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Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved

She Will Be Loved
: She Will Be Loved
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: 06-07-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved )
  1. 90sbaby

    She’s amazing

  2. Vaishnav Sahu

    I don't think there's ever gonna be another song written so beautifully than this .

  3. Celina Mira

    Stunning voices woooow🤩

  4. Italo Augusto

    @marcioguerracanto reage a esse vídeo

  5. Matthew Bacon

    I like how the girl went from this beautiful voice to a low, "well, damn we did it"

  6. Kristine Lee

    oh wow. so much care into this! delicious sounds. i love this. bring in again (upload) : - ) more of what you've recorded a while back! wishing you a very well november.

  7. Si Botak

    try listen my friend version

  8. Si Botak

    try listen my friend version

  9. Si Botak

    try listen my friends version

  10. Si Botak

    try listen my friends

  11. Leonardo Avila

    Esos que colocan no me gusta al video... son sordos o envidiosos? Como disfruto oírlos cantar...

  12. Shane Standifur

    Your voices are like a milkshake and fries... they go so well together

  13. Andrea Fausto

    Que gorro tan feo 😂

  14. Dead poolz

    god dayum....

  15. Wilfredo Buendía

    A los que le dan dislike, ¿todo bien en casa?For those who gave a dislike, all fine at home?

  16. Levy Nielsen Sytian

    Who's filipino there?

  17. KUDZIE

    Leroy is actually one of the best singers I know Male or Female. His voice has so much soul

  18. Graceful Narcissist Abuse Survivor

    See girls, you don't need makeup, a skirt and heels to be beautiful! This little girl is awesome because she loves herself and confident about who she is. Mister Sanchez, you and your friends kick booty!

  19. Davide Monti

    I fucking love Bea♥️

  20. yajna amanda

    I feel so grateful that i found this 🤧😭

  21. Stephen Wheeler

    I never really understood the full complexity of the emotion in this song. Now I do. This is the way it should be sung.

  22. vorniceanu ionut

    I really enjoyed this

  23. be mindful

    "well dAMN" 😂❤

  24. Kayla Brito

    Couple? ❤

  25. divulgppk

    i dont like the way she says "be looooooooved"... =(

  26. Erinson Gonzalez

    Beautifull music ☺ :*

  27. Juswa Villarosa

    Can u make a cover of heavy by linking park? I wanna really hear you sing my fav song.

  28. priydan 7

    Love you bee

  29. priydan 7


  30. Livestock Riverina


  31. TheSkyDjinn

    jesus she sings like she doesnt understand how to form words... its such an annoying habit of "indie" singers to just slur their words for style, it sounds like shit

  32. Yasmin H

    I'll NEVER get enough of this cover❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. Teresa Zech

    I've never heard a voice like his. he's so special ❤️❤️

  34. I Love Gin-chan

    wow I found another great singer thanks to you! You sounded so awesome together!

  35. Teresa Zech

    0:35 help. I can't breathe

  36. Dizzy Ness

    I've been waiting for you to sing Pray by Sam Smith. I adore all of your covers.

  37. Espinosa

    Uno de los mejores que he escuchado hasta ahora..🔥🔥🔥

  38. fattysn

    The facial expressions 😂

  39. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    closure by hayley warner please you have such a great voice

  40. ai ko

    I'm loving the pillow fort setup we got going on here.

  41. Brian

    what boots is leroy wearing? :)

  42. Beastgirlem

    I was feeling sad and needed some Leroy covers...So I came back to this ❤.

