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Avicii - Broken Arrows

Broken Arrows
: Broken Arrows
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: 27-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Avicii - Broken Arrows )
  1. Jaydan Trinh

    i just realised that this song was in one of the youtube rewinds

  2. Nixolas

    The guy in the thumbnail reminds me of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

  3. AINOA 15

    I miss you

  4. boken yaying

    whos voice is this.? way too high. I'm love it.

  5. Ariel Gomez

    Who is the girl?

  6. Gerson Rivas

    November 2019?

  7. Malith Heshantha

    New word for giving courage is avicii ❤️ rest in peace brother

  8. LUCID

    For those of you who don’t know this is about “fosbory”

  9. Sam H

    3:18 still gives me chills

  10. NovaDarkMusic

    Now it's broken hearts.RIP AVICII 😭

  11. Shree Ranjan

    Avicii was love ♥️♥️♥️ Avicii is love ♥️♥️♥️

  12. KB IIN


  13. ブッフォン!ブッフォン!


  14. martin morales

    Muy buena rola

  15. John Doe

    Avicii, miss you, you will always be in my heart

  16. el chico sin nombre Ji

    messi chikito

  17. KGB Weeb

    ◢ ◤

  18. Макс Ялта

    Thank you Avicii !!!

  19. Evil Sparrow

    1000% Inspiration never give up

  20. Brandon Vargas

    October 22 2019

  21. Ashley Aldeguer

    Is she that kid from andi Mack

  22. R.I.P Avicii

    He will always be in our hearts the best DJ/producer R.I.P Avicii 🙌🙌🙏🏻🙏🏻❤❤😥😥🤴🏼🤴🏼

  23. lordtartarsauce b

    Dick Fosbury the guy who changed how the high jump is done to what it is today didn't even have a kid when he did it. He was an engineering student.

  24. mad hanger

    One of Avicii’s underrated songs

    Yuki Gabriel

    I don’t think 71 million views is underrated

    mad hanger

    I meant as in it doesn’t have the same appreciation as The Nights or Wake Me Up

  25. Luna Rodrigues

    This song reminds me of « Carry Me » by Kygo and Julia Michaels because Avicii is Kygo’s inspiration ❤️RIP Avicii 💔1989-2018

  26. Zorkz HD

    Who would you rather bring back?like:AviciiReply:Xxxtentacion

    sixklogic 123

    Both.I like Avicii more but picking only one is just horrible .

    SeeR Jibbs

    Both inspired their fans in positive and meaningful ways - X had a dark past but looked to change significantly and was evolving. Avicii unfortunately suffered mentally due to the pressure surrounding his career but was a genuine soul. They both deserve to be alive though for sure

    NGL- Repezu

    What the fucking question is this X is sipping margagritas with 2pac at beach

  27. Film Likhit


  28. 와츠냥



    와씨냥 huh? Lmao nice English

  29. soul stare

    kinda looks like a taller leo messi

  30. Nunsensei

    3:08 HE got enlightened 3:14 and 3:15 he did the magic spell!

  31. rolando baker

    14 de octubre de 2019 tus canciones vivirá siempre 😢😢😢😢

  32. KG GAMER

    2019 alguem eterno avicii 😪

  33. Joe charu

    If you're going through something I hope you get the right inspiration and end up where you always wanted to be💕

  34. Janet A'lee

    I miss Avicii and his music

  35. Richard Del Rio

    Sin duda esta canción es muy motivadora, aunque triste porque nos narra la realidad, pero avicii demuestra que con perseverancia podemos superar todo lo malo que nos pasé. Te extrañó avicii 💚💚💚

  36. Zoya Zoya

    remember t.o post up a fake video of me after listening to this song.. Of course Bajwah will approve


    Best songs of Avicii:What are you looking for they are all the Best

  38. Kriga

    wow Emily Skinner

  39. Emma Heather

    who name this girl?

  40. Sam White

    Avicii isn't dead, God just needed a DJ in heaven and picked Avicii.


    He's still dead tho


    God's a lie.

    Daniel K

    Sam White Not an original comment

  41. Trevatron - 88

    Adidas three stripes in 1964

  42. GamerNerd FTW

    It’s cool that Kylo Rens still getting work

  43. Sanjay Kumar

    But you will be my best

  44. Sanjay Kumar

    What purpose you die you make me cry avicii

  45. Sanjay Kumar

    Why you died avicii

  46. Moss 590A1

    The Fosberry Flop!!

  47. Harsh Carvalho

    that guy seriously looks like Zlatan ibrahimovic

    mnemonic Max

    yea 😄

  48. 인구이

    When I listen Avicii’s song, drops come out from my eye :( I don’t know why


    Same here. And even in public🙄🙄. I‘m sooo sad that there will be never again a new song by him😭😭. I looove his music so much!!!!


    Same :(😭

  49. Dan soh

    2020 anyone??

