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Ed Sheeran - Take It Back

Take It Back
: Take It Back
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: 06-08-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ed Sheeran - Take It Back )
  1. Robert Davis

    I never knew the song had a 4th part :o

    Camel Toad

    Robert Davis same

  2. Lucas Barbosa

    one take!

  3. Aidan Manning

    The crazy part is that he isnt JUST rapping and playing the guitar.. BUT the whole song is off beat. Just imagine how hard it is to have the guitar on a different rhythm than the rapping

  4. Ellie W

    One thing he can’t sing, is the rap. His voice, demeanor and everything just not meant for rapping anything. Please just stick to what you do best. And for those comments that say he can sing rap don’t know rap whatsoever. Yikes..

  5. Callum Earnshaw

    He’s soooo talented !!! He made me fall in love with music today again

  6. sjfoster12

    "We forget 90% of it when we wake, but the other 10% it never fades"

  7. Jared Wilson

    This is why Eminem got him in his studio twice. Pure talent. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

  8. Jako

    I love those fast songs. He's the singer with a flow!

  9. Band&Marvel Geek

    “And a man, he took his life on the road with me, and I hope to see him blowing up globally ‘cause that’s how it’s s’posed to be.” That line hits me hard every time

  10. Kari Rogers

    **Mind.... Blown** Ed is a Musical GingerGod, for sure!!

  11. joe m

    Who else prefers his old stuff. All this new stuff is not true Sheeran. Just doing it for money.

    Thomas Rodger

    joe m me I love Ed’s old stuff like the orange room ep Ed sheeran ep Want Some you need me ep loose change songs I wrote with Amy live at the Bedford and no.5 collaborations project and plus. My favourites from them are homeless, one night, sofa, sunburn, cold coffee, she, let it out, radio, so, be like you, fire alarms, two blokes and a double bass, move on, typical average teen and more old Ed songs I love and prefer.

  12. chalky White

    2019!! Rubber dingy rapids bro 🤣

  13. Jordan P.

    The whole time I was just like : mess up ...come on mess up .......please mess up ...messsss uuuuupp

  14. Liz Cotton


  15. Petru Lutenco

    how come the last part did not end on the record? ((

  16. Łucja Tkaczyk

    Great Song, Ed❤💕🍭🎈💖😢🐔

  17. Pearl the rebel

    My favorite Ed Sheeran song. It’s so underrated

  18. Apaixonada Por BTS e TXT

    shawn mendes gave like 🌹olha his like history

  19. CRAZYJAY0805

    Why is the last verse which might arguably be the best for me not in the actual song it WAS SO REAL

  20. Anthony sainty

    Y dont u see me in person

  21. Kurzed

    *1 take*

  22. Turn-the-way 11

    It's exactly like the Spotify version (With one more verse)

  23. Rupi Istoica


  24. klay thombstone

    2018 still there?? 😀

  25. klay thombstone

    2018 still there?? 😀

  26. Palash Sharma

    That end tho🤯

  27. Torrey Jaye

    Are you freaking kidding me.?

  28. Torrey Jaye

    I'm sick over talent

  29. Torrey Jaye

    Mind blown

  30. Torrey Jaye

    Are you shitting me. Did this song actually just happen?

  31. Nov Oir

    I tried singing/rapping this,I just can't. I can play the chords like the same as this one but... I can't sing and play guitar and slap every 2 seconds

  32. OJP

    This is sick even tho he's not a rapper


    oh my gosh how is it possible😮😮

  34. Tracy Boehler

    You are epic my friend ! xoxx !

  35. Clarice O'Hagan


  36. Papillon 2010

    I am American but I have felt for a long time that the best talent comes from the UK. They are so talented and have flavor!

  37. Steven Dunne

    kgdu b cfhbd

  38. Melina Strauß

    I Lage you

  39. Farai Chitiza


  40. Daisy Terry

    the little 'ah' at the end killed me in its cuteness

  41. Azaniah Rothchilde

    The end wasn't even end the real song

  42. OneInAMillion

    A “rapper” who doesn’t sing about getting high, sex, or violence. Instead spits about his life story.

