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Maroon 5 - Maps

: Maps
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: 06-07-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Maroon 5 - Maps )
  1. Chris Cheung

    Best cover for animals. I really like it in my college time. And the shooting angel is vey amazing !

  2. Clarista Josephine

    max really needs to stop winks. my heart can't take it.

  3. rusilea

    Never tired of this one

  4. Martin Zavala

    Like this cover

  5. Re coded Again

    A red-headed Mother Gothel

  6. Fabii Kagamine

    FIVE YEARS ALREADY?! Omg, I just...

  7. Only One Ksitigarbha

    Wow!! 2014?

  8. Lylly Fischer

    which instruments they used?

  9. Phyo Min Nyunt

    Big house😃☺️😃

  10. Carly Mascia

    this is still one of my all time favourite covers.

  11. Ryao

    I saw kurt 6 or 7 times in the music vid lmao

  12. Chris Devarro

    Y'all see that fancy footwork I

  13. Quân Phạm Viết

    Sorry, but I prefer older versions to current ones

  14. Not Cool

    no one:max's legs: *wiggle wiggle*

  15. MartinAndrea Coronica

    Just proud of the musician many instruments can you play?? Thats so cool

  16. Mya. ilomilo

    This is my childhood crush till this day

  17. Esteban Avila

    More videos like this one! Awesome!

  18. 뀨잉

    Omg i love you MAX

  19. ————————

    Best house tour ever

  20. Min Park

    지금 들어도 개좋음ㅜㅜ

  21. ChEngYu lolz


  22. EDO Rimba

    2019? Awesome

    Yu Xuan Huang

    EDO Rimba me ~~

  23. Debe .R

    Bruh I used to watch this video like every day when I was younger and just last year I started watching Kurt and I never even knew he made this.

  24. Itsbullshit !


  25. 316 lolo


  26. Putri Nuzullina

    Wait is this the same Max that sang "Wrong"?

  27. Tahu Bulet


  28. All About Dcrew

    이누나 제스처 이상한데?..

  29. Oluwafisayo Adeoye

    I enjoyed this way more than I expected for a cover that came out 5 years agoBut omgoodness how did they do this all in one shot

  30. Rio Tomlinson

    FAB XX💖💖💗💗❤❤💝💝💟💟💞💞💕💕

  31. مصطفى الحاج


  32. Sebastián Pérez Gubbins

    2014 summer memories with 13 years just chillin on computer after being in the pool listening this 😪

  33. Clara

    It‘s 2019 now and I‘ve probably seen this like a thousand times but I‘m still kind of scared for that last guy to mess up his flip. 😅

  34. Nicole Maricela


  35. Futty Anggini Mareta

    Sept 2019??

  36. Allie McMahane

    Check out those moves 0:50

  37. Adam Monteforte

    2:20 shout out to this guy for playing every instrument

  38. 권민정

    This is incredible

  39. وله سحيم


  40. Dendi Agustiawan

    I fall in love

  41. Lo-fi Corner

    Yo where can i buy that shirt (max)?

  42. knsaiko

    5 years lady and I still can't believe Kairi could sing this whole time

  43. Sarah Meadows


  44. Alucard Cor

    i im here for Alyson Stoner Cover

  45. Sarah MacDuff

    Random, but I have Allison’s hair and this makes me happy because it doesn’t look messy like I thought it does.

  46. m k.

    This video I can watch again and again...original one is tragedy😢😬but love💛nice song💗

  47. Geetanjali Deshpande

    This is one take, right?

  48. Sherly Torres

    Who else was here for the house tour? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  49. Anthony Aguirre

    Omg I have that same shirt MAX is wearing.

  50. Aqua Blue

    MAX is so cool

  51. Kitaela Kalima

    I actually never liked the song.. but watching this has made me love this version even more!

  52. MoonOrchid 1689

    The girls voice is not really my thing , but overall loved the video well done :)

    Gabriel Valenzuela

    If you would have just said "Girl's voice is not my thing," no one would have cared either way. Adding "No hate but" somehow makes it condescending.

