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Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

On Melancholy Hill
: On Melancholy Hill
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: 01-07-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill )
  1. Diego Ojeda

    Hasta podría ser la canción del mundo...

  2. Devin

    "Well, you can't get what you want but you can get me".:)

  3. junner13

    Como amo esta canción (':

  4. sopi gongi

    Love him

  5. xWEROSx

    Canta mejor 2D que demon xd

  6. Jesuzs

    Nadie merece que le dediquen esta cancion, dedicatela a ti mism@ 😉.La melancolia representada por el manati, un animal grande, pesado, extraño.. pero por su caracter facil de querer.No se puede con el manati.. siempre va estar ahi.APDT

  7. Hyde

    Who hurt you

  8. GHOST Volkan'Rage 666

    she was blind ...Deaf Dumb ;and Blind...another DayAnother DreamMoon's MINE !!!!!

  9. Gem Gem

    Great tune!!

  10. John Fruciante

    Paul simonon the coolest bass player

  11. Chepy Chaplin

    that bass play makes me humping my monitor..i know it's wrong, but somehow my mind can't stop it ... XDD

  12. The Cranked Amps

    This is unreal

  13. Wayan Widhiana Pratama

    Hey they are growing old... 😃😃

  14. Zhenia Fabiola Nuñez Calderon

    Te amo ricura!!! Se que reproduciras el video un millon de veces 😘😘♥️

  15. matt stiles

    How amazing is this song???? First time I see the video was the original which got me intrigued forgot all about it then heard it on a jukebox in a pub and remembered it!then I started fishing and found all these live versions which took the song to another level and literally can’t stop listening to it!!

  16. Watch / Tech Everything Else

    Who is here because of life is strange

  17. klinsmann saavedra ancajima

    31.08.2019 🎸🤟

  18. kookie Game

    :,c que bonito canción

  19. Ingeniero Arq

    una exquisitez para mis oídos


    Ese tipo canta bien tanto así que su voz cae con cualquier género

  21. Dany AL

    What a gooood damm song

  22. gonzalo maldonado

    perfect¡¡ 2 0 1 9 ?

  23. Sing To Records

    Remix/cover for all listening pleasures:

  24. binladenlovebush

    Up on Melancholy Hill there's a plastic treeบนเนินแห่งความโศกเศร้ามีต้นไม้พลาสติกอยู่Are you here with me?เธอจะมาอยู่กับฉันไหมJust looking out on the day of another dreamมาเฝ้ามามองหาวันแห่งความฝันอันอื่นกันอีกWhere you can't get what you want but you can get meอะไรที่เธอต้องการแต่จับคว้ามาไม่ได้ แต่เธอคว้าฉันได้นะSo let's set out to seaเอาล่ะ ออกเดินทางสู่ท้องทะเลกันเถอะCause you are my medicine when you're close to meเพราะเธอเป็นยารักษาของฉันเวลาอยู่ใกล้กันWhen you're close to meตอนที่เธออยู่ใกล้ๆ กับฉันน่ะ

  25. neb neb

    After watching and listening this song for 999999999999X times just realised this video is 240p

  26. Ayrton Sosa Zevallos

    Are u here with me? A29 ❤

  27. Jordan Serrano

    Paul Simonon and Mick Jones are so kick ass!!!!!!!

  28. Kyle Pintor


  29. Epeng Heart

    Well.. The beat yea.

  30. giorgi imedashvili

    That bass comes in like an old friend and we can surely feel the presence of the only band that matters: The Clash

  31. Julio Olaya Zea

    la mejor canciones de todas

  32. Ayrton Sosa Zevallos

    Fue aquel 25 de mayo del 2018 a las 12:01am, cuando que decidí dedicarte este tema para tu cumpleaños, agregando un saludo de una cantante de reggae y un escrito largo. Me enviaste un audio llorando y agradeciendo por lo que había hecho. Hoy 11 de julio del 2019 siguimos juntos a pesar de todo lo que nos ha pasado, pero nunca dejamos de escuchar nuestros temas y de apoyarnos. Te amo Ale❤

  33. Gabzula

    Just discovered this. What a beautiful song...

    Monkof Magnesia

    This is my favorite version of this sonng, PLUS, it has a mini- The Clash reunion (the guitarist with the sailor's caps).

  34. giorque

    I'm crying right now! What a beautiful video. Thank you so much for this

  35. Ereb toole


  36. sebastian cespedes

    Best version of the song

  37. Alveiros

    Melancholy <3

  38. kevin english

    The bass is awesome!

  39. Sing To Records

    On Melancholy Hill remix for listening pleasure:

  40. Alejandro Compean

    Who here June 2019?

