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Avicii - For A Better Day

For A Better Day
: For A Better Day
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: 27-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Avicii - For A Better Day )
  1. 한승훈

    I am waiting for avicii for a better day

  2. swole Bunyan


  3. Picket Furret

    Aint NOMAPs where they're going

  4. npgSymboL

    A Chris Cornell videos comment section brought me here. Apparently he was working on exposing a pedophile ring before he died. Abit off topic but prince was also killed as his pain med pills were counterfeit, laced with fentanyl and sourced for him

  5. Kevin Fucking Spacey

    Avicii was murdered just like Marylin Monroe, Pier Pasolini, 2Pac, etc.

  6. jesse van t pad

    The clip in the end is so dark. It really stirs you awake of what's going on

  7. A Big Guy

    11/3 👀 keep an ear out.

  8. P S

    Thank you Avicii, thank you director, producers, actors, script writer, cinematographers thank you to the entire crew for making this video. Wish it would have ended with text info about child trafficking

  9. Branden S.

    Most of the elite, especially many democratic politicians are pedophiles. It's becoming more and more known. They can't contain this information forever.

  10. Rice God

    They murked him

  11. alejandro jaime

    por este video lo mataron

  12. endsss

    By instinct, you are supposed to be protective of children and teenagers. But whatever fucked up these peoples minds, caused them to have sexual intentions.

  13. grenyerver riveros

    Alguien sabe que es lo que le dejan marcado en la espalda al final???No logro entenderlo, Gracias

    Viviendo en la Gracia

    Dice "Pedofilia"

  14. Direct Dec

    Tik toc don’t you dare lay fingers on this beauty

  15. Yeo Rafael

    Although I came in late, I still love his music and will never stop listening to his music

  16. Esteban 52151

    Let's Hurt tonight melody

  17. Greggs Rolls

    I wonder how many people told him not to turn the lyrics into a song for his own good

  18. Alex Rakusiewicz

    They are actors..

  19. Balázs Tóth

    Fckin Hungary... almost reality, without chance of any happy ending

  20. Toby Whitehead

    This comment section tho gud song like

  21. Dennisysj

    69 million viewsPerfection

  22. Johannes Von Volker


  23. IIlIIIllI lIIlIlIlI

    스트리트 푸드 파이터 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  24. Dylan arx

    Rip avicii

  25. punipwni


  26. Tiffani Van Dorn

    We will never stop telling your story!!!! 💖✨

  27. ati421

    1:27 magyar rendszám befigyel

  28. R.I.P Avicii

    R.I.P Avicii :(😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😔😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭☹☹☹☹☹☹😪😪😪😪😪

  29. Esmeralda Funes

    La letra de está cancion me parte el corazón al imaginar lo que pasan todos estos pequeños niños que aon abusados por pedófilos y nadie hace nada, Avicci las mejores canciones.

  30. FaZe Moon

    This Content must be deleted!

  31. Laupa

    Onta el piola q habla spanish ndeah

  32. Жека Везунчик

    Я люблю подрачивать

  33. dofre do

    Ça vous dit ?J ai une Opel kadett ...🚗

  34. cidilec

    Horrible rien a faire en tt pubic

  35. Corrine Winchell

    The two kids didn't deserve that so badly and sad

  36. Ashley R

    👋🏼, would someone please tell me what word is burned into the pedophile’s back at the end of the video? It’s the only time it’s shown up close and I’m embarrassed that I still can’t tell exactly what it says! 😬


    im trying to figure it out as well. im thinking maybe says pedophile in a different language? i cant make out some of the letters

    Ashley R

    havehope24 I know, I can’t make out some of the letters either and it’s _so_ frustrating! 😑 Let me know if you figure it out, please and I’ll do the same. Thanks! 😊

  37. Jack 503 Jack

    for a better day : )

  38. Ed Gein

    Aviici and Jeff Epstein both committed suicide. That's the official truth and if you say otherwise you will be depersoned.

