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Avicii - Feeling Good

Feeling Good
: Feeling Good
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: 27-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Avicii - Feeling Good )
  1. Vibhabh Jalota

    Nina simone will be proud of u. Rip both of yah 🕉️✝️✡️☪️🔯☯️

  2. Ankit Khadka

    This song is sexy af

  3. ChocolateJewels

    His story is heartbreaking. So much talent, the world at his feet, and to not know what to do with his life, that the only way out is killing himself - that’s heartbreaking.

  4. Islândia Megda

    Avicii 💔😔

  5. Evan Pierce

    some parts of the video lookin like a volvo commercial

  6. Estela Olmedo

    😭 Seeing this makes me sad ... He had that magic to make the music vibrate!


    Estela Olmedo true u can feel it in every song of his

  7. The Prevailing

    Freedom is mine.. And I know how i feel 💕

  8. Andrey Vasilyev

    Avici stay forever in my heart.Eternity memory.Never no forget.

  9. АРТ СИЛ

    Avicii, sleep well, dube! Sleep well! I hope there is better when here.

  10. yaneth Acevedo Roa

    Me encanta 😍😍😍

  11. E -

    This song is originally from the band MUSE!!! The lyrics is exact the same, Avicii just used it and made a female sing it. The original is much better, Muse is better!

  12. Anna Hannah

    I hope now you feeling good... world miss you Tim

  13. Judy Phillips

    Hard to believe that someone so talented could not find his way to cope and stay with us. What a tragic loss for us. Rest in peace at last I hope Avicii.

  14. Iliana Tacheva


  15. Jeffrey Brooks

    The question in question..?.. Who are we really? A new dawn... A new day....?. Maybe the answers are clear. Obvious for some, and not for few... The Legacy of Avicii is and always will be timeless. The pure production aspect and anthology of the artists known as Avicii will never be replicated due to the fact of pure talent and originality. Electronic Music lost something special... This was truly the last masterpiece from Tim..

  16. kim lud

    Te extraño...

  17. Hildert Salomon

    This song is so powerful its not even about the video but the song...he looked so happy like i keep wondering like what went wrong but its the way life is may he rest in peace.

  18. Vignesh K

    Everyone missing you man ❤️☮️😭😭😭

  19. iEatDogs 0987

    If any game were to use this in there trailer you’d already know it’d be good

    Kemara. tweet

    I think the song reminds me of James Bond. Skyfall

  20. Skye Lin

    you'll always live on Tim ◢◤

  21. Kevin Villegas

    I prefer a muse cover

  22. Water Lilly

    This song and the video helped me to survive the biggest problem I had on 2015 🙏🏻 l.o.v.e.t.i.m

  23. José Alberto Sosa

    No man, no... :(

  24. eduardo eduardo


  25. Faizarma Rahmat N

    October 2019??

  26. Aryan Raut

    i dont feel good anymore 😢 😭 ...Rip brother

  27. Sebastian Anderson

    I can’t tell how or whyBut I miss him so muchSomehow Tim has become a lighthouse in the dark for meI miss you

  28. Viktoriya Gorodnyuk

    Legend!!! ✨

  29. Eman Allam

    Avicii forever...

  30. Fiona O'Keefe

    Is that him singing? He has a really high pitched voice😳or had....😔

    Sai Ram

    Obviously no

  31. Luisa Mendoza

    I'm still missing you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


    This song sounds like an advert for a car.....

  33. Sheep Matrix

    best song...that's it.


    LOVE AND MISS YOU AVICII 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Just did a cover to this song just for you🙏🏾

  35. paris gaston


  36. sem pai

    ◢ ◤🇧🇷💓💓


    You have a feeling bad , RIP 😕

  38. Hamza Hasan

    Michael buble version is way better

  39. Andreas Sagala


  40. Samuel Pendleton

    Guess being a rich celebrity is too much for some to handle....wonder how little Timmy would cope with being in Afghanistan for multiple tour....anxiety???!!! Please ...he was a drug addict who did too much and died...his music wasn't even that good either

  41. Ella Wahlstrom

    ”I... I don’t think I had the time to really......... sit back and look what happened. It doesn’t feel real” ◢ ◤🥺💔

  42. Droper Does stuff

    what a beatiful music it is really out of the looprest in peace avicii thanks for the fun times we all had.

  43. Marwan Zeini

    Damn I performed this song and won first place at my talent show🙏😫legends never fail

  44. japponica

    This world was never made for one as beautiful as you ... RIP 😢

  45. Gerardo Atilano Calleja

    Chale ya se nos fue 😔

  46. Diane Lavoie

    Diane M. Lavoie - Michael Buble also sings this. Awesome!!!