  43. PJ Mirasol


  44. Timothy McKnight

    I fell deeply in love with her at 1:20

  45. John Lowe

    Love the song! Love him! He is so cute, nice, charming, and talented! Can’t believe I just discovered him like a month ago. I’!!!!!Ps this is my grandads account do I get points for that?! I’m 13 — female and quite smitten☺️☺️

  46. krieger nova gaming

    How awesome is this song 😍😍😍😘😘😘

  47. Just a normal person yay

    This song is so beautiful 😍 and so sad😢

  48. Eskii NZL

    They both have beautiful voices but personally i dont think they work together. His rang is to too extreme for hers, although her soul propels in her voice his voice overpowers it with harmony while she stays monotone throughout the video. Again her voice is beautiful but i want to hear this with his voice only. The falsetto and harmonisation he has is somewhat angelic

  49. Taweewat Lerthanadech

    Love this version. 🥰🥰

  50. Zoom Infinity X

    Mis respetos que chinva que cantan

  51. Kurt • Apostol

    I don’t like the growl! This song is meant to sing sweetly!

  52. Julieta Bustos


  53. It's Ariana2


  54. It's Ariana2


  55. AnWei

    omg i'm speechless... 🙏🙏🙏💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  56. Zazil Padilla

    Amazing cover guys!

  57. 1m_3ncrypt3d !

    One question WHY?

  58. Jose Rizo


  59. kayla marie

    their voices blend SO beautifully

  60. Deianeira 56

    Her voice is sooo good I love her like deep rasp

  61. Acostar Jm

    Can you cover billie eillish song pleaseeeeeee

  62. Orlando Mendoza

    Seen your show you the world cover and that's how I discovered you brotha keep up the good work.

  63. Orlando Mendoza

    This was dope as shit!

  64. Lucia Blanco

    No es justo x más música nueva que aya las viejas son las mejores.Amo este tema amo este cover

  65. ryde leibniz

    best cover i’ve ever heard so far ✊🏻💖

  66. Fabiola Linck

    Esse garoto tem o dom de me arrepiar com essa voz de anjo.... s2

  67. LeVar Berry

    Now Bea has a #1 hit ... amazing .. A long ways from this.

  68. Maci Ono

    She looks like sky katz wowow

  69. tattered pocket

    That seating looks way too low to be comfortable is it just me 😂

  70. Chelsea Roberts


  71. John Paul Marifosque

    The vocal arrangement is top notch.

  72. Nadia Karp

    can't stop listening. you two are amazing talented. keep going, please!

  73. MR. POPO

    double Asian guitarist :D


    I get goosebumps.😘😁😘😁😘😁

  75. Thị Phước Nhi Võ

    you guy so amazing. i like this song so much

  76. Jammy Fernandez

    I just love you and your voice so damn much! 😭💕💕💕

  77. Jebz V

    i want this song solo leroy !!!

  78. azz90d

    ✨💕✨😍🔥.... speechless... amazing... this is so good 😭

  79. Paulo Zaag

    1:14 what a falseto dude!

  80. Sylvia McCarthy

    Wonderful timing and guitars ❤️

  81. Sylvia McCarthy

    Fucking good talent here ❤️

  82. master of torgue motor

    เสียงโครตเพราะ {คนไทยรายงานตัว} thailand

  83. paracute id

    WOWOWOW My Fave song and this is the best of the best cover ever!! 😍😍😍

  84. Dave Turner

    “I had you so many times , you WOUND up at my door” had bea just where he wanted her hahahaha !!!

  85. Rosely Villarblanco


  86. Murni Taikong

    Her reaction of Leroy is me ☺️

  87. Leon Vriesema

    spotify !!!!!

  88. haley giese

    this was literal p e r f e c t i o n. i am in AWE. spectacular

  89. Charlène L

    I'm still recovering...😍🌟🌟

  90. Cami Silva


  91. Consuelo Reyes

    Poor animal

  92. Eltec

    Leroy cantas genial junto con Lion sois de los que mas me gustan como cantáis,ambos tenéis una voz única, estaría genial que hicieseis un dúo entre vosotros saludo, muchos éxitos

  93. Lesly Alvarado

    Cantan hermoso 😍😍😍😍♥️

  94. Johnny Armentrout

    That was powerful 🤯

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