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Maroon 5 - feat Christina Aguilera-Moves Like Jagger

feat Christina Aguilera-Moves Like Jagger
: feat Christina Aguilera-Moves Like Jagger
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: 06-07-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Maroon 5 - feat Christina Aguilera-Moves Like Jagger )
  1. Maritza Karely Puc Chan

    Cristina aguilera hizo todooo, gran voz, vale madre los kilos de mas

  2. Carlos Fabián

    Las presentaciones en vivo de Adam son deprimentes. 🤪Xtina salvó el número. 🙃

  3. tonskee cullen

    Oh I love that Christina’s last note here. Saved! ❤️

  4. boy george

    Voice so powerful it can be at par with an electric guitar! ❤️ xtina

  5. Brianna Cripps

    Their chemistry is amazing. I'm actually surprised they didn't become a couple on the voice.

  6. Patricio Salazar

    cristina aguilera mas hermosa, rica, estupenda y sabrosa que nunca... mil besos para ella...

  7. David Cobos

    Queen Xtina

  8. Jason Ackerman

    Christina salvando la presentación...

  9. Lucas Brazil

    Xtina looks great

  10. German Rocky

    Xtina is making this song seriously world class omg I love the moment when she comes out , she is sooooo stunning

  11. João Víctor

    tava meio rouca, mas ficou muito bom

  12. Jennifer K.

    2:18 is where the show starts!

  13. Aretha Morgan

    This is considered fat? By whose standards?

  14. Suicidal Seagull

    God it's so awkward before Christina... he just moves back and forth and sings. God.

  15. Mr NutellaBomb

    Jaden smith was crying or sum

  16. mycenth22

    Yessssss Xtina!!!!!!

  17. Mitsoro bazona

    Christina saved this person sorry Adam

  18. selenator oranais

    I see selena gomez at 0:58 hskskdj

  19. guadalupe gonzalez alfaro

    Se ve horrenda!!😢😢😢😢

    Chrys D*

    Dejame ver una pic tuya aver si te ves mejor😏 porque si eres fea tu opinion no cuenta! 🤭🤗☺️😚

  20. Roberto Mendoza

    Es q no mamen esa viejonona tiene un chingo de presencia En el escenario

  21. Karlinha 2021

    Jesus love you what reading this comentáry 🙏🏻♥️

  22. Serguei Serboz

    When amazing singing was the only thing that mattered....

  23. Maria Ap

    Guys check the version of the russian singer Sergey Lazarev. He is really good!:

  24. Joel 7

    2:32 "So watch & learn" my man Adam got schooled by beautiful Christina Aguilera.

  25. Abbottpotumas

    I'm a fitness fanatic and i'm sorry to say but I don't have much time for people who don't look after themselves and get fat & unhealthy, careful eating and exercise don't cost much or take much time (and you most probably will live longer with less health problems) ...'BUT' matter how many pounds the lovely talented most beautiful girl on the planet Christina puts on I just cannot stop loving her, my one and only celeb crush for the past 20 years, I Love You Soooo Much Christina it Hurts! 🤗💘

  26. Karlinha 2021

    Jesus love you what reading this comentáry 🙏♥️

  27. Dwight Lavon

    They were both bad

  28. Reading Means Life

    So little time she was there, yet her presence was key to the whole performance success. Stunning woman.

  29. Niels Everdeen

    i see Selena and Taylor😍😍😍😍😍

  30. Xxchristmas reindeerxX

    Love this song

  31. Nguyen Duong

    That was a horrible performance until Xtina showed up.

  32. Arch. Anshul Mishra

    Stealing the show

  33. hoe for Xtina

    People chill she look amazingAnd she was pregnant so shutup😑

  34. Jim Beam

    Christina Aguilera is a brick house. She is so beautiful.

  35. Daniel Pichardo

    She sings so fast

  36. Daniel Pichardo

    This was s live award show. He had another performance at the stage to the right with another artist.

  37. Kaine Joyes

    Dam she hit the wall hard!! Mgtow

  38. Christopher Moore

    My girl Xtina killed her part here, razor sharp point performance, and so adorable, relaxed, and securely talented looking :). I'm a super fan of her vocals and personality, while some others are critical. She provides extraordinary pop music star live entertainment! Fortunate enough to see her B2B show twice on the East coast. I'm in Vegas now, and pumped about being able to see her Xperience residency here at Planet Hollywood's Zapoos Theatre beginning in May!

  39. Claire Kennedy

    Christina just stole the entire performance. She is amazing holy smokes

  40. rougue spice

    Its amazing

  41. Itzel Escobedo

    2:00 J Smith

  42. Itzel Escobedo

    0:53 Selena and Taylor swift

  43. Lisa Cecil

    Love me some Adam!!

  44. Joe 123

    This performance is better then his super bowl performance

  45. Alejandro Peralta

    Adam.... thanks for saving the show. Xtina your vocals are off

  46. esdano15

    Why they didn’t even say bye to each other at the end?

