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Lana Del Rey - 24

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: 30-05-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Lana Del Rey - 24 )
  1. Debra Boaze

    more Bond so terrific.dsue

  2. parallel universe 7569

    this was perfect. now i can return to my shitty boring life

  3. Jen O.

    This is perfect for their loss

  4. BlueBell

    I can never say no to Craig


    Cat and mouse game .... traps N snares

  6. Snowhite Christmas

    This is magnificent! Wish I could heart it. Need more views😍

  7. DarkAnubis

    This should be the song for “No Time to Die”

  8. mercy r

    No one like her around today....and won't be for a long time After! If there's ever an after....

  9. Ludmila sun sea

    it s very very beautiful Voice made in heaven

  10. Even Hansen Næset

    Why is the honeymoon era-video gone? Got taken down I presume


    It'll be back up, I can't dispute every claim on it at once without risking my channel. If I can't get it back I'll upload the rest of it in a playlist.

    Even Hansen Næset

    @LanaDelRadio okey, nice


    @LanaDelRadio awesome, can't wait to download it :D

  11. _carmen_

    wow. your videos never fail to impress

  12. Sophie O'Neill

    Excellent work! Please do an edit of Ryan Gosling/The Place Beyond The Pines/Drive with a Lana song/Kavinsky Nightcall. Also I think only you could do a rad edit of the tv series Animal Kingdom to Rae Stremmurd Black Beatles or Kavinsky Nightcall. Your Ride (SOHN) remix edit and this Salvatore edit are my faves!

    Sophie O'Neill

    Also a First Man edit would be awesome, excellent emotive moments, music and cinematography in that movie!

  13. gwenaël Quintin


  14. Soz Ziad

    I've never heard this song of hers and im pissed

  15. peach hye

    make season of the witch with the craft pls

  16. dominic toretto

    Super Blend Super James Super Lana - save our world ! ;-)

  17. Hotel Hibiscus

    John Wick next please

  18. Hotel Hibiscus

    Ohh my god I just had a heart attack. THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO YOU’VE EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

  19. Ahmed Othmani

    make one about project x ♥ i love your videos ♥

  20. Mike

    how creative you are with ur editing is insane, thank you for putting so much effort into these videos

  21. • X • X


  22. ava underdahl

    skyfall is the best bond movie dont @ me

  23. Andrea Carolina

    I seriously admire your talent and the feel your videos give. Could you make a Lana song (your choice) with clips from the Godfather?

  24. dadang nur rahman safari

    Lana deserves James Bond theme song

  25. Lana Beautiful

    OMG So Beautiful , The Story and The Song Woow

  26. justine ml

    I think Swan Song by Lana del Rey would suit perfectly the series based from the Agatha Christie book And Then There Were None :)

  27. Z Zar

    Well done lana, stay sharp.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  28. Doliradiva


  29. christian

    theres only 24 hours in a day to sit and stream lana del rey


    christian but that's not *eNoUgH*

  30. alexis lightbourne


  31. alexis lightbourne


  32. alexis lightbourne

    adsdgafdfadadassdaf Lana has to see this

  33. _pokusaj_efendije_

    When you charging phone while listening this song and see 24 % charged...

  34. strawberry

    so many of her songs are perfect for a james bond movie

  35. Happywallflower

    So magical

  36. Alastis Alastis


  37. Stassy Sm

    i love these videod..they make me love the this...

  38. Irina Moyseychemko

    What movie is so amazing?....

  39. Joao Luis

    Hey guys at the james Bond franchise: just pay Lana the rights for this music and it will glue great together with any and all movies with sunsets, moody eyes, slick clothes and cars, good looking bond girls and bad guys who don't know how to kill a guy who is tied up on a chair in front of them.

  40. Linh Nguyễn

    You guys know what does this edit reminded me about ...the fact that Lana Del Rey herself confirm that she wrote a song for James Bond Movie but they never asked her to be in it :) goddamn it we need that Lana Del Rey x James Bond 's song :)

  41. Naznin Sultana

    Your video editing quality is too good 😯

  42. Renee Cooke

    amazing job

  43. RealJiggsCasey

    What the heck is going on


    Get out of here.

  44. catie p

    The way the music matches 0:56 is honestly so satisfying tho


    _catie catie_ glad someone noticed.

  45. mark heyne

    Great edit!

  46. blank

    Slightly sped up is EPIC

  47. Lise Faucher

    This song was perfect for spectre

  48. Shah eer

    This editing is flawless 💜💜

  49. Melinda Colden

    i never accepted the sam smith songfor me it was always 24 that played during the intro sequence of 'spectre' it was just MADE for this movie

  50. Mrs S

    I like it so much😌 hello from Ukraine 🇺🇦👏👏

  51. Sabrina Locke

    I love James Bond so much, every time I heard this song I thought of these movies. This is amazing ❤️

  52. Lilicap

    This is so perfect

  53. Binish Babu

    California I am Waiting for thePlanE..

  54. Andrea

    yessss this song is criminally underrated

  55. Никтонезнает Какегозовут

    What the film name, please? )

  56. Liane Langford

    Keep making these you're are one of the best editors I have seen xoxox I will be contributing to your art keep it up. You can see what I do on FB just look up or google I am promoting you everywhere I can put your vids bravo


    Thank you so much!

  57. Ana

    i waited for this so long. you have no idea. love, love, love

  58. 831 827

    can you do a song to hayley marshall?

  59. Just A Girl

    Perfection!!! 💙🌹😘

  60. regina MOURA

    Lana Del Rey👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😙SALVADOR, BAHIA - BRASIL

  61. Jake N.

    I was so blown by this video and the song choice, that when it ended, it felt like waking up from a dream. What an amazing job you did there. I’ve never felt this way by any music video before.


