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Meek Mill - feat Drake-Going Bad

feat Drake-Going Bad
: feat Drake-Going Bad
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: 12-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Meek Mill - feat Drake-Going Bad )


  3. PRBoricua23

    T.I. lookin' serious like he just showed up to his daughter's gynecologist appointment.

  4. 50,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos?

    *I'm here in November. You?*

    Drixpy jxy

    50,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos? Ye

  5. X133 Vanilla



    Really meek ? Motivation ? Marathon .. Why u copy nigga , rip nipsey ..

    LA Nice

    What the fuck are you talking about ?

  7. Miami Has Talent

    I dont know if writing this here is frowned upon but Miami officially has a youtube channel. We alreqdy recorded a few videos and we have a few nore to record in the coming days. We should be uploading by next weekend. Major giveaways coming soon

  8. marleny morrobel

    who the king drake;like meek mill;comment

  9. Ahmed Elsayed

    Meek killed this, unfortunately, his new manger and team only has bad intentions for him.

  10. Ahmed Elsayed

    Meek killed this

  11. Johan Jaimes

    madafakin igou dau

  12. UnLikLy ?

    21 Bridges? anybody?

  13. Johnathan Holiday


  14. Dakota Bowling

    A rat and fake in one song damn

  15. Sumit Vish

    drake saved this song

  16. CD-R 606

    Much respect goes to the ghost writer 👌

  17. DRO _DRO

    The met gala🔥

  18. Yash Gour

    Top is lonely

  19. Hasib Elghamri

    How is this live chat live this mad made 9 months ago

  20. The _Gr1nch

    Who here already 2021?

  21. Fredline Fradeus

    Going Bad- Meek Mill f. Drake. I think it should be the other way around. Drake sang most of this song. Didn't need Meek to be in itLike if u agree, Comment what u think of it😜😜😜😜😜

  22. Beeroku

    I'm here just for Nipsey #RIPNipsey The Marathon Continues

  23. Sandra Lombardie

    Drake i love you♥♥

  24. Danette Sellars

    Dam you all don't know who his is the 4 to 5 years old boy that has everything He had more jobs than 2 to 4

  25. Danette Sellars

    He said he is leaving to go do something

  26. Admri4l binbow

    Rip nipsey ✌️💔

  27. Danette Sellars

    Is easy

  28. BR14N

    About 1:07 I thought 💭 it was 6ix9ine


    Subscribe to my channel pls 😊

  30. Xpx Flavor

    Bruh I seen nipsey in the video RIP

  31. Ashley Hall


  32. Lps Flare

    for everyone saying you dont like drake, you're not quirky or original. im sorry you feel the need to hate on a successful man to make yourself feel better and relatable.

  33. John Titor

    I showed this to my dawgNow he Is italian

  34. Tiffany Hegwood

    The razor image in her mouth though????... not cool

  35. Ralph Smith

    I think Drake could have done this rap by himself meek doesn't have the voice

  36. Sheila Huynh

    avengers stans uniteeeeee

  37. Colten Lewis

    Yo mama so dumb

    Colten Lewis

    I’m taking 10 years to come back to this video to finish this yo mama joke so like to remind

  38. Debbie

    Drake is so beautiful aww

  39. John Bondsoni

    He definitely doesnt have more slaps than the beatles


    He does, but he doesn’t take into consideration how they couldn’t stream Spotify back then lmao.

    John Bondsoni

    @Daniel no if you look at how short the beatles were together and how often their songs would be billboard hits, and including songs they wrote for other bands like the rolling stones and peter and gordon, and their solo careers they have realistically around 75 billboard hits

  40. Chesss Grey

    Getting vibes more like Russian Mafia or Yakuzaki

  41. junebugg777

    I'm not going to lie, when I saw it Nipsey Hussle I had to keep rewinding it back. His short image alone made the entire video

  42. OhmegadJT

    1:22 drake on some hisoka shit

  43. akubuedubem

    Anyone November

  44. Aryan Ghomi

    Meek mill sucking up shows he is a PPPPP! (Pl la l iij ke)

    Aryan Ghomi

    (Plz dont ike)*

    Aryan Ghomi

    Plz like ****

  45. Carlos García palomares

    A real genstes

  46. Xikondude23

    Anyone else see nipsey hussle? RIP

  47. nachos playz

    It reseased on my birthday

  48. Serter 45

    Bruh I've heard this song a million times and it still slaps

    Countersniper 123

    Serter 45 FR

  49. The real helloitsvg345 G


  50. EdgeofGlory261

    This beat is hard af.

