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Ed Sheeran - Don't

: Don't
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: 06-08-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ed Sheeran - Don't )
  1. YoKowas

    He hits the jaywalk @ 3:30

  2. Iconic James

    He invented jaywalk


    Nobody notice he's break dancing in random ppl's houses

  4. Gogito The gamer

    The drugs

  5. Lil Truky

    3:31 he hits the jaywalk

  6. ThemadladPat

    This guy who just macarenas into peoples houdses and people roll with it

  7. Mr ree reee

    3:30 omg

  8. Mr ree reee

    I heard this watching WWE and was like " hmm what song was that"

  9. Sophia Sedeh

    WHY am i just watching a guy dance on the ground, man i wouldn't be talking since he looks like a BURNED GRAPE JOLLY RANCHER

  10. ThePeopleOnTheCouch

    Bear with me, this is just my opinion, but this is the only Ed Sheeran song I legitimately like.

  11. בנימין הופנרייך

    That moment you realize that this guy created the jaywalk 3:31 Dont forget who noticed first

  12. Bunny Bro

    When u gotta get home quick but the meth still in yo system

  13. Ben Hambleton

    2:13 she looks like katy perry LOL

  14. overlordy _

    man this sounds amazing in 2019

  15. Extreme Boost

    This dude just breaks into peoples houses and gets rich af

  16. Lucky.

    Me trying to dance

  17. jaoisdj dsadad

    So this is where the "jaywalk" came from 3:29

    Mr ree reee

    Im shookith

  18. VG Oidak

    3:31 first encounter of jaywalking?

  19. The Linkz Dude

    This dude dancing looks like he is on crack when the music stops

  20. SchwuppDieWupp

    I think it needs some more bass...

  21. Dillon Medina

    At 3:30 he was jaywalking

  22. Chelsea Fc

    He just showed us how mafia works

  23. Sha Robb

    Love his dancong skills omg

  24. Misha The Great!

    least girly song by him

  25. shannon Crawford

    sometimes i touch myself to the site of his bod


    I love Ed/this song/ the HOT dancer 😂

  27. Bikkel Thijssen


  28. siti sal

    What dance style is this?

    Veronica M

    Pacman is a Hip-Hop dancer, specifically Popping and Tutting

  29. Max Merritt

    I completely forgot about this song. Until I saw a YouTube video with it in

  30. Protomorph

    This guy could easily raid Area 51.

  31. Protomorph

    2019 and it's still a good song.

    Slimefro 101

    Sure is buddy

  32. BoiPlaying

    Moral: Don't dance.

  33. GachaXXMichaela 2300

    I don't get it, all he does is dance

    Veronica M

    rags to riches, unknown to successful, just like Ed and the dancer Pacman's real life stories

  34. Paulina Kminiakova

    Gosh i'm crying while watching this because all of the memories

  35. MisterPaulGGFTW

    *I love how the dancer gon from super poor to super rich...*

  36. Ever Abby. H

    This sounds like geek in the pink.

    Veronica M

    not to me but Ed is a fan of Jason's music, attended his concert, and they performed together several years ago

  37. Shen_funte

    Ed drop lyrics like bomb

  38. Esperanza Gragasin

    Octorber 2019🙌

  39. Well what do you want me to do?

    Why is everyone’s front door unlocked?

  40. Arham Zaldin

    I just search this song with type "ed sheeran ala la la". LOL

    Izuku Midoriya Eating

    I searched: that one ed Sheeran video where a guy is pretty much just dancing. I had to scroll down alot of thinking out loud before finding this...

  41. Grandmaster Righteous Divine

    I never knew this is Ed Sheeran. One hell of a song and He is Great 👍 Singer.

  42. Ark Mayukh

    Am I the only one does not know what is going on in the video??

