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Alexander Rybak - Kotik

: Kotik
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: 09-02-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Alexander Rybak - Kotik )
  1. Grisbel

    Look I’m a listen to this song till I die

  2. angelica casares

    No one absolutely no one : this guy looking so serious playing the violin.

  3. Grisbel

    Bruh it’s reversed for me lol *dies*

  4. OwO Wolfie Plays Gacha OwO

    Who else is using this song and working on it on a countryhumans RusAme vid?

  5. Alexander Green

    Aah, yes, kustard

  6. Laura Acioli

    Ok y love the music

  7. coolstuff 15

    It's so hard to sing it in English for some reason

  8. cory lindor

    i love that i can sing this since im europen XD

  9. Charlotte Knight

    currently working through translating this song! so happy to see i'm getting it right

  10. undertale queen

    I'm obsessed with this song now lol

  11. AlunaRosa Admora Melullaby

    Does this come in full English? This beat rocks!

  12. Emerald Queen

    side chick side chicks side chicks


    Cock tit cock tit cock tit cock tit

  13. Platonic

    Hhhh I'm very glad I found this this is an amazing song aaaaaa

  14. Red kat

    ребят он ведь англичанен , почему он на русском поет


    Откуда вы все берете, живем в век интернета, все в свободном доступе. Он родился и жил какой-то промежуток времени в Беларуси. Позже семьей переехали в Норвегию

  15. Xx_midnight forest_xX

    Who else is here from the kustard vid ???

    Brooklyn the Bat Productions

    Xx_midnight forest_xX meeee

  16. random comment

    Where's the English guy that has the lyrics in English?

  17. Palezy Sans

    I like it and how much talented you put into all of it,very impressive you did amazon, Ай Ладно зт

  18. the dog of hope

    Why do I smell Sherlock fandom references?

  19. Gabriela Garcia

    En q idioma esta (??

  20. oldbug

    I used to think he was singing about pussy

  21. Pixelated Sam

    From Kustard so awesome <33

  22. Heather RaeStrickland

    This reminds me heavily of Alexander Rybak Fairytail mostly the chorus and how it sounds

  23. flug batata

    What language is this song?


    Russian 😄

  24. boxofsoup

    This reminds me of joe goldburg from 'you'???

  25. Fresh Sans

    I love this song the first time I heard this song was the undertale version

  26. FilmedIt Studios

    Who wouldnt write a song about him dating someone in his sleep.... Maybe he can write about him dreaming about something else hes doing in the bed hehehe

  27. Im dead inside

    I heard this song in undefell comic dub


    xXMasked SoldierXx same

  28. Luna Meyn

    даже так..

  29. Kenya Mikai

    (\ _/)( ●>● )( >🍔🍟<

  30. AProudParentOfAnDemonAndAngel GoodOmens

    The reason this is now my favorite song is because, I watched a sans comic tv were red sang this. XDAm I the ONLY one, or has someone had a similar thing happen? XD


    Alllah ım sana geliyorum bu yakışıklılık ne yaaaa ❤❤❤

  32. X_pure_killerx_X


  33. Goldrose star2

    What language is this?by the way Great music♡



  34. Tania Amaro

    So cool

  35. Keith

    i heard this song in a comic dub and now im addicted to it XD

    Green Beanz

    I heard this in a comic dub too! What was the comic dub called?

    UniversalSpyCrab -

    @Green Beanz Underfell Sings I think it was called

    Green Beanz

    UniversalSpyCrab M.T.C *EXACTLY*

  36. King Pacific


  37. APPLE_ _RUBY

    I'm here from the kustard vid XDDDD


    Me too xdd


    Yeetus me too

    Gacha Storygirl

    Same lol

    •Liry - Kun•

    Me too! lol

  38. • Vikki •

    ты моя котик 💕💓

  39. Faty Rio

    Me encanta es de los mejores

    Ali art

    Por fin alguien habla español

  40. Diamond Koçer

    I love you

  41. Diamond Koçer


  42. lps owl heart 25

    I love this song

  43. Fox Dat


  44. Jary Baena

    This is a good song

  45. Alli animates

    anyone here from the kustard video?

