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Meek Mill - Pray For Em

Pray For Em
: Pray For Em
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: 12-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Meek Mill - Pray For Em )
  1. Sounds Pretty Moist

    This would've murdered Drake

  2. Sounds Pretty Moist

    This goes hard

  3. Evan Lee

    That beat is insane🔥🔥🔥👍👍

  4. Wyatt Pleasant

    He snapped harder than currys ankles

  5. Psqln Flo

    Thank you nightwish for the begening

  6. SenseiiSkofix

    stoled by ali as

  7. Alisher Mr.kingg


  8. Jo Flo

    The bass in my car is just absolutely insane with this song

  9. Damian stinnie

    C sick c sick c sick 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Epic Sutart

    Why does this sound like Trapp tarell?!

  11. Juriën Cornelissen

    What a sick beat

  12. matthew middleton

    Didn’t know meek played Runescape...

  13. Kael Guerrero

    🔥 ate this bitch easy

  14. Andrew Pawlack

    0:35 THX sound lol

  15. Mr . Billson

    Rip meek

  16. Matt Black

    Why ain’t this on Apple Music smh

  17. ieanquy qrant

    When you go beast mode in GTA killing everyone around you then an Oppressor pups up letting you no choice but going straight to the military base and come back with a jet turning the whole session into an action movie.

  18. T.M.P SQUAD Romans 8:38-39

    PURPLE G SQUAD We Throw That Six 👌 Devil 🤘 Down And Step On It's 👑 Crown Word All Ways Working 😇 Never Laying Around ⚜️ These Prayers Goes up 🛐 And Blessing ✝️ Come Down Heavens Faith 💯 Got Us Off Of The Ground🔝Romans 8:38-39 👣

  19. Duskayah

    We Hawt

  20. P G


  21. Taylor Smith


  22. George Wyatt

    who else came here from s1mple csgo complication superstition

  23. zaven grigoryan

    I wanna get a sword with crusader body armor

  24. K1NG MOZ

    B A N K \ Y O U R / I T E M SRemixed

  25. Iván Santiago

    uno, doh, tres, cuacho °•.°•.°•.°•.

  26. Gaming & Vlogs By Grandmaster Smash

    This is the track I play when I'm playing Saints Row the Third on switch and I'm in a tank or the Saints Enforcer. And I'm causing as much fucking Mayhem as possible

  27. Hyrum Secody

    This should have been in either of the creed movies!

  28. CarbonQuellist

    I loved Planet Hell from Nightwish for years, but this sample does it justice. This is fire

  29. Legacy Jones

    Meek never disappoints on godd. 🔥🔥👌🏿👌🏿👏🏿

  30. Jerry Seinfeld

    Beat and background sound taken from Nightwish- Planet Hell

  31. Antonio Vargas Hagberg

    One dos tres I’m from Chile and my girlfriend it’s from Spania.

  32. Shaun Morin

    Sick beat for sure! Quick shout out to the band Nightwish. Their song "Planet Hell" is where that chant loop is from. Really fire way to use it too!

  33. Sped Boi

    Where is this on apple? How can I get it?

  34. Troy Stephens

    You cant play this on low, extreme volume at all times

  35. We Are Legion

    More evidence he was paid to take a dive against Drake.

  36. NA & RA

    Musique copy right ??

  37. Jaden C

    I found the song in spotify. It’s been posted by a guy named Baskem under the title: Pray for ‘em.

  38. Parabelliem

    This shit went hard

  39. sbongeleni nyamangeni

    This is called a full package.

  40. Jull3E

    S1mple my man

  41. Lee Gen

    This beat is from 06 June 2006 Falador.

  42. madmax404

    Just made me want to quit watching the video this was on the background of and go listen to the proper version of the song (Planet Hell)

  43. ben Amiot

    Wesh mais il a volé l'instu a "nightwish" "planet hell"

  44. Stefvon Cook


  45. Andrew Stern

    This track is brutal 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. wavy_p516

    50 and drake diss🔥🔥🔥

  47. Q. Milly

    2019 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🤟🏿🧡

  48. Gold Wing

    Play this over some God of War

  49. Navi Fanat

    S1mple one love

  50. kite


  51. Tahir Alizada

    this song makes me to go to near my dad and smoke sigarette ın front of him

  52. RussetGold

    rofl nightwish sample?

  53. Александр Байбуза


  54. Trent Black

    LAY-Z Here They Can't Stop A DreamChaser 💯💯👁️

  55. 6opus MVP


  56. Ms Allie_gaming

    Songs fukin trash



  58. Renan Godoy


  59. Erik Gilbert


  60. 조민석

    Who came from flying korashhhhh😝

  61. Romell Shorter

    Wire tap. Can hear the feds talkin. #shhhhhhh

  62. iDontNeedYou

    Who’s still listening to this in 2019?🔥

    Wan Gee

    iDontNeedYou 🎃🎃🎃

    Darius Owens


    dima shapovalov

    @Janlerth Chaviano if you commented then you listen to it


    SoAccurate me bro lol

  63. TheQwwwwwwwq



    *Planet Hell

  64. Mo Kratos Ultra

    and theres people who say meek mill is wack...

  65. Mingau Osbourne


  66. Bruce Hanby

    uh...I never thought I'd hear Nightwish like this. So people like that beat? That's "Planet Hell" that came out in 2004.

  67. jamey smith

    Meek and 50 make the best workout music period

  68. OMW VayZer

    So badass.

  69. just pablo

    not on apple music im upset

    LA Nice

    Spotify > apple music

  70. Tony B

    Warrior music

  71. Denis Game

    Пацаны, кто от Люсика?

  72. Sp1KeR

    ZERKje ?

  73. ndimphiwe shabangu

    Shit still SLAAPS 2X19

  74. LeurcaZ TM

    WAYTFEYS bu ne şimdi he?

  75. Kalqotka Bruc lee


  76. FRNAIMER - Highlights


  77. Beh Rodrigues


  78. Seyit Altıntaş



    It's probably still ok. Songs been out for years so if it was copyright striked by Nightwish it would've happened by now.

  79. rikki Tyler

    Gas gas gas 🔥

  80. HR 93

    @nickmercs #MFAM

  81. Natho1230

    Any here from nickmercs stream 😂😂

  82. Stokage

    Planet Hell anyone? Nightwish?

  83. Zak Goldhagen

    Why ain’t this on Apple Music 🙋🏽‍♂️

    LA Nice

    Cuz apple music trash my guy, get spotify, step your game up

  84. Aibek pro

    Лусик никкии

  85. Frank Johnson

    Payback Xavy 🌎🏁

  86. Ancalagon

    Rap is trash.

  87. Elle

    Omg.... Plant Hell?

  88. VandyGames

    Yo why can’t I find this on Apple Music

  89. Zack Mccomb

    That fucking Planet Hell beat tho

  90. Jhomz 1996



    Yall are the best ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Please YouTube MOJO RAW GUITAR Title Bucket list,,,Please enjoy

  92. adv1ce

    s1mple ?

  93. Brian Ronnie

    Maaan hard

  94. BryceSH1992

    Back when I was jacked I used to listen to the is in the gym. Maybe I should get back to it!!!

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