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Ed Sheeran - Shirtsleeves

: Shirtsleeves
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: 06-08-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ed Sheeran - Shirtsleeves )
  1. bjark

    a banger

  2. S Mahbub

    So underrated. -.-

  3. Mia Merritt

    This reminds me of the titanic idky lol

  4. xxAbbyxx

    2019 anyone?

  5. annazhv

    underated song

  6. Lea Mehers

    This song is way underrated it's way better than shape of you

  7. satter asher

    This reminds me of my crush.. I’m going to ask her on Thursday, she’ll prob say no...

    Cole Nicholson

    Kait Satter how'd it go champ?

  8. Ben Richardson

    This song reminds me of titanic when it sank

  9. Argon G


  10. Raphaela Sales

    Encontrei a trilha sonora da minha vida❤️

  11. S Mahbub

    WHY SO UNDERRATED 😒However this song is a bop. No doubt.

  12. Shamayim Maruko


  13. SheerblU

    This song sounds like Loose Change era.

  14. Alicja Lenart

    bardzo mi się podoba

  15. Lisa

    I just love Ed. 😍

  16. Murat Youtubda

    Sweet ginget

  17. sarah Osman

    Oh yes ❤️❤️

  18. ToaNyroc

    lol james brown sample

  19. Neli Rifat

    I was reading a book and someone mentioned this song! It's lovely!

  20. The Musicaian

    I had a thought when I was listening to this.This is life.Everything we do, it changes it changes everything.But this. this can never be forgotten

  21. Akagami no Shanks

    I'm drowning in the oceans ur made..

  22. Tabitha Castaneda

    I love you hamburger

  23. Jonathan Gough

    Who's here because of all over me on wattpad muke

  24. Batman

    This really reminds me of his 2010-2011 EPs, with the electric guitar arps and soft vocal harmonies. Lovely track.

  25. Derik Bandad

    *Anchored down your throat

  26. musicmojo100

    Omg. This is great and Gud vocals too. 👀😱😱😱👀

  27. ej estobo

    nice song

  28. Squarehead Baggins

    His voice is so beautiful. This song makes me want to fall in love again

  29. Jessica Gonzalez

    i lied, i tried to cry but I'm drowning in the oceans you made.....

  30. Jesse Tuominen

    Two artists are best. Ed Sheeran & One Direction.

  31. wiwit wiwit

    ini lagu bagus bgt tapi underrated :(

  32. James Merritt

    it reminds me of titanic idk why

  33. katelyn dickinson

    Ed sheeran has always been a huge inspiration to me and I've always been able to let his songs and his words take me away and move me and I worked a ton to be able to buy myself a ticket to see him on the 15th. I'm so excited! My mom was telling me I'd be bored cause he would just sing and not dance and stuff and I was like are you kidding i just want to hear him sing is beautiful songs. I'm turning 14 on the 6th and honestly I kind of forgot about it sense I've been counting down the days till the concert. Thank you ed!💛

  34. Robbi Razal

    this reminds me of good times

  35. Otanis Guzman

    For some weird reason this song reminds me of the Orlando shooting :(

  36. Jocelyn D'Ambroso-King

    you are my only insperation

  37. Jocelyn D'Ambroso-King

    ed yesssssssssssss i love you

  38. settler eon

    R.I.P. CLYDE STUBBLEFIELD - sadly no credit for this song.

  39. Ketan Gibbons


  40. Ross Singleton

    my little beans song my baby is in heaven we will meet one day live you little baby

  41. Cloudy Punk

    Ao Haru Ride is the reason why I am so obsessed to this song

  42. Ksenija Jemensek


  43. mandy storan

    why i crying with this 😭😭😭

  44. Chiliheatwave dorito Girl

    I'm taking my anger out on YouTube by telling my story. On the 14th of June I was at school. This boy was stood in front of me waiting to get his work checked and I was working. The boy I was sat next too told me to draw on the boy who was stood in front of me. He said " draw a smiley face on his jumper" me being me, I did it. The boy told the teacher and the teacher was like " who drew this? I want a name at break time!" My teacher forgot about it but then my BEST FRIEND said " what about the jumper situation?" I admitted to it and got into SOOO much trouble. The boy who I drew on thought it was funny. Never again....

  45. nicky anne nasution

    love this song.



  47. paul Monkey boy

    ed sheeran will be one of the greats, if not already

  48. Nagham Saad

    Sooo touching 😭😭😭

  49. mitja klinc

    Amazing song,,,

  50. Gladys Perez

    Friendzone :(

    Gladys Perez

    Lisa- xoxo Well I wasn't in the friendzone, he was. And then he got a girlfriend... And then that girlfriend got jealous of me... and then SHE started talking all nice and lovely with another guy so he got jealous obviously and they both agreed on eliminating the person the other was jealous about... So he stopped talking to me and blocked me in everything. 😪😪😪

    Lisa Katzenschläger

    Gladys Styles: Omg, that sounds really sad😢 Losing somebody you love hurts so bad, even if you're just friends. I know that feeling, and it sucks😧 Having a guy best friend is not always easy, but sometimes when you're sad, and you think, you'll never smile again, and then he makes you happy again, you know having a guy best friend is the best thing ever. And losing such an important person really hurts.😢 I'm very sorry for you😣

    Luis Suárez

    misguided ghost well people really suffer when they are in the friendzone. I was once and is the worst, but at the end we started to date and now we don’t even talk. Later other girl had a crush on me and I talked to her and told her I was never going to feel anything for her so we decide to break our friendship because she was suffering. We should talk to people who are in our friendzone and end the friendship because it sucks!

