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Meek Mill - Save Me

Save Me
: Save Me
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: 12-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Meek Mill - Save Me )
  1. kelvin dakota

    If when your break down ü listen to this song.... Join me as we hit like 🚶🚶🚶

  2. Alquidiven Daniels

    He came back hard.the world just don't know it😎dats from Miami a hood niggga 😎

  3. Andrew Kroto

    This shit is the truth!

  4. Angel Torres

    Somebody save me save me. got a bitch and house driven me crazy. Cant see me son. somebody save me save me

  5. Travis Collective

    Sample is Crave You - Adventure Club for anyone wondering

  6. Chase Ernst

    True story nothing short of that

  7. Cozier Finess God

    Right on meekI needed to hear this joint. I need saving

  8. Mirakle

    Did anyone else notice the sample from adventure club?

  9. Berkley Daxon

    Who they stem under?

  10. Berkley Daxon

    Assassins are everywhere

  11. KillaRex903

    he didn't really need tha autotune =/ old meek woulda just went on in.. fucc autotune

  12. funds western

    going through hard time has been listening to thus lyrics for months...somebody save me

  13. Pedro Martinez

    Anyone else already tired of lebron singing that thirstiest time of the year song ..

  14. Toi Stanley

    Meek make CLASSIC$$$. 2019!💋💌💗💘💖❤💜💞💕💓💛💙💖💜😘😘😘😍😎😻😻😻👅😍😊

  15. Seductive Virgo

    Meek look good in a suit, but it's something about that hoodie and jeans walking through that hallway that got me over here like "SOMEBODY SAVE ME...SAVE ME..." Preferably you Meek *rolls eyes* UGHHHH lol ..On a real note...this song spoke to me and I felt every word he said especially when he said.." I see niggas switching sides like they Kaaaaayyyyy D...I can't let It kill my vibe cuz I'm too waavvyyyy" 100

  16. Tony Steen

    I just want to see my daughter smile while looking at my beautiful child cause they kept me on file .

  17. Dakota Tenorio

    2019 💯✅

  18. Queen Only


  19. Preguntale A Jesus

    O Fosho...

  20. Mark Mckenzie


  21. Mark Adams

    Yeah it hits home with every aspect of my life these past 12 years. Tryin to step out that life's got me screaming someone save me. So I hit my knees to pray daily and keep my eyes open only for what God's plannin

  22. Sue Smith

    Went through hell n back n skipped mills. Gotta get back on my feet.

  23. Breanna Emberson

    Breaking Bread with niggas that was shaddy Tulsa Oklahoma

  24. Kemi Davies

    Realest shit ive heard in a long time

  25. Collin Grimes

    Keep paper chasing, stay safe💯


    I REALLY FEEL THE PAIN HERE!!! This track is gauranteed to cause leakeye!!

  27. Kizzy Kas

    Who is listening to this song today...somebody just pls save me.

  28. Gerald Akowuah

    Oct 2019🔥

  29. Temeka Bowman

    I just be STAYING prayin UP TO r gud GOD,that MY only boy does makes it home,god save him, my god save him, LET not one of these niggas harm him,,trying to chase these nasty streets,is driving MY ONLY wise boy him really crazy, 2k19 I'm so here,he's worth wade more the a hundred thousands #MekaBo

  30. Deon Caldwell

    Somebody save me 🙏

  31. Mariah Letts

    Fast music 954 fast version sound better yall

  32. Tony Fisher

    Last of a dying breed. Real.

  33. Ty Mashiyah


  34. Timothy Twyman

  35. Leo McChaser

    Who is here with me?

  36. kaykay da dawg

    Hope to be saved before it's to late 🖤♦️♣️

  37. Jerell Briere

  38. Ashton Bouvier

    breakin' bread wiff niggas dat were shady. somebody save me doee. ✌️

  39. Russell Allio

    If I don't trrrruuusst yuh then fuuuuuck yuuuuhhhh

  40. DeraEdits

    shouts out yung baby tate

  41. hillary ogendo

    Gucci gang almost a billion views and here still this......Real message here. It deserves a lot.

  42. Craig Walker

    Man in Louisville ky bopping this real shit #newburg

  43. T.M.P SQUAD Seek Life Romans 8:38-39

    Purple G Squad 🤔This Light In My Right Hand 💪 Is A Match That Burn 🤒 Lies With The Truth 💯 In And Out The Booth 🙏 I Ain't Super Men But I Keep An S ⚜️ On My Chest 👑 Because This ONE 😇 SAVED ME 🤫 Romans 8:38-39 👣

  44. Alex Mendoza

    It’s like u can’t hate on this song if u do go jump in a hole and never come out

  45. Slayedby Key

    Nigga so talented man

  46. Leroy Hamm

    Hope everyone is well and still striving!


    this song is so real that it was streamed 66 million times ... in two years...