  43. Gaming With Deadpool

    Great rapp

  44. Kenneth Anderson

    I’m not a rapper I’m a singer with a flowI’ve got habbit for spitting quicker lyrics you knowYou find me ripping the written out of the pages they sit inI never want to get bittenCos plagiarism is hiddenWatch how I sit on the rhythmPrisoner with a visionSigned to a labelBut didn’t listen to any criticismThought you knew but you didn’tSo perk your ears up and listenStudio is the systemAnd you could say that I’m drivenAnd now it’s onto the next sagaWe drink the best largerI’ll never try to win you over like your step fatherI do my own thing nowAnd get respect afterAnd I’m avoiding the ‘caineLike it was Get CarterFor four years I never had a place to stayBut it’s safe to say it that kept me groundedLike a paper weightAnd 16 years old yeah I moved out of my homeI was Macy Gray I tried to say goodbye and I chokedWent from sleeping at a subway stationTo sleeping with a movie starAnd adding to the populationNot my imaginationI don’t wanna relaxWould it hurt your reputation if I put it on wax?I take it back nowMmmm come on and take it back loveCome on and take it back for usDon’t you fade into the back loveNoI take it back with the rhythm and bluesWith my rap pack I’ll be singing the newsTryin’ act like Jack BlackWhen I bring it to schoolI make a beat with my feetBy just hittin’ the loopBringing the lyrics to proveThat I can fit in these shoesI give you the truth through the vocal boothAnd stars burst out on the sceneLike an opal fruitThey try to take aim like Beckham when he goes to shootBut then again that’s what they’re supposed to doAnd I’m supposed to be calmI tattooed the lyrics onto my armWhispering everything that happensIs from now onI’ll be ready to start againBy the end of the songSince they are claiming I handled it wrongBut I’ve never had an enemyExcept the NME but I’ll be sellingTwice as many copies as their magazine will ever beWith all these spectacles ahead of meAnd festival fess healthier than a Dalmatian on pedigreeSinging for the masses rubber dingied rapidsI keep this rapping a habit and keep on fashioning magicI’m battling for respect and I don’t know if I have itThis song from the heart covers the planetMmmm come on and take it back loveCome on and take it back for usDon’t you fade into the back loveNoAnd take it back nowNow I don’t ever wanna be perfectCos I’m a singer you never wanna see shirtlessAnd I accept the fact that someone’s got to win worst dressedTaken my first steps into the scene giving me focusPutting on a brave face like Timothy DaltonConsidering a name change thinking it was hopelessRhyming over recordings avoiding traditionCos every days a lyrics and the melody can be writtenNow absence can make your heart acheBut drinking absinth can change your mind stateVividly need to let my liver beI’ll say it again living life on the edge with a close handful of friendsIt’s good advice from the man that took his life on the road with meAnd I hope to see him blowing up globallyCos that how it’s supposed to beI’m screaming out vocallyIt might seem totally impossible achieving life’s dreamsBut I just write schemesI’m never having a stylist giving me tight jeansMadison Square Garden is where I might beBut more likely you find me in the back room of a dive bar with my mates having a pint of Mcdaid discussing records we made and every single second knowing that we’ll never betray the way we were raised remembering our background sat down, that’s how we plan it outIt’s time to take it back nowMmmm come on and take it back loveCome on and take it back for usDon’t you fade into the back loveNoMmm come on and take it back loveCome on and take it back for usDon’t you fade into the back loveNo

  45. Mizell

    does he even need to breathe lol?

  46. OneInAMillion

    Finally! A video with the fourth verse!

  47. D100 MUSIC

    Love this guy he can do anything nice bro nice👑💯

  48. Blaize_ official_

    One of The best artists of all time

  49. Uno Kartika

    can't agree more to people who said this is sick!

  50. CRiMEY


  51. Nigel Griffin

    I love you

  52. Leandro Tavares


  53. Young Sloth

    man said rubber dingy rapids best song ive heard

  54. Andrea A.S.

    Happy Birthday ✨💙 Ed!!

