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Madonna - Human Nature

Human Nature
: Human Nature
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: 26-05-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Madonna - Human Nature )
  1. Jean-François Nantel-Grenier

    Amazing as usual.À quand la suite?? To be continued.....🤘

  2. Dartelive dyna

    I want more of this awesome album <3

  3. Dartelive dyna

    Madonna is great!!!!!

  4. kruztev clint

    Amazing Queen, legend!!!!!

  5. Genny Jean

    Complete a$$

  6. Ayush Kumar

    Unholy fuck

  7. John santamaria

    es preciosa tome gaseosa

  8. Alvin Del Rey

    This deserves so many more views. It’s one of her best songs & videos

  9. Fabio


  10. Melanie Smith

    Any black girls on here want this Bantu Knots? Lol. Cause I do!

  11. one_hit_wonder

    Loved that era! All singles were fantastic! Bedtime stories is a very underrated album, there are a few fillers, but overall very interesting work.

  12. MoonLogic

    I could regret the hair a little.

  13. Madar Father

    M listening still 2019

  14. TyphoidBryan

    Madonna, proving that she could be provocative, sexually charged, and dominant without being trashy. I'm sorry it didn't last.

  15. Joe Pritchard

    The Queen 😍 ❤️

  16. Mer Girl

    when will we get this remastered?

  17. Jonathan King

    these really need re-uploading in full HD

  18. Shadrach Quistgaard

    Es preciosa, tomé gaseosa!

  19. Hank Hammer

    I touch myself when I see the leather

  20. Gina Sousa Branco

    This t was a brilliant move! That’s why she’s MadonnaPreceding the release of Bedtime Stories Madonna seemingly appeared to have softened up as an almost apologetic response to the sexually fueled Erotica but then she released Human Nature as the biggest “fuck you” of her career

  21. Steven Gaviria

    *Es preciosa tome gaseosa*

  22. gizemli dünyalar

    Topunuz delisiniz tedavi islamda

  23. gizemli dünyalar

    Hem tüm her erkek sizi eller hemde islama saldırırsınız aşalık islam düşmanları islam size ne yaptı tam aksine siz islama zarar verip saldırıdınız islamdan özür dileyeceksiniz

  24. Rebelblue

    25 years later this song sounds amazing, badass song by one and only badass bitch! 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Rebelblue

    Happy 25th anniversary of album Bedtime Stories! 🎉🥳🔥

  26. Terriance Shepherd

    #Madonna #SherlockHolmes #Throne by #Abaraxus #GuyPierce #Enrichment

  27. MrAbrahamTV

    One of my favorites human nature great song great lyrics wish Madonna would do lyrics like these again

  28. PAKU MAN

    💖💗💟IS🙈🙉🙊 😀

  29. greatgaga266

    I adore this song!!!!!

  30. conbii lunr

    Celine Dion is the best selling female artist of the 90's, she is as amazing as Madonna!!!!!

  31. conbii lunr

    Madonna looks amazing!!!


    I remember being SOOOOOOO EMBARRASSED when this video came on and my mom was right there 😂



  34. Haus Of Klebtonia

    Absolutely GENIUS

  35. Anthony Brown

    They should make a video for Darth Vader called smooth jedi (padme are you ok?)

  36. Nano Gauto

    isnt she amazing or what?loveit

  37. Jean-Marc Olivares

    Nul . Que ne ne ferais pas la soi disant Madonne pour palper du fric . Elle me débecte .

  38. Luis Hernandez Gonzalez

    0:03 es preciosa tomen gaseosa :v

  39. Dartelive dyna

    .|. to all Madonna haters and to the suicidal piece of shit who can't sing live Mariah Carey, she tried to suicide because of Luis Miguel!!!!!

  40. Dartelive dyna

    I'm still listening this amazing song in 2019!!!!!!

  41. Dartelive dyna

    Awesome song <3

  42. Fella Rodriguez

    I personally don't like her singing skills but I like this because of its diversity and flow of the song. one thing I do love is the way she pushes everyone's buttons

  43. Alphonso

    I’ve only heard this song like once or twice, and I thought it was TLC......

  44. Alan Ayres

    People say Xtina copied Gaga but she clearly was inspired by this on the Not Myself Tonight Video. She said herself it was a tribute to Madonna <3 I love those girls! What about Madonna, Gaga and Xtina in one song? I love a threesome! hahahahaha

  45. Alan Ayres


  46. Orion Ake

    Their movements in the boxes perfectly illustrates repressing painful gas and diarrhea in a public place and being nowhere near the restroom

  47. Lutti Tavares

    I love this album

  48. waleed kop

    I LOVE Madonna!!!!!!

