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Gorillaz - Sleeping Powder

Sleeping Powder
: Sleeping Powder
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: 01-07-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Gorillaz - Sleeping Powder )
  1. Roberto Acosta

    w0t 2-d in 3-d

  2. sarcasm. tv

    2D is a dancing queen, no questions asked.

  3. R'animated

    Idk why but this music reminds me of two time by Jack Stauber

  4. DoramaRx

    Am I the only one whose not a fan of the 3D 2-D? I just dont think his cartoon style look translates well into 3D. His hair looks super weird


    After watching a few videos of Blur I can definitely tell this is Damon dancing.

  6. Lola Cola 51

    Me having a concert when I’m home alone :

  7. santino


  8. i miss george harrison

    2D looks so fucking drunk in the intro, I love it.

  9. ラーメン

    I love the weird aesthetic

  10. Fritz J

    He looks like Andy from toy story 1

  11. Mocha the kitten

    Dreams be like:

  12. jesus reyes

    rolas bien chidas

  13. Loo mi

    The motion capture didn’t do this justice. But I could also meant to be like this- so~

  14. Anna banana

    My brain at 3:00 am

  15. juliamp

    The danceing is amazing

  16. KrazyKat

    No one:VR Chat:

  17. mark Bettencourt

    This is your brain on drugs

  18. Mr. Cynical

    2d found the wrong sugar brand at the super market

  19. diego wayne

    Like Bro

  20. Freja

    Well, I mean.The entire song and music video was created by 2-D and 2-D onlyCan imagine the senario. 2-D says “Look guys, look what I made”Noodle grins and claps, Murdoc says it looks and sounds shit and Russel dismisses Murdoc’s comment, compliment’s 2-D’s work and then they release it as a single to make 2-D feel good about himself.💙

  21. tonto

    This on 144p be like real drugs

  22. madwiz

    2d in 3d

  23. Foxzun

    Remember that feeling when 3 mins are 5 seconds

  24. Sophie Kendel

    Me after taking on too many Flinstone vitamins

  25. Octopie 223

    when you eat a special brownie

  26. newdll

    when you finally figure out how to use that green screen you had in your basement

  27. ᴅᴜsᴋ

    nobody:my sims after eating some weird drug and deciding to play the piano:

  28. ᴅᴜsᴋ

    ok buthow does it go to this

  29. Another Bot

    When the vitamin gummies kick in.

  30. Another Bot

    This is 2-d,This is 2-d on drugs.

  31. rafael vitor

    damon albarn gostoso

  32. PParisk

    2-D is always on drugs lmao

  33. The Holy Potato

    Have you ever looked at someone and wonder, “What is going on inside their head?”1:06

  34. Christopher McCann

    Feel like Mac DeMarco was inspired by this video.

  35. Al’bina Kli

    He made my evening 💋 I'm happy)) TY 💗

  36. Evercreeper

    Never give 2D a budget.

  37. Panda PurpleToons

    My brain is a fried egg

  38. TopCat 77

    When 2d finds someone made an mmd model of him

  39. Margot Laurent

    No one:00:00 my stomach in 11 am class

  40. Siman literes

    Oh no 2D DEAD-:(

  41. AMS317436 _

    Nobody, literally nobody: My Sleep Demon At 4:20am:

    hee hee 击

    You lucky if 2D is your sleep demon lmao

  42. Mr Slippy

    This reminds me of something Jack Stauber will make

  43. Enrique Enriquez III

    Math Professor: YOU'RE FAILING MY CLASS!My brain cells: 1:09

  44. Alex Bishop

    North Korea time

  45. deadfish

    I feel like they have the voice actors use a vr head set and have them use a vr chat skin as 2D and use that cause that’s what it looks like

  46. Asa

    2Ds got moves

  47. Edgelinq X3

    *When mmd crashes:*This video

  48. Mr. Wolf

    Someday 2-D will wear his pants as a shirt, and also as a hat

  49. Gabriele Serretti

    What the FUCK is happening in the background

  50. Heichi-Mø OFFICIAL

    2D is litterally higher than his pants lmao

  51. The Nuclear Chipmunk

    God tier shitpost level shit

  52. Simon Sanchez

    Why is it so hard to explain the Gorillaz to the uninitiated....?