  39. bheki syc nkomo

    69 mil views Nice

  40. Klarem Fabiano VELÁSQUEZ ANTÓN

    *AVICII**Hey Brother*Now I have to go on and live *Without You*I didn´t know I was *Addicted to you**The Days* and *The Nights* since you´ve passed away have been hardI´m still *Waiting for Love* and *For a better day*So *Wake me up* when it´s all over…*You make me* a better personAllways *Gonne Love Ya*Than *X You* Avicii❤️◢◤Psdt: This is the original comment, I remember that I wrote on April 24, 2018. After the death of Avicii. I do not see this as a reason for them to like me but as an honor to one of the best DJs there was and there will be

  41. Biometrix 21

    1:58 Is that Robert Smigel on the left??

  42. 「Milky _Studio's」

    this came up in my music list. at first I didn't get it. then I watched the video and read some of the comment. I don't know who this person is but people are saying he was murdered so r.i.p.

  43. Vladislav Morari

    That Epstein thing is topical isnt it

  44. pahvalrehljkov

    this is prob only song from avicii i really like =)

  45. dpav44

    Those who know cannot sleep. JUSTICE for the children is coming

  46. Alex 7

    69 mil. views

  47. Gaming Hub

    Lets give his channel 100 million subs!!!

  48. This is Patrick

    Jeffrey Epstein, the pedo dude who threatened to testify against the pedo ring he was a part of also died from suicide. Coincidence?Probably, but talk about uncanny coincidences.

  49. Daniel K

    He really was a good guy. Telling people something with this videoclip. RIP Avicii

  50. Lingeshan Yoga

    Paedophiles should be shot by firing squad.

  51. Arif Akyuz

    Avicii of all people would be caught up in this pedo conspiracy? Damn, imagine my shock.

  52. Truth Hurts

    It seems that Avicii was a pedophile himself, that’s the reason for his suicide. Often pedophiles look upon themselves in this perspective. The purpose being an almost subconscious ideology where are with the opposing side.

    Braydon Bell

    Do you have any evidence to back that up?

  53. Neil Murphy

    Avicii is like Donnagh hickey theres something special about them no one can ever come close to beating them I love love Avicii

  54. B I G D O W N S

    What does the brand say?

  55. 평행이론

    아쿠마 문재인, 조노키오도 반드시 저렇게 처리되어야 한다

  56. るあー


  57. Flöhchen Träumer

    We will always remeber your victim as a starlight that leads and guides us all to the way for discovering the truth. God bless u brother.

  58. Free fire gamer

    There is so much vigilance in this

  59. J W

    I’m here after seeing the joker movie just remember boys one day these people with get what they fucking deserve

  60. Luka Zivanovic

    Corrupted "Royal Oman Police" probably couldn't take that much of a hit and after 2 effortless investigations declared that he killed himself.So much wrong in this, hope one day it clears.But, this wouldn't be only time truth didn't came up..Hope he is in a better place.

  61. Master Builder

    Reign N Serenity n Power AngelicAvicii 💯

  62. Danisa Sandoval

    like si lo estás escuchando el 5 de octubre❤️

  63. NOAH


  64. shotsofmaria

    Not only Avicii’s music had change my life since the very beginning, but the messages behind all his videos. They are something that no one should ever ignore, because it exists and still happens at these days. The first time I saw this video was when I was 14 years old, and that was the day that I learned that evil exists in this world, and that exists in the people we have around us. And we’re here, doing absolutely nothing about it. This is something that I will carry with my heart until the last day, because Avicii not only brought me up some many lessons with his music, he brought me happiness and hope as well, and I will always thank him for that. Rest In Peace, legend. You gave me something better to fight up for every day. I will never forget you.

  65. eliezer rojas

    Avicii haces mucha falta 😭😭😭

  66. Alancienne


  67. S Schwartz

    Jeffrey epstein...

  68. Steven Rios

    Just found this video today. Starting to question if he really committed suicide

  69. tapana Pra

    fucking miss u avicii!!!!!!!!!!!! in 2019.10

  70. Regina K.

    😘Da müssen wir wohl noch warten,warten,warten!!!!

  71. Jay Cee

    Pizzagate is real

  72. Live Reaction Selfie

    Man I just broke down crying watching this for the first time, knowing that they killed this man, he laid down his life for doing the right thing. I want to fight, so many of us are here and we see the evil ones, I want the revolution

  73. Mountain Girl Wolf

    The song that killed him. Rip mate.

