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Tatu - 30 Minutes

30 Minutes
: Tatu
: 30 Minutes
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: 17-10-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Tatu - 30 Minutes )
  1. Jacob S

    It’s kind of funny how Yulia ended up being the one to leave Lena for a guy 😂😂

  2. Eva Ďurove

    There is nothing ever you can compare to this masterpiece song..

  3. Yamileth Angeles

    que pedo con el vídeo tortura para los niños

  4. Mohannad Samir

    My alarm tone.. Love it so much ❤️😍⏰

  5. Reptil Magico

    El video es arte , no tomen muy encuenta mi comentario anterior porfavor

  6. Reptil Magico

    No entiendo lo que quiere y porque lo hace?es terrorista o algo,comentenmelo?

  7. ethem bőke


  8. Daniel Zapatería

    Lila si lo ves en 2019. PD Parece que da pasan un poco jeje

  9. Juan Carlos Arellano

    Alguien en el 2020?

  10. noel murillo

    Dont mess with them russians

  11. Abigail Peralta Bishop

    ay yo me acuerdo de mi vecina suri jajaja

  12. Asuka Shiyunaida

    2019 ?Watashi *^*T.a.t.u Aishiteru <3 :3

  13. gothmedli


  14. Christhoper Vera

    Like si las versiones rusas son mejores.

  15. Jota Del Toro

    t.A.T.u. is the most underrated band ever.. their sound is unique their image were simple but so dark and agressive at the same time, the message... I really miss them.

    Milanie Wieyes

    I agree

  16. Jota Del Toro

    Who can dislike this song? Tasteless. This song is a classic.

    the writer in me

    Tastes vary. Lovely song though.

  17. We are coming for you

    One voice?

  18. We are coming for you

    So girlfriend her kill in this album and life again in second album?

  19. Matthew Graham

    I read when Im blowing up the bathroom and 30 mins is about correct.

  20. George Johnson

    Dark haired chick is my favorite.

  21. Roberto Claros

    I fell in love with these girls when i was in high school, many memories come to my mind.

  22. Adam XD

    Who needs hd in the 2000s ! Later back wasnt the video quality that important

  23. Basti Urtubia

    Que icónica es esta banda la amo demasiado 💓

  24. 吳生

    Don’t know how to express my feelings...a little uncomfortable ...

  25. George Johnson

    Hottest supmodels Eve.

  26. Fatima Ramzan

    damm julia cant see her with other guy

  27. LeidysM29 Romero Bastardo

    Me Pregunto Si Esa Explosión Fue Real


    Si fue real la exploción, antes si tenian buenos efectos los videos musicales

  28. ꧁ Oᴄʀᴀᴍᴇʟ

    Belcebú :0

  29. Jose Escobar

    минут 😕



  31. gwenaël Quintin

    J'adore cette chanson et là on est le 22/08/2019!!

  32. Jape H

    So, she's a terrorist??

  33. Omnia Khamis

    💔19August 19✨💫

  34. M Trần

    2019 viet nam

  35. Ale Lion

    Moraleja: No poner a Yulia celosa xD <3

    Cande Parawhore


  36. uriel888thepet

    WTF un poco más es el fin del mundo con la bomba esa


    Pobre niños y niñas se murieron se mamo la piba

  37. uriel888thepet

    Los únicos que ablan español?

  38. Тимур Радригез

    Август 2019,и снова мое сердце затрагивает

  39. LisV :3

    30 minutes til what?


    Till you get it.

  40. LisV :3

    30 minutes til what?

  41. LisV :3

    30 minutes til what?

    Batuhan Özoğul

    3 same comments for what?

    LisV :3

    @Batuhan Özoğul YouTube posted my comment 3 times for some reason

  42. Khajag Tarpinian

    One of my all time favorite songs

  43. Ali Hussein

    2019 🙃

  44. Alejandro Ríos

    Conque te hacías la loca con el amiguito?..... TOMÁ BOMBA.

