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Ed Sheeran - One

: One
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: 06-08-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ed Sheeran - One )
  1. Conspiracy [X]

    I kinds miss the days when i first heared this song and discovered ed.. i was an innocent 14yo kid that didnt know shit about love/world .. had no worries and just loved the fact that i had just discovered an artist i could have somehow relate to

  2. IHSAN

    Rumour is he put his nuts in a vice before he recorded this song. Anything for art. Love you Ed lad.

  3. intreabma maine

    Dar cred ca pe asta o gasesc ca fiind cea mai frumoasa

  4. Alan Faustino

    hola or hello

  5. Cee R Cee

    My favourite ShEd song by far

  6. rvd105 _

    There's one problem with this song. It ends.

  7. Hlonipha Ntshiba

    I love his songs😢❤❤❤

  8. Francidalva Roque doNascimeno

    Amo essa música

  9. Karen Martin

    Beautiful song

  10. Karina Piroli

    Novembro/November 2019?

  11. Gamix Game

    November 2019?

  12. Ruth

    Anyone else notice that this version is pitched up from the original?

  13. DaDerpyCarrot

    "Just promise me, you'll always be a friend.. 'cuz you are the only one."

  14. Rukasen Ronghang

    November 2019

  15. Vanni Settineri

    Hoooold my breath as i wiiish for death oh god help me

  16. BandaAFK-hardcore

    escuta minha musica "drogada gostosa" kkkk

  17. Jonathan Muantea

    With over 142M views, he got only 658k likes, why?

  18. Paul Bradford

    awesome songwriter my friend...just great...Paul

  19. tiredsoul

    I'm so sad

  20. Andy Proctor

    I turn down everyone

  21. 김슬기

    i'm always listening to this beautiful song. thanks ed


    I still remember this song as one of the favorites songs of someone who I did really loved in the past, this song always brings me good memories from this person. I wish this person could understand how much i loved him on that time.

  23. datgal

    Most underrated Ed song by far, it’s so good

  24. Marecki George

    Sounds like Sing It with me - JP Coper

  25. camilla lewitt

    I wanna go home?!?!!?

  26. camilla lewitt

    I am genuinely trying harder! And I think that should be enough

  27. camilla lewitt

    I'm getting very poorly now babe... Please stop punishing me

  28. camilla lewitt

    Physically I need... Emotionally I don't want to. And mentally I don't care

  29. camilla lewitt

    I love you lot like jelly tots

  30. camilla lewitt

    I tried to make them comfortable

  31. camilla lewitt

    Help I needs snugs and color is being baby Sat by sorry I killed our baby

  32. camilla lewitt

    I think we but sort married already k

  33. Manav Chawla

    Me listening this song first time in 2019 and wondering why I wasn't a Ed Sheeran fan earlier....

  34. Mary Frances Daba

    Five years later, this song still slaps

  35. Iara mozelli

    2019 ♡

  36. Marina sillva

    I love you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  37. Ángela mabel Ysla

    Aguante la cancion cuando la canta robleis

  38. Jaquelina Luna

    Like si viniste por ROBLEIS♡

  39. Bikkel Thijssen


  40. Sid Asakereh

    Metallica's One Like ❤.Ed's One Comment 💬

  41. Mikey H

    October 2019Never EVER hating on Ed but boy oh boy do I prefer his old stuff😅 this Album and everything before it 👌🏻👌🏻

    Frank Bros

    Well divide is also very goodBut when you look at no 6 collaboration then it is just a fun side he will be continuing these only(like ➗ ➕ ✖) I think he also knows for what he is liked by his fans

  42. leblangel grazer

    we fall in love with the people we can never have

  43. Jaypee150

    Really loved this version ❤️

  44. Akanksha Dhote

    I thought this song will be the one Ed Sheeran song I'll listen to my whole life. But then I realized, all his songs give me the same vibes <3

  45. moonwalker 327

    Hey there, babygirl.. u r still the only one 🧡 vik. I hope u will never forget this song and me :)

  46. Oldysrv

    pls stop this idiot

  47. Noelia Grimaldi

    Sigo escuchando, 19/10/2019 ♥

  48. kuku nail

    Hes only one on the concert, thats why the title is one.

  49. GivenSpade

    I came here to look for Metallica comments but 90% of the comments are "2019"

    Rebecca Daniels

    GivenSpade 💃🔥💃💋


    @Rebecca Daniels what's that supposed to mean?

