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Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud
: Thinking Out Loud
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: 06-08-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud )
  1. 3ly jade89

    Stunning :)

  2. Putri MSuryadi

    Benicio 🙆‍♀️💓

  3. Ana Becker

    Wer hat das Battle eig gewonnen?

  4. 黃仕虎

    the boy kill it

  5. sophia Lima

    Quem fala portugues da lake

  6. Lisa Smooky

    Wer ist eigtl weitergekommen ?

  7. Hunger Strike

    His vibrato is not natural, observe how he shakes that head to create sustain. 👎

  8. luciano ok

    Soy el único Argentino 🇦🇷 Qué mira esto?

  9. LORENZO Rosati

    Ym from itali y love 😍 america ❤️

  10. Нурлан М

    У пацана фантастический голос!

  11. lorghans nikki

    OMG! I can't believe this is exactly Benicio, he was in finals in Agt 2019...Wow someone tell me, is this a battle or a collabo?

  12. Baby Sun

    2019? anyway, what is the name of the last song?

    Mary n

    Baby Sun thinking out loud

    Như Hảo Hồ Văn

    I think it's In The Blue - Kelly Clarkson

    Baby Sun

    @Như Hảo Hồ Văn yesss, it is. thank u so much 😄😄

  13. Beatriz Santos

    Besim me apaixonei pela sua voz.A voz das meninas é linda. Mas cara Besim tua voz é relaxante linda calma e incrivel

  14. Severin Wittenzellner

    Wer is hier deutsch?

  15. Inez Drews

    Maxima war am besten😊

  16. •Schattiger• [GbB]

    Deutsch? xd

  17. amber dmesman

    Amber love you xxx

  18. Ameya Kadu

    Why had he to say " Habba" or "Howabout" or what ever the fuck he said!Couldn't he just keep quiet

  19. Had Djire

    C'est pas mal du tout the voice Germany

  20. Girlie Holt

    Love that moment when Diana and Maxima hugged Beni... sooo cute!! Can’t see Beni anymore! His voice is the sweetest like an Angel!

  21. IthanGames Vlogs


  22. Mara P

    OMG they all are good

  23. Viska Widianti


  24. Viska Widianti


  25. Marie Renée Hoarau

    Bénicio 😍

  26. Etienne TREBALAG

    Génial !!!!!

  27. Tube Legendary 5 ปีที่ผ่านมา

    3:07 what the name of the song 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😵😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  28. camm perez


    ashannie reaction

    Even i love johnny yay!!

  29. Jeremiah Mourner

    Hey guys, seriously now, is Benicio's talent from another planet or what? He can sing ANYTHING!! I can't stop listening to him!!!

  30. Cami Walker

    Lol I hope he comes back soon though 😂 I was surprised when I found out that Benicio went to my school (they announce him on the morning announcements almost every morning) it's really cool that he got on The voice kids and Americas got talent

  31. parfume aigner

    i love you benicio


    She said “daddy come here” 1:46


    but they are the same age

  33. Antitrust anonyme

    1min 09, this is the daughter of scarlett johansson or BILLIE EILISH SISTER lol

  34. anjo azul

    Sou brasileiro, mais estes jovens tem um imenso dom de Deus, perfeito linda música e linda voz, perfeito perfeito que Deus abençoes cada um de vocês, forte abraço do ***ANJO_AZUL_JP***

  35. Jennylee Jacob

    Gänsehaut pur😍❤😭

  36. Sonny Wolf

    I heard JB song I just skip, just don't like fruity

  37. Sumonta Thongrak

    OMG!! I am fall in love with Benicio right now.

    Inomnia Paratus

    Literally everyone 😅

  38. JerusalemGirl

    Benicio Beautiful Cute Boy😘😍

  39. • Echo •

    The girl with dark hair is the best I think

  40. rose pp

    came here because of agt. beni reminds me of harry styles.


    Als er die Mädchen zu sich zieht 😂

  42. Lauren Wongjaya

    benicio grew up so fast just within a year🙂

  43. Nader CR

    Amazing 🤩

  44. fathel hamzah

    You can watch arabic the voice same song perfect

  45. johnny john

    I think the boy I show him in X Factor

  46. Ron

    They are ALL amazing!

  47. Larissa Vitoria


  48. Stephanie Hart

    HOW did Benecio not win this whole thing!

  49. 宮城リョータ


  50. Judy Schroffel

    That was just a great performance. Benicio.....awesome young man! And her voice and passion!

  51. Qyqylala Qila

    Such a great voice ✨

  52. Naeemah. World

    The first girl who started singing isnt as strong as a singer as the other ones

    Lynn Keeling

    Has a lovely timbre to her voice tho. Hope she has a great career.