  41. Viktor 1977

    I love so much this song. My favorite... 👋🏻👍🏻💣😻❤️🇮🇹

  42. Edson Vazo

  43. Aaron Kai Macdonald

    the bassist is the star of this live performance

    baldest piano man

    the clash bassist what did you expect?

  44. Bruno Zz

    "Dónde no puedes tener lo que quieres, pero me puedes tener a mí..." :(

  45. Gilberto Villarreal

    Blur & The Clash together

  46. Ryan Urquhart

    One of the most creative band of all time. I remember in 2002. They would not play live shows. They hid behind there alter ego, like 2D and the rest. Very LSD Type CREATIVITY. I'm really happy they are doing live shows now.

  47. The Security Captain


  48. Christian Trevino

    Definitely the best performance of the song!

  49. BotSlayerAlpha Bot

    « Just looking out on the day of another dream »

  50. mousey touch

    Random 2010-2012 cloudy warm summer day vibes ugh :(


    This will always be my favourite live version of a song

  52. steve hewitt

    So good.

  53. Edward J. Nashton

    I've listened to Gorillaz songs since like... forever? My brother showed me their music years ago and I love them but I just listened to their songs and never searched backgrounds or something. Seeing them in person is like a mindblow to me. And I think I fell in love with the singer. love this song so much


    Have you ever heard the song "Song 2". Damon sings that too, and is also 2D's singing voice and mostly writes all the songs/music for Gorillaz. He is also the singer in Blur, that is their most popular song in the US I believe. Their music is a bit different than Gorillaz lol I was in the same boat though. I knew Feel Good Inc. and Dare but never looked up who made it and just became obsessed last year lol

    Edward J. Nashton

    @Ashfer2 Now I'm totally mind-blown


    @Edward J. Nashton I know right lol. I felt like my whole life was a lie and I was living under a rock.

  54. Alex J

    So simple, so good.

  55. Murilo Lima E Silva

    Queria morar nessa musica

  56. Luis Lozano

    En vivo suena más chingon ❤️

  57. Reyes Cabrera

    Yo no habló ingles pero esta bien padrisima esta canción saludos

  58. Xavier Alejandro Loza Mendoza

    Miss u 5/10/19

  59. yos perez

    Te extraño aun mas cuando la escucho😟😓8\5\19 OD.

  60. wled tobe turna

    No cacho en ninguna nota afinacion exelente por algo esta donde esta


    All the way to 2019 n so on...

  62. DarkSpider2001

    Phoebe.... realmente te amo y sé que todo terminará más que bien, los dos juntos.... <3

  63. Jerome Llaguno

    Imagine being his son later on and he sings you this.

  64. catherine

    Damon Albarn!! Mick Jones and Paul Simonon too!!(?)

  65. Noodle Noodoru

    Mano a voz do Damon e muito bonita 😍😍💕❤❤

  66. Noodle Noodoru


  67. Psalm Garcia

    I just found this song. 2019 is gonna be great!

  68. RockNRollChick

    there's something about this song

  69. Victorio De Giusto

    what´s that shred guit?

  70. Jesús Gómez

    Like si pensabas que sólo eran dibujitos

  71. Rob D

    Ned full spectrum sounds deffo need sum new mid/high spec speakers .

  72. Rob D

    So good with a huge £20 joint the bass is perfect .

  73. Matteo Scognamiglio

    Love the song, but I am the only one who can't watch Mick and Paul playing and dancing withou Joe Strummer around? As melancholy as the song. By the way great work of all musicians in this track and especially in this performance.

  74. Matteo Scognamiglio

    Better than studio

  75. Audrie Goodluck

    Are you wif meh?!?!

  76. Robert Darby

    Damon Albarn is a Legend 👌

  77. Diego Guto

    porque você é o meu remédio.. quando está perto de mim <3

  78. Syahrul At-taufiq

    Oh im in love

  79. S O L O P O R T Y


  80. pupi neko :3


  81. J D

    Im cry for me love

  82. luis donaldo jimenez mandujano

    Pinche rolón :'v

  83. Florencia Couste

    ♥ amo esta canción !!

  84. leandro robert

    que grande el guerrero de dios en la guitarra

  85. Leo Vargas

    The quality of the sound is just hypnotic.

  86. Gabrielito Castillo Flores

    Love my music

  87. Sebastian Fernández de Córdoba andrade

    No se puede ser más cool que este hijo de puta

  88. Fakhrul Syahmi

    Seeing Mick Jones and Paul Simonon remind me of Joe Strummer. R.I.P Joe

  89. Refe


  90. Treke Treke

    Liam gallagher ?

  91. John Christopher Gonzales

    Still listening @ jan 2019... stiĺl chillin with em

  92. Oska

    This song is chill

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