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Ed Sheeran - Even My Dad Does

Even My Dad Does
: Even My Dad Does
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: 06-08-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ed Sheeran - Even My Dad Does )
  1. La Mash

    It’s alright....😭😍❤️😭

  2. Healing Leaf wave

    I would say dont wipe your tears because they belong to your daughter.

  3. Nkosinathi Sibiya

    😭😭😭😭 life has no meaning...I've cried soh much ,everyone thinks its easy ....but its not....if anyone reads this comment..know that if I'm not dead yet God is alive😔😔😭😭😭....

  4. Victoria Perkovic

    Please, out of words

  5. Victoria Perkovic

    Ooooo, how farrrrr I send to you warrning that "he" send me clips like Dadd dougtry....I said do not tuch my familyyyyAs well for witch...

  6. Jessica Riffer

    this song hits close to home

  7. Fruzsina Kincse

    Love him❤🙏

  8. Agent Blue

    Ed Sheerannnnn is the best🥇

  9. Matovu Hamim

    Ed sheeran his songs mostly this, makes me lively

  10. siudness

    trigger warning // suicide.this song is really fucking special to me bc literally it saved me when i was about to k*ll myself, but the automatic play of youtube started playing this and just by hearing the melody it kinda calmed me down and i started paying attention to the lyric, and when he said *"but just for tonight, hold on."* (and i cannot stress this enough) i felt SO comforted that i started crying besides the laptop. and everytime i fall in that void again, i play this nonstop; it has calmed me when i had panic attacks or when i just can't stand being alive anymore. yes lads, ed sheeran practically saved my life

  11. MorpheuZmusic

    I love that piano

  12. Danny Vosper

    Reminds me of my dad before he died of cancer so sad of a song love it so much

  13. Caecilia Celine Christiany

    Woww...beautifull u ed💜

  14. Arnu Morales

    This is probably Ed's best lyrics ever. Gosh, great song.

  15. Emily 123

    This song has a special place in my heart, it has helped me through so much and I always come back to it when I'm going through a rough time. This is why I love Ed Sheeran x

  16. Han Saeun

    Mingyu bought me here..

  17. Nurul Ainn

    My baby gyu brings me hereee

  18. cute hobo

    Kim Mingyu brought Me back

  19. nakamotors


    Riami Arania Soewardi Abbas

    Did he ever mention it? Where?


    @Riami Arania Soewardi Abbas in his vlive♡

  20. donna hookem

    I'll never give up !! it's difficult sometimes!

  21. Maurice Denard Turner-Brown

    I can relate but the death thing I had tried before but I am good this song feels good

  22. Amboy Roxas

    Is it really alright to die? Please let me. :(

  23. Jordy Quinet

    *go on and tear me apart

  24. I Love You 3000

    It helps

  25. Kpop_Lolver

    I seriously hate the radio right now. They only play his love song!! #WeWantMeaningfulSongs !!

  26. Stephane Ferrari

    2019 and still my favorite

  27. Valerie Umali

    I called my dad at the phone and told him I was having a hard time.. I cried. He was telling me what to do until his voice cracked too 😭 He was crying and he's trying his best not to let me know. I love my tatay (dad) so much. He's the only one I have after my mom passed away.

  28. Lienchen. TV

    This song saved my life one year ago. I wanted to commit suicide, but then I listened to this song and heard the line "but just for tonight hold on"

  29. mezza te

    Oh my soul...

  30. Jennifer Rivas

    No puedo creer que haya pasado tanto tiempo :')

  31. broncofan for life

    RIP Dad...I think of you every minute of every day. I'm living life just like you said, minute by minute. I love you, Dad. I'll see you when I get there. ✝️🕯️🕊️

  32. Hayley r15

    Don’t wipe your eyes tears remind you your alive. Those are my favorite lyrics out of all of ed Sheeran’s songs. I live on those lyrics

  33. Eva Romero

    Such a beautiful song ! 😢❤

  34. Åstral

    2019 :) :(

  35. Mariam Hasan

    Most beautiful songs I've heard of ed sheeran you made my tears come

  36. Evalyn Makau

    This song made my tears always fall down.... Hold on.. Dad live long❤. I love you

  37. youssoupha fall


  38. Alex Broadstock

    2018 onwards?

  39. Black Scorp

    Is it alright to say death is the only thing I want to try🙁😔...


    Dont do it 👌

  40. Carlee Jean

    I just came to the realization that my dad is no longer in the picture anymore and never will be....

  41. Daniel van Maanen

    Pls stop with these pity storys

  42. Carmela Sy

    this saves me from suicide too many times

  43. Jacqueline Lake


  44. Val J

    This is my first time hearing this song wow.

  45. anilie

    to chorando

  46. Kurt Wester

    So live life like you're giving allCause you act like you are

  47. Bcgden

    By the title I first thought this was about fapping...

    Jayde Williams

    Just fuck off mate.

  48. Meggie Jøhnsøn-Jøseph

    Tutte le belle canzoni in hanno un piccolo difetto: finiscono

  49. Yay Han

    I really did cry ,the song makes me so damn sad ,so real and emotional. Ed you now how to write a song with so truth words.The first sentences make me already cry and break down...

