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James Blunt - Tears And Rain

Tears And Rain
: Tears And Rain
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: 13-10-2019
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  1. kr4zyy

    800 comments and the top comment doesn't even have a like or reply? How does the comment algorithm work tf

  2. Dicas Da Margarete

    muito lindo esse James é as músicas lindas demaos

    Dicas Da Margarete

    as músicas lindas demais

  3. Ivan Stélio

    Big Brother brought me here2019.

  4. linda Browning

    Love James blunts music

  5. Rizky Pp

    Siapa yang kesini karna nonton fil bug brother

  6. Rizky Pp

    You can do it wkwkwkwkwkwk

  7. Helen Ruiz


  8. Grzegorz Rojek

    Realy very good. Well, thanks

  9. L k

    My favorite of all time, thanks James

  10. Andreia Cintra

    May love♥️♥️♥️

  11. Rex Y

    It great👍

  12. huy nguyễn hữu

    26/9/2019 from big brother

  13. Amy Brooks 75


  14. Eric Harnish

    Love this album!

  15. Regina Andrade

    Simplesmente belíssima 😍😍😍😍😍

  16. Perpetums Ruflis

    Tears and Rain in My

  17. Terezinha Duarte da Silva

    Eu amo demais essa canção e você canta muito bonito.

  18. Ana lucia Cipriano

    Lindaaaa my loue ❤❤❤❤❤

  19. pwincess

    Somehow I feel like wanna cry when listening to this song 😢

  20. Rejane Lima

    Amo James Blunt ❤️...

  21. sandra Ferrington

    Love this

  22. adham safi

    September 2019

  23. Zyko

    Big Brother brought me here

  24. Randy Nyberg

    Tears. And rain nothing to hide why was i thrown

  25. Lukwago Joseph

    When art meets passion. I praise your work James

  26. Lucinha barros barros

    Ainda vou encontrar o grande amor da minha vida!!!

  27. Stop The Hate!

    "WELCOME TO MY CLASS"- Henry Chen Xia, Big Brother.

  28. Maria São Miguel

    hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray,,,

  29. yhans I love u

    Wow nice song..Big brother movie donie yen.Like if yes. 🙂🙂🙂

  30. Lucielma Pereira

    Amo todas suas músicas..👏👏❤️❤️❤️😘😘

  31. Benja Pilac

    Big Brother movie by Donnie Yen brought me here. Like if you also do.

  32. Jeanette Scott

    From Criminal Minds

  33. nubia bueno

    Perfeito. Linda voz magnífica. 😘😘😘😘😘

  34. Apple Duca

    Who checked this after seeing big brother? Love the song and the movie. 2019

  35. Elis B

    Delicia de vida, livre e feliz. Me alegro tanto, e tão sublime

  36. Helen Ruiz


  37. Lembo lim

    2019 I always listen

  38. Gigi Rongak

    donnie yen brought me here

  39. Nelz

    2019 jam of the year

  40. Joshua Guatno

    Big Brother movies made me search this song...☺☺☺

  41. Amalina Dini

    Everytime I listened to this song I get the same feeling when I listened to Fix You (Coldplay), you know that feeling when you had a dream but it fades away

  42. King Herry Farm

    Big Brother 2018 bring me here"YOU CAN DO IT!"

  43. william low

    Big brothers from Donnie yen bring me to this amazing song ❤️

  44. God:hacked site World Leader,go to new site

    Fr3 I love you 🙋 Grace God 💋

  45. mario ferreira

    one of best singers in England. Awesome good singer and composer

  46. kim d

    2006 brought me here suck it newbies

  47. Niks Leal

    Big brother 😭💕

  48. nicholas john

    God bless Tony lally. .. God bless Tony lally. Sorry I let you down. Wish I knew

  49. Angel Linsangan

    2019, middle of the night just being depress

    Sabina Maria Jamin

    Angel Linsangan... me too, I am just crying..