    Brooklyn the Bat Productions

    Wen Qian Yap photosynthesis

    BlackMask :D

    Alli animates me

    Payton Anderson

    Alli animates yes

  46. tsotne sheylashvili

    alexander you are very good singer

  47. tsotne sheylashvili

    it is very good sing

  48. Larissa The Nerd

    I got this stuck in my head... Help me XD

  49. Lovely Aristotle

    I’d argue the lyric of this song are rather cliche but I could also argue that could be the point, but I believe the strength lies heavily in the beautiful instrumentation and melodic, distinctive vocals. I absolutely adore listening to everyone of his beautiful songs it adds so much to my life and I’m so glad I could carry these songs with me through life

  50. Brandon Fluellen

    эти песни застряли у меня в голове целый день

  51. Handy Boy

    HE's RUSSIAN! I did not know

  52. tia poonia

    Now I can understand it 😂

  53. Kacie’s Gacha World

    When he said: my bunny-bunny-bunny. I thought he said: sidechick-sidechick-sidecick😂😂

    Xx_midnight forest_xX

    Same lol

    undertale queen

    Same here

    angelica casares

    I know right I was like he a player

  54. G Dance

    Вы приедете в Ереван

  55. G Dance

    Вы очень хорошо поет 👍👍👍🎻🎻🎻😘😘😘

  56. MegaJanczar

    Rewelacja :) Greetings from Poland

  57. Lulina

    I want tl learn Russian language!

    Veta Chan

    Авв!) Мило!


    I am learning xDЗдравствуйте! Я из Польши... xDI am a beginner, but... yeah.

  58. f i n n lero

    Wow it's about him dreaming about a girl and wanting to sleep earlier so he can see more of her..... He lonely... Damn

    Lavour X

    lemon derp hes in love, not lonely

    アヘ顔 .

    he’s married lmao

    tia poonia

    アヘ顔 . Is he ? I swear he’s just going out with a girl from where he lives.

  59. Chase M

    I absolutely love this song so much, im fricking learning the lyrics just so i can sing along to it. If anyone can recommend more awesome russian music please comment below!

  60. Elevators In Wales


  61. Mascot with a dinosaur

    So "kotik" means "cat" in Russian

    Dominik Czarnecki

    Yes little pussy cat :)

    Charles Stiles Mystery Diners

    Julia Minoda its more like 'kitty' or 'kitten'. Kotik is really a pet name in Russian

    Ashley hh

    What's the song called :0?

    IBenupto shenanigans

    Theres a lot of ways to say cat in Russian kot kosshka kotik theres a few more I think it just depends on what you are trying to say in the context but be careful kotik can also be pussy and you might get slapped if you use it in an incorrect context

  62. Aneta K

    How tall is he?

    thera dahl

    Aneta K 1.80 i think

    Nick Zeleznik

    Aneta K he's 6 foot tall

  63. AniaW777 - ANNA WOŁEJSZO


  64. Michael Lamas

    The Enrique Iglesias of Russia


    mmmh, now his origin is Norwegian and he has even represented Norway in the Eurovision twice! The Enrique Iglesias of Norway! <3


    I think he's Ukrainian


    He is Norwegian. End of story:

    Michael Lamas

    So he's Russian-Norwegian.

    creator-kun yen

    Michael Lamas lmao-

  65. woop woop


    f i n n lero

    Ahhhhhh he is sooo cute

    tia poonia

    woop woop his cute little smile at the end 😂

    Alex gasshjahdj

    I like the gals in this video. Russian gals are so beautiful!

    UndertaleAU Queens29

    Yes he is.

  66. Andjela Marinkovic

    very beautiful song

  67. Claudia Jensen

    Finally able to sing the lyrics correctly, love this song

    Schneider 200

    Claudia Jensen I can’t but I still try 😂

  68. Kiril Lee

    I love this song <3. it means a lot more if you look at the lyrics.

  69. Romena Petkute

    i need lyrics to this song not in russian letters but like words that will help u pronounce it and i have to learn this song in 2 weeks cause i have to perform it

    Annika Haylah

    Romena P are you singing in a group with other people? Because you can try lip syncing while the other ps sing xD

    Apple Pie

    Romena P Same duh XD

    Sisi Diam

    I know it's a little bit of late but Alexander Ryback has the lyrics in the description of every song

    Pumpkin Smash Gaming

    asdfghjk - I hope you did well. You can also find the lyrics and type them into a translation system and it'll run thru every word and you can slow the pace to try to learn them. Once you know the word you beat them out with the song

    MJF AS

    You wanna perform it ?? where on stage? talent show??? hhahahahaaha???

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