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Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

Shape of You
: Shape of You
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: 06-08-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ed Sheeran - Shape of You )
  1. bambang syeilendra

    Indonesia 2019 mana suaranya° ✌😂

  2. Bijit Debbarma

    It my favourite song

  3. Иван Богомолов

    "Hey, dude"??? Really, Ed?

  4. Stefania Maria

    November 2019?

  5. MLW Løñëłÿ

    Bruh i love singers like him where he sounds the same from the music video/audio. I just love singers who don't use autotune lol

  6. bad ninja

    best ever

  7. Рамазан Рахматбаев

    Foo rev and toys have got a lot more valuable than their own hands and their best friends are diurnal and four of the most well worn out 2feet songs that have got a lot of people in class on the desks of their own in my best friend and toys for my best friends to give me their own time for the holidays and toys and stuff I can get up on the weekends or to others to others to find a way for the family to others and toys for their own family or friends and toys and for the kids who have to others for their own life or death and their own life has got a big head on landing the show that has been a traditional costume from the beginning of light and repeat this season with the desks that are here and toys for you and you can be quiet and repeat that you will never forget that the desks were made of a traditional style that you would like a traditional wedding gift or hh hggg you are looking forward looking to make it out as you get the idea!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Người Vân Kiều Bru

    Please help me quickly achieve 2000 YouTube registrations

  9. Romanian God

    100% ugly100% conservative100% fag100% FB

  10. Agues Setiawan

    I like this 👏👏🇮🇩

  11. ふぇりす


  12. ZORG 777

    Hello everyone))) I invite you to my channel with very good music and nice animation))) Thank you all))))

  13. ctump1995 nguyendaonhatminh

    May once you come to Vietnam? Once pls. I want to listen this beat by my own ears. <3

  14. Surya Manandhar

    am i only the one who thinks the crowd should sing louder!!😇

  15. Tiranuwat gz


  16. Action Hero

    His voice is better than every one in live.

  17. Achin Sharma

    India loves ed sheeran.....jai shri ram.....

  18. al amin

    Crowd looks like a group of zombies without crazyness

  19. Rai Pradeep


  20. Panchal Parth

    Crowde is filled with zombies 😂

  21. 。CHERRYさん

    I have his CD 🎵💿💽

  22. geetha adari

    That is super

  23. Manorath Pokhriyal

  24. Poison_vfx

    He is a genious

  25. Muhamedmuta Akyuz

    Türk yok mu lan ??

  26. MoJumder EnterTainments

    One man army..👌

  27. Phúc Hiếu

    marvelous <3

  28. Ranjana Chaubey

    Very best song shape of you

  29. Shahraz Hussian

    Ed sing like my brother

  30. Rivlan Roger

    This song energizes me in an incredible way 😁

  31. Kazu T


  32. Caitlin

    Ed Sheeran kinda look like Dean Ambrose from WWE 😙

  33. Vikas

    I just love how the song starts...

  34. Pakyu Ka

    Am i the one who miss songs of ed sheeran? :(

  35. ガオラーC.H.R

    Shape of you is famous in Japan!This song is very good rhythmically so I like it !

  36. Raj Fatehpuria

  37. Raj Fatehpuria👑👑👑👑👑👑👒👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  38. Sigil of lucifer

    He sucks

  39. Nabil Leps

    احبك من كل قلبي

  40. Nabil Leps

    انه اجمل مغني عرفته 💑

  41. Nabil Leps

    اجمل اغنية على الاطلاق

  42. Nabil Leps

    Good and sweet

  43. DK's noob gaming

    1 like for Ed Sheeran's guitar skills👇👇👇👇


    Great 🧃🧃

  45. Banshi Singh

    Who like Ed Sheeran like ❤ and Justin Bieber comment and write just r

    Anirban Mondal

    Both of them

    Ayush Agrawal

    Like or comment option! How this is justified . R u crazy or mad

  46. Seda Çamlı

    He is amazing..

  47. Kevin Hendryan

    Ron Weasley

  48. HammerBann

    0:19 what is he playing on the synth??:D

  49. Manoj Kulaste

    Nice song like karo

    Meliodas Sama

    Ni karna bhikhari mc

  50. -만나

    진짜 멋있다.

  51. 코미키


  52. Md.Mehedi Hossain

    So hot song Boss

  53. Veerababu Veeru

    Same to same Dean Ambrose face cut

  54. D7eem - دحوم

    Dean Ambrose 😂😂

  55. Ripstik master

    Dead crowd


    i lovea yo u

  57. unknown gamer

    His like a bit of a dark place for him me to too much trouble with him his life first thing to do with is his life as in his a lot less of work and his it his it

  58. Mr. Sundar


  59. Theiva Ishaan


  60. Zoha Ayaz

    2019 October........Anyone?Nope, *just me*

    Mr JellyBean

    It's 3019 over here. And yes we're still listening

    DOCTOR cs

    He he🤓

  61. Kenneth Lai


  62. 김민혁

    Come to korea

  63. Sam

    The starting of this performance really amazed me, the way he played the beats ♥️♥️♥️

  64. زيدان قرمان

    رائع جدا

  65. docteur Majid

    Most talentued artist

  66. Karlos Sihombing

    2019 likee

  67. Musafir Free bird

    90's and 2000 Crowd is dope af nowadays people are boring af...

  68. SANDEEP Saini

    I miss these years

  69. 윤성목


  70. 윤성목


  71. 윤성목


  72. 윤성목


  73. rakeshsharma Bulla

    One more song please

  74. Tung Do

    very good

  75. 爽健麦茶/SokenMugicha

    I am Japanese.His sing and voice in the live is better than recorded it.In japan,Like it singer are not many.I like him and this sing. Does what I have written make sense?

  76. Hasib Zihad

    He is Dern amrools

  77. Anik Paul

    He is looking like Dean Ambrose 😁

  78. tadc Bong

    Cambodia🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭 love

  79. sheikh Shakil's Imaginary Diary

    awsome singer just love this song

  80. Shafa Fathima

    From hyd please hyderabadi give like kirrak

  81. ไม่มีก็ขอ ไม่พอก็บอก


  82. TheHunter171.

    Justin =LikeEd sheeran= comment I made it opposite because that you guys are lazy or not

  83. さとう佐藤


  84. shdjj hsjdjd

    Ai mamunvia

  85. shdjj hsjdjd


  86. Anaz George

    1:36 someone just came in the camera🧐👀

  87. Rafe Muaz Ridwan Sinam


  88. Raghu Dhand

    0:17He Knew that reactionWith a clever smile

    Shravani Khamkar

    I love him so much❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍#SHEERIO

  89. m. mache

    See you in 45 minutes thank you mo?

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