  47. A Name

    Rest İn Peace beautiful human😔

  48. Rajarshee Dey

    The Michael Buble version is far better than this one... The feel of original song is not her in this one

  49. Izaya Rodriguez

    Michael Bublé, Nina Simone, and Avicii all did the same song.

  50. Zelong Xiong

    Thank u Avicii, u will always be the hero. Ur song is part of my soul now, it will alway be with me

  51. Nas taran

    I miss U so muchh

  52. Water Lilly

    I love you

  53. Mike Heintze

    Legends never die

  54. Wilco

    Does anyone know who the singer is in this version? I know that Nina Simone is the original but this isn't her if I'm correct?

    Porky Longpig

    Audra Mae.

  55. Lina Elemam


  56. Mariann Lobos

    Ennyi anno basszus....Őrülten IMÁDTAM...

  57. Erik rivera

    Is amasing

  58. Jal cat

    IN my LOVE

  59. hana sila


  60. Ciaran fitzsimons

    I feel as though this was a tv ad for Volvo? Anyone else get this impression?

  61. Timez

    Sep 2019 ❤

  62. G T

    삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다.🍔🍟🍗🍕🍷🍖🍝🍷🍛🍤🍣🍡🍷🍎🍏🍊🍒🍇🍍🍈🍑🍓🍬🍸🍺🍻🍹

  63. †Ash† Hunter

    Sense8 😏

  64. Nate

    Reminds me of James Bond

  65. Susanne Nouweland

    Never ever said anything, but every time I listen to Feeling good I smell my Sweden, and I cry for how you could not be there or anywhere anymore. So so sad you felt you didn't want to be anywhere, at all. Love always. Feel stupid saying how I have spent time getting lost in your music, when the same thing took you away

  66. Dennis D.

    a volvo commercial?

  67. Daniela Morales


  68. Josefiina Josefiina

    I had a dream about Tim / Avicii ❤️ you hugd me ✨💫


    Thank you for your comments and your insistence on Avicii but you will have to understand that if we doresearch we will not confirm that it was a personality that can inspire andaffect mankind only positively will never publish .... There are hugeunfortunate ones due to lack of education and cultivation are not disclosed bythe simple world.Hopefully, Motto Cosmos will also post one day the Avicii's personality.

  70. CheesecakeLasagna

    Who se voice is it? It's clearly not Nina Simone.


    Audra Mae


    @kwanioo thank you!

  71. Aloe Vera

    If this wasn’t a cry for help idk what is

  72. Ndbjdgeib Kai Kehi


  73. Jfrank Alvarez salcedo

    Lo extrañaré !pero las leyendas nunca mueren¡

  74. Ashish Sharma

    Happy birthday Tim....!!!!!♥️❤️♥️❤️❤️💓💗🍥🍩🍰🥞🎂🎂🎂🥞

    Luna Rodrigues

    Ashish Sharma He’d be 30 if he was still here 😔😭RIP to a legend 💔

  75. Bhavesh Raj Singh

    Happy birthday Avicii ♥️

  76. MJ Fascination

    I do not want to mock anyone or anything here - that's my seriousness - this is very strange statement 3:56 (A New Beginning) and comes very close to Michael Jackson's hint metode. L.O.V.E

  77. Umut Savaş

    ölmüş bir insandan bu şarkıyı dinlemek iyi hissettirmedi.

  78. #뽀

    하늘에서는 부디 아프지 마시고 꼭 행복하셔야 해요 🙏🏻

  79. Mariann Lobos

    Semmit nem ÍRNÉK.Én aznap ITT voltam vele!MINDKETTEN kurva szarul voltunk....Sohasem tudtam meg miért mondja azt,hogy....amit mondott

  80. VVVTOS

    The climax of this song at 3:39 - 3:50 is on point! I can only imagine this is the music that plays as Avicii approaches the gates of heaven and they open up for him, ready with a beautiful shining DJ mixer table for him to perform to his heart's content for all eternity. RIP brother <3

  81. Somi Black

    Rest in peace avicii

  82. Ale xia

    I miss you ❤❤❤

  83. Tuấn Hưng

    From Việt Nam! with love <3

  84. RainBoxRed

    Nice Volvo ad.

  85. Twinkie Cakey fly up in the sky. You made a great mark with your music. We love you brother! :D

  86. Rosemary Bonda

    He didn't kill himself- he was murdered fuckit!!

  87. me Yo

    Whos the female voice

  88. yeah的啦 yeah

    We miss you so much

  89. OoS OL

    Where we can find the interview?

  90. Adrian Trejo

    Sense 8

  91. Prathmesh Tiwari

    He was tired.

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