  50. yhavedramacom

    This song is so 😭

  51. Perfectly Adorkable

    But just for today... hold on. My heart is breaking.

  52. Natonio Wilson

    this sounds like a song when someone just died in a movie

  53. kinD Dota 2

    My cat passed away last night and I'm making a slideshow of all my pictures and videos of him over the years and this song is definitely the song I want to remember him by. Rest in peace Chester <3

  54. Andrea Swearingen

    I still come to listen to this song to let lose n cry

  55. Andrea Swearingen

    I still come to listen to this song to let lose n cry

  56. George McAdams


  57. Makayla Rice

    “Inside we rage against the dying of the light”

  58. Jordy robbe

    Got goosebumps

  59. Aleksandra Nowakowska

    Omg this so beautiful

  60. kookies and cream

    life has been so hard these days.i don't think i can hold on any longer.

  61. Rosalie Jao

    2018? 9 years of missing my father oh... he died and i was just 8,then...i'm extremely daddy's girl. Applause gratitude of this song co'z every time i listen to I reminisce of my dad.. salamat Ed (thank you )

  62. Anna Beth

    It's alright to die cause death's the only thing you haven't tried. This line have been atleast once crossed to almost everyone's mind

  63. G Callard

    "Just hold on for tonight" saved my life

  64. Blue Blue

    Up until now

  65. xChloe x

    Thought I'd be able to get over Ed but I never have and never will. Relate to his lyrics so much ❤️

  66. Gully Gesicht

    I love you, Dad.

  67. Bebongchu Florence

    woah I love dis songs so so touching

  68. John Doe

    How the hell did you bypass my emotional firewall?

  69. DaveR1

    I love this solo part

  70. Animation Meme

    "It's alright to die cause deaths the only thing you haven't tried"*Winchesters laughing in distance*

  71. Lyds Washer

    Haven't seen my dad for 5 years and he's really poorly now so could lose him at any point

    Jessica Foulger

    Lyds Washer go visit him :(

  72. Alana Murphy

    Its alright to dieCause deaths the only thing you havnt triedBut just for tonight.. Hold on. So much meaning😭👏

  73. Tracy Boehler

    absolutely .... <3

  74. The Chief

    This song helped me rock my new born baby son to sleep when he was crying. I played it each night. Now that he's 2 1/2 years old, when I play this, he'll come hold my hand and grasp my leg, and ask me to dance. Deep down my son will always remember this song.Thank you Ed Sheeran.

  75. James ëdmond Smith

    Nice lyrics

  76. Maddy C.

    I love this song so much

  77. Xx Melody xX

    I never get tired of this song. Thanks Ed, for this beautiful song

  78. Sarah C

    I love that I can keep finding these obscure Ed Sheeran songs.

  79. little kitten bear

    Dislike, Just because the lyrics are wrong. At least take the time to look them up to see if they are correct.

    Sarah Brown

    little kitten bear Boiiiiii. She commented months ago that she made this before the official lyrics were out, and before the song officially released, and had to rely on random websites.(:

  80. Karina Prieto

    It's "So live life like you're giving UP" not like "you're giving ALL"

  81. Jessica Fölker

    I just love that song!It used to be the only thing that could make me hold on...I finally did a Cover of it 'cause it means a lot to me! Check it out! 😍

  82. Berry Wright

    Put this on whilst having a panic attack by just thinking about school, my dad says my anxiety doesn't exist and I'm just using it as an excuse not to go to school but here I am with my head on my fucking desk with my eyes squeezed shut trying to breathe this sheer panic away and he tells me I'm fucking faking it. Sorry to rant but this song just makes me want to fucking cry ahhhhh

    Berry Wright

    And I'm just alone in my room, not trying to prove anything to anyone, just panicking alone, yeah I'm totally fucking faking it...


    Berry Wright when u have a panic attack try counting backwards or nameing some things in the room. it helps me sometimes might be good for u too.

  83. Jade Shernowitz

    my dad passed away two years ago when i was15, this song helps. ed has helped me since i was 12, he is beyond my idol. if i ever met him, i would probably cry and just say thank you.

  84. Squad Goals

    Ed Sheeran for life

  85. xChloe x

    Never been able to relate to a song so much

  86. john denver billote

    it's been my first time i heard this song and i must say that it is quite inspirational😊

  87. KICK01

    Shame i dont have a dad...

  88. Youtube Latest

    I Believe its "Its alright to shake even my nan does sometimes" but other than that nice video

  89. Terry


  90. Talia03

    My favorite song of Ed's and my favorite song of all time.

  91. Jade Shernowitz


  92. olivia

    It's "tear me apart" not "tell me your path"

  93. Payton Dishman

    Holy crap this is so underrated

  94. Poppy Glistrup

    I don't think it is ok to die they can't. just freaking leave without saying goodbye like if u agree

  95. Zach Young

    he put the wrong words "go on and tell me your path" its supposed to be "go on and tear me apart" nothing to big just thought I'd let you know great song tho

  96. Rage On

    Instant tears every time

  97. J N

    my dog is dying and I just can't listen to this song without breaking down

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