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Gorillaz - feat Snoop Dogg-Hollywood

feat Snoop Dogg-Hollywood
: feat Snoop Dogg-Hollywood
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: 01-07-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Gorillaz - feat Snoop Dogg-Hollywood )
  1. TheGrimmGamer

    All the dislikes are from Murdoc lmaoo

  2. master skull

    Gorillaz in the beat

  3. Nichole BJD

    Plz someom make a version of this without the other ppl

  4. bigchungus Moto moto

    Why did he say he lion in the dog pound when is name is Snoop Dogg

  5. Asher Douglas

    I swear if ace is the new base player they better bring Murdoc back.

  6. xJynko

    This song should've been in the after hours DLC for gta v

  7. Seth Tittle

    This one of my favorite albums by gorillaz

  8. Joaquín Cassagnet Ezcurra

    Never would I've thought that Ace from PowerPuff Girls could play music.

  9. Marcus Cooper

    An incredible song for the vibe it creates. Those synths in the back just make it absolute fire

  10. hbebj1530

    Taking it to 2020 muthafucka’s!!!!

  11. Aktby

    ima go walk in the moonlight ,)

  12. Kat F

    Murdoc failed the vibe check

  13. A. Cazanacli

    I want to hear a Daft Punk\Gorillaz colab. !!!

  14. BizarreThings

    vibe check?

  15. Pixel Tiger Moon

    Snoop dog Is my favorite character in Powerpuff girls.

  16. Stuart FUCKING Pot

    Hollywood is alrightHollywood is fragrant Jealously is gunfireIt makes you kill the vibe

  17. Mr.Meister

    Saw dream about Snoop. He was there,but looking more like wizard, and going around and sharing his magical herbs. I got my share and woke up. So the man is carrying the keys for the both worlds. For the world of dreams, and the world of dope.

  18. K Blond

    oh, I thought 2D said "Hollywood is all lies..."

  19. master skull

    Everybodie clap your hands

  20. Ochako Uraraka

    Bro 2D really went full sonic mode with the hair

  21. Steve Armstrong

    Where all the hump Back people at?Dayam that arthritis.....Where they at?

  22. dogsoda

    I love how Snoop just shows up in this song, it's so fucking good.

  23. Extran Taves

    vibe check

  24. 14THSTREET

    How'd they get the Snoop Dogg animation so spot on?

  25. mal games

    I was thing we were going to Hollywoo

    Milan The Cookie

    Who took the D?

    Milan The Cookie

    Dude he's strong drunk

  26. Casper

    Favorite song of all time!!

  27. Сергей Александров

    Fire 🔥

  28. sheckles _

    that beat at 2:46 was fucking sick

  29. Bowser Main

    i always thought it said "kinky people clap your hands" but it actually says geeky people sooooo..................


    I mean, most of the time they're the same ;)

  30. Lil Lyon Yorkies

    I’m 2d we’re are my ibols

  31. Umm okay

    I t s a w o n d e r f u l t h i n g

  32. super skull

    Nice bass

  33. franky boy

    She flys

  34. Serenity Miyazaki

    So fucking good to have Gorillaz back.

  35. asotmGee

    Watch this when you're high. You won't regret it.

  36. yeehaw

    so i dimmed out, rimmed out, and cracked the ass

  37. Twilight Zone Official

    PLAY AT 2X SPEED!!! 😂👌


    Snoop's part came out very interesting....xD

  38. Ronnie Nelson

    Cant believe this song is over a year old what have i been doing with my life

    Dickless Jiahao The forbidden Samurai

    Yeah me too wtf

  39. Some dumbass on the internet

    snoop dogg and gorillaz is something you didnt know you needed unitl you got it

  40. shay nakash

    snoop is the king......

  41. unoriginal

    0:35 when Hollywood is alright

  42. William Murski



    Lol I think his character was in prison

    William Murski

    I sure hope so cause theyre all the real motherfucking mvps but Murdooooccc is my man. Haha.

  43. Joshua Corcoran

    Snoop tho

  44. Brandon Floro

    0.75x playback speed....

  45. Egg Thanos

    Extremely understandable!

