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Ed Sheeran - Nina

: Nina
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: 06-08-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ed Sheeran - Nina )
  1. Nina Artal Barnes

    All Nina's commenting😂

  2. coldheart5791

    Fine bros brought me here

  3. Maryam Al Omari

    isn't this about nina nesbitt?

  4. Will Giffin

    My name is Nina



  6. thioune ismaila

    it is a official clip ??

    Will Giffin

    thioune ismaila no

  7. Portia Holliday

    Nina looked SO HAPPY like all of us women. Her smashing the heart at the end says it all. Now she carries the pain that women are forced to live with. I hope she makes it to the other side and her music is much richer as a result of it.

  8. Nina van Heerden

    This song is just for me ;)

  9. nadin Nina

    Oh nina 😘

  10. Prince 75

    Did u know that nina is ed sheeran's girlfriend

  11. Mr Lolz

    Love this song

  12. Fiend bbx

    aesthetics of the video change too much

  13. Didi the Beagle

    My name is Nina 😊

  14. Nov Oir

    Part Of this is from Drunk

  15. Antonio Nuñez

    Don't know a Nina but this song is great to listen to. 😁

  16. Dantes Hooligan

    Вера Брежнева

  17. i really dont know

    Who's name is Nina? 😂

  18. i dont know

    My name is Nina OMG!!❤❤

  19. Nini Clips

    Hi I'm Nina and 10 years old and from Germany❤😂

    Chocolate Cake Caro

    Hey, meine Mutter heisst auch Nina

  20. Nov Oir

    Part of this song is from Drunk


    Nov Oir all of it is from other videos, i was bored when i made it

  21. Karma Nina

    I am Nina too! 😎

  22. •N I N O U C H E•


  23. Nīnå Mėrčīėr

    Je m'appelle nina

  24. KornDawg802

    Can I get a Rawr xD for all the emo girls in da back

  25. Rebecca Zhou

    My actual name is Nina

  26. Eyyo Porzellan

    y'all bitches name's nina

  27. I think its nina

    That moment when u aren’t a fan of him but your name is Nina...

  28. dat one

    thats my name lol

  29. Tigerbube

    My name is nina

  30. Pyrrhic

    Nina is my sister's name I wish he'd say my name lmao

  31. Red Nine

    omg i aw thi for my first and my name is nina!

  32. John Maloney

    Hehe my name is Nina

  33. Michael Patrick Kelly Fan

    Oh, my name is Nina 😂😊❤🔥

  34. Nina :

    My name is nina mdr

  35. Nina Geissbuhler

    My name is Nina and omg ;-;❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Brutus Biblical

    Wish I could write songs like ed like plz god help me 😭

  37. Nina Büche

    My name is Nina

  38. Nina Maggio

    i love you

  39. Nina Niemczyk

    My name is nina

  40. la Folle au chevaux

    MY NAME IS NINAB!!!!!!?!

  41. Bera PUR

    I met you when I was a teenBut then you were one as wellAnd I could play a guitarJust like ringing a bellSometimes I wonderIn any other summerCould you have been a part time lover to meListening to Stevie WonderUnder the covers where we used to layAnd Re: Stacks is what the speakers playedI'd be on tour almost every dayWhen I was home up in my flat is where we used to stayJust watching a dvd, smoking illegal weedGetting high as two kites when we needed to breatheWe'd use each other's air just for the people to seeAnd stay up all night like when we needed to sleepWe'd go anywhere our minds would take usAnd I'll say you were beautiful without your make upAnd you don't even need to worry about your weight causeWe can all be loved the way that God made usAnd time's the only reason that we could break upCause you would always tell me I'm away too muchDistance is relative to the time that it takes to get on a plane or make a mistakeSo say it againOh Nina, you should go NinaCause I ain't ever coming home NinaOh won't you leave me nowAnd I've been livin' on the road NinaBut then again you should know NinaCause that's you and me both NinaOh won't you leave me now, nowAnd every weekend in the winter you'd be wearing my hoodieWith drawstrings pulled tight to keep your face from the coldTaking day trips to the local where we'd eat on our ownCause every day when I was away we'd only speak on the phoneWatching blue planet, creating new habitsActing as if we were two rabbitsAnd then you'd vanishBack to the burrow with all the CelticsI'd disappear, you'd call me selfishI understand but I can't help itI put my job over everything except my family and friendsBut you'll be in between forever so I guess we'll have to take a step backOverlook the situation cause mixing business and feelings will only lead to complicationsAnd I'm not saying we should be taking a breakJust revaluate quick before we make a mistake and it's too lateSo we can either deal with the pain and wait to get on a planeBut in a day we'll have to say it againOh Nina, you should go NinaCause I ain't ever coming home NinaOh won't you leave me nowAnd I've been livin' on the road NinaBut then again you should know NinaCause that's you and me both NinaOh won't you leave me now, nowLove will come and love will goBut you can make it on your ownSing that songGo oh won't you leave me nowPeople grow and fall apartBut you can mend your broken heartTake it back go oh won't you leave me now[x2:]Oh Nina, you should go Nina (Love will come and Love will go)Cause I ain't ever coming home Nina (But you can make it on your own)Oh won't you leave me now (Sing that song, go oh won't you leave me now)And I've been livin' on the road Nina (People grow and fall apart)But then again you should know Nina (But you can mend your broken heart)Cause that's you and me both Nina (Take it back, go oh won't you leave me now)Oh won't you leave me nowNow