  51. Diablo Barry Gabbard Aka Blased Money Team

    Thank you for your insta slick shot about me turning my back on my friends your a character Meek.You got me on ps4 spotify listening to your greatest hits now i see why you are on top you endorsed me so now im endorsing you back,Meek Mill this gamer loves all of your music you earned Diablo Barrys respect.Meek Mill the realest rapper in the game right now.

  52. Meshawnya Chatman

    Rip Nip💙

  53. Crypted

    Who here 2019?

    Nino Stranner

    No one cares

  54. lompocbraves51

    RIP Nipsey. It’s sad to see such a proactive person taken from us so young by a coward POS.

  55. Kate Kozeny

    Whoever likes this comment will be successful in 2020

  56. xSt00l

    continuo a chiedermi perchéeee fai il mario bros se sei yoshi

  57. Cole sprouse's Future gf

    T.I was there 💯💙

  58. Cokie Jayzel Briones

    I showed this to my dog*NOTHING HAPPENED ITS A DOG*

  59. Ploz gt

    This song should be Drake's song not Meek Mill

  60. rideordieguy rideordieguy


  61. TACO

    так и бля не показали кто выйграл(

  62. Canadion Leprachaun

    I love this track!!! Check and subscribe to C_L_Beats on sound cloud to hear some of my instrumental beats!!! Thanks for the support!! One love

  63. DJ Apocalypse

    please open my song

  64. pie man

    If you from Philly you know how fire of a line “Ain’t a neighborhood in Philly I can’t go” is

  65. Praveen S.Nair

    One of the best videos of all time

  66. TheUltimateSurviv0r

    This song is so good that

  67. Acquilino Iko

    Chinese takeout:Dawg

  68. buenrostro88

    I hate that I love this hella satanic song. I'm sorry God.

  69. nicolas pereañez

    The best

  70. erick ochieng

    mad love from kenya

  71. erick ochieng


  72. KingWafflez

    he said the n word 1:44

  73. TSM_KingDog30

    Tiktok you came for 1:41

  74. Lit Angel

    YAS A CHRYSLER!!!!!BTW, I LOVE CHRYSLERSoh no, then I see them get smashed 🤦‍♀️

    Mr. Sia

    Lit Angel ummmmm Rolls-Royce???

    Lit Angel


  75. DracoY

    The last Nipsey's images... R.I.P 👑🙏🏼KING🙏🏼👑

  76. Glenni Rodriguez



    Rip Nipsey

  78. Cameron Munsamy

    🇿🇦 November 2019 🙌🏻


    my one Like for Crash Rolls Royce down

  80. Upendera Kumar

    Exslent hip hop

  81. Mahmoud Ghabban


  82. Rishi Sankat

    Nip 🖤

  83. Bunnie

    Still in ❤️ w/ this vid. Room full of Kings!

  84. FrnnkEducation

    didn't even know nip was in this!

  85. brown_kid _productions

    Nice job chris when is checkmate 2 coming out

  86. Sprinter Ultra marathon runner

    Me: This song pretends to make me a fan of Drakethe wierdest part i have never ever been a fan of DrakeZach Galifianakis be like: I guess i can now continue to eat my sandwich.

  87. Rodrigo Cortes

    My boy JEFE IN THE VIDEO lol i always forget. Shy Glizzy is a fucking boss

  88. Lana Dusse

    One of my starter Jane when I'm trying to get my night of going out going ❤️💙🦂💚

  89. marias revenge

    1:36 that acceleration tho

  90. Michael Green

    Yea with da Yea Drake going hard..# Awesome


    I showed this to my mehmetNow its Keine Schwäche zeigen


    Absoluter Ehrenmann

    Code FRIENDLICH für den AMG Nahui

    Keller 💪🏼 einfach überall

    CarloS CarloS

    An der Stelle freu ich mich für Merkel diggah

  92. FellowRser

    Drake slowly morphing into dj Khaled

  93. Johan Hall

    Who is here from 21 bridge 🤔🤔

  94. Johan Hall

    Who forgotten about this song but saw it in 21 bridge trailer so you wanted to listen to it again

  95. Johintry haiden gekop haiden


  96. Meek Mill

    THE MOTIVATION TOUR starts in less than 2 weeks:

    Porsches Thompson

    Cozner oner Freestyler rdy

    D Avid

    last reply

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