  50. Fallen legend

    Dam the music video was good.

  51. Equestrian Courtney

    This was so cute🥺❤️

  52. kel_ samuel

    the best i 've heard

  53. Lucas Lins

    My hero Legends never dieYou am my heart

  54. AVHRA RM

    Si me preguntarán porque tuve 2 novias de 12 años creo pensaría antes de hablar y pensaría si cuando salí con una chica en silla ruedas me importa eso o simplemente la encontraba agradable lista y sensual, pensaría si cuando me acosté con Peper Lester era porque era estrella porno o porque pasamos un buen rato como adultos, luego pensaría en idioteces auto racistas y machistas, o tal vez solo estúpidas como restringir empleos solo por ser mujer, o ser tan degenerado como para exitarce viéndole los tobillos a las mujeres de medio oriente, ultimadamente me parece que esa acusación con la que lleva dando lata señor Dawsson es un desesperado intento para resucitar si patetics carrera periodística, y si yo dijera que es un imbécil por preferir pechos grandes y falsos que pequeños y naturales para mí eso es ser un malfito infeliz superficial algo que no haría pero igual tolero es solicitar el servicio de un sexoservidora siendo usted un gordo vicioso adicto al crack la heroína y los parches de cocaína habiendo incluso vendido el auto de su propia Herman y luego hipotecando su casa donde vive su esposa e hijos para satisfacer sus patéticas ansias carnales con su amante, si me dijera si me siento como un imbécil por haber tenido intimidad con dos niñas de 12 en su tiempo estando en una relación formal con consentimiento de sus padres le diría tajantemente no me sentiría mal dándole una nalgada a la carrera de Hooters como propina ASNO IMBÉCIL!! QUE TE DEN.....

  55. 10k subs without a video !

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments👋😊

  56. Riotz 199

    Soo realated 😭..thanks for gaining my spirit legend ..RIP avicii(Tim)

  57. Le bled'artD

    Can someone help me I’m do ing an exam right now on this

  58. Sara Brock

    People are saying “legends never die” they are true because Avicii killed himslef witch is sad

  59. OceanMan ツ.

    Underrated avicii song

  60. Mextrix CZ

    Avicci will always be allive at least in our hearts Pleese dont forget him RIP

  61. Ali Musa

    still waiting for u😢😢😢😢

  62. lemon fruit

    avicii creation is full of encouragement and inspiration. thank you, i will follow your path but different in way.

  63. stas bass

    Motivation video

  64. Shadow Corporation

    You stripped your love down to the wireFire shining cold alone outsideYou stripped it right down to the wireBut I see you behind those tired eyesNow as you wade through the shadows that live in your heartYou'll find the light that leads on'Cause I see you for you and your beautiful scarsSo take my hand, don't let go'Cause it's not too late, it's not too lateI, I see the hope in your heartAnd sometimes you lose it, sometimes you're shootingBroken arrows in the darkBut I, I see the hope in your heartI've seen the darkness in the lightThe kind of blue that leaves you lost and blindThe only thing that's black and whiteIs that you don't have to walk alone this timeWe have to tear down walls that live in your heartTo find someone you call homeNow you see me for me and my beautiful scarsSo take my hand, don't let go'Cause it's not too late, it's not too lateI, I see the hope in your heartAnd sometimes you lose it, sometimes you're shootingBroken arrows in the darkBut I, I see the hope in your heartOhIt's not too late, it's not too lateI see the hope in your heartSometimes you're losing, sometimes shootingBroken arrows in the darkOh____________________________________________RIPTo our loving child, and to our sweetest god we’ll miss you and we’ll never forget your joy that you gaved us ◢ ◤

  65. Baby Potato

    Richard Douglas Fosbury (born March 6, 1947) is an American retired high jumper, who is considered one of the most influential athletes in the history of track and field. Besides winning a gold medal at the 1968 Olympics, he revolutionized the high jump event with a "back-first" technique, now known as the Fosbury Flop, adopted by almost all high jumpers today. His method was to sprint diagonally towards the bar, then curve and leap backwards over the bar, which gave him a much lower center of mass in flight than traditional techniques. He continues to be involved in athletics and serves on the executive board of the World Olympians Association.

  66. Natalya Verity

    i cried listening to this

  67. Pía Fer

    beautiful... I miss Tim 💜

  68. exzo k2

    Son: Mom, why do good people die to early? Mom: Which flowers do you pluck first when you go to a garden ,son?Son: The most beautiful onesRIP avicii

  69. PhokingRiceFilms!

    Practice takes time

  70. Mr. Ultimate beast

    Avicii inspired the world like no one else can.....still does

  71. TheRustysRagsMan

    No other artist inspired so many young people to start producing music. Rest in peace Avicii

  72. Crust Ocean

    Great now everyone thinks Dick Fosbury was an alcoholic leaving his daughter in a trailor during the days.

