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Ed Sheeran - Sing

: Sing
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: 06-08-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ed Sheeran - Sing )
  1. mmmpunch

    Big black cock radio

  2. Jens de Fries

    I wish I was the mic😜

  3. Stone Man

    Piano :- I love you Ed . Do you love me? Ed:- Sorry, I love my Guitar. Lol!

  4. BEJO 69

    No One talking about the thumbnail?

  5. Matheus BR

    Algum brasileiro vendo em outubro de 2019 ???

  6. fardin adin

    Until right now i dont know why every profesional singer always use headphone in every their record

  7. Finlay Anness

    He is totally a one man band

  8. Vivek Das

    The audience sucks man!!

  9. Gaël Le Devendec

    thanks you Yes great!!!! ^^

  10. Ghazanfar Shaikh

    Music genius 🖤

  11. Baron Von Lichtenstein

    It goes against the basic laws of physics for someone who looks like that to be that funky.

  12. Nolan CoverOfficiels

    You know that God is Ed sheeran 🎶🎵(Ariana grande)

  13. Playingcardz 3

    I would have been a lot louder than all of them for ed💙

  14. Epic 7709

    Something is really wrong with the thumbnail

  15. Lazzaro Diadnavarro

    He’s fucking amazing

  16. Rajesh Kumar A

    Sometimes autotune needs Ed sheeran

  17. Balveer Singh

    Very nice voice

  18. Lucas Fellipe

    What a fucking dead audience. Whatahell

  19. Daiana Mercado

    Tan perfecto 😍

  20. Srinath Prashanth

    WTF! he played it using barre chords and he didn't use capo

  21. Artefacts

    We covered this song on our channel, with a little mix in it... ;)

  22. Fernando Spada

    SAME FUCKING KEY ALL THE SONG ? ................................BORING

  23. Paul Puerto

    Lmao, I laugh at the last part

  24. delbroox

    He's good

  25. Jack Budge

    This boy knows how to jam out! comps from Canada

  26. d_a_m_n 123

    Can anyone please tell me which is the strumming pattern? Lol

  27. Ashton

    what the FUCK is that falsetto

  28. Alisson Lima

    Sabe só tudo de música. ❤️

  29. Ayesha Islam

    Love you, Ed Sheeran. You are perfect for you every song.Im becoming your crazy listener 😍

    Joerelyn Amor Hernandez


  30. Mackenzie lewis

    nobody:youtube: recommends me video from 5 years ago

  31. mikmik ✓

    This is Ed Sheeran being Ed Sheeran

  32. Ritwik Khandelwal

    Nailed it!!

  33. migueltije

    autotune: The music industry is mineEd: hold my beer

  34. Ильдар Исхаков

    What does he use for looping his guitar and voice? It isn’t just simple looper🤔 What is the name of this looper, who know?

  35. Wolf4rave

    Thats pretty swicked right there!

  36. dj Jason radio

    Sing Ed Sheeran one of his best songs I have to be Dallas

  37. Steve Barrett

    I feel green with envy at so much talent

  38. Arthur Matos



    I am so hyped.😎

  40. zoheb suleman


  41. Stephie Giselle


  42. Ronnie Santiago

    Tahts so cool

  43. Juan Hoffmann

    What a terrible crowd

  44. Visual Reality Production

    Damn I wish I could just meet him once in my lifetime

  45. Fawaz Ali

    Single-handedly one of the most talented musicians in the world, OF ALL TIME.

  46. Javier RK

    man, Ed is a genius, his popularity is well-deserved

  47. Ingrid Souza

    Pica das galáxias !!

  48. Robert bloom

    Lol dam boy

  49. BYH - Tomás

    Alguien que hable español acá? o soy el único?

  50. Alex

    shout out to the tone deaf people in the small crowd.There's hope.

  51. しおのめ。


  52. Gohil Rajdipsinh

    Oh my god i have never enjoyed anything on Youtube as much as this video, i just don't know where the hell have i been until now!

  53. Dayal A

    Sheeran is a fly by night, hole in the wall, nobody who hasn't got a single original bone in his body !

  54. Jon Delvic

    the interaction!!

  55. Aricin Chad

    What a genius

  56. Doggo

    damn this artist <3

  57. Prínce 7•G

    I like this one over Original 😍

  58. Thomas Puetz

    What kinda guitar is that?

  59. Alf Blue

    Couldn't recognize him in the thumbnail LoL

  60. Suppenkaspar

    His shoes are ugly af :D

    Alf Blue

    Don't think he cares about clothes lol

  61. 이승현


  62. Medet Koilybay

    The real singer! Top

    Alf Blue

    Hala Madrid 🇪🇸⚪

    Medet Koilybay

    @Alf Blue Y Nada Mas ¡

  63. Antonio Perez

    Anybody know the guitar brand?

  64. Charmed 6c

    Boom 💥

  65. Avery Tufts

    His laugh at the end is the best part

  66. James Lear

    His range is insane😱


    His looping was extraordinary

  68. Zach Allison

    I think this is the best Ed’s ever sounded live

  69. 멍멍이

    하ㅏ.. 4년만에 봐도 지리네

  70. Dyo Sergey

    Reminds me of Eurovision winner song 2018)

  71. Sarpo

    I didnt like ed because he used autotune but hes not bad without it.

    GameCore Z

    In which world you lived in?


    Just ed sheeran, being ed sheeran.Btw watching now 2019

  73. Jonathan Smith

    Nice acoustic version. Sounds awesome.

  74. Ruslan

    Dead Crowd ruined his last bit...!!!

  75. Garv Asnani

    4:09 sounds like a fart

  76. Harry Sack

    Guitar has Chris written on permanent ink. Did you steal this guitar Ed? Deadset mate, you're a millionaire. Buy your own bruv. Excellent song and rendition though.

  77. Kritika Singh

    I love the way he tries to involve everyone in the performance...he cares so much for his fans

  78. Pauric Carey Doherty

    Even his laugh at the end was in tune

  79. Sievpao Bun

    3:17 100% pure talent

  80. Noval Ardianto Siringo Ringo

    Love his older stuff 😍, 2019 anyone?

  81. Max

    Ed is awesome. simply the best.. I didn't think this is going to be this good.

  82. Slamet Sugiarto

    Asuu raimu nembange apik tenan si ed ed edi supono

  83. Ms Naily Anique

    Man I get damn excited when he sings omg I always have to hold my scream in ...

  84. Life’s A Animation

    Anyone else mastered the rap, and rapped with him.

  85. Jon Port

    For an Album title song that is designed to be catchy and engage an audience, it's kinda flawed lol That chorus is hard for a pro singer let alone an audience. Think Ed would have learnt from that one!

  86. shamin urias


  87. yashvanth Shetty

    Song name plz

    Olya Bojukyan

    yashvanth Shetty Sing

  88. Bernardo Gouthier Macedo

    I’ve heard “maybe we *k* get down now” rather than “could” or “can”.

  89. somashekar H

    song name plz

    Olya Bojukyan

    somashekar H Sing

  90. Sagar Kumar

    can someone please tell me the name of this song.. or a link to a lyrics video on youtube.. thanks in advance. :)

    Olya Bojukyan

    Sagar Kumar "Sing"

  91. merav wilk

    Great song!

  92. Roberto Enrique Gudiño Vázquez

    I think Ed Sheeran is much better than Charlie Puth

  93. Bryan Russell


  94. Monse Flash

    ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh sing

  95. ChrisRyanMcK

    why is my name on his guitar while me also being his num fan since he is the one that got me to start to connect to music on a deeper level.

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