    MoonOrchid 1689

    @Gabriel Valenzuela Ok , sorry i wasnt trying to be like that if you get what i mean i will change it :)

  53. QueenFiend

    Loving Alysons come back

  54. no no

    Best covers

  55. Crimson Reads

    Watching this seeing how much alyson holds back for max.

  56. YafavCurlyheadKy

    What is going on with this YouTube algorithm

  57. suze

    this video is literally my childhood 😭


    Are they singing live?

  59. Just Sherena for Short

    This is so good why am i just getting this

  60. Aeria Cross

    Isabella does a house tour.

  61. Keila Lara

    Where I have I seen kurt before? He looks so familiar

  62. Anna

    I love seeing Kurt run from the drum beging max and go around and pretend to play a different instrument somewhere else 😂

  63. crystal s

    Wow awesome 👏🏼

  64. Meryll Diola

    I love you Max!!!!

  65. JM JazKaz

    Ok but did anybody else first hear this song in nightcore?

  66. Ayesha Usmani

    1:57 max forgets to sing

  67. A U T U M N

    this is was the same girl on camp rock in that talent show scene lmao

  68. ultimateranger213

    I have a theory that every time Max buys a house, he invites everyone over and makes a music video.

  69. Be The MaINE

    What the heck?? I thought this was uploaded few days ago but was uploaded in 2014?? Damn

  70. Devon Sicknick

    “she’s really good”

  71. Alice Lu

    this is why I leave this generation...


    Fucking AMAZING!!!

  73. Crystal Chan

    Kurt..... YOURE A LEGEND

  74. Megan Lenig

    0:50 I wish I could dance that fluidly, such an awesome dance move

  75. Abby A.

    When you realize he can play a harp, car, guitar, piano, ikea, dogs, drums, etc ... I will pay someone money if there is an instrument that he can not play.

  76. Ediwow Celorico

    this song is better four anybody

  77. KiraKira

    *sponsored by just dance*

  78. Hayley’s Comet

    Alyson stoner was on camp rock wasn’t she?

  79. Laura Pfeiffer

    anybody else here because youtube decided to recommend this in 2019?

    Sam B

    lmao same. I was like “aw they still make these together?” But indeed just a random recommendation


    I thought this was a new release haha

    Vortex Blades

    Nope. I just come back cos I love the vid

  80. ravioli bones

    She’s really good

  81. CY C

    remember Alyson once played a role named MAX?just saying😂❤️

  82. Sara Marie Riddle

    I just can't stop listening to this. 😍😍

  83. BBTCZDabing

    better than original :)

  84. butter Lee

    This is good (Yahoo)😳😳

  85. Jessica Martens

    I listen to this song all day

  86. GLORIAarafol

    Who's here after the VMA?

  87. Aris Meijer

    2:29 left corner RUN KURT!!!!!!!

    Aris Meijer

    2:59 i mean

  88. Ash Merlin

    Max and Alyson ' s voices sound soooooo good together. Kurt, you have to do more cover songs with them.P.S. I really admire your instrument playing skills, Kurt.

  89. Andra Borca

    It's been a while, please do some of these (every one shot mash up video) again! I miss those!!!

  90. KozyKraft

    me and my friends when the teachers aren't watching:

  91. Ali Ali

    how does he do that leg thing i try to do it all time but i just cant do it

  92. ginganz13

    PMJ & Morgan James - You just repeated the same mistakes the original artist made

  93. The Crashing Sarcasm

    Ive watched this since i was a kid, and still i love it, it wont ever make me think its awful because its amazing

  94. Madison Shea

    This remideds me of all the max and victoria mashups


    Anyone remember when Allison Stoner was on Disney Channel

    Wisconsin Rail Productions

    Or max...

  96. kate cerv

    ShE’s ReAlLy GoOd

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