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Madonna - feat Quavo-Future

feat Quavo-Future
: feat Quavo-Future
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: 26-05-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Madonna - feat Quavo-Future )
  1. N. S.

    It's ok! Everybody has his own opinion! (to everybody) : Do you like the song or not?

  2. Amanda Santos

    Que levada boa, amei! 💃❤

  3. Luna Rougers

    She litteraly says that we will die and just some humans will be alive probably illuminati members but this is my thought and i wonder how others dont talk about how crazy,horrible and scary this is

  4. ranالكرسي حفضك الله. ال jarallah

    من روسيا من روسيا

  5. Jose E Salas C

    Me encanta super

  6. elijah elliott

    Best from album

  7. David Kaas

    She has been plugged-in since 1994.

  8. What ?

    what music genre is this?

  9. Evan James

    I'm only here for quavo

  10. Argenys Lopez

    The most underrated hit a ever heard 😪

  11. Doug Capehart

    Sounds A LOT like Santigold

  12. Alexis Cala

    this girl never dissapoint are you agree?

  13. Red Mist

    Not a fan of reggae song, But I like this!

  14. TS Novak

    Love the lyrics

  15. lily anna

    we are not gods

  16. I_do_random_shit_Productions Films

    Future except me

  17. Mikko Lappalainen

    Esoteric album

  18. Nora Benhabouche

    J'adore. Merci MADONNA.....tu m'epateras toujours ma très chère amie.

  19. h u

    Come to my future you amazing queen

  20. h u

    Bye britney hello madonna

  21. Donald Winckler

    Only let truth be breath's sacrifice

  22. Родион Раскольников

    Мамбо, КрасавчикНе все идут в будущееНе все учатся на прошломНе каждый сможет прийти в будущемНе все, кто здесь, останутся (останутся)Не все идут в будущееНе все приходят из прошлогоНе каждый сможет прийти в будущемНе все, кто здесь, останутся (останутся)Ты еще не проснулсяПроснувшись, подойди и послушай Дай надежду, дай жизньЖизнь одна и мы должны прожить ее правильно (должны прожить правильно)Я пришла заключить мирПодойди с верой и вдохновениемВозьми с собойСоветы и положительный настрой (положительный настрой)Открой свою душу(открой свою душу)Открой глаза (открой глаза)Да (Да)Не все идут в будущееНе все учатся на прошломНе каждый сможет прийти в будущемНе все, кто здесь, останутся (останутся)Не все идут в будущееНе все приходят из прошлогоНе каждый сможет прийти в будущемНе все, кто здесь, останутся (останутся)За будущееПрошлоеБудущее На последокНадеюсь, ты знаешь (знаешь), что моя жизнь - золото (золото)Я капаю, как лед (Лед), Я вижу знаки (знаки)Просто освободи свою душу (будь свободней)Добро пожаловать в будущее, это культурная поездка (поездка)Внутри слишком много боли Это переопределение (Да, да)Ты тратишь слишком много времени, пытаясь выжитьЕсли не нравится человек в твоем классе, позволь ему умеретьПусть твоя энергия сияет (Да, да)Не все идут в будущееНе все учатся на прошломНе каждый сможет прийти в будущемНе все, кто здесь, останутся (останутся)Не все идут в будущееНе все приходят из прошлогоНе каждый сможет прийти в будущемНе все, кто здесь, останутся (останутся)БудущееQuavoПрошлоеБлескБудущееМы можем осветить темноту, ведь у каждого внутри огонь Не останавливай меня, ведь ты сам хотел (О, да)Твое будущее сияет (ярко), просто не выключай свет (Свет)Скажи Солнцу не светить (ярко), ведь ты сам хотелНе все приходят в будущее (нет)Не все приходят из прошлого (прошлого)Не каждый может прийти в будущее (в будущее)Не все, кто здесь - останутся (останутся, останутся)В будущее (прошлое, прошлое)Из прошлогоЗа будущее (на последок)Это будущее, откуда мы пришли, быть звездамиЭто будущее, откуда мы пришли, тяжелое времяЭто будущее, откуда мы пришли, победить их всехЭто будущее, откуда мы пришли, быть боссамиЭто будущее, где ты должен заплатить за это (будущее)Это будущее, откуда ты пришел, быть потерянным (будущее)Это будущее, распятие на крестеНо ты знаешь, что я выше всего этого, да

  23. Randal Friedman

    You ain't woke, Come here woke and hear the broken, Come give hope, come give life, Only get one, so we gotta live it right" *MDMA

  24. Jonny Smythe

    Now this is a fantastic song! Love her so much! Really well done guys x

  25. d e a d i n s i d e

    Diplo <3

  26. Jose Nolberto Tureuna Parancan

    Que gran canción positiva ,.me sube el ánimo .