  50. nikeyathepoet .__

    So beautiful 🥰🥰🥰

  51. mariela gonzalez amores

    Increíble canción

  52. laura lolliepop

    One at the time

  53. Ej Espinosa

    Forever will be one of my favorite songs

  54. Yerimay Ángel

    2019 y apenas ando escuchando esta canción 🤣🤣🤣... Ahora forma parte de mi repertorio más nuevo (suelo escuchar artistas de antes de los '80).

  55. Sijan Grg

    This is One special Song!! ):🌚🖤🖤

  56. Joseph Vanlallawmkima

    Does anyone know what type of guitar he uses in the video

  57. Marmor Sy

    That feeling in ur voice make me cry

  58. Uchiha Bolt

    "I know I'm not the only one listening on October"-Me 2019

  59. Roy curtis

    I think Cyrus is bang on. This could be 1 of his best tracks.

  60. I am Potato

    We love talented ginger british singers

  61. Bikkel Thijssen


  62. SHadY

    Such an amazing song. I was wondering how I never heard this.

  63. Tricia Manessa Marcelo

    Year 2030, I'll have my kids listen to this masterpiece but for now will look for my only one.

  64. David IX

    October 2019?

    faith ebas

    David IX "Just promise me, that you will always be a friend coz you are the only one"

    Rv Dizon

    Yas. And still, can't move on.

    Vero Liiciious

    Here 🙋‍♀️


    Yes I am, but please that comment is dead

  65. Breno Oliveira


    Veronica M

    the album version is here - One by Ed Sheeran

  66. Himanshi Diwan

    That ad though ♥️😍😱

  67. World Peace

    This song is so underrated with only 140m views!

  68. Natalia Cristina

    This song is so beautiful 🥺❤❤

  69. Vincent Atencio

    One of my faves!!

  70. rahul mishra

    Anyone sept 2019

  71. Clau Reyes


  72. Bart

    Got this song on vinyl, it sounds sooo good!

  73. Anant Agarwal

    MOST UNDERRATED SONG OF ALL TIME !!! Wanna f*ck those Despacito Taki Taki viewers who dont appreciate these Songs ......EDIT : Those who r not even aware of those languages nd still listen to those songs

  74. Anjan Uprety

    So much underrated!

  75. Eddie Shing

    Eeeh. Porque naloongkot que eeyek ke ne. Akala mo hindi tagalog. Hahaha. Philippines <3 Ed Sheeran

  76. Didi Kostadinova Danailova

    Wish you are hier.....perfekt 😘

  77. Lawrence Astorga

    Still love this

  78. Irawann Highlight

    2019, Ed You're the only one.

    Hillary Thai

    2020, maybe things will change..

    Frank Bros

    Okay it should be 2061,things will not change till then coz ed will only be the one

  79. Ася Власова

    Есть русские?)

  80. Kayla Renee

    I love this song although I feel he could have gone down a pitch and it would have been better.

  81. Bikkel Thijssen


  82. Didi Kostadinova Danailova

    Super ;-)

  83. Eldrid T

    Step 1. Go to YT SearchStep 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Draw Ed SheeranStep 3. Enjoy!Ed Sheeran - One [Official Video]“If you have enough book space, I don't want to talk to you.” “Once you have read a book you care about, some part of it is always with you.” “If books could have more,

  84. dineo khoele

    September 2019 and still listening to this jam

  85. Jona Diaz

    l love it

  86. Jessica Bermudez


  87. ow brey

    September 2019, still here, will be here again and again. (and again and again)

  88. Diana Muchena

    this song is fire

  89. Nono

    2:40..... 3:01🙄🙄🙄💕💕💕💕

    Tyrese Willis

    Probably the best part of the entire song 😀

  90. RRF Bangka

    This is the first Ed Sheeran song I know, now years passed and I'm back here again..What a sweet highschool memories

  91. lexi.aʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Still my favourite song of his

  92. GREAT AD

    i can meditate on this

  93. Paul Puerto

    sept. 2019? Still ed is my number ONE.

  94. Dino Dano ino

    U are my only one

  95. den parmar


  96. camilla lewitt

    I'm doing my best man hope you see meeting me half way through

  97. camilla lewitt

    Hopefully not?! Because I am sick to death of men putting it in me for drugs

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