  47. Alexis Anderson

    He should've invited Christina to sing Moves Like Jagger with him at the Superbowl! Would've helped save that mess..not to mention this song revitalized their career and part of that is due to Xtina- she made the song.

  48. Neftali Jusino Galarza

    Christina Aguilera was amazing!!! She save the entire performance.

  49. Black Depths

    Y'all watching in 2025

  50. Kiya Aaliyah

    Who's here in 2019???❤️

  51. Sapphire Blue

    Jaden Smith looks like he's in pain listening to Adam's live performance ..LOL!! Christina is so curvy and gorgeous natural REAL beauty people!!

  52. bayu adrian

    The best live perform from move like jagger ever.. but the ending was shock they immediately ran in the opposite direction, what happen??

  53. Tony Samsenthai Khambao Xaychareun Xayagouman

  54. Matheus Cardoso

    Christina ❤❤❤

  55. MayMo

    Christina is Queen

  56. Abbottpotumas

    Marry Me Pleeeease Christina ;-)

  57. Ces Ci

    Christina stole the show!! 👏👏👏

  58. Ulala Bibeh

    Was there any moment when MC was watching her live performance?

  59. samara Gonçalves

    Xtina lindaaa Love you

  60. Olenka Flowers

    Какая потолстевшая Агелера

  61. paul enriquez

    ADAM= 100% HORRIBLE VOICE Christina= 100% amazing voice and the real Queen.

  62. Bruno Inuel

    Repeat 2:18

  63. Kiko Yao

    talks about Xtinas weight...You all Guys are Perfect...?

  64. Ethan Charmese

    Xtina nailing those Eb5’s 😍 she was a little thicker here, but honestly who cares? She’s lost the weight and is doing great now

  65. Jay M

    What are Y'all talking about Christina looks sexy

  66. Julia Wilcox Smith


  67. Roseanna Launstein

    Never get tired of this song it's my phone ring

  68. Hiền Vũ

    OMG i very like this song 😍😍

  69. MMj Lee

    Love her vocal only a true singers can sing this high she pregnant here ??

    Luís Eduardo

    She was not pregnant... just fat as fuck 🐛

  70. Jay Dog

    Fat Christina?? She looks amazing to me.

  71. joyce alcala

    OMG!!u r the best vocal prowess of all time.. Christina!!

  72. Donielle Stenson

    Insufferable diva...runs offstage after grunting her lungs out

  73. Stefan Rodriguez

    Xtina has a beautiful body, people who say she is fat and fuck off

  74. Francisco Montero

    Moves like Jagger ,,, Greetings from Mexico. We can dance

  75. Rasham Williams

    Timeless beauty Christina

  76. Robert Gunter

    Good lord Christina is one beautiful woman.

  77. MsAnnaDt

    what can she do to diminish the awful experience of listening to Levine's voice?

  78. ruby

    2:50 nicki’s groovin

  79. Anonymous Sources

    Christina put on a couple of pounds exactly where she needed them. Sexy as hell

  80. Pam Hartgerink

    Xtina's voice is top,,,,bar none. Period

  81. Jasmine Natural

    She was pregnant

  82. michael culpon

    She is one of the best singers in the world,my queen

  83. _ Z3K1

    1. Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez2. Jaden Smith3. Nicki Minaj

  84. Jennifer Ricketts

    Ppl leave her alone about weight. You have kids. She's not better thick anyway

  85. Santino Damian

    That outfit is ill fitted on her and she looks like a overstuffed sausage 😁😁 At least she made it up on the vocals 😊😊

  86. ThisForeverr

    Haha Nicki Minaj & Safaree

  87. Tina Maghamii


  88. K!nG MiDas

    She has the best fucken cat walk and she thicker than a snicker bar!!! 😍😍

  89. Darith Bluitt

    Yeah! I want this!! What she singing. Yeah

  90. Roger Ferrer

    Everybody that said Christina is fat, are gays

  91. Sam C

    He can’t sing the star was miss.c fat skinny thin slim who cares people need to stop body shaming she’s a gem such a beautiful person

  92. mikeparez

    Her oufit is terrible

  93. Terri Santoro

    Christina is a bloody legend she brought style and charisma to an otherwise lack lustre performance

  94. Toño Gomez

    Este chico canta feo, Xtina desafinó pero salvo la presentación

  95. J Burdick

    WOW!! Love this!!! <3 <3

  96. 36993020

    Wow didn't know Amy Schumer can sing!

  97. Ste.B.

    2:05 will smith's son, he should've learnt what performing is ;)

  98. Dni KL

    Unflattering dress choice.

  99. carolina prieto

    Noooooooooooooo, la cosa se arregló cuando Cristina entró a levantar el ánimo. El pobre Adam parecía que viniera de tomar Peptobismol☺️ Y ya quisiéramos muchas estar como Cristina. Está muy linda, muy mami😋

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