  49. Nikki Blaze

    Doggie is freaky too! 😂

  50. Lia Stephanie Gómez

    Es preciosa tomé gaseosa

  51. Andres Solano

    La batería es el mejor complemento de esta canción

  52. Anthony Taylor

    Me this is the jam

  53. Adam Daaid

    She has 48 number 1 dance hits !!!!!!

  54. Ryan Hession

    I can't because one woman Jack up my life. And she took my heart and soul also my trust. It some times hard to love a woman .some type of teacher right.

  55. Ryan Hession

    Iam try too my love. But my world is all Jack up .

  56. Celty

    Since I found this, I can't stop watching it.

  57. Dennis Dimovski


  58. Michael Mckagan

    Was never a fan of Madonna, but I'll give this two thumbs up.

  59. Merry Sol

    So Miley Cyrus just put out Mothers Daughter and it feel so much like this #LatexLatexLatex #ImNotSorry

  60. souhail benaser

    Madonna so sexy

  61. swankhood

    The blueprint, the one who paved the way for Female artists who came after her.

  62. Cupcake Killer

    Chihuahua😮I love the song too,😊

  63. kamila D.

    Super ;)*, ale troszkę podpatrzone... paula abdul cold hearted... ale ok ;)

  64. LaZebraSwagger XD

    Es preciosa tome gaseosa

  65. Fatmawati Jember

    I don't know, i just love this video very much

  66. Shawn Michael

    I Love You, Miss Amazing Madonna!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😄😅😃

  67. Fabiana Ranucci

    October , novembre dicembre !!!!!!💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🍂🍁🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  68. SA H

    This is one of the best ever videos. The choreography is 🔥

  69. Jorge Mariani

    I'm not your bitch, don't hang your shit on me....Absolutely, no FUCKING regret! :D jm*XQueen MadonnaQueen Of PopMDNARebel Heart Madame X

  70. Mia DoubleZeroSeven

    Madonna was the queen of re-invention. She rebranded & reinvented herself so many times...almost like a new artist every time.

  71. Rebelblue


  72. Rebelblue

    Who’s watching in october 2019?

    Juan Cano

    yeah how it happened?

  73. Briannasofia

    Ok she spittin straight facts

  74. steveaustin1977

    This song and sound is timeless

  75. FT108

    One of the most underrated songs and videos ever!

  76. Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo


  77. Leslie Carrie Sipan Vicente

    Es preciosa tome gaseosa

  78. juera aka

    This song is bad azz

  79. Johannes Geurten

    This reminds me of the wonderful movie Professor Marston and the Wonder Women by Olive Byrne in which the creator of the comic Wonderwoman is prosecuted by the FBI because of integrating bdsm-elements into the strip/story. The same thing happened to Irving Claw, the filmer o' Bettie Page. Even nowadays bondage is considered to be a mental illness (DSMV) or banned or blocked and so on... but it's human nature... The chains in the clip aren't even half as strong as the chains society puts upon us during daily life cheerz Erik Geurten / Amsterdam

  80. Breno Leite Brito

    Madonna is a genius. Period.

  81. David Rosales

    This song has started with false translation for some of people who's listened wrong They thought ..Es Preciosa Tomé GaseosaAnd it is ..Express Yourself Don't Repress Yourself

  82. Edd25164605

    Sometimes it's good to embrace your dark side.

  83. Shazzy G

    Okay but at around @3:34 they formed a pentagram with the ropes. A bit weird

  84. 6pac

    I can’t believe black people stole all their hair styles from Madonna

  85. Lordu Sett


  86. Major Depression

    Best Madonna Song ever

  87. Vinicius Erk

    The only reason why the idiot puta Mariah Carey hates on Madonna is because Madonna still being successful and Mariah is an idiot flopped puta and a stupid has been!!!!!

  88. Vinicius Erk

    She has hot boobs!!!!!


    Vinicius Erk not anymore she doesn’t

  89. Vinicius Erk

    Lesbians are hot!

  90. Francesca Bottini

    Luca Tomassini❤

  91. Jochen Hansen

    Uupss why does all the people mention when this and that was made ? Madonna= Messenger of the Truth.....Nobody can top Madonna when it comes to creating timeless majestic art ? Absolutely no regrets

  92. KrunkTina

    Ugh love d it

  93. Ronald Elston


  94. greatgaga266

    I absolutely love this song!!!!!

  95. TECsta

    Peak MDNA!!!!🤩

  96. Cely Avalos

    Yo tengo esta canción en cassette!!!!!

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