  48. Abdiwahab Abdi

    Believe in better... and spread the word ... believe in better... no slag shit... until shit hit you

  49. Dawn Carter

    Move my family out da hood all I EVER WANTED💯

  50. Āvree Evans

    💯💯💯MY STORY!!!$$$🔥🔥🔥

  51. Don Johnstone

    Just got out from prison for some shit I didn’t do this tune was on full blast on the wing daily #freetherealones

    Ij Shadowvine

    Don Johnstone I pray for you 🙌

  52. XAV13R

  53. Donovan Sidwell

    This whole video I waited for Adventure Clubs beat to drop.....It did not......

  54. Aaa Aachmedd

    What kind of brand is his sweater in the beginning


    Off white

  55. Aaa Aachmedd

    What kind of brand is his sweater in the beginning

  56. Aaa Aachmedd

    What kind of brand is his sweater in the beginning

    John Doe

    Aaa Aachmedd offwhite

  57. Aaa Aachmedd

    What kind of brand is his sweater in the beginning

  58. One_Chop_Entertainment

    This song was really made from do heart

  59. TOAT S

    I don't know why this song bring a tear to my grown man eyes! Meek a fckn survivor man!

    Vince Levine

    This shyt is real af if you been thru that shyt too

  60. Patrick Lipscomb

    2020 anyone

  61. Shyam Chotai

    Somebody savveeeeee meeee

  62. Mtho Donsi

    "tryna please a bitch almost drove me crazy"_ Somebody SAVE Me.

  63. Mary Corbitt


  64. Canes 365

    One of my favorite 💯

  65. Tasheika Cooper

    I just wanna see my son I wanna see my baby they trying give him 15yrs for robbery I'm heart broken that's to long smh

  66. Lemarcus Wright

    This my motivational, this help brought me up out the mud‼️ real flows💯

  67. Martin EL-GRINGO

    september 2019 and am like...saave me



  69. Fruit Loops

    The moral of the songIs that everyday you gotta problem and u can't defeat so hard times can get harder conquer your life through

  70. Zukhanye Gibe

    Meek you did good with this one........ still hit hard

  71. emille stewart

    yow meek keep it a 1000. my nigga

  72. Vice Xxx

    The beat is ......kinda ass

  73. Thaddaeus Gardner

    Fuck this song it makes me cry every time I hear it

  74. Evil god09

    I list to this over and over to remind my self whom i am. 😢 hurtful tho but i got to live w/ it.

  75. Data B

    No pain like them taking ya kids from ya smdh

  76. Brandon Weaver

    Used to bump this song a lot wow its blew up since then.

  77. Fakoli Kroma

  78. Savage Rosa

    Almost end 2019 listen smash that like I will be back in 2020

    Lady Gator

    Savage Rosa 👍🏿👌🏿✊🏿💪🏿💯💉

  79. Kunda Mwewa

    I remember going through a rough period in my life and this song helped me through that period

  80. Alan Kampos

    Who still listening September Remembering the time driving when I got high and this song was on really hit hard


    who else loves this song

  82. Smoking Bones


  83. Dalon Corke

    Im from the carribean, but i live in nyc for 33 years since i was 7yr old, i got caugth up in the streets making that fast money in and out of jail, my daugthers was having such a hard time without me, it used to break me when they came to visit me and told me what they were going through and i couldnt do nothing physically to help, but in 2019 trump said he wanted me gone im now living in the island putting thing into retrospect, wishing i can do it all over again... God knows i miss my little girls now they really gotta grow up without me

  84. Juss BRAVO official

    🔵 On ma kids - Meek Milly been helping me get through a LOTTA shhht...

  85. Kobby Bryant

    If i can't trust you is FUCK YOU 🖕🏽This got me 😊

  86. Mikael Jackson

    Damn thats tough v

  87. Rocky Shortt

    Im sorry but meek is the realest and i can relate 2 this i swer but i was just waiting for him 2 murda tha beat like snupe no Auto-Tune #js #stillloveemtho

  88. Freeport Records if anyone needs beats please go visit my link

  89. Lucky junior Mlalazi

    De dopest

  90. Ms. Mary Moore

    Free my nephew. Here because he wrote me and told me to listen. I hear ya nephew. 😔

  91. Wilfried Zaha

    “And I hate to be the one that gotta call his mom, that money mix up with the greed it happen all the time” 🗣🗣🗣🗣

  92. Juan

    What's up with the autotune? That's just annoying.

  93. Plum Sauce edits

    Off beat?? Or is it just me


    9 time felon shout out from flint Michigan

  95. Thomas Ward

    And I can't trust these bitches I know they gone pick an choose #Facts!

  96. Thomas Ward

    If I can't trust yah !! ....then it's fuck yah !!

  97. Kevin Andrew Brown

    No more family court! Pickup my daughters from school everyother Friday! Fight for what you want and love! Never give up!

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