    Naeemah. World

    @Lynn Keeling yes she does

  53. Джамшид Анваров

    Omg wow wow wow I love Benicio

  54. Eymy criss

    Voto por el niño me encanta su voss

  55. belle romualdez

    Benicio is amazing

  56. Wayne Sanchez

    Ok obviously all three can sing. HOWEVER, Dianna STOLE this sing off with the CRY in her voice! That's what differentiates her, elevates her voice against the others.

    Itss Forty

    Benicio was far above the others in this ...

  57. A B

    These harmonies tho....

  58. bible time with sarah

    I watched this video 3 times and I watching Americans got talent and Benicio was on it but I didn't recognize him till he said he was on the voice kids but his voice matured alot

  59. Luan Scussiatto

    só o único brasileiro assistindo isso ? kskksks

  60. Azul Azul

    Nobody Idiots: 2019?

  61. Die Nini

    Wenn man denkt dass das noch Kinder sind, haben sie echt eine supertolle Stimme. ❤❤❤❤😍

  62. Muntazir Music

    who knows benecio from agt?!

  63. yasmine mimi

    1:11😨😨😨 that feelings 😍

  64. Anaalice Miranda

    benicio is the besttttt

  65. Dreamcatcher 1205

    He grew up soo much in just 1 year

    Sharon Anna Mathew

    Ikr?!exactly what I was thinking

  66. President Jooniee

    Who won the battle

  67. Stay Nyarko

    Ich finde maxima ist die beste💖😅

  68. Ethan Weisman


  69. José Kelton Sousa

    Melhor foi a cara da maxina pro Benicio 1:40

  70. Ramaya R

    Better than original 😭😭

  71. Mayra Flores

    Alguien me podría decir quién pasó (?). Espero que Benicio): realmente me encantó.

  72. Ramaya R

    When benicio stepped out that chair it was like > 👩‍👩‍👦






    Ramaya R OMG 😂😂😂😂

    little cat



    i dont get it

  73. Ramaya R

    After 2:20 I swear there little parts it went down 😭😂

  74. Thoudam Korou


  75. Narcisz Marosi

    1benicio2 Diana3 maxima

  76. Helena Nazareth Ferreira Da Silva

    Diana and Benicio

  77. Ari McGarden

    Benicio is like V from BTS, cute baby face but deep af voice soo good

  78. Alex Esteban

    So who won the battle?

  79. Usuario De google


  80. P0is0nPanCake

    Wer hat gewonnen?

  81. V D

    I knew I saw him somewhere else before !!

  82. random stanger


  83. S P

    Why did they change his look 😒

  84. Angi

    When your legs don't work like they used to beforeAnd I can't sweep you off of your feetWill your mouth still remember the taste of my loveWill your eyes still smile from your cheeksAnd darling I will be loving you 'til we're 70And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious waysMaybe just the touch of a handOh me I fall in love with you every single dayAnd I just wanna tell you I amSo honey nowTake me into your loving armsKiss me under the light of a thousand starsPlace your head on my beating heartI'm thinking out loudMaybe we found love right where we areWhen my hair's all but gone and my memory fadesAnd the crowds don't remember my nameWhen my hands don't play the strings the same way, mmI know you will still love me the same'Cause honey your soul can never grow old, it's evergreenBaby your smile's forever in my mind and memoryI'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious waysMaybe it's all part of a planI'll just keep on making the same mistakesHoping that you'll understandBut baby nowTake me into your loving armsKiss me under the light of a thousand starsPlace your head on my beating heartI'm thinking out loudThat maybe we found love right where we are, ohSo baby nowTake me into your loving armsKiss me under the light of a thousand starsOh darling, place your head on my beating heartI'm thinking out loudThat maybe we found love right where we areOh maybe we found love right where we areAnd we found love right where we are

  85. Ice Snow

    Ohh myy God Benicio is super cute oh so handsome

  86. Life with Kiana

    They sound better when they sang together

  87. Kat Allen

    1 59....tWeNnY fReE

  88. Retesha ally

    Diana and benico is the best

  89. SSPark 101

    Benicio was the only one that sounded good!

  90. Viliame Nauarua

    One of my best audition. Their young vocal fits nicely into the lyrics. Ed sheeran will be very proud of this kids who made his songs more favourites to the world.👍👍👍

  91. Caroline Manyala

    Benicio 💗💗💗💗

  92. Viliame Nauarua

    Well combined to a great trio. Love them all and just imagine when they're two years from now

  93. Irina Covaciu

    I’m just here for benicco

  94. Firehorse

    When you know benicio at 14 and see him here. 😂😂so tiny

    abccdefg hjklmn

    Firehorse it’s only one year apart

  95. Faith Lamah

    I wonder who won

    Lilia Medvedyeva

    Benicio (boy)

  96. samika gosai

    Aww Benicio.. I love you

  97. Heenna Mennalee Dumayas

    AGT got me here

  98. Gizelle Estrada

    Boy won

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