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Alexander Rybak - I Came to Love You

I Came to Love You
: I Came to Love You
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: 09-02-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Alexander Rybak - I Came to Love You )
  1. yasemin erul

    Allah'ım sana geliyorum şarkısı da kendisi gibi güzel, hoş ❣️


    Hey I subscribed❤

  3. pedro Aparecido


  4. kim long

    i really love this song, this video really cute. I come from vietnam, asian ^^

  5. Deimantas Sidorenko

    Konkretus Belarusas ar Norvegas

  6. Deimantas Sidorenko

    Saska myli gyvenima

  7. lalo lolailo

    You’re vagina boy 👦 Fuckin guffi eres un chupaCulos, chuparas vaginasEres una mierda 💩

    Im Clau

    Chiqui,antes de decir, aprende a escribir porque no se te entiende una mierda,luego ya hablamos si es que sabes,besos 😘🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Ева Светлова

    merci Alexander Rybak, vous chantez mieux que beaucoup d'autres

  9. Phước Mạnh Nguyễn

    10/2019 who still listen?

  10. Loan Loan

    Bài hát hay vậy mà có 3,3M listening :(((

  11. Marta Góra

    I wish i will have a Man like you with full of respect to woman and other nice things ❤️ Greetings from Poland Alex

  12. Loan Loan

    Huhu you look so cute 😭😭😭I can’t stop loving you

  13. Thao Tran

    your songs always make me happy (or sad :)))

  14. Abner Andrey Martínez Zamudio

    Anyone else conflicted about the child taking an icecream cone from a stranger and eat it like it's nothing?

    Malik Ahmed


  15. Olka

    I come to love you...

  16. Phuong Hoang

    thanks your music. it makes me happy. I like your free style, your violin. thanks so much.

  17. Syd Shu

    *ignores girl and goes straight to kiss the dog on the nose*Me too Alex

  18. Berna YILDIRIM

    Yoğurt yazısı Yunanistan 😒

  19. öykü sezgün

    Love from turkey ❤

  20. Antoine Minjoz

    This is so cringeworthy

  21. Chris Zablocki

    The feeling isn't mutual. Mostly because I don't fucking know you, but you seem to magically know who I am. Make sense.

  22. ilias stampoulis

    I love Lindos ❤😍

  23. Ali Tavakoli


  24. Ramadn Ghanem

    I love it❤️❤️❤️

  25. Công Nguyễn Thành

    where is your ukulele man ???

  26. pedro Aparecido


  27. DoryBasarab

    That puppy scene melted my heart

  28. edie sheridan

    'Oh I wont won't be afraid, just as long as you stand by me' NEARLY, the intro of this song nearly steals it.However, I like it and it''s a really really good song and I think Alexander is particularly musically talented apart from his dancing on the Norway's version of 'Strictly'

  29. trà my đặng

    I feel full of energy when listening to this song. Oh God! I love it so much!

  30. Fatma Gül Sözeri

    Türkler hucümmm

  31. Beata V

    I like it xxx

  32. Nguyên Lưu


  33. Mélogirl

    This is in Greece???

  34. Ahmad yaa Asern

    Ojok gendakan tok cak....kadang kerjone

  35. Bom Lê Táo Lựu


  36. Vinh Phuc Le Tran

    he's vampire

  37. Tài Nguyễn Tấn

    I'm here for you, you know?

  38. Ксилема Кетон

    I love you so much ❤❤❤

  39. Nấm rơm Offial

    🇻🇳 - dân Việt Nam^^ hú nhau cái coi :>>

  40. Nấm rơm Offial

    - 2019 ❤

  41. Trang Kiều

    sao giờ mới đc nghe bài này nhỉ. love you from Viet Nam

  42. Patrycja Zielińska

    Julia is lucky ❤

  43. Meri Tesic

    Your Smile ist soooo wonderful!

  44. Елена Новак


  45. Настя БРО

    Вы мой любимый певец

  46. Kk Rosero

    I swear, if someone would send this song to me, I'd marry him no doubt.

  47. Kk Rosero

    He is so adorable in his beautiful music videos.

  48. Thịnh Phan Phước

    Why this song just reach 3m views :3

  49. shegi sunny

    Any malayaees undo??

  50. Newent Shini

    gives a fucking ice cream to a child, and the child licks it without even looking, am i the only one triggered


    Какие приятно песни спасибо за тактике песни удачи тебе мой друг Узбекистан стабой 👍👍👍👍

  52. Petr Janko

    I can´t help myself, but this MV is so GAY. Nice clip, but if he tried sing about boy, that can be much more honest.