  45. tu thanh

    1/8/2019 From viet nam 🇻🇳

  46. Atara Kay

    thissong reallly brings out that childhood trauma lol that eeriness of that beat

  47. Thanh nhàn Đặng thị

    Vietnam 2019/07/26

  48. Juan Cortes

    Una esquicitez escuchar este idioma en una mujer 😍😘😍😘😍

  49. Bruno Bezerra

    Forever ♥️



  51. Aaron Carter

    What's it actually about? Did she cheat?

  52. Sonia Rocha

    Siempre enamorado de julia😙

  53. Oussama Zouine

    Dear Anne 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  54. Vanessa Hernandez

    moscoe groves institute mix good

  55. Tamara Bitter

    I remember this song when i was a kid 😂 now im 28 now 😞but i will always like this song

  56. Jaime Lima

    I feel bad for the horses 😭

    Laurie Martel

    Yes very triste

  57. surefire deathmachines

    Had no idea they were muslims.

    Jaime Lima

    @surefire deathmachines omg 🤣

  58. Alan Ahmmed

    days gone 😢 27/6/2019

  59. Ahmet AKIL

    Herkes bilmez bunu

  60. pekh pekh

    blue shine ?

  61. Emre Göksu

    Sagopa kajmer - kör savaşcı 2

  62. Jelena

    so they're just doing it in front of everyone o k

    Rosalina CV

    It was the 2000's. Lmao!

  63. Hüseyin Gayıran

    Kör Savaşçı :)

  64. Fagner Cruz

    Lena Katina = tudo p mim

  65. imy Vee

    this is dark AF

  66. Estephany animes

    Que legal a música.

    Robi Tzoo


  67. Валерий Вековцев

    На любом языке хит на все времена!!!

  68. Maricela Olmedo Flores

    Le robe el fac Ami m

  69. Maricela Olmedo Flores

    Te amioooii

  70. Sister Grimm

    I'm so glad I grew up listening to Tatu. I'm 25 today and this is still a great band.

    ahmed karam

    Me too but I'm older than you lol

    Aly Elshrief

    Same as you

  71. Emin TT

    Zeo jaweed

  72. Mada Mada

    Melodia se ascultă și an 2019superba piesa

  73. abo 3rb


  74. Diana Calderón

    Me encantaban las tatu!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  75. sharow Dark UwU

    Alguien latino 2019?:"3 no?

    Alejandra Girón


    Aly Elshrief

    9-18-2019 listening from Egypt

    selfish Dream



    Hermoso senos de Lena

  76. Isaul Vazquez

    I Love 😍

  77. Michael Sebourn

    weed music

  78. curious district

    Why doesn’t this music last 30 minutes? 😭

    Jonathan Cassidy

    curious district that would be to long for a song unfortunately

    curious district

    Jonathan Cassidy who made the rules ?

    Jonathan Cassidy

    Not a lot of people have time for 30 minute songs. I mean if T.a.t.u made one I have weekends so I could hear it

    Just call me angel

    Because the bomb exploded

  79. iwolchuckup


  80. Techie-Bro!

    Who's here after Avengesr End Game Trailer??

    edgar maciel

    WTF!? xD...

  81. Rade Petrushevski

    idc if they are lesbians but all I know is that they sing perfectly

    Winry Rockbell

    They aren't lesbians.

    Rade Petrushevski

  82. Best Rain

    Can anyone tell me story of this song ? This is so hard to understand

    curious district

    Best Rain jealousy

    Вячеслав Николаевич

    If you're still interested... This song is pretty old... The girls singing it positioned themselves as lesbians. At that time it was fashionable in Russia because it was against traditions.. The meaning of the song in Russian will be different. The song is about the experience in the transition from childhood to adulthood, the betrayal of the one you love... A protest against the breaking of the world...

  83. Alessandra Lobo

    Amo essa música🦋❤


    Una de mis favoritad

  85. Roma [ХАЙП]

    :( я люблю Настю..❤️❤️❤️

  86. Red Zeus

    🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🚫 LGBT kid Abuse

  87. Best Playlist

    *Sagopa Kajmer - Kör Savaşcı Versiyon 2*

  88. Duc Hai Trieu


  89. VarzaG

    how is any music video allowed? this video is about terror attack!! wtf is wrong with you all brain washed sheeps!!

