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Madonna - Borderline

: Borderline
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: 26-05-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Madonna - Borderline )
  1. Andrea Lorenzon

    Masterpiece of pop! ❤️

  2. Screechez

    My second time listening to this, I'm vibing to it.

  3. Patrícia Rodrigues

    Estava pesquisando sobre a síndrome de borderline para apresentar um seminario na facudade e olha onde eu vim parar . 🙊

  4. Gina Sousa Branco

    3:29 MX graffiti on the store mannequins. Madame X signature 35 years ago

  5. Gina Sousa Branco

    "Most of the fight I have with boyfriends are how I’m not paying enough attention to them or I’m always off doing things for my career. Of course, I disagree. I have a lot of shit to do right now. I’m always surrounded by people. I have a very visible career. I got to go out West and audition guys to be in my videos and I got to kiss guys in my movies. But I always say it’s the quality of time and not the quantity of time. If you spend the time that you do have together not fighting, you might enjoy each other." - Madonna on May 1985 to SPIN

  6. EsMe & U


  7. Praise Ehyeh Iesous

    yane mare syam, abijl ala, uano, hija actenal tijogas ijana eloim ija nehn ijane haij ijanehu, abijaco mea

  8. Audra Stewart

    Lv you Madonna

  9. Nicky Depaola

    I was 20 when this now CLASSIC hit !!   Great times to be young in the bay area !!  This tune capture's the era 4 sure !!  & the "blow" was flying !!

  10. David Morales Araya

    ! bueno preciosa Madonna que tengas un feliz día de cumpleaños ! happy birthday preciosa Madonna !

  11. David Morales Araya

    ¿ hola alguien me puede decir cuando cumple años Madonna ?

  12. Jimbo Tuazon


  13. Boy X

    🎶 <3

  14. Karla Jean

    I am so happy ....I was11yrs old during this!

  15. William Hewett

    I love and adore her

  16. shiver me timber

    I still have her playboy issue

  17. 555Disneylover

    5 stars video and song!!!!!

  18. Valdeneis Teodoro Dos Reis

    Umas das primeiras música de Madonna 84

  19. Eugene Jacquescoley

    "I don't want to be your prisoner"...


    Madonna salvami dal borderline

  21. Eric Letellier

    The Best of Madonna. ..Fisrt Album

  22. david crusoe

    This song kept me from going over the Borderline in 2002❤

  23. chaz the prankster

    Queen of pop indeed💟💟💟

  24. Elliott Allen

    fr this video is so vaporwave

  25. Daniel

    RIP Benny Harvey

  26. maxaversa

    November 2019...........who's still Love this Song ? :-)

  27. Mikethegreatone killjill

    Madonna poured her damn heart out she so beautiful and sings wonderful

  28. Danny Ibex

    Madonna, so beautiful like ever.

  29. Park Bear6

    Drop the baby.

  30. Nncyx Gzes

    ¡¡¡¡Reinita hermosa!!!!

  31. Chrystelle Donguy

    💃juste une bise a un amoureux de petite fille ,et a tts ! St didier sur chalaronne, bisous grenouille! 💋💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎👍👍💃bisous a tts !!!!!!!! TIGRESSE IL Y A LONGTEMP

  32. C F Castro

    2019 and still I walk and sing "feels like Im going to loose my mind"... Thanks Madonna :)

  33. Blue Vader

    I just wanna go back too the 80s an 90s just one more time lol who wanted go with me 😎

  34. Nick Carlson

    Fact: Borderline made #10 becoming Madonna's first (of MANY) Billboard Top 10 hits. It wold not have made it into the top 10 if there wasn't a lawsuit blocking Jermaine and Michael Jackson's song from being released as a single. THAT song would have been a Top Ten (or higher) song leaving Madonna at #11.

  35. Ross Harb

    Many ppl are saying that this is the greatest song of the 80s and that is so far from the truth it’s not even funny . Madonna is definitely iconic and original I’m a fan myself but her first 2 records were pure mediocre dated 80s pop . It was not until True Blue that she really revolutionized pop music . That record had waay more top singles then her first 2 albums combined

  36. G Fernández

    For a song I had to despise as a young boy lol, turns out to be one of the great all time songs

  37. vera Oliveira

    Agradeço por ter vivido nos anos 80, melhor época,muitas saudades....

  38. Валари Петровский

    Ringer for ex Mrs she was a kunt

  39. Coeus 20

    Bill Burr made me check out this song hahahaha

  40. Beto Garzilazo

    Mi canción favorita de Madonna

  41. rushbeat14

    She made the ethnic look cool and millions of girls worldwide dominated by an anglo-centric culture with similar backgrounds followed .

  42. Lyod Zumaraga

    The soundtrack of my fast life, Mabuhay mga batang 80's at 90's. This is the best intro, istanza, refrain, and chorus.

  43. SonnyGTA

    Madonna certainly turned out to be a complete screwball lunatic liberal huh? Never thought she would. Sad.

  44. dodge challi

    Great. In 1983 i was so young. Thanks i 1- 2 years older ;-) today. I feel me so young...


    this music is only the fresh and old classic . madonna donzela. uah what about thisb. it s pop sensation still today

  46. Big Boy

    She expresses how love feels me sometimes ...i still learning how to be kind

  47. Blzn Ft

    Can't believe I just heard this song. In love with it now


    Blzn Ft what fucking planet were you living on?? Unless, of course, you’re 3 years old.

    Blzn Ft

    @SonnyGTA Definitely in planet earth & above 20 lol. Heard Madonna back then but never looked into her other songs until I heard it at work

  48. Sofia Permjakova

    apparently i have the same birthday as madonna

  49. waleed kop

    Pure Madonna energy!!!!!

