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Madonna - 4 Minutes

4 Minutes
: 4 Minutes
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: 26-05-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Madonna - 4 Minutes )
  1. Joe Pritchard

    Madonna is The Queen 😍 ❤️

  2. mukul anand

    I showed this video to my fat cousinHe's still fat, but he liked the song !

  3. Σωτηροπουλου Αλεξανδρα

    Who is here in November 2019?❣#queenofpop

  4. Amit Ezuthachan

    Timbaland Masterpiece

  5. Elfego Chavez


  6. Larson Matuck

    Why does this sound like its from High School Musical? Is it just me?

  7. anıl demir

    Who is listening it in 2020 ?

  8. Roman P.

    Ich bin der Deutsche Kommentar den du gesucht hast ... auch wegen Monte hier 😏

  9. Tiger Doll

    Fuck this song I get to listen to this basic bullshit at work. fuck everyone that was involved

  10. 555Disneylover

    Thumbs up to the Madame X Tour, the most successful tour of this year!!!!!!!

  11. 555Disneylover

    5 stars video!!!!!!!

  12. Danny Bee

    It’s as if I am watching my 900 year old nan trying to flirt with one of my mates!

  13. no name

    2019.11.02 🎧🎶 Better than current music.What has happened to America recently?

  14. Все про фантастику, фэнтази и ужасы.

    Madonna - Beauty. Greetings from Russia.

  15. Amit Ezuthachan

    Timbaland <3

  16. Róbert Èvi


  17. Gina Sousa Branco

    4 Minutes Worldwide Sales: 7,260,000

  18. Bonnie's World.

    a dream fly by. now madonna you can use my comments and see what you can write. what Madonna is my friend. can't you see the spirit only talking to us.???

  19. Bonnie's World.

    4 minutes ticking through out. think that is playing with friends. stand back... steam you can understand who is here. mysterious. think think think thinking. think think. thick mysterious. think mysterious.

  20. kaim istvan

    Hi 💋 😍 🌹 love

  21. Tondie R.

    0:36 let’s all admit how the horns blowing 🔥🔥

  22. val Batista

    Essa mulher arrasa

  23. Umair Siddiqui

    what a masterpiece ? remember the time when this song was worlds famous song

  24. Fardeen Shams ab

    Anyone listening this from Kabul ?

  25. CAPRICE 1988

    نحبك مادونا

  26. CAPRICE 1988

    2019 algeria

  27. kaim istvan

    Szia super 😇 👍 😁 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 🇩🇪🇭🇺👋


    show me better music producer than timbaland

  29. Cayden Carroll

    Let's see how many likes I can get in 2 months because apparently someone can get 1.4k likes in 2 months.

  30. furkan şatvan

    I used to listen this when I was a kid.

  31. Gil Doran

    Madame X is a Billboard 200 #1 album ♥️

  32. Sofia Uco


  33. Ally Bamma

    Vintage Vag Madge

  34. Cindy Abergas

    Who's watching in the month of October 2019?

  35. 555Disneylover

    Thumbs uo to this UK#1 hit!!!!!!

  36. Alex Kit_34

    Молодцы, хорошо получилось👏

  37. Boy X

    2019 ❤!!!! Who still listening this amazing song? ❤

    David Grizzell

    2019 ❤!!!!!Me This Song Is Fantastic❤

  38. Iara Hammoud

    Esta canción me encantaba de chica 💕

  39. Daniella Moreno

    Look Madonna only gets better with age!

  40. Gayle Lumanog

    It's 2019 and I still get stressed over how close that plague thingy got to them as they danced

  41. SINGH

    Did 'Get Smart' bring you here?

  42. صالح زيد


  43. Bodzio 80

    madonna.. oh,,,.....

  44. outthere cat

    Music just here 🎶😥🎶🎶🎶

  45. ʙᴀɪxᴀʀ ᴍᴜsɪᴄᴀs 2.0



    Before Justin Bieber there was Justin timberlake.

  47. So Sick And Tired Of All The Needless Beating

    3:36 JT is indeed an expert on undressing established pop icons.

  48. Alif Narbawi


  49. BxBxH Things .

    Happy 10th birthday, song, yeah, I know I'm late.

  50. Alexis Martinez


  51. Dulmar Franco

    2019 😍

  52. kiem sweets

    I am lol!

  53. Vinícius Ribeiro

    chamaaaaaaaaaa paeee 2019

    ʙᴀɪxᴀʀ ᴍᴜsɪᴄᴀs 2.0

    Eae poha 2019

  54. Illuminati King

    Plays this song at my funeral please, I want them to believe that I may get up from my grave in four minutes.