  46. Pedro García García

    La fotografía del álbum de system of a down toxicity

  47. daluah quero morrer

    Muita maconiaaaa

  48. kawaii potato

    Cant get enough of this

  49. Moonsailor1Crunchycooky

    Murdoc is 50

  50. Michael Sharpe

    The beat at the end is super fire 🔥

  51. Underworld Entrance

    this song should be the new trend am I right


    🐒🐵🐒🐵🐒🐵!!! Likes

  53. Jack M

    *Jamz this delivering pizza all day everyday

  54. NuclearKoreanGamer

    This is some gta5 music in a nutshell

  55. Helga Loza

    0:36 напоминает sayonara boy

  56. Steve Armstrong

    You work yourself up to the ranks of your peers in Holly Wood only to find out that they are in fact a media conspirator to deceive the American people.

  57. Zombie Wario9001

    Snoop Dogg: Everybody clap yo hands!Me without a body:

    kawaii potato

    I guess you could say you were *out of body*

  58. Fuckin idiot

    Can we just switch out Ace and keep Snoop forever?

  59. asotmGee

    This song is a real bop

  60. master skull

    Hollywood is a wonderful thing

  61. stoagy mahalo

    I still think 2D's Possessed and hypnotizing the Band with Noodle sedated and Russell accelerated.

  62. Ronan Huizar

    If every time that “Hollywood” was said they instead said “middle school” it would still make sense.

  63. M & M decorações

    Snoop dog=Scooby doo

  64. El Taquito Girl

    2:52 so many wigs been snatched like shit!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  65. Clara Gilmore

    oh my god 2-D in the chorus is the best thing, his voice is so soothing and powerful. I dont like thinking he is forty tho :/


    Its fantastic the song 👍👍👍

  67. Elizabeth Lee

    Snoop is singing about Hollywood and how wonderful it is while 2D is singing about how Jealousy is lame- 🤔

    kawaii potato

    Then theres Jamie Principle singing about yk what

  68. Vojtěch Fischer


  69. Alan Fino

    Jamie Principle the father of house music whit Frankie Knuckles¡!!!! Jamie es la posta!.

  70. nathan99

    3:42 Petition to make this the new Hollywood sign

  71. Aditya Gaikwad

    Fuck me in my mouth. I cannot decode this shit after having Hollywood mushroom soup

  72. Experimental54321

    2d is hilarious

  73. Angelo Santos

    Só os monstro do rap

  74. Jotaro Clown

    And hollywood is controlled by pedos and transvestites

  75. Arturo Perez

    ho yeah

  76. Silver Grid

    Shet, Gorillaz, wait for me to get paid, and I'll pay for all songs I pirated from you.

  77. Rusлан


  78. Please End Me

    I find it really creepy how only 2D’s mouth moves in the singing animation

  79. ღS T E LL A _C ø ø K i e ღ

    I hope they come back soon and with some series or movie (for the title of the song) I miss them

  80. Olyvia Murphy

    Damn, I wish I fell in love with these guys sooner. I entered the fandom way too late.

    Sneaky Serpent

    Same :(

    Dickless Jiahao The forbidden Samurai

    It's never too late , you're welcome in

  81. flarsh iven Malasecheverri

    gorillaz with snoooooooooooooooop the bestttttttttttttttttttttttt two topic

  82. RealBlazecrafter yt


  83. Ember Celica

    I saw snoop. In a Gorillaz video.'nuff said.

    Thunder the fox

    ..what about Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach or On Melancholy Hill?


    ~ So many guests, only so many Gorillaz! Still groovin' and chillin' in 2019! Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

  85. • Night Of Wishes •

    *Tbh, 2D's the only guy that makes me feel a little straight and it makes me panic.*

  86. Nathan Rodriguez

    I have one cool teacher! MR. WALLAERT thxz for not giving us work!

  87. sei

    is it just me or do the sounds in the beginning sound like animal crossing

  88. Orerref King

    is the lyrics about the dangerous love relationship?

  89. Z98

    Who's the DJ? Seriously this is amazing.

  90. H P Alpha

    something about how 2D's mouth moves is really creepy

    Geniii Guerra

    H P Alpha yeah I agree in this whole phase 2D acts like creepy as hell and when he stares down russel after he gets tripped it’s scary how he changed moods so quickly it’s unsettling nonetheless

  91. hydroelectricLyre

    did that last bit say "i would die without you"?might be a little different


    3:21 is the best part for me

  93. Edward J. Nashton

    Damn I love this song

  94. H. Johnson

    This is by far my favorite gorillaz album

  95. bendy ink 987 86924

    jealousy in dark times. jealousy is vibe down 😜

  96. Michael Fox

    Great vid. Snoop steals the show. But what did you expect..

  97. Akbar

    I saw a sprit ad what ad did u see...jus curious

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