    Veronica M

    rags to riches, like the dancer Pacman's in real life

  43. Lx vSynchz

    3:30 I hope people credit this man for the jaywalk

  44. 123 Medha

    Someone told me it's about Taylor so l came but after listening to the song i understood that person was mad

    Veronica M

    Don't is not about Taylor, plus Taylor was one of the first people to hear the song. Ed and Taylor are still good friends

  45. Andreakev Smithrow

    Bryson tiller:am I a joke to you

  46. Bikkel Thijssen


  47. Elma Cenga

    Tik Tok use this too😃

  48. Anastasia Zinnecker

    Such a good breakup song

    Brenda Hawkins

    Anastasia Zinnecker hi would love to know what you think of my 16 year old grandsons cover of this

  49. Dudu 990

    Vey, vim pela live do Luba

  50. XDTeE1 Uno

    2019 and its still Catchy AF!!!

  51. Izabella Maria

    2019 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  52. Jeremy Santos

    I watched Philip chebeeb from a real young age dude is still the best dancer alive. You dont get the props you deserve on that wave you are water. Remember art of the Hand check him out hes great

  53. Sarthak Mathur

    at first I thought the dude was possessed or something

  54. Sébè Allah Y'e

    Tanro cuento pa' ponerse una simple camisilla. JAJAJJA

  55. •G u m b a l l D r e a m s•

    Ellie : Hol up =_=*inserts What the hell*

  56. jeyland bitangcol

    September 2019💖

  57. Epic Man

    WTF JAYWALK !!! 3:30

  58. SexiestInTheRoom

    When Ed Sheeran spits better bars than half the rapper today

    XDTeE1 Uno

    No Lies Dude! LoL

  59. Eat More Pringle’s

    Ah yes a stranger comes in then you dance with him

  60. Taizya Ndhlovu

    He danced until he made it to the top, when Ed so him dancing that was the dancer being recognized that's y he made it up in a mansion... His talent brought him here... That's my view 🙈💕

  61. Bikkel Thijssen


  62. vinod

    I met this girl late last yearShe said "don't you worry if I disappear"I told her I'm not really looking for another mistakeI called an old friend thinking that the trouble would waitBut then I jumped right in a week later and returnedI reckon she was only looking for a lover to burnBut I gave her my time for two or three nightsThen I put it on pause until the moment was rightI went away for months until our paths crossed againShe told me "I was never looking for a friendMaybe you could swing by my room around tenBaby, bring the lemon and a bottle of ginWe'll be in between the sheets 'til the late AMBaby, if you wanted me then should have just said, she's singingDon't fuck with my loveThat heart is so coldAll over my armI don't wanna know that babeDon't fuck with my loveI told her she knowsTake aim and reloadI don't wanna know that babeAnd for a couple weeks I only wanna see herWe drink away the days with a takeaway pizzaBefore a text message was the only way to reach herNow she's staying at my place and loves the way I treat herSinging out Aretha, all over the track like a featureAnd never wants to sleep, but guess that I don't want to eitherBut me and her, we make money the same wayFour cities, two planes, the same dayAnd those shows have never been what it's aboutBut maybe we'll go together and just figure it outI'd rather put on a film with you and sit on a couchBut we should get on a plane or we'll be missing it nowWish I'd have written it down, the way that things played outWhen she was kissing him, how I was confused aboutNow she should figure it out, while I'm sat here singingDon't fuck with my loveThat heart is so coldAll over my armI don't wanna know that babeDon't fuck with my loveI told her she knowsTake aim and reloadI don't wanna know that babeOn my hotel doorI don't even know if she knows what forShe was crying on my shoulder, I already told yaTrust and respect is what we do this forI never intended to be nextBut you didn't need to take him to bed, that's allAnd I never saw him as a threatUntil you disappeared with him to have sex, of courseIt's not like we were both on tourWe were staying on the same fucking hotel floorAnd I wasn't looking for a promise or commitmentBut it was never just fun, and I thought you were differentThis is not the way you realised what you wantedIt's a bit too much, too late if I'm honestAnd all this time, God knows I'm singingDon't fuck with my loveThat heart is so coldAll over my armI don't wanna know that babeDon't fuck with my loveI told her she knowsTake aim and reloadI don't wanna know that babeDon't fuck with my loveThat heart is so coldAll over my armI don't wanna know that babeDon't fuck with my loveI told her she knowsTake aim and reloadI don't wanna know that babeSource: LyricFind

  63. Junior S

    Step 1. Go to YT SearchStep 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Draw Ed SheeranStep 3. Enjoy!Ed Sheeran - Don't [Official Video]words on a white page are the soul laid bare.” “What a blessing it is to love books as I love them;- to be able to converse with the dead, and to live amidst the unreal!”