    Jake N. Wow, awesome.

  62. Ben Blue

    OMG I feel like I didn't breath for 5min


    Ben Blue You better stay away from my 65 minute long video then lol or take breaks if you ever watch it.

    Ben Blue

    @LanaDelRadio 😂😂thanks for the advice 💕💕💕

    Ben Blue

    @LanaDelRadio I will watch it anyway 😂😂😂

  63. Lynda Martin

    🍃🌹🍃NCREdibLe🎵SouNd💤🎶 🎵🎶ONLy🎵24hrs🎶 iN🎵 a 🎶DaY🎶🎵🎤😴❤🚘🔥🎶🍃🌹🍃

  64. Duncan Fraser Buchanan


  65. ChiliLyrics

    Very good as usual! It would be amazing if you could make one to moulin rouge next! Please


    ChiliLyrics I’ll look into it, it’s highly requested


    LanaDelRadio sounds great! It would be so good!

  66. Amelia Morgan

    your editing is magic, it seems every action is perfectly in sync with the song god i love it!

  67. Özkan Şahin

    Çok iyi <3

  68. Even Hansen Næset

    There has been 26 Bond movies, so that was almost a perfect fit


    There are only 24 Bond movies... Bond 25 is in production right now.

    Even Hansen Næset

    @LanaDelRadio oh, i find different answers on the interwebz. But i guess if you don't count the casino royale from 1967 it's indeed 24


    @Even Hansen Næset Yeah, no one counts that because it's a parody, count that and you may as well count Austin Powers.

  69. Amelia Potter

    The ultimate Bond song ❤️


    Amelia Potter seriously

  70. Rosa Elena Rivas Medina

    I love you lana de rey 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙😙

  71. Pradeep Bm

    Your channel name should be 'lana del reydio'


    Pradeep Bm doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

  72. C.T.S Texas

    I want to make love to your videos I stg

  73. Mom/Color Love All Colors

    Beautiful beautiful

  74. Allei Floyd

    This was so beautiful 😍 brought tears to my eyes 😆

  75. Nicole Eve

    beautiful 💙💙

  76. anna


  77. dania sami

    I love your videos so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  78. b 1

    this is one of my favourites from lana ❤

  79. яєвєllισυѕ


  80. Cara Pierce


  81. PB Gastroservice


  82. b h

    24 days till NFR? (: Well, now 23.

  83. Celeste Philippot

    So beautiful ! Thank you for this masterpiece !

  84. Muyang Wang

    love love love it! thank you for making such an amazing video. "you're hard to reach, you are cold to touch" definitely James Bond.

    mark heyne

    Which is why Craig is the best JB: he's a bit of a psychopath. [ but he's OUR psychopath!]

  85. splits seconds

    Lana del rey truly has to make the next song for james Bond

    Jake N.

    splits seconds yes pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

    Dominique A.

    Jake N. I believe Daniel Craig wants Adèle once again

    Nikita Piepke

    This song was written for Spectre but she last minute pulled it and it was replaced by Sam Smiths song

    Sorent Macleod

    Really? OMG... this one is 100 time better than Sam Smith - Spectre... what a pitty.

  86. Denys Mallet

    Continu liberating my heart with pretty melodies

  87. Morgan Kay

    Woke up, saw that my mom tried to call me 5 times, also saw that LDR posted a new video. Choose the latter. You have to make time for masterpieces like that. Ly

    Alice Misfit

    Morgan Kay bro you better calm your mom 😂

  88. Mohammad Al Shamsi


  89. Andra Alexia

    Lana AND James Bond played by Daniel Craig? Wow, I’m done for. Amazing job as always!!

  90. S U C C ::.


  91. — pavlove

    amazing as always 😍

  92. Miss Ducky

    masterpiece 😍❤️

  93. Tomáš Matula

    I repeat you are genius!

  94. Naveed Nihar

    I was listening to Lana Del Rey and then I just opened YouTube for no reason and this is the first thing I see, blessed.

  95. Maddy H.

    Lmao this song always reminded me of James Bond, you made the perfect music video for it 😂

  96. Siti Eka

    gosh my fav!

  97. Movies nonstop

    Feeling is reality...😘

  98. Andres Alexis Valdiviezo Aguilar


24 Şarkı Sözü
Put your white tennis shoes on and follow me
Why work so hard when you could just be free?
You got your moment now, you got your legacy
Let's leave the world for the ones who change everything
Nothing could stop the two of us
Let's just get lost, that's what we want
And I will never sing again
And you won't work another day
I will never sing again
With just one wave it goes away
It will be our swan song
It will be our swan song
Be our swan song
It will be our swan song
Dive in, dive deep in dark blue suede
Rushing up from the water where the ice meets
And you've been gone so long, you missed everything
The world can change in a day if you go away, but
Nothing could stop the two of us
If that's what we want, we could just get lost
And I will never sing again
And you won't work another day
I will never sing again
With just one wave it goes away
It will be our swan song
It will be our swan song
Be our swan song
It will be our swan song
Live your life
Live your life, where you've been
Where you're going to
(Going to)
Say good night
Say good night to the life in the world we live
I'm going to follow you
And I will never sing again
And you won't work another day
And I will never sing again
You won't work another day
It will be our swan song
It will be our swan song
Be our swan song
It will be our swan song
Put your white tennis shoes on and follow me
Put your white tennis shoes on and follow me
Put your white tennis shoes on and follow me
Why you work so hard when you could just be free?

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