  53. Arthur Giorgo

    wonderful Thank you

  54. Nihat Nihat


  55. rizkika kurniasih


  56. Ирина Макеева

    Александр, спасибо тебе за то что ты есть! Ты классный!

  57. Наташа Авдеева

    Кажется я здесь одна из России. А голос у Алексея хороший!

  58. Andjela L

    Such a positive, simple yet beautiful song and video. This is professional quality ! Love ♥

  59. Sa Ms

    Aaah, i love hearing this song and thinking about the man i love. Even though it wasn't mutual, i'm grateful for it and i hope he is always happy 😎.

  60. Zaia Zaiaa

    I like so much summer throwback song

  61. Troll Sinh Viên

    Bài hát: I Came To Love You - Alexander Rybak When you're away I try to focus on things I need to do But my hands are shakin' Cause I'm just mad about you. When by myself I think of all that may Or may not be true. And I'm scared of falling Falling hard without you. But then I see your smile. And suddenly I feel stronger I feel proud. That's when I man up. And girl, there's a thing I gotta say out loud. You got my heart. Baby, I know this time it's true So I came to love you. And that's what I'm gonna do. And I just hope, Deep in your heart You feel it too. Cause I came to love you And that's what I'm gonna do. When we're apart I walk around all day with your name in my heart And I can't stop dreamin' The sweetest dreams about you. I lay awake when you're not in my bed. Because I can't get you out of my head And I feel so foolish. The biggest fool without you. But then I see your smile And all the sudden I'm happy, strong and proud. That's when I man up. Girl, do you mind if I say this out loud. You got my heart. Baby, I know this time it's true So I came to love you. And that's what I'm gonna do. And I just hope, Deep in your heart You feel it too. Cause I came to love you And that's what I'm gonna do.

  62. Sally Espinoza

    Esté video me encanta 😍 me encanta 😍 me encanta 😍 👍🏻

  63. maria_dionusia

    Wait wait wait ... IS THIS VIDEO IN RHODES IN GREECE ? 😱

    Rndm Knabberfritz

    Yes, it is😁

  64. Feride Doğan

    I love ❤️ you Alex 💋💋💋💋

  65. MURAD Muradzade


  66. Lall T.

    O kadar Türk hayranı var neden gelmiyor Türkiye’yeeeee

  67. Sergiy Graf

    Такая куколка с мини- на поводке... он пёсика в нос целует, стрессу щенку нагоняет, вместо того, чтобы хозяйку поцеловать

  68. VEN

    This is my first seeing the video I used to listen to this songon audio and think that it was old song or something but dude finally in our times there's someone who make a good music

  69. Samir Babayev

    best actor for Yagami Light

  70. Любовь Взаимная

    Это я, когда никогда.

  71. 한지은

    He so beautiful, i wish i have boy frıend like him 😍

  72. Tanya Sanit


  73. shegi sunny

    Where your violin???

  74. Arabic music

    😍😍👍👍🌷يا له من يوم جميل

  75. Arabic music

    😍😍👍👍🌷يا له من يوم جميل

  76. Nhung Nguyễn Trang

    Please come to Vietnam once. I'm mad about you!!! And I really want to have chance to be in your concerts <3.

  77. Rosaline Chhangte

    My phone ringtone 😊💕💕💕💕💕

  78. raewda osman

    Så bra Aleksander rybak

  79. Eva Papadimitriou

    I wonder which Greek island this is

  80. Ela Iwona W


  81. phurhs phurhsshh

    I was born to love alexander😍😘😚

  82. Mar Guerite

    Love it Alex ! Thanks ! *We need more happy songs like this!!!!!!*

  83. Signe rudberg selin

    A great song !

  84. Yahana Harumiarguello


  85. Локи Мститель

    Вы на английском уже намного лучше поёте)))

  86. Voha sadolari

    Gap yo'q, ijodingizga omad!

  87. Batuhan

    Türkler burdasınız biliyorum

    Aynur Seker

    Burdayızzzz tabi ki de☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  88. hüseyin şahin


  89. Зина Ильина

    я не понимаю Англ. язык пиши по русские.

  90. pedro Aparecido


  91. Olga Schell

    I love you 😍😍😍😍

  92. Olga Schell


  93. pedro Aparecido


  94. Minh Nguyễn

    I can't stop singing this song From Vietnam

  95. Sabina Sagynalieva

    Зравстуйте Александр я ваш поклоньник

  96. Russell Post

    I was listening to youtube in the background while working and this song came on. Without seeing the video I thought it is music from the 60s. It sounds great, I'm glad there is still music like this being made these days!

  97. pedro Aparecido


  98. Amina Bessem

    Sooo masculin 😍😍😍

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