    Jonathan Cassidy

    It’s a good song. Plus if people like Jake Paul or pewdipie (who are horrid people and have a fan base made for 10 year olds) are able to record then I’m sure this video sizes up to nazi jokes and recording dead bodies

    Jonathan Cassidy


    Jonathan Cassidy

    This video doesn’t size up to that stupidity called jake and Logan Paul and pewdipie


    It's not a terror attack. It's a lovers revenge video. She kills them both by blowing up the carousel because either the boy or girl cheated on her with each other depending on the eng or rus version of the song. A little googling abt the song would have saved u making such a dumba$$ comment.


    @sublime_angel Are you so fucking stupid? there are people, KIDS around that place and you are talking about lovers revenge? oh yeah then it is okay to blow up a crowded place full of kids bcus they were unfaithful! Next time use ur brain before trying to explain something your small brain cant handle!

  90. ravencassidy

    2019...and all of their songs were absolutely beautiful

    Cheayoung's Kimchi

    They still are

    Lit BoPeep

    For real. So underrated "Nas Ne Degoniat"/"Not Gonna Get Us" has some of The MOST *beautiful* lyrics I've Heard in a pop song:*(Lena)*Starting from herelet's make a promiseYou and me,let's just be honestWe're gonna run, nothing can stop usEven the nightthat falls all around us**(Yulia)*Soon there will belaughter and voicesBeyond the clouds over the mountainsWe'll run away on roads that are empty,With light from the heavens shining upon you. *(Lena)*We'll run away, keep everything simpleNight will come down, our guardian angelWe rush ahead, the crossroads are emptyOur spirits rise, they're not gonna get us*(Yulia)*My love for you,always foreverJust you and me, all elseis nothingNot going back, not going back thereThey don't understand,They don't understand us.*(Chorus)*Nothing can stop us, not now,I love you.They're not gonna get us,Not gonna get us *(x3)...not to mention how it *sounds!* (which is just *absolutely* Otherworldly, *intense,* & angelic.) *"Ya Soshla s Uma"/"All The Things She Said"* is deffinitley their most Known song, but also has some truly beautiful lyrics. The Russian title actually means *"I've Lost My Mind"* but they changed it for a (presumably softer)"American audience"LOL😆*"Obezyanka Nol"* is a GORGEOUS song from them as well. *Stunning* vocals from Yulia on that one.And *"Malchik Gay"* (the English version Only) is, simply put, *Pop Perfection.*It's a fun song compared to their usually serious works, but I adore ❤it as one of my favorites.It's just a PERFECT example of a catchy, fun, unique, and purely "pop" song. It'll get stuck in your head for *Years,* that's for sure! ❤

    Alex Алексе́й Volkov Во́лков

    ravencassidy oh man this lyrics are awesome

    Ron Acord

    Yes, I wish they would get back together and do a world tour.

  91. Alex Esteban

    Recordando viejos tiempos


    В трамвае заиграла)))

  93. songül erol

    2:31 goosebump <3 I love the lyrics

  94. Kairi Namine

    March 2019🤞🏽💋

30 Minutes Şarkı Sözü
Out of sight, out of mind
Out of time to decide
Do we run? Should I hide
For the rest of my life
Can we fly? Do I stay?
We could lose we could fail
In the moment it takes
To make plans, or mistakes
30 minutes the blink of an eye
30 minutes to alter our lives
30 minutes to make up my mind
30 minutes to finally decide
30 minutes to whisper your name
30 minutes to shoulder the blame
30 minutes of bliss, 30 lies
30 minutes to finally decide
Carousels in the sky
That we shape with our eyes
Under shade silhouettes casting
shade crying rain
Can we fly do I stay
We could lose, we could fail
Either way, options change
chances fail, Trains derail.
30 minutes, a blink of an eye
30 minutes to all of our life's
30 minutes to make up my mind
30 minutes to finally decide
30 minutes to whisper your name
30 minutes to show her the blame
30 minutes of bliss, 30 lies
30 minutes to finally decide
To decide, to decide to decide to decide

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