  51. miriam

    i'm in love with this song

  52. Cheyenne Bonnick

    2:00 - 2:09 should have been the whole song. Best part <3

    rikka nijirou

    mine too its the best part

    Raina Oliver

    yessss my fave too

    Raina Oliver

    yessss my fave too

    Guil Markines

    same.. i couldnt forget even it has been years since this was released

    Alejandro Delgado

    I have just rediscovered this song because of that part😂

  53. Jo-Leigh Elisabeth

    Is this about titanic lol

  54. Hannah Horton

    which album of Ed's is this song?

    Jess Video stars

    X deluxe edition

  55. G Coyne

    Great song but very similar to "Drunk"

    Scarlet Rose

    I mean there both his songs so

  56. CRRR

    "I'll wipe my foreskin under your eyes"


    Omfg xD Can you just... Just leave now


    +CRRR  hahahhahaaha lol of damn I can't with you hahahahahahaha... "your eyes, your lips, your thighs" bhahahahha day made \o/

    Arctic Melody

    Ahw Gawd nooo xD xD xD xD you sir, just made my day ^^

    Marnie Pagan

    i hate you

    donski. baloega

    Was totally in the crying mood and than saw thus comment and it ruined it though😂😌

  57. Angela

    i love that part "i'm drowning in the oceans you made" in 2:20 *-*

  58. Hanna Martin

    It always blows my mind at how uniquely and humanly ed sheeran crafts the lyrics to his songs.

    Ksenija Jemensek

    Mine too.

  59. Kat Polanco

    Is it just me or is this video/song going slower than usual

  60. Eleutheromania

    is this song from the multiply X album? because when I look up a tracklist of the album, this song is not in the list.

    kathe carabali

    @TheRedCuber it's from the deluxe edition of 'X

    Ksenija Jemensek

    Yeah, I've got it. There is also the song EVEN MY DAD DOES SOMETIMES.

  61. Maria

    this is my favorite ed song, its so underrated compared to most of his other songs.

    Tyler Knight

    Soooo true

    Caryl Jannie Lazo

    This is my fave one in this album 💙💙

  62. Ruthimiel H S

    this song is just too good, it isn't fair.

  63. Fina Bee

    I woke up to this song playing on pandora this morning and oh my GAWD I think we all know that he has the best voice to wake up to.

  64. Lexah Frees

    This song just makes me so happy. Ed makes me so happy. Sometimes my family is like "those lyrics are stupid" but I love them because I know they come straight from him and his beautiful heart. His work is always excellent. I love him. 💕💕💕

  65. Loki

    Ok seriously, can Ed even make a bad song? They're all so damn awesome!!

  66. Kenya Lanay

    I need a ed

  67. m1chellexu


  68. Wish Swan

    Like if Ed Sheeran is your fav singer

    Alejandra De Miguel

    Wish Swan he is the best singer in the world❤❤❤

    Hey I'm Lilz

    No hes not jess glinne is ill be there for you is my favorate hes my 3 favoroute singer 🙄🙄🙄


    He isn't singer tbh He's a Songwriter with an amazing voice ;)

  69. Manuel Carrillo Moreno

    Im' so un love <3

  70. meow

    Um, Ed... I don't think it's necessary to wipe thighs with shirtsleeves. Really, you could just used a towel. XD :) <3

  71. Pedro Anacleto

    You've got the respect of the world Ed. Congratulations.

  72. baby gimbap

    He is a monster <3 a lovable monster ahaha xD

  73. xxLittle Redxx

    I swear to God, Ed Sheeran is the most amazing singer, songwriter, and guitar player I've ever heard ❤️ I can't stop listening to his music he's my inspiration to do better in life and believe that you can do anything as long as you push yourself. I love you Ed Sheeran!! (:


    +Clark Anthony Dacoco Yeah... like 'and'.

    nicky anne nasution

    yeah... I agreed.

    Ksenija Jemensek


    Artigone _

    xxLittle Redxx i think i am a bad person because sometimes i like to gossip with my best friends people. I am not 2 faced.

  74. Kate Suková

    Love this song <3

  75. Stefanie Jones

    2:19..<3 My favorite. Such emotion there.

  76. One Little Grand Ed Fan

    Dumb question but What does this song mean

  77. Bart

    By far my favorite.

  78. Dania Sierra


  79. chillmills

    Kinda reminds me of sofa

  80. francesca campione

    E' stupenda....

  81. ava

    one of my favorites on the album!! bloodstream is fantastic too, along with even my dad does sometimes

  82. Maisie Gillett

    <3 can't express my love enough for this beautiful Ginger Man! GINGERS UNITE!

    Jo Jo

    I agree! I have dated mostly gingers and my current boyfriend is a ginger. People say I have a type.... I don't see it. xD

  83. Dayana Torres

    ¿A alguien más le parece que el comienzo suena un poco como a Kiss Me?.-.

  84. Ourlifestory x

    I love this songI love this songI love this songYeahI love this song:)

  85. Keirins

    Wow, really good lyrics video. Nicely done :). I don't know is nicely is even a word, but yeah, now it is.

    Ourlifestory x

    It is :)


    @Keirins thanks! :)

    scientific bunnies

    Yea it is a word

  86. Liza Glover


  87. Liza Glover


  88. eenayeah

    I really feel like I'm in the ocean when I hear this song..

  89. Louis Tomlinson

    Oh. Bravo, Ed. Another reason to cry myself to sleep.. Thanks.

  90. kavya shah

    I think i broke the replay button

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