate time lines..........but where was the break?

  59. Jonas Møter

    Say “Gordon Ramsay hates that”

  60. Ginger Rob

    Honest Trailers and Cinema Sins - Ruining classics since whenever you started watching them! 😆

  61. Kitty Girl54321

    Is Back to the Future still good even though Avengers: Endgame proved the concept of these three movies is bullsh*t?

  62. Buddah Kris

    Can't believe I forgot to comment this, but Mad Dog calls him "yella" not chicken.. js

  63. Chucky McNubbin

    If you think Lea Thompson was hot in BTTF, you really should check out Howard the Duck. Choice! 😁 😜


    and in Jaws 3.

  64. SoulSurvivor17

    All this shit was ok cause it was the 80's.. so shut up :)

  65. J B

    the repeative nature of the films was caught by my 7 year old, who thought it was funny..

  66. Shadow Spector

    3:23Don't do that.Don't give me hope.

  67. Mark J

    Vice Principal Strickland at Hill Valley High School: "You're a slacker, McFly"Vice Principal Strickland on the aircraft carrier: "You're a slacker, Maverick"Vice Principal Strickland helping the gang in Masters of The Universe: "You're a slacker, He-Man!"

  68. David Miles

    This is great. I’m old enough that I went to HS with Wendy Jo. She actually is a good actor.

  69. Beardy McShades

    I always loved how little sense this movie's interpretation of time travel made, but the movie was so good that you don't even care about that.

  70. Muntasir Monir

    Make honest trailer on Shawshank redemption and godfather


    of course the Delorean doesnt work, it was made in Ireland

  72. Isaac Wale

    All awesome movies...

  73. Chaz Smith

    clock-blocked, clever

  74. Eternaldarkness3166

    I've stopped trying to analyze time travel movies a long time ago.

  75. Timbo365


  76. George George

    totally makes me want rewatch them all over again

  77. George George

    @ 1:28 my head started mind fk

  78. SouthstanderRSM

    “Your not thing fourth dimensionally“. In part one it took over. Week for Marty to begin disappear, though he should have once stopped his parents from falling in love. It took time for this ripple effect to happen. So the Doc of the future that was in the past did not have time for the ripple effect to reach him. This is how 2015 Biff could return to the same future he came from not the alternate future the skewed of the main timeline. This is also why Doc says, “It means your future is not written yet, know one is.”. The logic hold up.

  79. danny Torres

    Go watch John mulany back to the future

  80. gerlach1025

    The shallow gene pool joke got me.

  81. Hemmy

    And then when you do the research and it turns out the time travel they did was wrong...

  82. Jonathan Teuma

    Do the GoT finale!!!

  83. Marc Meng

    Wait you said Biff was Donald Trump, and in the present day Trump is the President, Holy sh*t we're in the wrong present day...

  84. Angel Monroy

    The Honest Trailer of Dungeons and Dragons 2000

  85. stART - Alexandra Samsarelou


  86. British Human

    The fact they keep repeating themselves is the joke- they were deliberately written like that.also, what the hell was that kid doing.

  87. Kitty Girl54321

    And Endgame proved that the concept of these movies was BS.

  88. JoNatHan K

    Do not do Looper movie if you hate time travel.

  89. Wes Prang

    I start in the middle. Then went back to the beginning. Then to the end. Then to the land before time.Then I just make like a tree and leave, because only 2 weeks passed, and it was way too heavy!

  90. ShinyRayquaza9

    they actually didn't want to make a sequel, the ending of the first one was a joke

  91. a_esthetic _420

    What the fuck....That kid is Hella creepy

  92. Caleb De Keyser

    Hey, that's Billy Zane


    But honestly, Chicken McFly did well , i enjoyed these movies alot

  94. De'ante Johnson

    Rick and Morty, Donald Trump and the Three Stooges.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  95. AdamG1983

    "Hill Valley....which is the best of the Universal Studio backlots"

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