  27. Felipe Bahamon

    super genial cancion como siempre MADONNA y sus canciones llenas de realidades y verdades ALWAYS THE BEST AND ONLY AND WONDERFUL MADONNADESDE COLOMBIA........

  28. Chris Lee Carey

    If Madonna's team would have uploaded the full album on YouTube each individual track would have had sucess...especially with curious listeners who were not sure of the sound or concept of the album...we are living in an age that allowing listeners stream and listen before purchasing gives them the choice of buying what they want from each record....its hard to process but we are in the age of streaming and easy access to full albums and singles....why restrict and make it hard for listeners this is not the 80s this is the modern and actual world....theres still time to blow up madame giving chance to each individua be streamed and to be heard.

  29. Allen Call

    Izza vibe

  30. johnnyatab

    I like, but not sure about the abrupt ending and the bridge in the middle where she says "don't tell me to stop". Something about this track feels unfinished.

  31. Simone Simone

    N°1 Hit Parade Che Non C'è/ Settimana 2019-05-30



  33. Davide Dionisi


  34. Chris Lee Carey

    One of the better tracks

  35. josefina machado

    I love thai music

  36. Wage Slave

    Madonna was great 50 years ago. She’s dreadful now

  37. Alex Naples

    Somehow this became my summer song 2019! I totally fell for it

    Davide Dionisi

    It is my summer song 2019 and my favorite song from MADAME X album and my song of the 2019

  38. M. Di Angelo

    Guys, @madonna has been preparing herself to what's coming up through the kabbalah... Please, listen to the message! Pay attention to "Ghost Town... Pay attention to "Sign of the Times" by Harry Styles...You might want to check out the lyrics of my song "Paradise-feel-the-light" (Ibiza House Mix)... It's another message to you, folks!

  39. The Blessed One

    She has always beem so massively talented.

  40. Gökberk Çöllü

    I want a video for this but make it super masonic!!!!!

  41. maría josé lópez tavani

    "Sólo hay una Reina, y esa es Madonna".

  42. Edward Johnson

    Madame x you are woke

  43. Jatz

    Madonna looky

  44. Fabien Goudeau

    Madame x : le meilleur album de 2019

  45. justin case

    gotta admire the balls on this woman, she should have been thinking about afterlife and how to atone for her sins. But no. She is thinking about her career. I guess when you sign the contract with the devil, there is no escape.

  46. Johan Klomp

    Good song Madonna!

  47. Marveloussziqqan666 Vamos


  48. Miss Valerie

    Illuminatia satanica ...

    Mou 6

    Miss Valerie perra envidiosa

  49. Mixtli JD

    I love reggae and Madonna, so this is more than perfect to me

  50. D'eauville Boss

    Really love dis track it gives me positive vibes

  51. Dennis Breter

    Fuck all those wannabees like Grande..Cyrus..and all the other complete talentfree ..She will always be the only one..

  52. Massimo Squecco

    I can read only sad paid comments, not a single personal emotion expressed. They just keep saying how much they like this autotune raggamuffin thing.

  53. Carlos Martínez

    My favorite track from Madame X Album

    Davide Dionisi

    Meee Toooo! ❤

  54. Esteban Díaz

    I’m ready for the future

  55. lory master

    I want this song in club. Who’s with me?

  56. Joana Santos

    This sounds like a warning

    Tomáš Kubánek

    I think this is a warning x)

  57. LK Productions

    Quavos Part😍

  58. sofiyarini ambarwati

    i dont like the now Madonna, i prefer the 80s - 2000 era

  59. ⲆⲛⲇⲔⲟⲅⲉⲧⲉ

    J’adore ❤️❤️❤️

  60. Andrea Lorenzon

    Positive vibes!