  55. Gulya Amanova

    25.10.2019??? 🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬

  56. Kovu Lion

    4 minutes till enemy spawn stops and you're the only one left standing

  57. SparklingGold&BlueGreen,RainbowDiamonds

    Madonna Is One Of My Favorite Women Artists In The World!!!! We Are Both Have SomeThings In Common.We Are The Queen Leo's In The Zodiac Signs.I Would Like To Become The Next Singer Like Madonna Because I Have A Great Voice&From What I Was Told.Serious Talent Agents Inquires Only,Feel Free To Contact Me At [email protected] Was Always MyBiggestDream To Come True Is. IWantedToGetDiscoveredForAsSinger, Modeling &Acting.WeBothHadAHardLife.

  58. KBA's Atlantis

    where is timbaland

  59. العـنقود ٰٓ

    *watch this* if you like timbaland 👉🏽

  60. cnz shanee

    Wow nice,loved the song as a Child and still love it!

  61. James Bond

    Timberlake fk madonna in 4 min?

  62. Just Me

    In the end it was a breakdown. 🤣🤣🤣

  63. EvaAlmeidaOfficial

    Time is Limitless when it comes to this song. 4 min is not enough that's why I press play since 2009

  64. Sharrie Lee

    Once again I walked the asles of Walmart downloading music 🔥2019

  65. Salim

    Anyone in November 2019??

  66. Angelo Chen

    Still in love with this song

  67. brandi

    06-2010 define my most precious preteen through teen years ..I remember dancing to these songs getting ready to walk to school ..can't beat those days 😊🤗💕💭

  68. AndyLIVE

    a time where madonna was still cool today you have to wipe her ass in nursing home!


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  70. cassand jsoo

    Yes, this video was uploaded twice, the other upload also had 80 million views!

    Eduardo Floriano

    Olá gente tudo bem ótimo dia pra você muita paz e saúde adorei tudo

  71. cassand jsoo

    Great video!!!!

  72. Ofek Revivo

    wasnt there another video of it with a lot of views?

  73. Giorgi Maisuradze

    მადონააა!.. კიდე ცოცხალიხაარ 🤣სტალინის ტოლია ეს ჩემისა 🤣🤣😎

  74. Neil Thomas

    i am watching

  75. Carollynn Joice Porter

    I Red is eating a bag of Barbecue chips Lays

  76. Azzeddine Benbahi


  77. T Woo

    OCD be like "this vid is 4:05!!!!!!" bruhhhhh

  78. Vinicius Erk

    Mariah Carey is the American puta and a stupid has been!!!!!!

  79. Vinicius Erk

    She has a hot face!!!!

  80. Vinicius Erk

    Hot boobs!

  81. GoldengirlyJasi

    What is this song about?

  82. g-nicoleti

    We love Madonna until today! Wow!

  83. greatgaga266

    This is an amazing 00's song, a hit in the World, not like the boring crap R&B love ballads of that decade, only Beyonce did a great job in R&B but the worst thing of the 00's were the R&B songs by boring crap female singers from the 90's!!!!!

    David Grizzell

    I LOVE THIS SONG😀😀you got 4 minutes to dance so hurry up Haha😀😀Its Has A Good Beat To It😊😊

  84. dyla boukhoulef

    October 2019 anyone 🤷

    Souhila Mahmoud

    Me 😉😉

  85. Robert Barrett

    Madonna's best plastic suergury..

    Illuminati King

    Robert Barrett she didn't have any plastic surgery here, you tried. She was always good looking

  86. Andres Ruiz

    GTA 4 :v?

  87. Vince Silmon

    Gud Gawd!!

  88. Arebelli Goudrege

    Madonna is fantastic!!!!!!!

  89. Arebelli Goudrege

    great video!!!!!!!!

  90. zewe mung'omba

    Music has indeed come a long way. My goodness.😂Is it just me or did every music video back then have a dance breakdown???

  91. Joyce Oliveira

    Dois monstros da Dança. Saudades

  92. Ron Jones

    Madonna is the true definition of the word milf

  93. Nurlan Bağırov

    2019 👋👑

  94. Vucina M

    They failed to save music world...Look shit we listening now compare to 2000-2010 era...Fu

  95. Hess Sabine

    Its allright 😗😙😙

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I'm outta time and

All I got is four minutes (freaky, freaky), four minutes aye

I'm outta time and

All I got is four minutes (freaky, freaky), four minutes aye

I'm outta time and

All I got is four minutes (freaky, freaky), four minutes aye (four, four)

I'm outta time and

All I got is four minutes (freaky, freaky), four minutes aye (four, four)

I'm outta time and

All I got is four minutes (freaky, freaky), four minutes aye (four, four)

I'm outta time and

All I got is four minutes (freaky, freaky), four minutes aye (four, four)

I'm outta time and

All I got is four minutes (freaky, freaky), four minutes aye (four, four)

I'm outta time and

All I got is four minutes (freaky, freaky) (four, four)

Come on, ah

Yeah, ha

Break down

Come on

Hey, uh

Come on

Madonna, break…

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