  50. Mario Munoz

    I still think of you Boo Boo

  51. Victor Fialho

    Madonna has always been a legend, so proud to be a fan.

  52. Victor Fialho

    this is iconic

  53. Romukim Sawa

    Billboard Woman of the Year <3<3!!!!

  54. Romukim Sawa

    Still an amazing song!

  55. Ashlee Stevens

    My mum is the biggest Madonna fan you will ever meet she wore Madonna outfits basically everyday when she had non school uniform she would wear something that Madonna would wear for her 40’s she had a 80’s party and I dressed up as Madonna in white and my mum was Madonna in black I know all of her greatest hits and know all of the lyrics this is one of my favourite songs and get into the groove and crazy for you x (I think my mum looks like my Madonna aswell a bit 😂) know one will understand how great she was and was the queen of pop and know one can top that, best singer ever!!!!! Know one will beat me and my mum as being the biggest fans ever xx

  56. 420 Express

    Great song please check out Madonna Debut Album Review on my channel

  57. Rust n Roll

    I love a woman that's spirited.....playful....passionate...wants to sneak out....and C a movie....with me...z

    420 Express

    Great song please check out Madonna Debut Album Review on my channel

  58. Delphine Carrier

    Wonderful Madonna, a free woman, a smart woman, a sensual woman, love her !!!

  59. Scott Egger

    I fell in love with her back in the day. She related to the gay world like no other. I'm 55 and still can dance and party with her, what memories


    Scott Egger the gay world?!?? Surely that was NOT her intent.

  60. Kerry Todd

    The older version of Madonna was the best not trying to b something she’s not

  61. Luca De Angelis

    Minkia ke kiodo,hahaha.

  62. Joe Pritchard

    I love this ❤️ video ❤️😍

  63. J Russell

    2:45 - Seen this vid 1,000 times since I first saw it in the 80's, and only just noticed the dick on the statue.

  64. Ashwin Pandey

    The chorus in this song is quite complex for a pop song.

  65. checoPH

    I still love this song.

  66. Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo

    Mariah Carey is a suicidal transgender who can't sing live, she tried to kill himself because he didn't accept himself!

  67. White Devil

    Is this about her personality disorder?

  68. oran ramses

    Mariah Carey is a puta and a suicidal horse shit, she is an idiot horse shit!

  69. Lucy Fer

    There's some kind of melancholy all over the song (from her voice, the lyrics, to the melody) that you can't find not even in her Most romantic ballads......It was, it is and it's gonna be my favourite one.....forever.

  70. Margaret Jefton

  71. Yalonda Preyer

    I just talking to my neighbor and we said borderline and I thought of this song I like it

  72. Mini Bike In Palm Springs

    GO TO HELL BITCH !!!! Used to like you until you BLEW up the freaking White House. Fuck You!!!!

  73. Romukim Sawa

    So Madonna has 22 International number 1 hits <3<3

  74. Romukim Sawa

    I think Like a Virgin is Madonna's Thriller

    timothy chung

    No, 'Like A Virgin' is 'Billey Jean'; 'Material Girl' is...

  75. Glenn Wheatcroft

    Never into Madonna at all but this one is special. . Conveys sadness while making you feel good at the same time. Here she nails it. Great pop song. Vogue is a goodie too.

  76. Justin Case

    This is the song and video that put videos on the map... This and MJ's thriller

  77. Blue Vader

    I love me some Madonna lawwd knows I do ❤️❤️

  78. Mahesh Walatara

    My favorite Madonna song.

  79. Agnes De Leon Delk

    I was young girl singing along with her my first show was Las Vegas and second show San degio.

  80. preciousjey

    Another 80's song used in the Filipino teen movie Bagets 2.

  81. Carlos Eduardo Iunq

    I grow up with her, listening to her records and watching her videos. It’s been 10 years that I became I’m her fan and I still love her so much. Can’t want to see her in Portugal on Madame X tour.

  82. chele 102

    Salvadorian food present ohhhh yeahh!!! Viva El Salvador!!!

  83. paulg

    Seems like yesterday. I was 14 when this came out. Now 51.

  84. Idoni K

    Best song of the 80's!!!!!!! conbii lunr

  85. Sunny Island

    Great song !It's really a finely crafted tuneSung so memorable


    Mia madre che mi diceva che la guardi a fare? Non è più così oggi

  87. Jô Santos

    I love ❤️ linda gosto muito dela

  88. Diane Gillam

    The queen of pop

  89. Lombgel Tupan

    0ct 19,2019 anyonE!!

  90. Joe Lowry

    I cant find it anywhere..who plays the photographer in this video? Its not rupert everett

  91. Arthur Williams

    It's October 2019 This is still🔥🔥🔥 HOT throwback!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 Queen of Pop

  92. Frank Esposito

    Who is watching this in 83'?

  93. United WeStand

    Pop music with lyrics that made sense, a slamming beat, and Madame M!


    Como baila, como canta, como se mueve, es mi idola, la imito en todo lo que puedo, tal vez yo sea tijeritas, pero las mujeres me vuelven loca, MADONNA es mi mayor ejemplo de mujer que he conocido, la Diosa del Pop en mas de tres decadas!!!

  95. Joe Pritchard

    The Queen 😍❤️😍 ♥️

  96. Terrence Warthen

    I m a black man and I 'll pay 1000 dollars to see her than Mary j blige free fuck Mary j blige that ugly bitch


    You ain't gotta say all that. You not black

  97. TV Nação Nesta 2


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