  55. Yikes

    British and a rapper?? Oh god I'm in love

  56. taylor steer

    Love this song but... WTF is an opal fruit.

    Veronica M

    Starburst Confectionery was once called opal fruits""And stars burst out on the scene like an Opal Fruit"

  57. Neal Shephard

    Amazing singing love him

  58. Frost Punk

    my heart stopped as I was listening to this

  59. Moon Rider

    Can someone help figure out what he says in the beginning? Words are a little mumbled to me. Tnx

  60. Loïc Servais

    Saw him shirtless in Shape of You.. Just sayin

  61. Juliette Jade


  62. David Bertram

    The sickest 4:32 ever

  63. justin_ykr'm so proud of you!!❤️🔥

  64. thanittha kraisrikul

    One take

  65. Amanda Caban

    Amazing I love this song so much I learned the first part of the rap

  66. Evan Hulet

    That's my boy.

  67. dan

    Absolutely love these lyrical but that corus <3<3<3 "Come on and take it back" Real experiences create more than lyrics

  68. Aaa Bbb

    "Writing love songs for the sake of it, never to make a hit"

  69. It’s Pauline

    On sbtv that makes my day 😂

  70. Felipe Oliveira

    See, white people can rap, eminem agrees.

  71. tinyflowerchild

    I realized I can do the whole rap full speed, it is now my party trick

  72. aj mccann

    Rubber dinghy Rapids broo

  73. Alvin Mayers The Great

    hey guys I did a cover of that song, so check it out.

  74. Karina Kneeland

    This sounds better than the recorded version

  75. Curtis Crighton

    Yeah we can't deny ed can rap he always has but his voice is so powerful when he hits dat chorus gives me goosebumps everytime

  76. Terra Chaney

    This is my Favorite version soo far! I love all his SBTV versions! Eraser is Amazing! Thanks SBTV!!!

  77. Emily Soward

    I like this one like words to this 🖒

  78. Lauren B.

    What does A64 and F64 mean? Cause the extended of Small Bump and The A Team and You Need Me I Don't Need You is called A64, and then the extended version of Take It Back and Eraser are f64. So what does it mean?

  79. Kenzie Rose

    Eds one of the vary few singers that sounds amazing without autotune

  80. jalinj 77

    Wow, he's amazing!

  81. Jords Sinclair

    are the people who disliked mad?🤔

  82. Geometry Dash BayVe

    Which is better, this or You Need Me, I Don't Need You? I can't even tell... maybe... You Need Me...? idk man

  83. Ksenija Jemensek

    Ed is the best rapper. His raps are real, stories of his life. Take It Back, You Need Me, I Don't Need You, Eraser - his life in these songs and raps.

  84. Chris Collins

    Everyone's debating about him rapping! Wtf! The first line of the song could not be more accurate! "I'm not a rapper, I'm a singer with a flow!" I think even ed would agree he doesn't rap he just sings fast and with flow!

  85. E. Bourke

    and now hes shirtless in shape of u 3 years after saying "Im a singer u never wanna c shirtless"

  86. JARS

    good mornin...

  87. Jason Duggan

    i think that to he dont have all that anger in the voice and just going on how to shoot some cunt or taping that ass and all n***a this and that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  88. Ksenija Jemensek

    I love this version of TAKE IT BACK.

  89. Michelle Kemp

    This Man is magic!

  90. ZMT11BS2

    Wow! Ok - he's good - one take Sheeran!

  91. ky bryant

    He is an all round amazement

  92. Amber Tran

    i fucking missed ed so much

  93. Bruce Kaolina

    Ed can spit bars

  94. Wouter Grommel

    Like when Eraser brought you back here

  95. helena J

    Someone here after enjoying Eraser? :)

  96. Shiniii The Kid


  97. Adore Abraham

    Check out his new #F64

  98. Kitty Belle

    I know ALL the words to that song like ALLLLL of them #edsheeranfan

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