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Meek Mill - Cold Hearted

Cold Hearted
: Cold Hearted
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: 12-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Meek Mill - Cold Hearted )
  1. KashBoy Kay

    Thf Billa


    this makes my day

  3. alize chardonnay

    some asians like keeping intimidation and spontaneity on the table.

  4. cake and cocaine

    101 dickheads

  5. King FAtz_gif

    Nice...... beat offical

  6. Brandon Johnson


  7. BBT2K

    Beautiful beat! Still upset Meek didn’t rap longer on this.

  8. Kyle Kobel

    Your 808 makes my eardrums bleed and I love it

  9. Kyle Kobel

    That weekend sample tho! Fucking heat

  10. Your YouTube Auntie Alison Benton

    This ish is still hard as fuh 🔥

  11. Mizzy Mauri the Producer

    You can use this beat only for a NON PROFIT PURPOSE the download link is in the description (tips are highly appreciated :D).if you want to distribute your original music to big platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, Tidal, Youtube Music etc..where you pay once a year and you can upload unlimited music (single, albums), have it recognized by Siri and Shazam and make money if someone uses your music on youtube keeping 100% of all the sales you make *HERE is a discount link of 7% off your first year* GET YOUR MUSIC OUTIT’S WORTH IT. Much Love

    Tammie Porch

    Mizzy Mauri the Producer hey I need a producer to help me build my sound is this to track?? Oh yea my name is yung heartless I’m from houston reply asap

  12. Biglilvest313 Biglilvest313

    SoundCloud this plz 🙏🏾💯💯💯

  13. shaquille Robinson


    shaquille Robinson


  14. keenan brown

    How much do this beat cost

  15. ThaGod Beats

    I have the best remake version of this beat check my page later!!!!

  16. Yehudas PrincessChristina

    I’m a female that’s into hip hop beats lol write hooks about Jesus and I sing on beats like this. I absolutely fell in love with this track 😩❤️


    collab? let me hear something, and i'll send you some of my work, hit me [email protected]

  17. Rico Kavorkian


  18. The Weeknd Extra

    Logically Selena Gomez was the cause of this

  19. Deangelo Crawley

    Im fine weather they like me ah not keep on hating an contine to plot im still on the same strive motivated with the same drive other words i cant be stop im flexbile why yall wasting regular time aint never thinken about u i got other thing heavy. In mind im in the king chair while yall stock an stare cant even see me even had a watch with glare i play for keeps i dnt like to share im heaven air sky surfing

  20. Roland Griffin

    Can i say repeat

  21. Sherman Mitchell

    Hands down the best remake 🥵❗️


    Droping bars on this beat ASAP

  23. Ahmad McMillan

    This shit. Hard man keep it up 🔥

  24. Young Crypt

    Real Music right here

  25. Mario Clark

    Lord the stony road remember getting cake daddy was always gone sell coke to these fiends how we got put on quarter bricks make a flip now I’m m

  26. Anthony Joseph

    This is that “I got some truth to say” beat.

  27. I JayMoney I

    bro you went crazy with this

  28. Mtdub Da Champ

    The beat alone you can vibe too.

  29. Mtdub Da Champ

    Shit brought tears to my eyes. This shit crazy.

  30. Khrymez

    Is this remade and copy right free?

  31. Gvlden Boyz



    the hardest.

  33. Grizzly Beatz

    Dope ass beat

  34. K Smith

    "Woah, woahDon't you, baby, heyIt won't matter, babyDon't you know?Don't you know?"

    TheAdamSmasher Multiverse

    Was always wondering what the sample said


    @TheAdamSmasher Multiverse it's from the weeknd's i was never there go to about 3:30 on that song and your gonna hear the sample

  35. Falcon Punch

    Truly appreciated. Thank you for this

  36. Vargas, Gavyn

    Nobody is saying this in the comments but just so yall know the singing in the background is the song I Was Never There by The Weeknd. Go listen to it

  37. TwixBeats

    dope shit

  38. 1k Reek

    whats the sample?

    SkyNomic Music

    The Weeknd - I Was Never There

  39. Seth_Vazquez808 Number 9


  40. Greg Lambert

    On repeat 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  41. PAP! Devinci

    This is fuckin sick dude,

  42. Marques Johnson

    Anybody know what this beat is sample from ?

    SkyNomic Music

    The Weeknd - I Was Never There

  43. Greg Lambert


  44. Damon M

    I swear you are either Beat Menace or Papamitrou in disguise on this page. Good job!!

  45. Breahn Pringle

    Fuck it up then!

  46. Venlab Presents BAR-SPN

    Beat describes my life real shit super hardbody

  47. Dion Smoot

    🙌🏽🔥 subbed

  48. The Only Spade

    Oh yeaaa🔥🔥🔥 New Sub

  49. Amin Ben

    what type of music like this ???? 💯✌

    Hamze Ahmed

    The ending of The Weeknds song "I was never There"

  50. Reek Aye

    This shit is so hard! Thank you for your work!

  51. cloudscholar22

    I gotta come hard this joint from meek mill... snapping on beats like this you know what real feels... Bad bitch from Brooklyn with sex appeal.. no license, but she got sex drive & im mad high!! Woahh!

  52. cloudscholar22

    This is hardest beat in 2018! Facts!

  53. Jamar Nicholas



    Could i used this for non profit as ohh as i credit your name

  55. T Scal

    People always wondering why we've departed , that's just cuz they so cold harder treating me like I'm retarded, I could also be the one who scared it but they'll know they never had a part of it, Gotta keep it goin cuz the train rollin, it's like ya add it up when they buldozen, this ain't the movie Frozen with uh happy endin cuz it just beginning, always loosin till we win, never know where to end just know to begin

  56. XObeatz

    this is fire, good work

  57. Heat On Da Beat


  58. Rozay Mastermind

    I fucking love this beat🤘🏾❤

  59. Paysh

    I hear a lot of reproduced beats and this is about the best one yet. I'm subscribing bro. Make us proud

    I Am Heemi

    KpayshR facts

    Mizzy Mauri the Producer

    i appreciate it fellas 💕🌊

    Nora JEWELS

    Can i freestyle to this and give u ya credits on ig @Mizzy Mauri the producer

  60. iRRichiee

    solid work bro

  61. no cap joshy

    beautiful with the weeknd samples

  62. Beats JacquesToni

    bro this is dope keep pushing 👁

  63. Kahray Miller


  64. Vaughn 215

    We need 100 summers instrumental and championships

  65. Gray Mason

    Love this beat so much

  66. NinetySix

    Can you do tha instrumental to tha intro off his album??

    Tyler Riggins

    Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

  67. Merk SA

    ty for this

  68. Jovan Sahota

    This is beautiful


    Could u do almost slipped?

  70. DonDa1

    He sampled The Weeknd!!!

    Jose Angel Adorno

    What song is it by The Weeknd

    Reggie Wiggins II

    Jose Angel Adorno I was never there

    Jay Smith

    DonDa1 I think dmx and the Lox was the sample

    Damon M

    @Jay Smith you are both correct he sampled both

    Janny Nfs

    @Jose Angel Adorno I was never there on the album "my dear melancholy"

  71. JKap Official


    Mizzy Mauri the Producer


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