  53. Komodi The hypocrite

    When 2d is home alone:

  54. flower

    2'Ds pants are higher than my grades

  55. GuppyG

    easy halloween costume here

  56. Poppy Gacha

    When your depressed and on drugs

  57. Crylon 5207

    When you eat all of Grandpa's weird white capsules and blood starts pouring out of your urethra

  58. Kylee Grady

    2D really livin out my fever dream

  59. Jayo Duffy

    i played this in the car and my mam was like “this is the most trashiest song i’ve ever heard” and i mean she’s not wrong.... it’s so bad its good

  60. Risitas Bruno

    pinkman acaso eres tu? Referencia a Breaking Bad?

  61. strawberry bush

    6 year old me when i took more than 1 gummy vitamin

  62. noodle

    i think 2-D had too much sunshine in a bag

  63. Guilherme Lima

    nunca mais fritei ovo do msm jeito

  64. bazinga

    Gmod level animation right here

  65. Jean-Christophe HEILMANN


  66. Rosie McManus

    he groovin

  67. BrokenShadow

    2D looks straight out of Simpsons Hit and Run

  68. bigchungus Moto moto

    1:07 me at three a.m

  69. important _bee

    New snap filter guys

  70. Kaipo

    Kids when they eat not 3, not 4, but the whole damn bottle of vitamin gummies:

  71. ‡СССР† Тян‡

    Не переживайте они в России, он просто напился водкой и где нибудь воляется. Бытавуха с кем не бывает?

  72. Cool scoob plays! gaming

    When you win in fortnite This is me 100% first time on screen

  73. Laila Playz

    *S o s a d t o h a p p y*

  74. •SuNniE GaCHa•

    And the character is actually a demon that is an alien and half human


    He’s actually called 2D

    •SuNniE GaCHa•

    Spoftie ok

  75. •SuNniE GaCHa•

    The character looks creepy

  76. D3m0n d4y2

    2D is 3D

  77. A sad little ducky

    Me when i eat two flinstones gummies instead of one:

  78. brace_face _cardwell

    His pants spaghett

  79. danilo kaique

    Cadê os BRs Caraí


    Nem tem

  80. Screwmy Lemons

    Imagine Jack Stauber collabing with 2D

    strawberry bush

    Bro i need that

  81. big loser

    such a BOP holy shit

  82. Felix Alfonso JD

    Am I the only one who sings "I was born in the wrong generation, the wrong generation" ♪ at the chorus? ._.

  83. Pancake Goddess

    Definitely my favorite song!

  84. Lightening Bugz

    When you're home alone

  85. RontheDon

    When the Sleeping Powder hits juuuust right: 0:35

  86. Zombie Wario9001

    Sleeping powder, but its just Hamood Habibi.

    Zombie Wario9001

    Thank you for listening to my ted talk

    big loser


  87. Abandvuarebffs Aj

    *Kids, don't do drugs. Murdoc wasn't always green..*

  88. Milena Lima

    amo suas misicas

    Milena Lima


    Milena Lima


  89. Aris Ferreira

    im afraid

  90. azerty Rainbow

    Who designed the 3D medel for 2-D ?

  91. DeanTheDreamer

    Me wanting to do a cover of this song: WHAT IS HE EFFING SAYING

  92. Denis' mini Garage

    2D when Murdoc is in jale:

  93. Liv

    This is the weirdest but the greatest thing I’ve ever seen

  94. Cotton Fake

    Got I wish I had these 99% Legs

  95. DCW Production

    i kind of want to see the behind the scenes of him in the mo-cap suit dancing.

  96. Zenna 666

    *2-D* :dancing*Murdoc* :Stop it!

  97. Yuusu Satou

    2D was 3D........?????????????

  98. tech

    Yes so when i take drugs i will always see 2d dancing while having a seizure on the floor

  99. nika29

    1:00 ow my lip balm

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