  42. Nina Tikhomirova

    I’m Nina from Russia 💙🇷🇺

  43. nina

    My name is nina 😀

  44. Ninchen Bienchen

    My Name is Nina😀❤❤

  45. Jay Pena

    I j ow this is fan made so what's the original video(s)

  46. Yaiza Fuentes

    I hope ed sheeran to publish this song again, I love this song

  47. - niwvil -

    This is a beautiful song

  48. Kent Diamond Rosales

    bye bye nina

  49. Frissen Frissen

    IM nina

    Frissen Frissen

    OMG I 2 !!!!! Nina frissen

  50. Nina Chaudhry

    That's my name

  51. Ange La

    The perfect match for him 😪

  52. Samantha Sarid Espejel Quero

    They should be together !! They are a good cuplé 💔

  53. Aleksandra Filipović

    I love Ed Sheeran

  54. IkBenNina

    Is this a fan edit? Wow.. Love it <3

  55. Ronald Pinheiro

    Is nina drunk

  56. Tim Wiliusa

    Wow awesome edit man

  57. Anna Auders

    this song was made when my dog was birthed and it has her name

  58. Agnieszka Gnieś

    Why in the first seconds i hear not recognized hip hop 90's song? Anybody has a idea which could be that song?

  59. CHEN Brandy


  60. mojo moro

    ummm this is the music video for his song Drunk!!!!!


    mojo moro ummm no it's not

  61. Carol Rizza

    my name is Nina :)


    Carol Rizza Hello Nina, how are you?

    Nina Maggio

    +Nina hello😃😄😄😅😅

    Nina Maggio

    +Nina I'm still Carol Rizza but i have two channels

  62. Nina Zuzana Maďarova

    I 'm Nina 😂😂😂😍😍😍

    Nina J.

    Me tooo

    Khushal Aumeer

    You should go, nina!

    Didi the Beagle

    Me to insta @m.nd_05

    Bethany Elliott

    Oh Nina,You should go Nina.

  63. Emma LPS

    Ed Sheeran, I love you! ♥

  64. Chloe C.

    This is amazing!! you have such talent, I watched this twice thinking it was made by his label etc!! well done x

  65. iTzZToniLP mt2

    someone who Listen to this Song in 2016?

    Bautista Badano

    iTzZToniLP mt2 Yea

    la devotee

    try 2017😊


    iTzZToniLP mt2 2018

  66. Evita Volginaite

    This is so so good I love it!!

  67. Mónika Evelin Gondi

    I think they was cute together... So sad they had to break up because of their job.

  68. Pauli na

    this song reminds me of my ex girlfriend Nina.

  69. Nina Nuramalina

    yes I'm Nina, Ed haha

    Nina Žilíková

    me too :-D

    Sniper_ Cat_229

    Nina Nuramalina Same I'm NINA

    Nina Geissbuhler

    Me toooo

    Michael Patrick Kelly Fan

    Nina Nuramalina Me too 😂

  70. Nina Škopcová

    I always hear that song on my nameday ❤😊

    El Chico Guapo

    Hahahaaha this is your song. Cx

    Michael Patrick Kelly Fan

    Nina Škopcová Yes, my name is Nina 😂

    i really dont know

    Ja nie...ale hľadala som význam môjho mena 😂 a tam bola tá pesnička lol...