  64. Andrew Situ

    The same beat carried over into "Shape of You" and "South of the Border".

    Veronica M

    not quite, different producer for Don't

  65. Deonte2tymes

    At 3:31 he invented the JayWalk

  66. Frank Scharron

    He is the creator of the jaywalk

  67. mrs kook

    I don't like it bro..looks backA. S. S M. O. V. I. N. G

  68. Andrei Alvarez

    2019 anyone?

  69. Taegi Vs

    I hate the mv but I’m really like this song

  70. I’m Queen

    I don’t know if that guy is dancing or he need an exorcist.

  71. Jimmy- Jameel

    Imagine all the viewers of this song are subscribed to Ed sheeran Ed sheeran VS pewdiepie

  72. Justice Earkywinr

    5 years still bangs

  73. Hailey_Avacodo :3

    What would you do if you saw this guy dancing in your kitchen at 3:00 am?

    Alexis Saunders

    Haha start dancing with him😎

  74. Audrey Kim

    I love this mv

  75. Wigsnatched

    I was scared someone would be hating on my baby Niall, I'm glad I don't see anything.

    Veronica M

    Ed and Niall are good friends, and Niall likes Ed's IG posts etc :)


    @Veronica M I know.


    @Veronica M didn't I already say I knew?

  76. Goofy Gober

    This song could be used in a horror movie.

  77. Ima Weirdo

    The girl he was talking about Was Taylor Swift

    Veronica M

    False, Taylor was the first person that Ed played this song to, but they were never a couple, only ever friends

  78. gachalife story's

    2019 anyone? I was very sad to figure out he wrote this talking about Taylor swift and how she cheated on him

    Veronica M

    False, Taylor was the first person that Ed played this song to, but they were never a couple, only ever friends. :) This song isn't about cheating but a girl who lead Ed on by suggesting she wanted to be more than just friends, and then slept with Ed's friend while he was downstairs at the hotel they were both staying at.

  79. Giorgia Zannini

    Every time when I listen this song I dance

  80. Mr. Hill

    I'm not the biggest Ed Sheeran fan so I don't know his entire discography. My dumb ass thought this was a new song because I've heard it on the radio 5 times in the last 2 weeks😂

  81. Bikkel Thijssen


  82. n1KE

    This my favorite song by him for sure !

  83. ღ ςαмι ςнαи ღ

    This is a good music 👌

  84. aymenxchenikel

    Yoooooo Did yall see him do the JAYWALK Dance 3:30

  85. Kravon Johnson

    When you start off at Level 1 but end up being a Level 100 Mafia Boss

  86. Draev

    This used to be my shit

  87. Denimo

    2019 ???

  88. Ayu Thakur

    Ellie Goulding welcome to your tape 😂😂😂

  89. Adam Z

    Whats up, i really want to know, did that guy just hit jaywalk at 3:30 ?? So it existed before j4ckson?

  90. ChurroYoko Uwu

    2 0 1 9¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?

  91. Zorroh

    3:30 Jaywalking

  92. El tio Jocker

    Oli io joy shileno

  93. Jeff the hedgehog

    My first ed Sheeran song to listen to

  94. Fern Tidalgo

    This guy has a demon inside of him

  95. Tinku Choudhury

    At 2:01 the world's best singer saw world's best dancer who agrees??Have a nice day ahead to all

  96. Brent Gibson

    I personally dont care for the dancing in this video it dont go with the beat of the song its all random and kinda dont make sence

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