  50. Georgia Frances

    I remember listening to this when I was 7 years old, loved it ever since

  51. Velma Kitchens

    Good music wish I knew him sooner

  52. 陈晨


  53. Shane Drayton

    2019 and I'm still in trouble... Great song!!!

  54. Freakybananayo

    this is definitely sped up and the pitch is changed

  55. Terezinha Duarte da Silva

    Que lindo te ver cantar meu grande amigo sou sua fã numero 1

  56. Ucok Gaming

    2019! April

  57. Onde Onde

    Big brother to

  58. Minh Hà

    all legend

  59. Max Maulana Jr.

    I'am from Indonesian and I like this song.the real music👍👍

  60. euphemia wright


  61. Dzaki Taufiiqul Hakim

    Who's here from Criminal Minds?

    danar jovian

    My from big brother Donnie Yen

  62. unisalisa lisa

    Missed my guitar hear this song 🤗


  64. Random Thoughts

    Criminal Minds brought me here. 2019

  65. Blade Ilejay

    Barusan nonton filmnya d calestial langsung nyari soundtracknya

  66. Huy Trần

    shazam bring me here :)

  67. Lawson Ko


  68. Dian Fitri

    2019 from big brother. When this song was played i've hear it and i search it.

    Jhosie Arguelles

    Yes me too

  69. Renan Oliveira


  70. Tony Pinto

    Ao pessoal que deu deslike a uma preciosidade dessa, vocês cometeram um grande pecado! Mas são pecados perdoáveis, pois vocês não sabem o que é música. Brasil.

  71. Aveiro BangunAriy

    2019 movie #Big_Brother

  72. Natanielweslley

    2019? Alguém

  73. Muhammadricky Abdullah

    james blunt just a great singer....

  74. hugovomit

    i feel nostalgia

  75. Fajar Kurniawan

    Big Brother

  76. Zulkifli Nani

    This is Real music

  77. Jun Motovlog

    Big brother OST - Donnie Yen movie

  78. Mu'adz Adzakki

    Donnie Yen is the real teacher



    Cristiane Solza Queiroz

    Linda música ❤❤❤❤❤

  80. trendster news

    16 januari 2019, from big brother

  81. burhan burhan12

    Entah kenapa saya pertama kali mendengar lagu ini jadi teringat masa kecil masa lalu orang tua angkat saya...😊

  82. Vera Santana

    Lindaaa !! Amo essa musica

  83. Domingos Paulino

    Não sou de ninguém nunca mas vou acreditar em ninguém na minha vida 2019 eu ainda ouvindo.

  84. doni suhardoni

    Gw suka lagu nya... Keren

  85. Muhammad Yusran

    Gara-gara film Big Brother Donnie Yen

  86. Patricia Mendes


  87. Shayy Mobley


  88. aila rodrigues


  89. aila rodrigues


  90. aila rodrigues


  91. aila rodrigues


  92. Irma Menger

    que música linda

  93. Esther Liu

    James, you are always my favourite singer.😘Esther

  94. Gimeno Hernandez

    Me canta este tema

Tears And Rain Şarkı Sözü
How I wish I could surrender my soul;
Shed the clothes that become my skin;
See the liar that burns within my needing.
How I wish I'd chosen darkness from cold.
How I wish I had screamed out loud,
Instead I've found no meaning.
I guess it's time I run far, far away; find comfort in pain,
All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.
Hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray.
I've heard what they say, but I'm not here for trouble.
It's more than just words: it's just tears and rain.
How I wish I could walk through the doors of my mind;
Hold memory close at hand,
Help me understand the years.
How I wish I could choose between Heaven and Hell.
How I wish I would save my soul.
I'm so cold from fear.
I guess it's time I run far, far away; find comfort in pain,
All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.
Hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray.
I've heard what they say, but I'm not here for trouble.
Far, far away; find comfort in pain.
All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.
It's more than just words: it's just tears and rain...

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