    Feli kozamernik

    O hi I'm Nina too


    alguien viene por Andrés?

  72. Hanna W

    Why is this so perfect? I live for this video. Aaand if you want to make a Photograph one that would be so cool.

  73. Nina Goginashvili

    Love it...I feel that this song belongs to me ))))) thanks Ed ..Great job ..bravo !!!


    it's his best song x

    Nina Angerbauer

    Me too 😂❤️

    Nina F.

    jajaja same

    Nina Škopcová

    Feel the same :)

    Sniper_ Cat_229


  74. Kateřina K.

    From the start I was like: "Is this real? Why would Ed do video about his ex with his ex? :D" Then I realized that is just fan edit, but still its pretty good one!


    thank you aw


    he did kinda tho watch drunk

    Anastasia D.

    Me too haha

  75. Tona rigsby

    song amazing

  76. Matheus Guedes

    What a perfect edit dude, wow! It did not even appears to me a fan edit one. Perfect, congratulations...


    thank you so so much ahh !!!

    Dyuti Coomar

    True True! I love this video!!

    au revoir


  77. Austin Dovel

    I just want to say I apreciate all the time it takes to make a video by mixing other videos and using filler material. I did it once I worked for 15 hours on it then uploaded it and youtube flagged it and took it down. The worst part is it was my own song. on my skulkruncher122 account.

    Austin Dovel

    +Shesbitt I love it and account for at least 100 of your views.


    +Austin Dovel thank you so much Austin :)

    Austin Dovel

    @Shesbitt NO, Thank you. :)

    Austin Dovel

    @Shesbitt What program did you use, if you don't mind me asking?


    +Austin Dovel I just used iMovie on my MacBook

  78. Daniela Ranieri Teles

    Hi! I'd like to use this video as a trailer for the fanfiction that I'm writing about Nina and Ed, so, can I? I will give you the credits for it. Thanks!PS: I'm from Brazil, sorry about my english haha


    YES YES OF COURSE !!!only if I get to read it though x

  79. Cyrocynicalsleaf

    I feel ed's pain 😢

  80. Pippa B

    this is an incredible edit omg like why have i not seen this sooner


    thank you so much !!I siding think anyone would watch it omg !!

  81. Blackie

    Nina is cruel!!Ed is especial


    Nina is specialed is cruel !!

    Alessandra Apio

    +Shesbitt, Why Ed is cruel? Nina is so cute *O*


    +Alessandra Apio i know :(

  82. Nina- Morales

    My name is nina


    Ninja Nina Hello!

  83. CutiePanda616

    OMG good job this is amazing! Loved the water throw part! Excellent editing 😁 Ed should see this and use this as the official video!


    @CutiePanda616 haha i wish

    Anshul Tiwari

    +CutiePanda616 Idiot that part was not edited, its from the official video of drunk.

  84. Nina Gil

    OMG!!!My name is Nina too!!!!

  85. Idk What this is

    My name is nina I kinda feel special 😊


    You are special !!! x

    Idk What this is


    Nina Dávila

    @Nina Ali my mame is Nina too!


    @Nina Ali haha im not special


    @Nina Dávila im called sean not nina, damn

  86. Dani Rod

    This is why people don't invite you places.... #poquiticograjo

  87. Andrew

    Love this video


    @Andrew thank you so much !


    Thank you for making this great video

  88. Andrew

    This is brilliant!!!

    Marc Goddard

    Nearly as brilliant as your pic. WAWAW

  89. t2e



    @t2e thank you :)

  90. Dave the Cat

    make a photograph one xxx


    Dave the Cat no x

  91. Tabitha Gray

    That's an awesome video


    @Tabitha Gray thank you :D

    Tabitha Gray

    @Shesbitt your welcome

  92. Goldn Messi

    Sorry guys, but this song is one of the most sweet beautiful purest songs I have ever come accross...... WAW!!!!


    Why are you sorry for that

  93. Gaming Teckerz

    Nice vid

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