  73. Savitri Lakhera

    R.I.P,🙏Legend ..never die. ..he is still in our ❤️...

  74. Alan Kishor

    0:00 zlatannn😱😱😱

  75. Widodo Wid

    Best song + best video.. thanks Avicii.. love this 🇮🇩

  76. Harsh Dutt

    Better than despacito

  77. OGlen07

    Avicii's Music Is Amazing And Inspiring,We'll Never Forget You Tim

  78. Josefiina Josefiina

    Ŧíñŋ 🎧🎸🎹🍀☄️💥🔥💫⭐️🌟✨

  79. Young Kyu Kang

    Not a true story. Fosbury started his new flop when he was in high school and he got a gold 1968 Mexico City Olympics. He had majored in engineering in University and he established his own engineering company.

  80. BigBeauf _____

    This video goes to show you that you don't need drugs or alcohol to survive. What a powerful video.

  81. Christina Walker

    Oh my God I miss u so much RIP legend We will never forget u cuz we love u❤❤

  82. Zenon Amachuy Peralta

    happy birthday avicii (tim) I miss you so much but I know you'll always be here, I also feel that you're by my side every time I listen to your music

  83. 찌아누

    Family is the BEST

  84. kieran20293

    Hey Avicii can't believe your 30the birthday is here and can't believe it's been a sad 1 😪😪 year and can't believe you have reached 30 years old and you are not able to celebrate it with your fans and family but we going to celebrate it in our hearts this year I abusulty love the new😐songs you wrote before you passed away 😪 I still miss you so much, people do say u have to meet someone to miss them but it's not true because you touch our hearts that's why we miss u so much we love the music that touches our hearts too and I really wanted to meet you but I was really young it upset me that u passed because you where my favourite DJ ever and I couldn't meet u 😪😪😪😪 but don't worry Avicii I'm not angry you did what you did because I uunderstand what u must have been going through and you were upset about something and I support you Avicii whatever path you take because we are always at the end of that path because your a human-like us I will still be listening to your music forever never ever forget about you, Tim because whatever your feeling hurt or. sad like us you always made us happy because of your music and your heart goes to the music makes me feel happy and laugh and cry so now it's time for us to do something for u by supporting you whatever it takes Tim so I will be having 1 min with your music on I be closing my eyes and raising a glass for u so hope u enjoying your 30th birthday up there doing the DJ music with the angles and, hopefully, one day when the angels give me wings and take me 👼I be up there with u drink with u a dancing with u love u, Tim miss u buddy never ever forget you enjoy your big day see you on the other side Tim and Tim wake me up when it's all other goodbye TIM sweet dreams Tim ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  85. ncuenzo


  86. Daniel Kyalo

    You are fucking awesome

  87. Barbara Salas Sanchez

    I actually love this video because, it leaves an important message. If you see, the man is sorta bad cause he just pases by his daughter because he is mad that he can´t reach the jump correctly, and he tries to forget it through alcohol. Meanwhile the girl tries to cheer up his dad by doing the jumping thing so she can also learn, but again the dad ignores her. That part is like the man is throwing all the stress to the girl cause he doesn´t even smile. When there is the race, he jumps but still doesn´t reach the jump, but the style of the jump also makes him fail. The girl gets prety sad that when her dad arrived and tried to cheer her up she rejected him, the man understands what she wants from him and he gets the jumping stuff. Then they train the same damn style that always fails. As the girl did the gimnastic thing, she had an idea; jumping backwards. The day of the race the dad tries the jumping backwards, and, finally, HE REACHES THE JUMP!!Now the last part when he gives the medall to the girl, I think tha´s when he realises that; You always have to try something new to succede, if you do the same thing where you fail everytime, yo need to look for some other way to do it, he also realises that the most important thing in the world is... The family.As Tim said in one of his songs; Life is a game made for everyone, where to win, you just need to be nice and lovely, try new things everyday, and the price of this game... is LOVE.Thank you so much for reading this till the end, I hope that now you really understand what´s life about. I know somtime in your life you´ve asked yourself; What is my purpose in this life?? Well, your purpose is... to make a better world with your kindness and happiness.Thanks for everything Tim, you changed our lifes, and made us understand what is life about.

  88. Paul and Zlatan United

    My Grandfather: You should listen to the beatles and Elvis PresleyMy Parents: You should listen ACDC and Michael JacksonMe: Hey kids you should listen to Avicii

  89. Paul and Zlatan United

    This guy is a mix between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Andre GomesBoth Soccer players

    Harry Xu

    Stoopid Penguin It’s about Dick Fosbury

  90. Aritra Kaushik

    Zlatan + Totti nailing the jump at last.

  91. Teo Barsottini

    RIP Avicii😔

  92. Antonio Vuna

    Why did he quit in the first place

  93. Jordan C

    Heart breaking video

  94. Veve Vovo

    Lord Ibra is that you?

  95. Polo

    Like si eres español jajajaja

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