  61. Mario Barron

    Only People with so much brain on their heads can actually get into this amazing song... #Future

    Mario Barron

    @centaur but real

    Davide Dionisi

    The best song from MADAME X album is FUTURE


    @Davide Dionisi and this one is already not good

  62. Apostolos A.

    Madonna, Future - Quavo

  63. Guilherme CL


  64. Nicole Alessi

    What does Quavo's lyric "It's the future, crucifixion on a cross" mean exactly?

    Plant Bakker

    I think it's an inversion from Jesus being crucified (which means Salvation already came in the past), which would lead me to think that Salvation will come through the coming of the New Messias. It is no secret that Madonna is involved in Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) so this could be a possibility. Take a look at the symbolism she employed in 2019 Eurovision performance

  65. Andreas Maser

    Oh my god, I really love your music. All my love from Berlin (Germany)

  66. Arnaud Ledoux

    J'adore 💕 je ne me lasse pas de cette chanson, cette album 💞 soutenons Madonna et son album ! Elle le mérite !

  67. Tuffy Badass

    Every time I try to give this song a chance, her vocal style makes me cringe so I can't get past the first twenty seconds.

    ridge Land

    One of the best songs in the album

  68. Christopher Winstanley

    That's what happen I'm personally not responsible for shipping . Something's are cherished and love follows. And those days expression love. I cherish Madame X boy friend love her with kiss boyfriend loves me

  69. Christopher Winstanley

    Everything happening, people saying I got bird. My family is up and we have a bird. Caught a bird just a bird. It's nothing like when you say on the way. Papa don't peach, then open your heat it height heat and live to tell. Where's party love listening to her records

  70. Christopher Winstanley

    Same as taking my lover to alter. It was a carpal. I pick her up, it was coming down and I caught her in my arms. I sat and watched the bitch burn. Happiest Day In My Life. Sun was the best, got sun tan. "If love surrender, surely I cherish "

  71. Christopher Winstanley

    Even God's has complaint series. She must do something else .. I love Madonna. I bet she has something good, or if your not goes for dishes 🤣😂

  72. Christopher Winstanley

    If she come back again I'll have scarf and hat knitted. I love it want you to keep warm. So many awesome song.

  73. Christopher Winstanley

    Madonna has always bothered with the future. If if had banana it'll go bang bang! I don't the trolls bring this down.

  74. urban ringstro

    i under from african koloni madonna has stulit this musik?

  75. Robert Allala

    I just realized this has lyrics from Don't Tell Me. It took 10 listens or more just to notice that.

  76. Dito

    I love this song 😊🎶🌴

  77. Jo Dalida


  78. Muffinek Tutu

    the best madonna song that i ever heard.

  79. Esteban Díaz

    México 🇲🇽 loves the futureFuck you USA

  80. Omar Padhan Harshad

    I sing this song doing the dishes Lol I love it I started love it once I saw Madonna singing it in her car

  81. Davide Dionisi

    I'm totally addicted to FUTURE it is the best song from MADAME X album WooooooooW

  82. Fabian G

    I love you Madonna !!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Dartelive dyna

    Madame X is a Billboard 200 #1 album <3

  84. Ewelina M.

    We have to learn from the past and save our really lies in our hands we have to act , wake up ...only love is eternal...

    hundertachtzehn †

    Jesus is love . Repent

  85. sorcerykid

    Does anyone else listen to the lyrics and seriously wonder f Madonna is prophesizing about the fate of human civilization if we don't change our ways? I mean it's not beyond the realm of possibility that someone of her fame and influence might have been given keen foreknowledge and would slip such hints into a song just for those that are keen enough to understand it.

  86. Manuel M.

    I don't hear the auto tune. Did Madonna sing this by herself? And what does the blindfold mean? Is it really a reference to Mosche Dajan?

  87. Sing So

    (Future left the studio)

  88. Jamil B

    I believe this song is about new earth 🌍 ☮️❤️

  89. SwettyKelly

    Hola Me ayudan A tener el Instrumental De esta Cancion Porfavor♥

  90. celetl bcste

    Favorite song ever!!!!!!

  91. Anna Katerina Nekrylova

    I want an official remix on streaming and/or iTunes.

  92. Ryan Hession

    I love this song kick ass . M X MAKE MORE SONG LIKE THIS PLEASE

  93. Arnaud Ledoux

    Une tuerie ! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ J'adore MADAME X ! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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