  74. Yared Santa Cruz Cayatopa

    El Mejor!!

  75. Fernanda Feliciane

    No mames que video tan chingón <3

  76. Christina Lejmi

    The time is now!

  77. MsWhatzmyname

  78. Aime Ocampo


  79. Javier Vargas Serrano

    EL PUTO AMO👏👏🌌🎼🎶🎵🎧🌠

  80. _vamos a VOLVERR_ peron PERON VIVA PERONNN

    50 violence 100000 talentinfinite -music sentiment-999999

  81. Adriana Ross

    He came to me in meditation once and here is the gist of it... Avicii knew and for that they killed him. He was a sacrifice of the highest order, him daring to get out of line with this video sealed his fate. He was going to whistleblow until he found out even the whistleblowers are not safe under The Cabal. Ironic part is most of Avicii’s fans have NO clue and rep for the pedophile elitist all day long while calling each other racist, bigot, sexists.For those who still do not understand. We have the main narrative that we should judge each other and call each other racist, bigots, homophobe, sexists, trash human beings. However at a higher view (elitist POV) we have pedophilia, mind control of pedophilia ritual victims happening at elite sex party islands, child sex trafficking on a global scale and human atrocities happening in dark corners all around us. Because in having us point fingers at each other (for example Dems vs Reps, progressives vs conservatives, liberals vs republicans, blacks vs whites, legals vs illegals, man vs woman, parent vs child) we keep from pointing the finger upwards. This is divide and conquer at a snail’s pace, with each generation they rev up the predictive programming of the status quo. In an effort to fit in, we “progress” to the status quo no matter how ridiculous our intuition tells us it is. We just want to be accepted but our egos have become so unchecked that we’ve become hyper vigilant. A nation full of unchecked egos will decay from the inside and the elites know this very well. They laugh at us as we hate each other and ourselves more and more with each generation, it’s become too easy for them. The main stream media and even pop culture, EDM culture (as Avicii has proven) has been completely infiltrated.We must go within to seek highest of truths. It is when you go within and have dark nights of the soul and ego deaths that we find our radars and can SEE these atrocities against humanity for what they really are and have the power within to say FUCK to the NO I’m done fitting in and I’m here for a purpose. Because where we go one we go all ❤️

    Live Reaction Selfie

    Thanks so much for this comment Adriana! We are on the exact same page. I feel so isolated because so many people still think we are the crazy ones when they are the ones who have been tricked and led into a mass delusion.

  82. Hans Underbrink

    This Video is kind of wrong

  83. Connorr Thomas

    Ifunny gang

  84. Mikko Olavi Vesisenaho

    Avicii is Best

  85. _Zorky _

    Finally found this video clip

  86. deadpopstar

    I think maybe the burn branding "p*dophile" on those oxygen thieves is small homage to Stieg Larsson (the author of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo/ect.) & the Lisbeth Salander character branding "rapist" on her abuser. Wait, I just realized, Larsson was an amazing/successful artist who died in his prime!

  87. Marco antonio

    En de suan for lo wite an te laaaan looogin cod forma tensamideen datodeme deeeeid

  88. Tony Rider

    Yooo is my brand new Remix by this Great Track:) i hope u like it and leave a sub and thumb up if u want more like this:)


    Que recuerdos

  90. Cellar Door

    Oh, so it's here where the woke people are.

  91. ふさとゆうせい


  92. Annabelle YouTubes

    I don’t know what to say it made feel a bit sick 😓

  93. Johnny Bhoy

    Avicii was murdered because he knew the truth and he blatantly planted the messages in the form of this video

  94. My Instagram iidame

    Jeffrey Epstein gets caught then mysteriously committed suicide smh wake up people they will murder whoever that is going to expose them

    kommi nilsen

    I mean the girl who examined his dead body said no sign of suicide was found

    My Instagram iidame

    @kommi nilsen naive thought patterns people probably let you down alot in your life huh

  95. GhosT sheLLz 75

    Oh shit now i get it those 2 kids are the pedo killers #salute REST IN PARADISE AVICII He was going to expose high level pedo's

  96. Empty Bancc

    ◢ ◤ R.I.P ◢ ◤

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